Who Wants This War with Iran?

Who Wants This War with Iran?
Who Wants This War with Iran?

U.S.A.-(Ammoland.com)- Speaking on state TV of the prospect of a war in the Gulf, Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei seemed to dismiss the idea.

“There won't be any war. … We don't seek a war, and (the Americans) don't either. They know it's not in their interests.”

The ayatollah's analysis — war is in neither nation's interest — is correct. Consider the consequences of a war with the United States for his own country.

Iran's hundreds of swift boats and handful of submarines would be sunk. Its ports would be mined or blockaded. Oil exports and oil revenue would halt. Airfields and missile bases would be bombed. The Iranian economy would crash. Iran would need years to recover.

And though Iran's nuclear sites are under constant observation and regular inspection, they would be destroyed.

Tehran knows this, which is why, despite 40 years of hostility, Iran has never sought war with the “Great Satan” and does not want this war to which we seem to be edging closer every day.

What would such a war mean for the United States?

It would not bring about “regime change” or bring down Iran's government that survived eight years of ground war with Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

If we wish to impose a regime more to our liking in Tehran, we will have to do it the way we did it with Germany and Japan after 1945, or with Iraq in 2003. We would have to invade and occupy Iran.

But in World War II, we had 12 million men under arms. And unlike Iraq in 2003, which is one-third the size and population of Iran, we do not have the hundreds of thousands of troops to call up and send to the Gulf.

Nor would Americans support such an invasion, as President Donald Trump knows from his 2016 campaign. Outside a few precincts, America has no enthusiasm for a new Mideast war, no stomach for any occupation of Iran.

Moreover, war with Iran would involve firefights in the Gulf that would cause at least a temporary shutdown in oil traffic through the Strait of Hormuz — and a worldwide recession.

How would that help the world? Or Trump in 2020?

How many allies would we have in such a war?

Spain has pulled its lone frigate out of John Bolton's flotilla headed for the Gulf. Britain, France and Germany are staying with the nuclear pact, continuing to trade with Iran, throwing ice water on our intelligence reports that Iran is preparing to attack us.

Turkey regards Iran as a cultural and economic partner. Russia was a de facto ally in Syria's civil war. China continues to buy Iranian oil. India just hosted Iran's foreign minister.

So, again, Cicero's question: “Cui bono?”

Who really wants this war? How did we reach this precipice?

A year ago, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a MacArthurian ultimatum, making 12 demands on the Tehran regime.

Iran must abandon all its allies in the Middle East — Hezbollah in Lebanon, the Houthis in Yemen, Hamas in Gaza — pull all forces under Iranian command out of Syria, and then disarm all its Shiite militia in Iraq.

Iran must halt all enrichment of uranium, swear never to produce plutonium, shut down its heavy water reactor, open up its military bases to inspection to prove it never had a secret nuclear program and stop testing missiles. And unless she submits, Iran will be strangled with sanctions.

Pompeo's speech at the Heritage Foundation read like the terms of some conquering Caesar dictating to some defeated tribe in Gaul, though we had yet to fight and win the war, usually a precondition for dictating terms.

Iran's response was to disregard Pompeo's demands.

And crushing U.S. sanctions were imposed, to brutal effect.

Yet, as one looks again at the places where Pompeo ordered Iran out — Lebanon, Yemen, Gaza, Syria, Iraq — no vital interest of ours was imperiled by any Iranian presence.

The people who have a problem with Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon are the Israelis whose occupations spawned those movements.

As for Yemen, the Houthis overthrew a Saudi puppet.

Syria's Bashar Assad never threatened us, though we armed rebels to overthrow him. In Iraq, Iranian-backed Shiite militia helped us to defend Baghdad from the southerly advance of ISIS, which had taken Mosul.

Who wants us to plunge back into the Middle East, to fight a new and wider war than the ones we fought already this century in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen?

Answer: Pompeo and Bolton, Bibi Netanyahu, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the Sunni kings, princes, emirs, sultans and the other assorted Jeffersonian democrats on the south shore of the Persian Gulf.

And lest we forget, the never-Trumpers and neocons in exile nursing their bruised egos, whose idea of sweet revenge is a U.S. return to the Mideast in a war with Iran, which then brings an end to the Trump presidency.

