Chris Cox Head of NRAILA, Suspended at NRA


Chris Cox Head of NRAILA, Suspended at NRA
Chris Cox Head of NRA-ILA, Suspended at NRA

U.S.A. -( Large, powerful, political organizations such as the National Rifle Association (NRA) are seldom transparent or without internal struggles.

The internal struggles at the NRA have been enlarged to engulf Christopher W. Cox, head of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA).  Christopher Cox has been suspended from his position at the head of the NRAILA.

Full disclosure: I am an NRA life member. I have not sent the NRA money for over a decade. I have watched the organization from the outside; I do not claim to have inside sources about what is going on.

From outside, it appears Wayne LaPierre was asked to step down as the Executive Vice President (EVP), by Oliver North, the President. It has been claimed that North threatened LaPierre with disclosure of embarrassing information about conflicts of interest and executive compensation.

An alternate explanation is that North warned Wayne LaPierre of serious problems, and offered a face-saving way out of the situation. This sort of internal solution to embarrassing affairs is fairly common.

To clarify, in the NRA, the EVP (Wayne LaPierre) is the person with the most power in the organization. The EVP has enormous influence over the NRA Board of Directors. The President is mostly a figurehead position, with little real power in the organization.

The Board of Directors formally elects the EVP, but in practice, the EVP has enormous power over who is elected to the Board and makes certain the Board is packed with people who back the EVP.  This ensures the EVP stays in power.

The conflict within the NRA has been portrayed as an attempted coup to remove Wayne LaPierre as the EVP. Who Wayne would be replaced with has never been clear.

The conflict has also been portrayed as an attempt at cleaning up internal corruption at the NRA.

There is considerable money involved. Lawsuits and counter lawsuits have been filed by the parties involved, including the advertising firm Ackerman McQueen, which has been intimately involved with the NRA for decades, and which has profited enormously from the association.

Ackerman McQueen moved to end its 40-year association with the NRA about a month ago.

The two interpretations of what is going on are not mutually exclusive. Ongoing improprieties and a lack of transparency in the NRA’s internal economics are accusations which have been made for over thirty years.

Clear evidence of improprieties could be used to shake up the NRA leadership. Some would consider such a shake-up to be a coup. Others would consider it to be necessary for reforms that should have happened a long time ago.

Watching the NRA from the outside, it appeared to me both Wayne LaPierre, and Chris Cox have been effective leaders, fighting to restore Second Amendment rights. The NRA has been pressured into this position by the advocacy of Second Amendment supporters and other pro-Second Amendment groups such as Gun Owners of America, the Second Amendment Foundation, and the Firearms Coalition.

Contrary to the Leftist/media narrative of the NRA as the driving force preventing the evisceration of the Second Amendment, the NRA has been relatively moderate, pressured by its members to become more proactive in defending and restoring Second Amendment rights.

Employing some of the techniques used in Cold War analysis of Kremlin watchers, I deduced Chris Cox, because of his position as a spokesman for the NRA and his prominent position during the Annual Meetings, was/is a prime candidate to take over the EVP position when Wayne LaPierre steps down.

At some point, Wayne LaPierre will need to step down as the EVP. He has held the position since 1991, for 28 years.  At 69 years old, some think it is time. Others point to President Donald Trump, who is going strong at 72.

Christopher Cox, head of the NRA Instituted for Legislative Action, denies the allegations that he was involved in a “coup.” From the

Mr. Cox, in a statement, said: “The allegations against me are offensive and patently false. For over 24 years I have been a loyal and effective leader in this organization. My efforts have always been focused on serving the members of the National Rifle Association, and I will continue to focus all of my energy on carrying out our core mission of defending the Second Amendment.”

It is offensive to consider the leadership of the NRA, the most effective defender of Second Amendment Rights in the United States, with reportedly over five million members, would have to be changed with an internal coup.

Unfortunately, there is truth in the concept. Power at the NRA has been concentrated in the EVP over the last 35 years. It is nearly impossible for voting members of the NRA to elect enough reform-minded directors to the board to create change, because the board is the primary agent to choose its own members, by the board’s nominating committee. The EVP has significant influence over who is on the nominating committee.

Chris Cox may be innocent of any wrong-doing and simply caught up in a powerplay to keep Wayne LaPierre on as EVP. Cox is the obvious choice as a replacement. Placing him under a cloud removes him as a choice.

The enemies of the Second Amendment are rejoicing at the internal troubles at the NRA.

For the conspiracy-minded, the internal troubles at the NRA come as New York Governor Cuomo has attacked the NRA with his power as Governor.

The NRA and President Trump have been significant allies. The left would love to have the NRA in turmoil, and unable to aid President Trump’s re-election. Both Wayne LaPierre and Christopher Cox, the two most effective executives at the NRA, have been accused of wrongdoing.

