Nevada: Gov. Sisolak Signs Anti-Gun Bill


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Nevada State Flag

Fairfax, VA – -( Ignoring the constitutional rights of law-abiding Nevadans, on June 14th, Governor Steve Sisolak signed omnibus anti-gun Assembly Bill 291 into law.  Your NRA would like to thank the many lawmakers who stood with our members and Second Amendment supporters at every step of the legislative process in opposition to AB 291.

Assembly Bill 291, introduced by Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui (D-41), will:

  • Create Red Flag/Pre-Crime Protective Orders that allow for the removal of a person's constitutional rights not because a person has been convicted of a crime or adjudicated mentally ill, but instead on third party allegations.  This bill lacks strong due process protections and contains low evidentiary standards that fall well below the norm for removing fundamental constitutional rights.
  • Impose Mandatory Storage Requirements that will expand Nevada's current law regulating firearm storage by imposing a one-size-fits-all government standard that requires firearms to be made unavailable for self-defense.
  • Criminalize Certain Firearm Modifications: This bill is broader than existing federal regulations and would criminalize certain modifications on semi-automatic firearms.  Violations of this section would result in felony penalties.

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  • 194 thoughts on “Nevada: Gov. Sisolak Signs Anti-Gun Bill

    1. As a gun owner, I worry that if we don’t return to the well-regulated militias described in the 1792 Militia Act, eventually there will be an attack so horrific it will shock the conscience of the nation, and trigger a massive backlash that will result in draconian laws. One guy believing he would be a hero by triggering a race war his online buddies told him was coming talked into a CHarleston church and executed blacks, resulting in the instant banning of anything confederate by Walmart, Amazon and most retailers. The militia wasn’t “all the people”, but able-bodied, 18 to 45, white, property-owning, citizens. Contrast the Supreme Court just ruling to protect the right of an illegal alien to fire at a gun range.

      You were required to track down the captain of your local company, enlist, train at the muster four times a year, and once a year “have a field day” to prove to the state and country you knew Steuben’s then Scott’s then Hardee’s then Upton’s tactics, so if necessary, you could coordinate with the US Army. What if we brought that back? Required all armed citizens to enlist in the local state militia, prove they can shoot and require marksmanship training if they can’t (so they don’t hit the wrong people by accident), learn the firearms laws, and get basic tactical training so they can know what to do to be the “good guy with a gun” and not get themselves killed?

    2. Actually, ‘Well Regulated’ means’ Well Disciplined.’
      And, if you Google, ‘what the Founding Fathers said about the Second amendment, you will find quotes from them, as well as the colonies that first became states. It is a wealth of information. Every able- bodied man, the private citizen, usually 18 to 49, was in the Militia of that colony. They had private weapons, military grade. Some, with Kentucky long rifles were above military grade! They were NOT the Nat’l Gd or Army Reserves, that use federal money; the Nat’l Gd founded around 1917.
      If the Commies try to say the militia was other than the people, history makes them a fool. The second part talks about the average citizen, period, whose rights are said to be ‘not infringed.’ The Bill of Rights was written to prohibit Congress from taking those rights. The weapons written about were to protect the citizenship from a tyrannical govt; that is, if the government forced their hands, they would use them to rectify the situation. In order to do that, as George Washington pointed out, they should have the same capability that a standing army had. The Founding Fathers saw the standing armies of Europe as a threat to freedom, in those countries, as the rulers consistently used them to make the citizens subjects without inalienable rights.
      The idea that a State has the right to restrict any rights in the Constitution is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, by means that a SPECIFIC FEDERAL LAW SUPERCEDES THAT LAW OF THE RESPECTIVE STATE. So, Nevada, as well as others, violate more that one amendment in their quest to control guns AND take away due process; and may violate another by illegal search and seizure.
      The idea of restricting bump-stocks, as well as supressors; as well as universal registration and restrictions of purchasing ammo, cannot be tolerated, as it opens the door to other avenues of confiscation. Whether or not I would have a bump-stock, is not the point. It is that my being armed should give me the right to arm myself as I please, as there are NO RESTRICTIONS stated in the amendment, which is clearly fortified by the term ‘SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!’
      Certainly there should be some real ‘common sense’ in keeping the insane away from harming others or themselves, but DUE PROCESS squarely enters the argument. If one is mentally incapable, to manage their own interests, diagnosed by a licensed physician, then one should be limited to his/her use, in regard not only to the weapons, but knives and forks, cars and so forth. However, allegations do not regulate DUE PROCESS; FACTS AND LAWS DO! And, those laws keep his/her property their OWN, to be given back after recovery or handled lawfully by person selected to legally do so as his/her representative, with their responsibilities and support resting with the incapable person in question. If this puts one in the category of thinking that some should not possess guns, so be it.