About Patrick J. Buchanan

Pat Buchanan

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.

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      1. A few weeks ago, 1400 of them were rioting in Chiapas, Mexico… at the southern border. Somehow, they got there and they are heading our way. Look it up, the video is/ was on the net.

    1. looks to me like Trump is getting his ducks in a row for a major hit on Iran. Trump is hoping that Iran or one of its covert anti American proxies will do something stupid. This of course will bring on a full retaliatory response from the United States. Iran knows this and I think they are very concerned, no not concerned, terrified about this possibility. Looks like the Trumpster has checkmated Iran as Iran has created a monster they no longer have complete control over.

      1. @EN….The Khazarian Mafia is prodding Trump to drop 100 nukes on Iran. I’m surprised they are not calling for six million. Whatever would they do if the wind changed ???

        1. HC, … these Khazarian Mafia Devils are trying to terraform the Earth into a Hell World, where the human specie, created by God, will go extinct from the radiation and pollution of nuclear war, but will be just right for Lucifer and his hordes of evil ones to flourish in. It has been prophesied that the Anti-Christ will rule from Jerusalem, and it seems to be a self fulfilling prophesy. The Dupes of the Devil himself are setting everything up for the creation of the Synagogue of Satan, and the destruction of everything good that was created by the Lord. Blessed are the Peace Makers, sayeth Colt, with silver bullets. We don’t need no more stinking wars engineered by the evil ones. John 8:44, read that one verse and then go back and read all of John Chapter 8. It will take you about 10 minutes. The Evil Ones are pressuring Trump to drop 100 nukes on Iran. Do they have any idea what that will do to our atmosphere and our whole PLANET. OF COURSE THEY DO !!! The Evil ones are truly Satanic Psychopaths bent on our destruction. Before they destroy us and our planet, they need their skulls drilled with silver bullets, and wooden crucifixes punched through their hearts. After a fair trial, of course !

    2. Pat is a moron. We have been putting up with “death to America” for way too long. Pat has no real knowledge of military matters so STFU. It will take one day tops to completely destroy Iran’s military with no casualties of our own. They have no idea what they are fucking with.

      It will be the end of Trump? No, I don’t think so. He will not lose his base over this, provided it’s done correctly. The USA is sick of prolonged wars with no end or outcome. This would have big benefits in taking them out s a sponsor of terror and a potential source of future nuclear war which will happen if we don’t stop their progress to the bomb.

      1. @Frank… you sound like one of those Khazarian Fake Jews that are infesting Palestine, all mouth and bravery as long as they can sucker Uncle Sap to do its dirty work. You Khazars ought to quit the Holy Land and go back to where you came from…HELL ! We know you Zio-Nazi Khazars did 911 to sucker us into fighting your wars for you, and payback is coming soon. Oh, and BTW, don’t you think all your lobby members here in the States ought to register as foreign agents ? They should all be locked up for Espionage. The FBI just released the pics taken by the “Dancing Israelis”, of them celebrating and high fgiving from across the river, as Americans were being holocausted (burnt offerings ) in the Towers. And the annuversary of the USS Liberty is fast approaching, too. We haven’t forgotten anything, Frank !!!

    3. The fu*king Israelis want us to fight another proxy war for them. That’s why we went into Iraq. It’s we instigated the takeout of Gaddafi. That’s why the Jewish owned MSM in the USA wanted for us to take out the Syrian government. The Jewish neo-cons and their bitch John Bolton would spend the last American dollar and drop of American blood securing Israeli hegemony in the Middle East.

      1. bob, you need to take a breath, and look around the middle east. Count the number of friends / allies we have in the region. Ask yourself if the geographic location is strategic to our interests. The resources important to the world stability. Israel is a staunch ally of the US if for no other reason than we serve as a bulwark against their annihilation that much of the Muslim and Arab world has vowed to pursue. Not in favor of war in the Middle East, but we need to be mindful of it’s importance to not only the US but the world.

