Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Meeting With White House Scheduled

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Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Meeting With White House Scheduled

Idaho – -( It's official ladies and gentlemen!

The Idaho Second Amendment Alliance has a scheduled meeting with Policy Advisors from the White House. We will be joining Board Members from the American Firearms Coalition on this historic occasion.

And thanks to the generous support of Idaho Second Amendment Alliance supporters and members, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to represent Idaho's gun owners as they have never been represented before with the President.

Never has a local group gun group from Idaho ever had the honor of being represented directly at the White House.

Our message to President Trump is clear: “Oppose any and all forms of Red Flag laws. No more gun control!” We will be delivering over 100,000 hardcopy petitions to his staff.

Shockingly, when some of my friends with the American Firearms Coalition were working with the White House on delivering the petitions, they told them that they have NEVER had a request like this before.

Nevertheless, we intend to ensure that President Trump gets the petitions and additionally knows that Idaho's gun owners will not compromise. The gun grabbers are coming at us from all directions and we need gun owners to fight back even harder.

It is crucial that President Trump hears from gun owners across the United States.

Recently, he mentioned that he doesn't “like” suppressors and is seriously considering gun control measures against them.

That's why there is no time to waste in sending our message loud and clear to the White House and the rest of the country, the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance opposes infringements on the 2nd Amendment.

We want to sincerely thank those gun owners who stepped up and help fund this historic opportunity and we look forward to representing you well in Washington D.C.!

There are perilous times for gun owners and as we have always promised you, we are giving our effort to stop gun control everything we have.

For Freedom,

Greg Pruett
Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

Idaho Second Amendment AllianceAbout Idaho Second Amendment Alliance:

Idaho Second Amendment Alliance is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, single-purpose organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms through an aggressive grassroots program designed to mobilize public opposition to the anti-gun legislation.

Our website can be located at

  • 16 thoughts on “Idaho Second Amendment Alliance Meeting With White House Scheduled

    1. Greg Pruett and Idaho Second Amendment need a big congratulation from anyone who is pro gun. They have taken it upon themselves to take the fight to the source rather than sit and bitch about it. Good luck and I honestly hope Trump listens to you and your petitions. It might make a difference in the 2020 election whether he will still serve or one of the many dumbrats.

    2. I wonder if the PRES. reads AMMOLAND news? The NRA Has lots of VOTES out there , and voting against the bump stock and suppressors isn’t going to help his RE-election 5,000,000 votes is a lot to loose.

    3. WHY is this even happening????? The Bill of Rights #2 is already in place. Anyone who is against The 2A is breaking the law. What part of,”….shall not be in fringed.” don’t you understand? Even the supreme count has to agree with it; or they are breaking the law. It is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT!!!

      1. Mass murder is against the law, but it still occurs. What part of “some people don’t follow the law, some politicians ignore it completely” don’t YOU understand? Wake up and smell the coffee! We have a lot of work to do, just to maintain the status quo on 2a rights!

      2. Mark.

    4. I am from NY one of the states with the toughest gun restrictions, not common sense laws.
      I have to praise the fact that you are going to get direct attention at such a high level.
      I fear that going in with just signatures could be a tit for tat war with the opposition, “rounding up” signatures wherever possible.
      Since Trump is The Negotiator, maybe it would be best to make him think it is HE who is having the ideas for real work against the criminals crimes with guns, be it , mentally unstable/ unsafe, domestic violence perpetrators, gun runners. No more of these kids get out of jail free cards that Obama set up, sorry I don’t recall the name of that policy but it also hid their psych records. If they are having troubles that are risking their school friends… that need to be released, so be it. I don’t like them , the govt. in my damn bus. and think HIPPA is a f’ing joke anymore but if a kid has a list of who…. that they are planning to “take out” it needs to be nipped in the bud. Some other crimes that should be looked at opposed to their common sense ideas, are criminal selling a stolen gun to a felon and it’s used in a murder they both get brought up on it once they track down who sold/stole it, same idea with intentionally purchasing for a felon, you get the same charge for the crime they committed, on top of your time for the purchase, these are, common sense, these are against the bad guys, not us and these are negotiating pieces, as to say leave the second amendment alone but if you need some common sense here it is! I know this post was long but I am very passionate about this, at least it wasn’t a ramble.

    5. Been an NRA guy for years as was my Pappy. NRA always was first to go to the center of the ring to fight for our rights. Don’t bad mouth the NRA as people who weren’t even members were protected (as usual coming in on someone else’s coat tails and never spending a dime). Regarding this petition, I am a resident of south east Idaho and never heard one thing about it. I am not knocking another groups sfforts, but they would have gotten a helluvlot more signatures had it been properly done. This is a problem. We get all these splinter groups and the big voice for all gets starved for membership and funds.

      1. How about a great job or congratulations there Bob G. What the hell kind of statement was that? That’s a really weird reaction to some great news.
        Do you not believe them? Does s e Idaho have internet service? Do you know everything that goes on in Idaho? Why hasn’t the NRA done this lately? Delivering signed petitions to white house policy advisors, what a novel idea.

    6. Today the Supreme Court refused to take up GOA’s suppressor case. Trump talks of Red Flag laws, banning bump stocks, and now banning suppressors potentially.
      Why do we even consider supporting the guy. The Fed’s don’t have our interests at heart.

      1. If we don’t support Trump, then who? Although he’s not a pro-gun radical, he’s the most 2A friendly president we’ve had since perhaps Reagan – and maybe even moreso! If he and the Senate get another 4 years, that’ll give us one or maybe two more SCOTUS picks – and that’s invaluable.

        In other words, unless there’s a viable alternative, Trump has to be ‘our guy!’

      2. Trump does not know what he doesn’t know. He usually listens and gives a considerate ear to reasoned arguments and more often than not makes a good decision. He needs to hear from us, as do his cabinet and advisers. He’s a business man, not a politician or “gun guy.”

    7. “… It is crucial that President Trump hears from gun owners across the United States. Recently, he mentioned that he doesn’t “like” suppressors and is seriously considering gun control measures against them.”
      Please be diplomatic.

    8. Excellent! This is awesome to hear! More 2A/gun organizations need to be talking directly with the WH. Keep up the good fight, Greg!

      1. Looking at you NRA.
        “Never had a request like this before”

        Where the hell have you been!!! Wayne leave the intern alone and get to work for the membership!!!! Quit lining your pockets and put the members money to work expanding gun rights.

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