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Martial Artist, Mr. Sivin Rosado and Anthony Colandro
Martial Artist, Mr. Sivin Rosado and Anthony Colandro

New Jersey –  -(AmmoLand.com)- Anthony and Sandy are vacation, …um we mean…, on-location this week in HOTlanta at The Blade Show!!

Specially guesting is our favorite edged-weapon aficionado and expert Martial Artist, Mr. Sivin Rosado.  Listeners will note that The Blade Show, brought to us by BLADE Magazine, is one of the few trade shows or industry conventions that Gun For Hire advocates, for Second Amendment enthusiasts everywhere.  It is the World’s largest knife show and has the greatest selection of fantasy and replica pieces, professional cutlery sets, paramilitary knife styles and outdoor gear to see, try or buy at the show. The BLADE Show West will be held in Portland, Oregon in November this year.  If you like your blades sharp for precision cutting, or even if you like them dull for practicing or teaching, then be sure to check out The BLADE Show’s website for all the details at www.bladeshow.com

Many people don’t realize that the Second Amendment at its core “…the right to keep and bear arms…” also applies to edged weaponry.  The progressive left is chipping away at knife rights, just as much as it is chipping away at gun rights these days. However, just because you don’t see coverage on the mainstream media, don’t be fooled into thinking that no one is speaking out against the onslaught of illegal laws affecting law-abiding, knife owners.  Knife Rights is leading this fight for our civil rights, and especially now in New York where numerous citizens have been frightened into unlawful compliance by Big Bird de Blasio. Knife Rights has been going up against some of the most irrational and ridiculous regulations in recent years affecting law-abiding knife owners.  Now, they are headed to the Supreme Court and our position will finally be heard by everyone. We owe a debt of gratitude and all of our thanks to The New York State Rifle and Pistol Association www.nysrpa.org and to Knife Rights https://kniferights.org/membership/ so please visit their websites to donate and join!

Are you a resident of New Jersey?  Are you feeling disenfranchised by the current administration?  There are several places you can now go to sign the petition to recall the gubernatorial election.  It just so happens that The Woodland Park Range in Woodland Park, New Jersey is one those places! Come on down to Gun For Hire and our friendly Concierge staff will get your information and notarize your signature.  If you want to oust Murphy, you can access more details about the recall here: www.helpsavenj.com

Do your part to make sure that all the court cases that our community is fighting for our Second Amendment rights are adequately funded!  Just this week six, new illegal legislative efforts are being brought before the New Jersey assembly. For the latest on all the Second Amendment cases from New Jersey, more about the other good work our team is doing or just to donate, visit these websites: Evan Nappen www.evannappen.com ANJRPC www.anjrpc.org/donations/donate.asp?id=4356 NRA https://donate.nra.org/donate Cheeseman-Jillard Case www.gofundme.com/restore-carry-nj CNJFO www.cnjfo.com/Donate

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Green Mtn. Boy
Green Mtn. Boy
2 years ago

Anthony Colandro the 76 th. Negotiating Rights Away,Sellout.