        1. @ Charlie…According to Exxon, the USA gets only 14% of our oil from the Middle East. And those figures were from 2006 or so, published in THE LAMP. That was before fracking. We don’t need any oil, or anything else, from the Muddle East. It’s only the Khazarian Mafia Fake Jews, who are forever pissing off their neighbors, and their tribe mates in the US, who are creating that fake demand, by doing what they do best, lying! Remember, we didn’t have any enemies in the M.E. until the Rothschild bankers and their Khazarian Mafia got their big idea to invade Palestine and take over the surrounding countries. Iran used to sell us oil for $1 per barrel before the KM controlled CIA decided to install their puppet, the Shah of Iran. At the behest of his puppet masters, he did all sorts of nasty things to the Iranian people, causing much hatred against him and his bosses, who had no business being there. We know who the trouble makers are. They made trouble, nothing but trouble, everywhere they wandered to through the centuries. History tells us they were kicked out of 100 countries because of the trouble they make, and that was after their Khazarian Empire was destroyed circa 1000 CE. They were given a chance once again by their neighbors around 850 CE, but they didn’t straighten up and fly right, so they were attacked and scattered. John 8:44 says it all. The words of Jesus himself.

    4. How quickly we forget:
      241 Sailors and Marines killed in their barracks in Lebanon. Iranian backed Hezbollah. One of the Marine LT’s was a friend and classmate.
      19 USAF killed in Kohbar Towers-Iran and Hezbollah
      224 dead in US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania Iranian backed Al Qaeda who used weapons from Iran and trained with Hezbollah.
      Many US dead and wounded in Afghanistan by Iranian designed shaped perpetrator IED’s
      USS Roberts, Tripoli, and Princeton damaged by Iranian sea mines, US allied tankers hurt by Iranian sea mines (Earnest Will and Praying Mantis). We sent a large portion of their Navy to the bottom of the Gulf in Praying Mantis.

      I was on a US carrier for all of those incidents, except the Afghanistan ops, and I ended up sending an EW expert from my last command tour for a year, so in effect I supported that operation as well.

      The fact is, the US has been in a proxy war with Iran for years. The only reason there haven’t been more incidents is that the US periodically punches them in the nose in response for their attacks.

      Sending the bombers and strike group to the area merely tells Iran that we’re tired of their attacks, and if you do what you were trying to do, we’re going to cause you some pain.

      Nobody and I mean nobody wants a full blown war with Iran. It doesn’t mean we won’t take out Air or Naval forces if they strike us first. Can’t tell you how many times I planned striking particular Iranian bases over a 30 yr career, but we never executed. (…and I left the Gulf 2 wks before Ernest Will after doing tanker escort for over 6 months).

      Iran and North Korea are truly bad actors and share technology. Fortunately, NK has not shared a nuke with them, although they have shared nuke technology and probably increased their chances of the Iranians getting the bomb faster.

      Keep the sanctions on both and until their behavior changes, hold both accountable for any bad actions.

      1. @JDC…The Dual Citizen Khazarian Mafia NeoCons wrote the PNAC document in 1999-2000. It called for beefing up the US Military so that it could attack and conquer 7 countries in 5 years, after a hoped for “New Pearl Harbor” happened that they could use as a cause for war. The “Dual Citizen Neocons” were all Khazarian Fake Jews from Israel who lifted the Bushes high up in the sky over the Midfle East and told them “that can all be yours if you just bow down to us and kiss our posteriors”. Unlike Jesus, they took the bait, and the Khazarian NeoCons were swept into high positions of Bush’s presidency. Soon after, the New Pearl Harbor happened in NYC, and the rest became history. Thousands of brave young Americans were lied to on a daily basis as to what was really going on, and then shot in the arse with the glory gun, and brainwashed into thinking Sadam Hussein had something to do with 911. Under false pretenses, they went marching off to war, many to never return again. Others came back with missing parts. The smirking Chimp thought it was so much fun, but wouldn’t let anyone see the returning caskets. No doubt he has offshore accounts, probably somewhere near the 99,000 acre Bush Conpound in Paraguay. The one over one of the last remaining pristine acquifiers in that region. The secret accounts are used to funnel his share of the royalties from H1, H2, and H3, which are the side by side pipelines going from Kirkuk, Iraq to Haifa, Israel. You might want to search up about the “Dancing Israelis”. According to witnesses and FBI files, they were set up by 8am on 9-11-01 at the Doric Apartment Complex in Union City, NJ to “Document the Event” on camera. Witnesses saw them dancing and high diving each other when the planes crashed into the buildings. Witnesses got their plate numbers and later that day they were stopped by Officer Scott DeCarlo of East Rutherford PD. They were arrested and jailed, but let go back to Israel by Chertoff, another dual citizen Israeli, they say. Ironically, Chertoff translates to “Son of the Devil” in Hebrew. So, what makes the DANCING ISRAELIS most pertinent lately, is that the FBI recently released the 75 or so still photos that the Dancing Israelis took of themselves. This should make some good conversation over martinis at Happy Hour, don’t you think ?