The NRA is legally incorporated in New York State, giving Governor Cuomo and the bureaucracy he heads a lever to use against the organization.

About Dean Weingarten:Dean Weingarten

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30-year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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YIKES! While this internal knife fight is going on let’s remember the NRA is still the best shot the Second amendment and the other nine have. Do not let the Soros and Bloomberg trolls coming into Ammoland and other places affect you as a serious firearm owner–this is rife and ripe for disinformation and jive diversionary tactics and the both of them are paying big bucks to make it happen..


I’m a serious owner and NRA’s endorsement of Red Flag confiscation got all my rights thrown in the trash so how is this benefiting me? This is what a gun club is about, confiscation of guns and all rights? Didn’t just throw 2A in trash but I lost 7 rights and you think they are the magic ticket to success?
That’s rich!!!!!!!!

jack johnson

What RIGHT did you lose ?

Charlie Foxtrot

The NRA leadership’s talking point: It’s Soros and Bloomberg trying to divide us. LOL. No, the current NRA leadership did serious financial, legal, and political damage to the NRA organization while making the big bucks! The NRA members are actually trying to save the NRA organization from the NRA leadership. Your diversionary tactic does not help. It just makes sure that the NRA leadership’s scam continues. Next talking points are: “no one needs a bump stock”, “the NRA only partially supports red flag laws”, “the NRA won Heller and McDonald”, “but, but, Hillary”, and “the NRA’s financials are fine”. I… Read more »


See, we’re pissed. You’ll leave here spitting Chicklets.


I am older than most of you. At 84+ I am severely troubled over all the anti gun rhetoric in DC, especially among all the democrat candidates. They all want to outdo each other to see who can take away the most gun rights and guns from the most gun owners and 2A supporters. I hate the thought of having to spend my final years under another democrat administration. At this point in time, the most important things we face are killing the current over migration problem on the southern border, and at least neutralizing the anti gun movements. I… Read more »


They won;t be happening any time soon, but if I were to be the one to make changes in the organisation I’d do the following: First, MOVE the corporation OUT of New York. Move it to Kansas, Alabama, Wyoming, somewhere. ANY gun-rights friendly-to-neutral state. The offices and such can stay where they are, but move the seat of incorporation. Now. Second, break the tie between EVP and the board. EVP serves at the pleasure of the board, Board is NOT appointed by EVP. Third, restricture the board.. next election only, current members stand for reelection, no new ones. Size reduced… Read more »

John Swaringen

This is an excellent plan. I wish we could really do something.


I agree sir, in the last 5 years ive become aware and as a life member i apologise for not doing something long ago when la pierre was giving enhanced memberships at giant discounts.that should have been the wake up call


Excellent !!


This is good news. If LaPierre does finally go we don’t want Cox taking over, he’s part of the problem. Col. West would be the guy to replace LaPierre.

Js Campbell

Charlie Foxtrot

Weapons Education, yes he apparently still exists, did Baghdad Bob video: Apparently, the NRA and President Tump are working on a YUGE announcement in 2020 that will blow your socks off. LOL. Maybe, Weapons Education is auditioning for an NRA job?


Trump said he had a huge announcement a few weeks ago to announce a very aggressive border stance then came out and stated he would tax Mexico 5% and we all laughed. Yeah, that’ll teach em. Is that on Coke and Heroine too?Now they are coming in through the wall and returning gun fire on it for fun. Somebody quick, Red Flag them or something. Announcements are disgusting me. Lol. What a joke.


I have made note that NRA support for gun confiscation comes at a time when I turn on my screen and most people there want to kill me therefore NRA certainly is not in my asset column as that wanna be cowboy requires. At a time when Muslims say they are going to cut my head and steal my country and socialists are threatening my life because I’m not a fag like them NRA supports my disarmament and in my eyes that makes them unAmerican traitors. Scum of the earth.

Herbert Hamilton

I haVe been a member for:45 years and I think it is past the for change in leadership and how leadership are elected , LaPierre has been in cntl for too long and is doing what he wants whether it is right for our association or not. I have donated money for 45 years but I’ll not donate any more until LaPierre is gone


Now that everyone got rights thrown in the trash along with confiscation in the first term what do you want for the second term?
Gun people will never have more polical weight than right now prior to election and I wouldn’t accept promises but rather action before the vote. Promises are like assholes in that they all stink.


