CBS News Originals Covers Truth About Hunting ~ VIDEO

USA – -( Last week, CBS News Originals aired a segment titled “Trophy Hunting: Killing or Conservation” featuring a number of hunters and wildlife conservancy managers who detail the crucial role hunters and hunting revenue play in funding antipoaching efforts, conserving land for wildlife and managing animal populations.

Pete Fick, who was interviewed extensively by CBS for this segment, is the wildlife guide in Zimbabwe's Bubye Wildlife Conservancy and knows that “killing some animals so the rest of them can live is an absolute necessity out here.” As a defined area about the size of Rhode Island, Bubye conservancy has finite resources, so hunting manages the wildlife populations while also providing funding to keep the park open

This segment goes on to discuss that the biggest threat to wildlife currently is not big game hunting, but rather habitat loss. By converting what was once a cattle farm into a lush preserve, Bubye stifled human encroachment and has become a sanctuary that is “teeming with wildlife, including several species listed as vulnerable.” Bubye, a park that covers 80 percent of its $2.5 million annual maintenance cost with hunting dollars, stands in stark contrast to the arid land surrounding it, populated by local communities that rely on game meats from hunters to sustain themselves.

To their credit, CBS remained unflinching when confronting the truth that hunting dollars, not only in Bubye but in many conservancies across Africa that are crucial to combating poaching.

Brian Gurney, who is head of the Bubye anti-poaching task force, adamantly states that “hunting allows us to have the funds to protect these animals from poaching” and that “we need more hunting.” When asked if the protected rhino populations in Bubye would decline without the funding from hunting dollars, Gurney said that they would “100 percent dwindle.” When conservancy professionals like Brian Gurney and Pete Fick speak about the importance of hunting dollars in their mission with such certainty, it is puzzling to see why individuals like Kitty Block, the President of the Humane Society, questions why wildlife populations have to be managed “lethally.”

SCI commends CBS News Originals for taking a fair and in-depth look into the world of hunting and the inseparable relationship it has with ensuring the preservation of Africa's most precious wildlife and invites all other responsible media to follow suit. Follow us online for more details.

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    1. Please help. Am I the only one missing the fact that everything we eat has been killed by someone. So what’s the big deal about some killing a animal, leaving the meat for a hungry village and putting thousands of dollars into a place that desperately needs it for the conservation of the same animals. What are you morons going to do next, picket a beef packing plant. Oh, that’s right it’s been done. Btw, my steak last night was delicious. Thank you may I have another.

    2. Dangerous game?? Only dangerous if you get in its face, in its home. Stay in California and you’ll never be attached by an elephant. What I see is a bunch of rich men and women doing target practice in a place with lots of bugs. They don’t do anything but pull the trigger and if it wasn’t for guides they would probably never even get close to an animal. You want excitement become a bounty hunter and go after the only specie that is truly dangerous, that will come for you, and won’t stand still while you shoot it. This woman is a girl who always wanted to be a man, and the guy is a man who doesn’t feel he is unless he kills something. Only reason to hunt is if you are hungry, and if you eat everything you kill.

      1. If you stay in California you are in danger of being attacked by wild democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer and more.
        I will take my chances in the bush where the critters must fend for themselves, they are at least semi predictable!!!!
        Also no fake news!!!!

    3. Local news aired piece filmed in a supermarkets meat department. The young vibrant female reporter asked one of the patrons pushing a shopping cart “Where do you think all this meet comes from”? The shopper paused a moment then respond “They make in in the back don’t they”? Of which the reporter responded “Yes, now back to our anchor desk” without thought.

      According to the most recent 5 year study completed by U.S Fish and Wildlife (2011), only 13.7 million Americans 6 or older are hunters (For reference, that’s a 4% decline from 1955). 13.7 million people equals out to around 6% of the U.S. population in 2011.

      Now you know why hunting and hunters will be vilified. Only a low percentage of the population actually has knowledge of the source of the products they consume.

    4. The hunting banning cults(mostly run by rich, big city women) want to ban all hunting, trapping, fishing, zoos (animals should be allowed to roam loose), circuses, ownership of cats and dogs, cattle, horses and on and on. They are pushing for wolves, mountain lions, and grizzly bears to be placed in all states west of the Mississippi. And no hunting of them ( or any of their “prey” animals) and because they are “protected” you cannot shoot or defend yourself or livestock from an attack, they are more important than people. Some of these cults have even called for the placing of elephants and lions to roam loose, because there were some before the last ice age! And they show “doctored” videos of petting zoo animals and claim they are all ” harmless” to humans and they just want to be your “friend”! Wow!

    5. Sometime tell a anti Hunter to read the Robertson-Pittman act of 1937….. It sets taxes that are derived from the sale of firearms, ammunition, bows and other hunting and fishing merchandise aside to be used to benefit wildlife conservation and to build trails, buildings and buy land for outdoor recreational use…. Or that 80 percent of wildlife goes extinct from loss of habit and the other 20 percent from ILLEGAL Hunting and from pollution among other things…. NO animal has gone extinct from LEAGAL REGULATED hunting …..

    6. I absolutely HATE “PAY FOR KILL” practices. Unfortunately hunting is a neccesary evil. Even in the wild, predators “hunt” the old and weak to keep a healthy population growing. And as is consistantly proven, if you take away legal guns and hunts only the outlaws will have them. Then whatchu gona do bout that???

      1. Hunting is a necessary evil, you are seriously not even in the ball park on that statement? People have been hunting for 2 million years. How did you even come up with in the wild, predators “hunt” the old and weak to keep a healthy population growing? I was able to google within seconds pictures and video of healthy or just born animals being run down or being eaten as they continued to struggle to get away.