      2. You left out that Iran was supplying Iraqi insurgents, and foreign fighters in Iraq, with IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices) and EFP’s (Explosively Formed Projectiles) as well as training on how to build and employ them.

    5. The sneaky, lying tablecloth heads do not want to get along with us. They only want to expand their hold on the world and keep sneaking attacks on us and our allies.
      Even when obama gave them a pallet full of money they were still flying flags that said death to America. If it was possible to get rid of the bearded wonder and his cronies it might be a different situation.

      1. @TomCat….Did it ever occur to you that perhaps Iran didn’t forget the atrocities committed against it by the CIA controlled Shah of Iran ? Did it ever occur to you that other countries don’t particularly like a foreign power entering its backyard and ordering it around ? Perhaps you ought to read Smedley Butlers little book called “War Is A Racket”. It’s online for free and you can finish it in one sitting. I suppose no one ever told you about what you can expect when you barge into someone’s house with a big stick ?

      1. @Pmin, No, only 29% of “our youth” can even qualify to get into our military. By obesity, criminal records, and drug use 71% have disqualified themselves from military service. As to the middle east sucking this nation dry of money, you must be referring to all those pallets of cash that President Soetoro jetted over to the mullahs, in the middle of the night.

          1. @Ron, I believe that I got his point, … and discarded it. His opinion is based upon untruths. His point implies a false argument.
            Iran is a linchpin in an alliance of countries that hate and loath democracies. What unites them is the belief that one man rule is best. That alliance has been at covert war with us for forty years.
            Besides it is so hard to get live targets to volunteer.

        1. @WB…Yup, he is talking about those pallets of cash. And the pallets of shrink wrapped brand spanking new $100 bills that Pres. Shrub sent to Iraq in 2003. And he is talking about the $8 F’ing TRILLION we have tacked onto the National Debt for our future generations to pay off, all for this adventure in the Middle East conjured up by the Dual Citizen Zio-Nazi NeoCon Khazarian Jews, as delineated in their PNAC document that was published about a year before 9/11. You know the document that said “a catalyzing event, like a NEW PEARL HARBOR”, would be needed to kickstart their plans to have wars in “seven countries in five years” to reshape the Middle East. Yeah, we know who planned this whole thing. The F’ing DEVIL HIMSELF, through his sons from the Synagogue of Satan. And for what ? So the Fake Khazarian Jews can expand their shitty little country into an empire ? We have been taken for a ride by those DUAL CITIZENS, who could care less about what happens to America. John 8:44 says it all.

    6. Stop the Iranians … period. Then go to Mecca and destroy that pagan black box the Muslims bow down to. Make no mistake lslam is being forced on all nation’s. The US has to stop pacifying the Arabs…

      1. @Justice, the Iranians are not Arab. Iranians are Persian. And we can not just destroy the Iranians, they have allies … powerful allies. Russia, China, Venezuela, Syria Cuba, Hezbola, the Moslem Brotherhood, al Qaeda, al Qaeda in Iraq, and al Qaeda in India, just to name a few. And every single one of those entities have operatives in the U.S.
        So many are arrayed against us, that we better stick together.

        1. Yeah, who got us into this mess ? Seems like the usual suspects to me. Maybe if we hand over NuttyYahoo, and Lucky Larry, and Schumer, and Feinstein, and Whiningberg, and the rest of them, then maybe we can have peace and quiet.

    7. The pis excrement republic of iran has been at war with the US since it delcared war by illegally seizing the US embassy on 04 November 1979.

        1. Ron,

          Whether or not the fact pleases you (and I don’t give a tinker’s dam whether it “suits” you or not), the Jews ARE indeed God’s people. Only a fool would even think about destroying them (much less actually attempting to do so).