The NRA must get its house in order, it seems there is a deep state within the organization!
Hickok45 has abandoned us, who’s next John Stoughton?
I’m really concerned even though I belong to several progun ORG’s none have the clout of the NRA

Charlie Foxtrot

Hickok45 has finally joined us! He finally stopped ignoring the elephant in the room! Since his decision came so late, many people are still questioning his motive, though. The NRA is in a self-created chaos stemming from decades of corruption. It can only be saved with a significant house cleaning. That is not going to happen when influential members ignore the problems of the NRA and tell other people to ignore them too and to join or continue to support the NRA blindly. The NRA leadership and the vast majority of the Board is not listening to NRA members and… Read more »


The cowboy is in Colorado news doing a concert for Sheriff Reams and cowboy is also advocating against drugs in a state where they are now nearly all legal. Even magic mushrooms. It’s funny. Seems to be no boundaries but then he is guys who’s asset column you gotta be in to have guns. Hahahahaha,


Hey I bet those store owners that sell the now legal drugs, their employees and clientele all who own guns probably don’t appreciate cowboy comments concerning NRA position on drugs. But what I do I know NRA gun people don’t need those supporters I guess. NRA NGO is a frat, a club of special people who reserve rights for only themselves aka the cowboys asset column.


The NRA must get its house in order, it seems there is a deep state within the organization!
Hickok45 has abandoned us, who’s next John Stoughton?
I’m really concerned even though I belong to several progun ORG’s none have the clout of the NRA


Deep State is judicial system of subversion with tentacles running deep. NRA plays ball now Red Flag confiscation of guns and people are beginning to wake from the coma. Suckers.


Border Patrol video of armed invaders busting into America and shooting up Trump wall while Americans get disarmed.
They should be advised my house in possessed by George Washington and he won’t take any shit when they start shooting at him.


If you had a Republic you wouldn’t be in this predicament but since it is a tyranny that we have here we are. Until we find an attorney to go into court and use USSC precedent that all laws repugnant to the Constitution are null and void and unenforceable we will remain here complaining. Current groups have not used this precedence due to they need your continued distress to stay in business and only corporate tyranny exists not freedom.go ahead down the same path so where it leads but they taught us in the military that if go the same… Read more »


It is called the liberal Bar Association due to it does not represent a Republic. Liberal Esquires and the court are the so called deep state of tyranny and is why they won’t represent you based upon USSC ruling all laws repugnant to the constitution are null and void therefore right here you will remain under control.


Ammoland Honey Pot could do a story highlighting these USSC cases quite easily. I could forward actual cases off my other computer for reference. More money though in stringing us along. Tyranny of gun control makes big bucks. A gold mine.


Trying to fight gun control one fake law at a time is equivalent to bailing out a sinking battleship with an eye dropper but then they do actually know this and is why you have a tyranny not a republic.


If my house painter burned down my house when I rebuilt it I wouldn’t use the same painter even if he had a new crew. Lol.

Fred Smith

Correction, there is no such thing as gun control. That’s a communist democrat fake news term. There is communist democrat gun confiscation programs. And there is crime control. Try to stay aeay from fake news terms, and call a turd in the punchbowl a turd, no matter how much the democrats try and polish it.

Clark Kent

‘Corporate tyranny’? So what corporation built your computer? Refined the gasoline you put in your vehicle? Grew the food you eat? Are you THAT ignorant?


None of those threw my Bill of Rights in the trash but the computer guys spy by reading my files when they work if my computer so obviously they are reporting the contents to some tyrant. NGO NRA supports the tyranny of gun control to the point of Red Flag confiscation so stop eating those magic mushrooms. Gun control/confiscation is tyranny as history definatly proves just ask a Jew.


Gun voter’s helped put Trump into office and also helped put the Republicans in control of both the House and Senate. Yet for two years afterward the Republicans did zero to help gun owners. And the leadership in the NRA did nothing to push the Republicans to give gun owners something for helping to put Republicans in power. The leadership of the NRA uses Scare Tactics to get money out of the NRA members and uses that money to fatten their coffers while doing nothing to push for the things many NRA members want. No CCW reciprocity and no suppressor… Read more »


Yup, terrorize people and charge a fee then throw under the bus. I get it and it’s called politics for profit, control, deception, tyranny and theft.


Bloods in the water…here come the (liberal) sharks!


RedFlag law in my state allows for the blonde female I have never met down the road that chases my truck so I have to speed to evade her to Red Flag me. Can even Red Flag the Police if you want. Can you imagine getting Red Flaged for refusing to give up some “D”. Lol. Red Flag cut my state in half but that’s okay we don’t need those counties. The non communist half of my state has declared political war on the communist side and were throwing massive parties and parades with guns and flags all over the… Read more »

Clark Kent

When, exactly, is ‘tomarrow’?


You act as if crimes are going to be committed. Parades, recalls and special elections are not yet criminal offenses.


And besides we don’t want your estoteric trannies here or your fags/Antifans. This stuff is only for law abiding Smericans not false flagging criminals Clark. We’ll let you know when you can assist but I wouldn’t hold my breath. My offer still stands though to show you guys how to bend up a badge with my Leatherman Supertool and make a fishing lure out of it.


