WARNING: Hard Left Turn Ahead

Art by Michael Ramirez

AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hard left
AOC Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hard left

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- WARNING: Hard Left Turn Ahead.

With AOC firmly in control of the Democrat party, the 2020-election-show will be great entertainment for political junkies and easy pickings for America's President Trump.

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About Michael Ramirez

Two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, Michael Ramirez, combines an encyclopedic knowledge of the news with a captivating drawing style to create consistently outstanding editorial cartoons on Ammoland Shooting Sports News.

“An editorial cartoon is not just a funny picture,” says internationally known editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez. “It is a powerful instrument of journalism, sometimes sharp and refined, its message cutting quickly to the point, and other times, blunt and overpowering, seizing the readers' attention with its dark imagery.”

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  • 9 thoughts on “WARNING: Hard Left Turn Ahead

    1. Biden is taking on the mantle of bringing the country back together. He said, today, that he doesn’t have priorities on climate change, healthcare or other concerns. His objective is to get rid of Trump first and everything else will fall into place. This clown is so stupid and crooked that he must be watched closely or we could end up with the petephile in White House.

    2. ALEXTHEIDIOT and the rest of her socialist ANTI-SEMITE SOCIALIST NAZIS are being true to the Nazi doctrine and to Hitler’s Mein Kampf they are creating more division in this country that is what all the good little Nazis teach you and why the Islamist also have it division in their doctrine of HOW TO TAKE OVER THE WESTERN WORLD! Let them RUN WITH THEIR DOCTRINE and soon along with tearing down OUR historical statues they will be BURNING ALL BOOKS OF ANY HISTORICAL VALUE!! This is what happens WE SEEM TO ALWAYS ALLOW FOR HISTORY TO REPEAT ITSELF OVER AND OVER especially EVIL HISTORY!!!!

      1. This is America, and even if the Demonrat Party seizes power, gun owners still get to vote. By ballot or bullet, we will NOT allow socialism to overtake this country!

        Honestly, we’re headed for another civil war. Technically we’re already in a ‘soft’ civil war, but the lead will be flying before long. A house so divided cannot stand for long!

        1. The socialists and demonrats are coming to get you, Helicopter Man! No time to waste! Get out there now and start shooting! Seize the initiative, lead the charge! We’ll jump in right behind you. Save America before it’s too late, Heli Man! 

    3. I find it to be just freaking hilarious as I watch the left tie their own noose and build the gallows for it. Even better will be when the trap door drops from beneath their feet. 2020, baby!!

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