          Of course, you may try… at your own peril.

          1. @Joe Moore, It was the Jews that said that the Jews are God’s people. A self serving statement is unworthy of belief. I’m pretty sure that some Jews are God’s people, and some are not. I’m pretty sure that lots of non-Jewish people around the globe are God’s people, and some are not.
            I do not believe that someone saying they are God’s people is a reason to make an alliance. I do believe that if a group of really talented, dedicated, intelligent, determined fighters want to aid us against our common enemies, that is a reason to make an alliance.

      1. @M….Everyone always takes that passage out of context. Especially that fat pig false profit, Hagee ! Brother Nathaniel will fashion him a new arse hole any time when he refers to that “Bless Israel” BS. First of all, there was no State of Israel when the Good Lord supposedly made that statement, according to the Jews. The “Israel” he was referring to was not a strip of land, but a spiritual conglomeration of souls. And again, if you will read the passage, it refers to the “Children of Abraham”. And according to the Bible, Abraham had 2 children, Isaac and Ishmael, from different wives. If you will see in the Bible, Abrahams first wife was getting old, and had been barren, so she suggested Abraham have a child with her handmaiden, so that Abraham would have an heir. So, Ishmael was born, and he was the first born, so first in line to the throne. But then, his wife got pregnant unexpectedly, and she had Isaac. So when Abraham was about to pass on, he was blind, and wanted to anoint the next in line, which was Ishmael. He called for him to be called in for the anointing, but instead the wife brought her son, Isaac, in and she put a lambskin on his arm, so that Abraham would think he was Ishmael. Ishmael was very hairy, while Isaac was very fair skinned and hairless. BY DECEPTION, Isaac was anointed and the wife made a big deal out of it, saying that Isaac was the new King. After that they had Ishmael banished to a place where he started his own family. And the 2 half brothers were enemies ever after, down to this day. But the lessons learned are that Ishmael was Abrahams chosen according to birthright law, and that never to trust Isaac’s family, because they are born of deception, lies, theft, swindling, etc. and here is another lesson for you all. Never listen to Hagee, or Benny Hinn, or that other smiling fool with all the money, they are false PROFITS so full of BS. They will lead you straight to hell !!

    8. The only people wanting action in Iran are traitors to the American people. Nothing in the Middle East is worth one drop of American blood or one ounce of American gold. Bring our troops home, end all aid to every other nation, mind our own business and guard our own borders.

      1. Chris, Amen Amen I say unto you. Those snakes have taken us for a long, costly ride already. Over 5000 troops, the flower of our youth, are dead. Tens of thousands are severely disabled. Millions of innocent collateral damage civilians are dead across the Middle East, and $8 TRILLION has been drained from the Treasury and tacked onto the Nationsl Debt for unborn generations to deal with. And we know who caused it all. The same ones who are benefitting immensely and laughing up their sleeves at Boobus Americanus. The ones who claim to “be doing Gods work”. Their gawd is Satan !

    9. Another thought provoking article Mr. Buchanan. When will we learn to keep our nose out’a everybody’s bees wax?
      Some of these ‘macho’ comments here about nuking and the Mossad are nothing but mindless jibber.
      All would do well to read George Washington’s farewell address. But then, who cares about what all those ‘old dead white men’ had to say. These gullible whipper snappers know so much more.
      America first!

    10. Don’t want a war. The picture that is accompanying this article shows F5 “Freedom” fighters. They are not stealth and would be no problem for F22 and F 35 fighters. Even the F15 and F 16 will beat them.
      A conventional bombing attack on Iran would destroy their military and nuclear plants.
      It would also result in Iranian politics advancing 900 years .
      Iran is a religious dictatorship worse than Communism because it is totally based on faith and belief in one man, the ayatollah.
      The USA rules don’t allow us to directly target “leaders” so war is our only option if they don’t surrender.
      One alternative.
      Arm the resistance in Iran, if there is one.

      1. The one fly in this ointment has always been Israel. At least six years ago John Bolton, in a very private and candid conversation, said he was amazed that Israel hadn’t reached its breaking point already and attacked Iran. He theorized that only the pressure exerted by Obama, with the threat of withholding replacement parts for planes and equipment, kept them from doing so. Now, with Obama gone, that restriction is off the table.