I warned everybody, several years ago the NRA changed the voting privileges from life members to 5 year members, They was infiltrated and Hollywood took over, we see the effects now,


Several years ago? Five year members have been voting for at least 30 years. They say you lose track of time when you get old…

Clark Kent

PROOF that ‘Hollywood took over’? I’m waiting….

Roy D.

I called them early in this century and told them to take me off their mailing list because they no longer were worthy of my support. Never regretted making that phone call.

Clark Kent

Now THAT showed them! NOT!

Mark Johll

I too have not renewed my membership. The last time they called I told them I would renew as soon as LaPierre was gone and they hung up on me.

Ed Curtis

Hugh, Like you,I too am 76 and agree wholeheartedly with you. The .only fatal disease I have is age, but I fear for my grandchildren and their progeny. I only wish they could have lived, as we did, in the 50’s. Life was so much simpler and definitely better. Hang in there my friend


And there you have it. Around here we call that true colors like that Cindy Lauper song goes, “true colors shining through”.

Clark Kent

With friends like you, who needs enemies?


I am heart broken by all that is happening in the NRA, I have been a member for over 45 years and as the old saying goes “A house divided can not stand” . I am so afraid that not only our NRA, but the United States of America will continue to be so decisive that both will be no more as our founding fathers fought for. I don’t know the answer, but pray not only for our nation but also for the NRA and it’s members. I am 76 years old and have a fatal lung disease and hope… Read more »

ralph glorioso

At age 82, NRA member since 1953, presently Patron Life member, it sickens me to see the disintegration of the NRA leadership at the very time when the communist traitors (masquerading as “Democrats” are mounting the most massive assaults in history to control and ultimately ban privately-held firearms, in total violation of the Second Amendment. It is high time for the NRA Board of Directors to do it’s job and to judiciously clean house where and as such is indicated. It is no time to dismantle the NRA, but it is most urgent to return that old organization to its… Read more »

Pete Alves

Raph: Trump’s already got a busy full time job…

Clark Kent

Playing golf…


Pocket pool is not Golf.


Chris Cox would have been the logical person to take over from Wayne LaPierre. His suspension is very suspicious considering the timing. Wayne needs to go, if only because he has been there too long. Chris is relatively young, charismatic, and well spoken and well educated. Whoever takes over the Executive Vice President position should reform the NRA structure. First the EVP should have no say in the makeup of the board members. The EVP and the board members should have term limits. Finally, the Board should be able, with a simple majority fire the EVP. It appears the NRA… Read more »


Also the size of the Board of Directors needs to be reduced from 72 (way too large for effective decision-making and accountability) down to maybe a dozen or fewer. I also had never voted in the NRA BOD election until this year, in which I voted only for Adam Kraut and Anthony Colandro. Thanks to Mr. Kraut, Jeff Knox, Rob Pincus and others for the information and call to action. #savetheNRA

Wild Bill

@Ltd, Yes, the organization is not set up to be relevant, efficient and effective. So what was it set up for? They have had eighty-five years to get the NFA and other unconstitutional Congressional acts repealed, and failed. They have had a river of money, and where did it go? They could have bought every Congressman, Senator, and president from 1935 to the present.


1978 or 79 was the pivotal point. After that it was simply a question of not if NRA was going on a slightly wrong track but how fast they were headed there and how badly our RKBA Rights would be damaged along the way. Now we’re starting to see the depth and width of the chasm. Thankfully GOA has, over the past decades, put itself on a straight and narrow course and had some impressive victories.


Co-coincidently (or not…) those were the same years that I dropped the NRA and took my money elsewhere. I guess we both saw the way the NRA fawned all over the peanut farmer, and read the handwriting on the wall…

Wild Bill

@Vanns, I sent the GOA a contribution, yesterday. So what is the answer to fixing the NRA?

The Revelator

@Wild Bill Same thing it has always been. Scrub the leadership clean of the organization completely, scale back the BOD and make them more accountable to the membership permanently. Mandate regular audits of the organization and its leadership for financials. Elimination of all non-essential funded programs. The NRA needs to pick between being a shooting club, or if it wants to be a Rights Advocacy group. An end to any and all Compromises on the Constitution. No more cutting deals behind closed doors to water down an illegal law just so they can come out and tell us what a… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Rev, Yes, and I really like the regular audits idea.

The Revelator

@Wild Bill

It only makes sense to balance the checkbooks in your own house. Knowing there is accountability is one of the tools to guard against light fingers.