      1. Forget the WELL REGULATED militia part.

        The 2nd Amendment applied to FREED SLAVES, which were never meant, nor considered, when it came to the concept of a militia, yet the FEAR by Southern Whites at the time, (and even today, quiet as its kept) was that if the slaves were freed that they would enjoy the same rights as their fellow white counterparts. This fact illustrates that the 2nd Amendment right was an individual right and not a RIGHT of the militia, aside from the fact that it doesn’t say RIGHT OF THE MILITIA, but right of the people.

        Additionally, and unfortunately, States do have the right to regulate firearms in areas that are NOT federally regulated that do not violate the core of the 2nd Amendment, which is access to firearms. The 2nd Amendment is about ready access to firearms; everything else is secondary.

        I do find it quite hypocritical coming from the Right where when it came to the integration of schools in the South the battle cry was “STATES RIGHTS” – but when it comes to firearms and the 2A – now suddenly its, “STATES HAVE NO RIGHTS.” Oh the irony. The fact is states don’t have rights, they have POWERS, and the Supreme Court has been too cowardly on the 2A, as Clarence Thomas has pointed out, to clarify what the states can and cannot do as it pertains to firearms. For too long the SCOTUS has allowed liberal states to regulate the 2A into oblivion, just like NJ, which has concealed carry on the books, but virtually no one can realistically and effectively exercise that right because CCW permits are rejected without “justifiable need.” When this practice was used against blacks, many whites cheered, but now it has transferred over to being used by liberal hoplophobes .

        1. @Sargewp

          No, States are also forbidden from regulating firearms under the Second Amendment.

          As it is a codified right under the Constitution, of which the standard was set at any level of infringement, being a pre-existing right that is held by the people as individuals. Since it is already expressly and exclusively given to the people, it is removed from the influence of the individual states. Furthermore, the Supremacy clause of the Constitution(Article 6, section 2) preempts all other law whether federal, state or local. That is why the constitution is called the supreme law of the land.

          The right is not “Access”, it is the right to both keep(which is different from access) and bear(make use of at ones discretion). Since the level is no governmental infringement(limitation or hinderance), this does not fall under the first section of the 10th amendment, it is held to the second which reaffirms the reservation to the people themselves as both mentioned expressly under the 2nd, and implied within the 9th amendment. The 10th Amendment both protects and limits the states at the same time. Being signatories to the constitution they must follow it as supreme law.

          Jeffery Szabo was correct when he said
          “The idea that a State has the right to restrict any rights in the Constitution is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, by means that a SPECIFIC FEDERAL LAW SUPERCEDES THAT LAW OF THE RESPECTIVE STATE.”

          It’s not hypocrisy, its reading the Constitution as is. States have home rule except where it conflicts with guaranteed provisions and reservations under the Consitution.

          You made a few decent points in your comment, but unfortunately it comes from a false premise. Article 6 Section 2 rules the day.

    3. I don’t think I have ever read a post with this many snowflake, progressive, leftist commenting. If you want to be like Venezuela just move there, I’m sure they will be glad to relieve you of all your property, your freedoms, your food and health. You will not have to worry about guns because the populace can’t own them but the elites and police can shoot you any time they want to. Get real you sissyfied idiots. This is America and we have been the example for the rest of the world since we became a country.The way we had operated in the past centuries was not a mistake.

      1. @tomcat
        You know, its interesting.. (Ivan, is there a number people can call?)

        But for as much as we hear from people how “insignificant” Ammoland is, we sure are getting a lot of snowballs… Err, I mean snowflakes, here at ammoland due to our incredibly active community. We know they have had us staked out for years (Remember GIL?), and with the push to silence any dissent it is no wonder they are starting to make their way here to invade what is still a free space.

        But it isn’t our free speech or owning of arms that enrages them the most. It is the simple fact that we have the brass berries to smile and tell them one simple little word to all their little hearts desires and divinations for us.


      2. There have been a number of people who expressed anti-constitutionalist views, no question about that. One of the benefits of living in a free society is that it is uncomfortable from time to time. Moreso if you are an Originalist. That said, I’d rather put up with hearing from those I disagree with than live in an echo chamber.

        Legitimate discourse is one thing, trolling is entirely another. Some of the people here are truly ignorant of the history and intent behind our laws, other are paid agitators. One group may, possibly, be capable of change, the other has no desire to.

        Comments without telling who they are directed to make it harder to tell which group you are aiming at. I prefer directed fire to supressive.

        1. @Dave in Fiarfax

          Indeed. I have stated multiple times here on ammoland that I want to see nobody silenced.