        Israel has always said it would never allow a nuclear Iran. Having Iran achieve that goal is a direct threat to Israel and an indirect threat to the US in that they would happily sell material, that could be used in a dirty bomb, to a third party. Material that could not, easily, be traced back to them.

        1. @Vanns…Don’t make me laugh, or puke. Israel would never, ever do anything like that on it own. The IDF has to hand out DEPENDS to its troops whenever they even think of going into combat themselves. There are multiple videos on the net of a gang of IDF troops beating up one poor Palestinian. They are cowards who only feel brave when there is a crowd of them, and they are the only ones armed. That’s why they always have their Lobby in the USA agitating for us to go fight their wars for them. And 90% of them are of Khazarian descent, not from Abraham. They are Fake Jews with no Semitic DNA. You should read “The Thirteenth Tribe” by Kunstler.

      2. There is another side to the photo of the Iranian F-5s. How many of them are in flying condition? Many are simply “hangar queens”, unflyable and used mainly for parts that are unavailable to Iran, mostly due to sanctions. I would guess that less than 40% of Iran’s air force is in flying condition and the F-5s that they have are from the late Shah’s purchases of second tier fighters of the 70’s and before. There may be some Russian or Chinese aircraft in their inventory, but those are likely second tier, obsolete aircraft as well. None of them can hold a candle to our fleet of modern, well maintained aircraft, and would most likely be destroyed in any air battle they participated in. In a war situation, they would probably never leave their hardened hangars only to be destroyed there by smart bombs. Remember those? They were part of the technology from the first Gulf War that our esteemed politicians of the time stated “it’ll never work”. Well, as Toby Kieth once sang, “How d’you like me now”?

        Phil in TX

    11. Now, now, Mr. Buchanan. You know that Iranian money and influence created havoc in Iraq and Afghanistan while our troops were trying to pacify the regions and eliminate the leaders of the terror groups. You know those same terror groups would be knocking on your front door if it wasn’t for the constant threat of our military. You also know that without the might of the US, Israel would be in pretty deep stuff. …and Israel’s “expansion” is nothing more than using the land they fought for and won in the many battles they didn’t start.
      So…please remove your head from your third point of contact. Yes, no one wants a war with Iran and yes, wars are an extreme result of failed politics (you should know as you’ve been a politician). However a little show of force may create a sudden need to change Iranian behaviors. If not, there’s always escalating violence up to and including what our friend Conrad here advocates. Though I pray it doesn’t come to that.

      1. When did keeping Israel out of “deep stuff” become the responsibility of the American tax payer? You really believe that “fight them over there…….” BS?
        Two oceans provide quite a bit of defense.
        Iran is not now nor has ever been a threat to the US. Bring our troops home and let Israel sleep in the bed it has made.

        1. Yes, Iran does not pose a direct threat to the U.S. They do, however, pose a threat when and if they sell nuclear material to a third party, such as Hamas, Isis, AlQueda or any other terrorist group or cell, that can create a dirty bomb and detonate it on U.S. soil. That is the threat of Iran to the world right now and well into the future unless they are VERY CLOSELY WATCHED.

          Phil in TX

          1. Can you say antifa ? Remember they were telling their subversives to take guns to their demonstrations and when protesting anyone who disagreed with them.

            1. Google or who ever is moderating must have a new bunch of trainees today .

              @Ammoland a statement from you as to you doing it or some other entity doing it would be nice.

    12. The King of the South (Iran) will soundly be defeated by the King of the North (Germany) – then the great betrayal takes place.

      Those who fail to understand history are doomed to repeat it. We should least forget the driving force behind WWI and WWII, even though defeated and devastated, it again is an economic power and being pushed to become again a military power.

      The EU, lead by Germany, will become a political, economic, military and religious power rivaled only by past Holy Roman Empire. The Beast will rise and the Harlot will ride.

    13. America does not have the “cojones” to do it, but Israel’s Mossad should be able to stage a “fatal coronary” of the chief billy-goats in Iran. Just sayin’….

    14. Let them see for a moment what they have sought, nuke ’em till they glow, make the sand shine like the sea.
      It’s payback time for every terrorist act they have imposed on Americans.

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