I’m a Life Member, and I won’t quit the organization while it still has a chance to start listening to We the People (both members and non-members). At the same time, I have nothing more to give for frivolous things like wine clubs. The leadership is poisoning the organization and, if the continue, they will be without an organization to lead. On a nationwide level, we MUST join with clubs of all sizes in a confronted effort to save 2A. The elitism must end. If a pro-gun advocate doesn’t want to be part of the NRA, so be it as… Read more »


DaveW, I agree with you completely. However, I recently made a contribution to the NRA, even if only to maintain life support. But you are right about the stupid wine club. Think about the optics, wine and guns, not a good mix. Although, I indulge in both, never at the same time. Also, a lot of stuff in the NRA store magazine is junk. The NRA should concentrate first on securing and expanding 2nd Amendment rights and gun safety and marksmanship, along with school safety. Then, the NRA should focus on educating the public. Politicians should be begging the NRA… Read more »

Gregory Romeu

Solutions could abound should the members jointly and in class file suit against the NRA to wrestle control of the hierarchy away from the robber barons, then clear the far over-bloated and powerless 77 member board of directors and restructure the group from the ground up under strict court-ordered settlement. All assets and funds of the NRA could be frozen and put in escrow in an interest-bearing account even though it might only be .001% interest at least the membership would be able to restructure and rebuild the NRA, endng of the powerhouse regime that should have been properly managed… Read more »


There are many lawyers in our number,,,,

Mr. Bill

Did the NRA flip sides?

Dave Rogers

Le Pepe,and Cris Cox were totally ineffectual leaders. Typical lawyets, they flipflopped between a neutral stance in support of the 2A, and knuckling under to the antigunner communist democrat liberals. The communist democrats have taken an all in, no holds barred, positon against the U.S. Constitution, and the 2A. So instead of constantly compromising, and knuckling under, the NTA needs to up its game to the same level as the communist democrat anticpnstitutionalists!

Dave Rogers

Le Pepe,and Cris Cox were totally ineffectual leaders. Typical lawyers, they flipflopped between a neutral stance in support of the 2A, and knuckling under to the antigunner communist democrat liberals. The communist democrats have taken an all in, no holds barred, position against the U.S. Constitution, and the 2A. So instead of constantly compromising, and knuckling under, the NRA needs to up its game to the same level as the communist democrat anticonstitutionalists!


is it a leader power struggle or the other way around.

Dan Schwager

Sounds like the Democrats have a hand in this stuff. As for Bump stock do you really need them? they fight for YOUR GUN rights not the right for gadgets to put on your gun. Silencers are different because their is a hearing safety involved with their use. I knew some person or persons would miss use the Bump stocks my first choice was that gang bangers would be the ones, but as we know it was some well off white guy that was nut’s.

Mr. Bill

Do some research, bump stocks had nothing to do with Las Vegas. None were used.

Gregory Romeu

Schwager, you need to stay up to date with the laws and regulations. As per the ATF bump stocks are now considered machine guns and must be registered as such. Irregardless of that bump stocks warn accessory had a choice of the consumer under a little thing called, “FREEDOM” and were FREELY purchased on the open market. You’re giving up a little bit of freedom for security, well, you know how that should go?

Charlie Foxtrot

Correction: Bump stocks are illegal to manufacture for the civilian market and illegal to possess by a civilian! You can not register a bump stock as a machine gun, as it is considered a post 1986 ban machine gun. All already produced bump stocks have to be destroyed or turned in to the ATF.

Charlie Foxtrot

Get your head out of the sand! I knew what bump stocks were before the talk about banning them. I had absolutely no use for them. However, that does not mean the government should or even can ban them. This isn’t the Soviet Union, where the government maintains a list of items the country’s subjects are allowed to own. Ever heard the phrase “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”? By the way, the more than 500,000 bump stocks that were banned without an act of Congress, without due process and without compensation are valued at over $100 million. How… Read more »


I hear there is a Trumpstock ban lawsuit and if the suit shoots the ban down then what court precedents does the ruling set for further shooting down of other gun control? Seems to me USSC justices put in by Trump were supposed to be against administrative law created by agencies. Did Trump put something in play with the intent it backfires when challenged? Is Trumpstock ban a setup? Did Trump setup states for Red Flag gun confiscation failure by saying take the guns first, due process later? We better that he did because my state through our entire Bill… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

The bump stock ban is in effect. Bump stocks are illegal to manufacture for the civilian market and illegal to possess by a civilian! All already produced bump stocks had to be destroyed or turned in to the ATF. Possession of a bump stock is effectively now possession of a post-ban machine gun, a federal felony. The lawsuits are about unbanning bump stocks! So, why is the bump stock ban is in effect? SCOTUS refused to take up a temporary injunction against the ban. That’s right, SCOTUS was fine with the taking of $100 million in private property (the ATF… Read more »