    7. A big hit for CBS . Mommy can we go to the zoo, before the mean lady kills all the animals. Answer this question CBS? Stop watching CBS!
      Gun Control, taking guns away from idiots

      1. Educate your children how hunting is the only conversation of wild animals. Then take your children to the range and show them an amazing hobby they can carry on for a lifetime.

    8. I understand the need for hunting, as a hunter. On the other hand, only a human piece of garbage trophy hunts, not to mention this hillbilly celebrating killing a herbivore. Typical people that give hunting a bad name. Shameful

      1. You did read where this bull giraffe can no longer breed and had killed 3 other younger bull giraffes that could right? There’s also another article on here that states that anti-hunters had gotten hunting stopped and it was reported that poachers killed more animals that trophy hunters ever would. I’ve ask this question many times, did the anti-hunter organizations that got the hunting stopped match the money that hunters paid? It wasn’t hard to figure out they hadn’t because unchecked poaching began soon after.

        1. Really? This giraffe killed 3 other male giraffes but he was too old to breed??? How stupid and gullible do you think we are?

          1. It’s pretty obvious that YOU have no understanding of NATURE! Many of these animals when mature are still very worthy opponents to others of their species, especially when fighting for breeding rights, but the problem is that after a certain age the viability of their sperm is not enough to impregnate the females. What this causes is many females to go unbred, possibly for several years as long as that old male is still able to fight and prevent the young males from breeding them.

            Take this information into consideration with this example: There is a reason that livestock and wildlife ranchers cull old bulls and replace them with younger ones. Young bulls have the energy and potency to breed many cows and they are not as dangerous to other bulls, being younger, inexperienced, and usually having smaller “headgear”! I replace my tom turkeys and roosters at three-four years because the older toms spend most of their time strutting and fighting and not breeding, and when they do the hen’s eggs have a lower germination rate! (Same with geese, ducks, chickens… and same with HUMANS).

            You may not be gullible, but you are STUPID!

            1. I love your explanation, and I agree with you completely. People who don’t hunt, fish, or trap for an occasional 0meal or two don’t have any idea what life and freedom is all about. I like at least two whitetail deer a year, lots of fish, quail doves, pheasant, duck, geese, rabbits, frog eggs., and many other verities of wild life.

          2. Really Martha you are stupid and gullible for not researching the subject first before inserting foot in mouth too!

            “People will say stuff behind a computer screen they’d never say to your face,” said Paul Babaz, president of the hunting advocacy group Safari Club International. “She was hunting in South Africa and giraffes are legal to hunt in South Africa.”
            In a statement, Talley said the giraffe she killed last year was more than 18 years old and “beyond breeding age, yet had killed 3 younger bulls… Now that the giraffe is gone, the younger bulls are able to breed.”
            According to Babaz, the trophy fee for a giraffe is about $2,000 to $3,000 per animal. He said because money from legal hunting helps support the local community, it provides an incentive to make sure big game animals don’t become extinct.
            “Without that….the poachers will come in and kill the animals indiscriminately, which is very unfortunate,” Babaz said.

            Martha are you or any of the anti-hunting organizations going to put up the 2 – 3K these hunter give to hunt these animals? Not to mention the money for lodging, meals and tips?

        2. No, he didn’t read and if he did he didn’t care. Having a mindset, as Adam does, means there’s absolutely no other view except yours and yours alone.

          1. Yes but as unpopular as the very subject of hunting is let alone trophy hunting, do you really feel the need to go down this road and post pictures the anti”s can throw back in our faces? Lack of foresight I’d say. To each his (her) own but my first reaction was not positive.

      2. Adam,
        Why is trophy hunting different than your style of hunting, except it’s not your thing or you can’t afford it financially? My family and I hunt for meat and I do trophy hunt. You cannot import meat from Africa typically, but I assure you everything was used(the internals included). I will not hunt with a guide/outfitter if the animal isn’t utilized fully The animals were consumed by the ranch workers and their families, and us while there. My daughter hunted with Tess on a youth hunt and I have met her, she is an ethical person and an ethical hunter. The people who manage their land in other countries should be able to do so based on their laws and their conservation plan. Most of these stories are based on legal hunts, not poaching, which is how they are being portrayed. Carrying capacity and species behavior can impact numbers of animals in an area. For ex: Male Lions and bears will kill other males young to insure their genes are passed on, and not their competition. Educate yourself on the science of game management and sustainability from a non emotional standpoint. The giraffe and other animals that Tess harvests are fully utilized, she isn’t a poacher, she is a person that promotes and supports the hunting heritage so many enjoy. The back story on the giraffe was enough, as others have mentioned, that he needed to go. He wasn’t rare, just old and he became nourishment and had value in harvesting him.

      3. “Adam”…. You are clearly NOT a hunter. Please stop representing yourself as one and Missrepresenting all of us that are. The vast majority of game animals are herbivors and hold as much or more value to the ecological and economic systems they reside. As consumers of the global resources of all kinds, it is our duty to manage all aspects / categories with science based moderation.

    9. CBS = Continually broadcasting shit. They still gave the Humane Society of the U.S. a platform to spew their crap which will be the only thing anti-hunters will focus upon. Remember, when using truth and facts and logic to make your argument, you can’t win with people who ignore truth and facts and have no logic.

    10. I am surprised that any broadcast company aired, much less produced this type of program. the propaganda that has been spread about hunting of all kinds is unreal. most people do not know that hunting, with all associated costs is the largest contributor to the actual conservation of animal species. it also helps keep the population of animals within reason to prevent overgrazing/starvation and reduces disease in game animals. people like kitty from the “humane society”, which kills large numbers of cats and dogs annually, should instead work on pet control, mostly cats, to prevent the killing of local wildlife.

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