Not an argument but rather genuine questions. Thanks for answers. No 4D chess, got it. Bummer but I got it. I guess my state Republican Party chair was correct they said we aren’t surrendering followed by Molon Labe.


or, that “well off white guy” was a patsy for a government false flag op. When I evaluate ALL the evidence I’ve seen, some of it live video captured from the concert floor area and NOT surrendered the FBI for “evaluation” then destruction, I am forced to the conclusion the whole schemozzle was staged, and the “well off white guy” either a sueful idiot or bought and paid for through entrapment. We’ve seen our “public servants” stage this sort of thing before. I think the whole charade was a setup, a psyop, to raise a public cry against three classes… Read more »


Yup, totally a false flag psyop guaranteed. Aka Hagalein Dialectic. Been going on for many many years and there are false flags in the news now just about every day. I count 3 today in the 10 minutes I tuned in. It’s all a movie and we’re in it. It’s why they gave us a trillion bytes per microsecond internet download to brainwash us into their total control. Doesn’t everyone know this by now?


False flags are how they manufacture consent for the wars they want to have. Wars are how they make their money. The costs of the wars gets tacked onto the National Debt, because they can print out of thin air as much money as they need for the wars. The only problem is that WE THE PEOPLE have to pay taxes in order to pay off the debt. And in order to pay the taxes, we have to work like slaves. Eight TRILLION dollars of extra debt has been tacked onto our children’s burden because of the recent wars, since… Read more »


And they will blame every bit of this on us to and once they drive America into civil war that will also be our fault so the kids will remember us as scum of the earth but hey that is what they are over on 8 Chan calling us right now so the future is here today.


Wow, there are some serious tinfoil hat wearers on this site.


Do you not know what”Shall Not Be Infringed” means? You are one of the fools in the dark if you don’t think the bump stock ban is clearly an infringement! Just like the trap shooter that has no problem with semi auto rifles being banned. You sir are the week link!


These gun control laws are all infringements, and therefore they are illegal and unconstitutional. And because that is the case, no one has a duty or right to obey them or enforce them. THAT IS ARTICLE SIX OF THE US CONSTITUTION, WHICH IS STILL THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. No one has a duty to comply with their restrictions. We can simply ignore them and tell them to GO TO HELL !!! Molon Lane !!!! That is what is being done in NJ, NY, and Conn. so far. And so far none of them have had the balls to… Read more »


I heard those hologram sighting devises are next but just for civilians not LEO’s.


Bring back Tanya Metaksa as NRA-ILA head.


No funds until reform.


I belong to a Gun Club where the Board, and a few members control everything by controlling the nominating committee, when and how meetings are held and run. For two years I’ve tried to change this corrupt way of doing things. Nothing. Not one thing I tried got past the Board and it’s flunky officers. So I’m considering quitting and going to a pay as you go range. It’s a pity because the club has been around since the 40’s and is a great facility. And NRA membership is required to be a member because we need to be in… Read more »


Oliver North lost in his attempt to oust LaPierre. LaPierre vilified him for doing what has been needed for a long time (the right thing) and used his absolute power to do so. North who is not known for “following the rules” to achieve a needed goal, was in a position to whatever he could to oust LaPierre, but LaPierre had consolidated too much power in his years as absolute ruler of the NRA that North realized his efforts were useless and got our rather than stay and be associated with such a corrupt dishonest group of administrators. It’s a… Read more »


Is Ollie a spook?
Spook infiltrator?


I believe it’s time we clean house and start this great organization over. I’ve been a life member for years. It is sad but we don’t need the details. Clean up our house. Time for the top brass to step down and be removed and have a re-election process. And for goodness sacks. Get off of all things New York City.


Nothing more than Wayne scapegoating North and Cox to remain in control of his golden duck the NRA ? Clearly most of the membership is aware Wayne has headed the NRA all the while to this catastrophic point and is the guy that must be removed to right the sinking ship? The 2nd Amendment Shall Not Be Infringed which clearly means it shall not be subject to negotiation or compromise! The present head of the NRA does not understand this and in fact stirs up gun control in order to extract funds from the membership. While I remain a member… Read more »


I agree with you fully!

Mr. Walkker

Spot on. Accurate and succinct. But wait, what about those in your face, full color multi piece, die cut, business reply mail, no postage needed, quarterly mailings asking for more and more and more…money. -Send them more. Into infinity and beyond. And what do we have for our donations? -2nd destroyed across the former U.S of A. All by design. -For our donations, we now have numerous ERPO’s, at State levels being shoved down throats, coast to coast. -WA State is the Poster Child for Gun Grab Success. -Way to go NRA-ILA. You did it! -The Rot from Inside is… Read more »

Army ELint Spook

AMEN…Wayne has been the primary cause for my leaving…

Rico de la Llama

I emailed the whole NRA board this email below, it was met with silence except for 1 member who I will not name who told me there are other board members who feel the same way about the situation the board finds its self in. He recommended I get as many people as possible to bombard the board with like minded concerns. That may be the only thing we can do at this stage. Food for thought. Do what you think is right. I sent this on 5/21. Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I don’t know if you follow any of… Read more »


well said, my contributions have stopped.


Well stated. Thanks for your service. My contributions have stopped, and hats n gear stored until this situation is put on a proper path.


We lost 7 rights in our Bill of Rights in my state due to Red Flag confiscation and maybe there are more we lost but at 7 we stopped counting in disgust. Pissed as hell, made me a Madman according to some. Next letter please include that USSC has opined and ruled that all laws repugnant to the Constitution are unenforceable, null and void and that the USSC has ruled The People are under no obligation to obey these fake laws nor are we under any obligation to apply/purchase a permit to expertise a Constitutionally protected right and if NRA… Read more »

Dr. Strangelove

Well, I’m a life member, and when I got the invitation to join the NRA Wine Club, I started to smell a rat. What does wine have to do with the second amendment? When they didn’t come out strongly against Tromp’s unconstitutional bump stock ban, I quit buying their merchandise or donating to NRA-ILA. My money goes to The Second Amendment Foundation, GOA and FPC. They are still working for us.

William Flatt

Dean, this article hits the nail on the head. EXCELLENT ANALYSIS! The NRA in the last 35 years has been structured in such a way as to give all power to the EVP position, to allow the EVP to control the Board of Directors (rather than the other way around as it should be), and for the EVP to be totally ensconced and insulated from all accountability. THIS IS WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE NRA.

There are too many rats at the top of the NRA, WLP and Cox are just two. A proper house-cleaning is desperately needed!!

John Richardson

Think of it as a Soviet-style purge where the head of the KGB is whispering in the ear of the General Secretary where the role of the head of the KGB is played by the outside counsel and WLP plays the General Secretary.

Mark Foley

Easy peasy guys & gals, like Hickok45, stop participating with your membership dues and any other additional financial support. When membership support tanks, the revolt of membership support should exact a turnover of administration. Guts with guns used defensively should accomplish a desired affect… get out of this embarrassing NRA rut will take guts for sure!

Dr. Strangelove

I’m way ahead of Hickok45, Mark. So are many other folks and YT greats like MAC. Hopefully, more people wake up to what’s going on.


Mr 45 and son have stepped away from the nra table verbally and perhaps monetarily.
Saw that on arfcom

Mike E

This new revelation shouldn’t surprise anyone. It’s simply another episode in the tired drama about a once-great liberty-loving organization that is now overcome by greed, corruption, and the pursuit of power.
LaPierre is so desperate to retain the control he has mastered at the NRA for so long that he seems willing to tear down the entire enterprise to stay in that position.
I’m a Patron Life member and it’s sad to watch WL, once respected, turned into a powee-mad, sick prick.
Time to go!


Let anyone stay in a position of power long enough and you’ll see the same situation, no matter what the organization or establishment. Look at congress for the worst example.

Term limits is about the only real solution to prevent this atrocity from recurring.

Wild Bill

@Big H, yep, term limits will solve a lot. And a restructuring. What kind of organization has one of the vice presidents forcing out the president; suspending other vice-presidents; and hand picking who sits on the BOD? I suppose the exec-VP custom designed his compensation package, too!


Politicians and NRA directors are like diapers on a baby, they need to be changed regularly and often.

m r c

hay nan there ya go again DO PROCESS guess you did not him say that go back and watch the view


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Well with all these gun & ammo manufactures pulling out of these anti-gun states then why has NRA not either? & It is time for Wayne to go, every position changes on that board but his.


I remember Dianne Feinstein, smiling like a rat, when TRUMP said: ” First we take the guns, then we can give them Due Process “! Thank you Chris Cox for all you could have done, but did never do for the 2A!

Matt in Oklahoma

My membership expires at the end of the month. I’m done with them. I don’t know these folks or even care to. They failed on the Brady Bill by selling out and did so again on bumpstocks. I don’t care about internal struggles and drama. I don’t care about being a “member”. I paid them to do a job and they failed. Not only did they fail they became what they are paid to fight.


Matt in Oklahoma
My sentiments exactly. I have already had two renewal notices for my August renewal but they are not being sent back. They have now sued North for disruption of their program. (scam of members dues.)


Like putting eley 10x in a jennings,slag that potmetal and get a mk4 target and lets hit something for a change!
SAF,GOA,FPC,your most effective state org! They need money too! Fight on! Liberty or death!

Michael Seals

I am a life member and I am furious with the leadership of the NRA. I will no longer support their efforts until a real trustworthy leadership is established.


Well said!


I have been a member since the 1970’s. I feel like many of you except I will continue to support and work for change for the better inside the NRA.
If not for the NRA you would have already lost your 2A rights.
I ask all of you to please rethink your memberships and not give up.

John wayne

Both fools are weak. No longer in support of theNRA. and I’m a life member.


Good! This is Chris Cox.

I was worried LaPierre would step down and replace himself with Cox, who is just as bad.


Good catch. Chris cox and his gun control garbage is the reason I I dropped out of NRA. The NRA still targets me with their fundraising telemarketing calls, and when I bring up some of the garbage that they support such as Chris Cox calling for stripping people of their due-process rights in the video here, they lie about it and claim that they don’t support any such thing. I bring up the fact that Chris Cox said it publicly and is on video (shown here) calling for this and other anti-American garbage, and they seem to have been instructed… Read more »


Guess you didn’t watch the video, he says “should have strong due process protections”. I’m not sticking up for the NRA, but lying about what someone says isn’t helping the situation.


I did watch the clip. What you seem to forget is that the only real way to stop violence is to kill the perp. Passing laws that interfere with people who have not committed crimes does not do that. It DOES give leftards a tool to attack honest people even if they, EVENTUALLY, get their gun rights back.

Time for the NRA to back the real 2nd Amendment as intended. NO INFRINGEMENT!!!

Big Jim

They want to be your GOD! That’s my take from that clip.


GOD syndrome of tyrants is very common and is why they run false flag operations on us every day to stay in control but you didn’t hear this from me.


If you have enough evidence to satisfy due process for taking property away, you have enough evidence to charge and convict on an actual crime. Period.


Thought policing requires no crimes. Crime has nothing to do with this. This is about control.


Guess YOU didn’t watch the video. Stripping someone of their rights because some gun-grabber pretending to be afraid of of them – is NOT strong due process protections. The entire purpose of this nonsense is to strip gun owner’s rights piecemeal. In this case, the victim doesn’t even need to have caused any harm to anyone – just some gun-grabbing leftist whining about being afraid of them and demanding some court strip the victim of their rights. You have outed yourself as a leftist gun-grabber pretending to be a 2nd amendment supporter that supports imaginary “reasonable gun-control.” When you support… Read more »


We don’t need any more laws. The ones in force should stop most of what has been going on. But they are ignored on purpose to create a crisis.
Selective prosecution in big cities is the problem.

Charlie Foxtrot

The entire purpose of a red flag law is to circumvent due process! Your guns are taken away first, then you have to prove to the government that you are not a danger. Can YOU explain what “strong due process protections” means in the context of a red flag law? I can’t!

Chris Cox is engaging in the same type of doublespeak the fantastic duo, LaPierre and Cox, did with the bump stock ban.


Corporate tyranny?
NGO’s stealing your rights, property and ultimately your life.
They say they don’t have a Soro’s Connection but that is because they don’t need one.
Corporate tyranny by NGO’s is aroundabiut way for gov to ultimately fuck you over and not leave prints. It’s the same thing as proxy warfare. NRA = gov proxy.

Charlie Foxtrot

Something to watch out for is the Oliver North effect. After North was ousted as NRA president, he was and still is seen by many as the good guy in this mess. The suspension of Chris Cox could make him look like the good guy in all of this too and set him up to take over once Wayne LaPierre is gone. Chris Cox has been in lockstep with Wayne LaPierre on many things, including the bump stock ban and red flag laws. I would have expected a move where Wayne LaPierre is “stepping down” as EVP and puts Chris… Read more »

Mack The Knife

You mean “WE” are in deep kimchi!!!!
Even in the aggregate, there is not a voice loud or strong enough to advocate for our 2A rights in DC or around the country.

Gregory Romeu

The GOA, Second Amendment Foundation, the well over 22 million Veterans and our County Sheriffs will keep this country and government in check when it comes to our Second Amendment and all other constitutional amendments, and state constitutions.


I never saw GOA tell the court the USSC ruled all laws repugnant to the Constitution are null and void, unenforceable so it seems like just another NGO. Proxy if I may. But sure send in dues to another NGO that will not stick up for your rights what the heck. A group is needed that will tell the court based on USSC rulings all laws repugnant to Constitution are null and void therefore unenforceable and we do not comply to unconstitutional laws. Until you get to this point your just pissing in the wind once again but what the… Read more »


just got my renewal notice yesterday did not know if i should renew or not,fool me once,fool me twice………..

Wayne Roberts Sr.

The real blame for all of these problems in the NRA and our government lays on us for not stepping up and being informed and involved in the operations of both.

Wild Bill

Roberts, Sr How could we have prevented Wayne LaPierre from grabbing all that power for himself? How could we have gotten him to oppose gun control and work to repeal existing gun control?