          I want to know who they are, I want them to be vocal if they have evil or unlawful intent so I can keep an eye on them. After they are known, then it is ok to take apart their argument via facts

      1. Sorry to say “Sign anything Steve” has no need to connect to the populace. He has made his millions and is now playing the pawn for the likes of bloomerberg and the union driven election machine imported from california. Small c intentional. The big picture is that the THING has now gotten so big that there are so many laws that they will suddenly discover that nobody is going to play any more. I moved here because there were a lot of pluses to Nevada. They have done their best to get rid of most of them over the last five years. If you are thinking of coming here it is now a really bad choice for many reasons. They play with the prices of everything and do their best to tax anything that moves or sits still. In the last couple days the power comapny put out that they will turn off power to certain areas should fire conditions evolve so that – THEY ARE LIKE CALIFORNIA – which just did the same thing. What do you mean fix the problem!? That would take effort and cost something. These fools thing sitting their asses and turning off the power is an acceptable solution.
        Time to tighten the screws on the utility commission – for starters.
        The NRA has a tumor running it that needs to go – resign wayne – you have soiled the works.

    4. I’ve been reading through the comments and I’ve noticed something. Prolly not news.

      Almost every person who wants to take away someones’ rights has been on the Left.
      Almost everyone who is filled with hate, and wants others killed or to die, is on the left.
      Almost everyone in this, and every other thread, who makes fun of people for the way THEY think the people speak is on the Left.
      I’m saying “almost” because I wasn’t keeping a scorecard.

      It’s good to see that Liberals are so liberal and tolerant in their views.
      It’s sad to see that none of them understand the history of this country, the Constitution, or the guns they fear so much.
      What’s worse is that NONE of their ideas will improve the situation, and all will make people less safe.

      I’m seeing a pattern here. Intolerance, Ignorance and Fear by the people who accuse the Conservatives of the same qualities. That’s called projection. It’s also a group of symptoms of xenophobia, another thing they accuse Conservatives of.

      To sum it up, Conservatives want to support the Constitution and be left alone, Progressives want to control others or kill those they can’t control.

      1. It’s why cops in my state are patrolling the liberals and telling me to stay away from them that they are insane. I told em I have rights. They said don’t be foolish and we both laughed.

      2. Hey, Dave: Maybe, but I hardly ever join in these discussions because I got fed up with getting called UnAmerican and unpatriotic because I didn’t agree with the Everbody Should Have Any Gun They Want platform. I got THAT BS from gun supporters.

        If you REALLY read all these posts made after a political exercise you’ll undoubtedly have seen the posts demanding we shoot any cop ordered to conduct activities gun peeps don’t like, or you’ll have read the posts strongly demanding we hunt down and hang politicians for treason. I’m a conservative surrounded by liberal family members and friends, and I have found that the discussing guns with some of them is less frustrating than discussing guns with some pro-2nd guys. At least SOME of my liberals can have a fair gun discourse, but discussing bump stocks at my LGS is like discussing race with BLM or social justice with ANTIFA members.

        I support the 2nd and I own guns. I vote and invite discussions with pollsters who gather signatures for a bill I don’t support (and find they have little idea of what they’re selling beyond what they were told to say.) I take EVERY opportunity to invite anti-gunners and those who are neutral to the range just to show them it is enjoyable much as any other sport. I often have those gun crime discussions – making every effort to make it about crime and not the gun – but I do so reasonably with facts and with a marked lack of hysterics, AND without condemnation of any opinion that differs from mine.

        FWIW, I’m ex- LE and ex- military, so getting called unpatriotic because I have a disagreement on a gun issue is particularly galling for me. It has shown me, however, that the only difference between a gun-nut and an extreme liberal is which way they face when foam drips from their mouths. Just really read the posts and you’ll see what I mean.

        1. @Bob G. Thanks for staying in the fight. As you noted, anything related to the Second Amendment touches folk deeply. We must continue to bring rational, well thought out ideas to those who don’t agree with us and unless we are willing to at least listen to them how can we expect the same from them? So, thanks for your service and thanks for your work on behalf of all of us. I spent a lot of my life in sales of one kind or another and I never sold anything telling the person I was talking to how stupid they were. We will never change the minds of the hard left as they will never change ours. The fight is for the middle. The hard chargers on the right serve to keep the left on notice and the rest of us try and reason with the undecided. In the end we are all working together though – even when it sometimes doesn’t seem like it is so.

        2. Bob G, it’s amusing that you got fed up for being called un-American for being un-American. Yes, your beliefs that you state that do not conform with our rights and our Constitutions (state and federal, in most instances) and values do make your beliefs un-American. The “gun-nuts” are the Leftists that do not believe in our RKBA. If you noticed, it is your post that shows your emotion, starting with your first line.

          You are not honest when you posted that you post “reasonably with facts and with a marked lack of hysterics, AND without condemnation of any opinion that differs from mine.” That is also not factual, and the the rest of your post proves your statement false. Also, those “liberals” you have wonderful discussions with are not “Liberals”, they are “Liberal” Democrats, which is just a euphemism for Socialist.

          You believe in the 2A, but… and that is where the differences between you and those that believe in the 2A begin. Laws make certain acts criminal and people that break those laws accountable. Whether or not a person uses a fist or other tool in the commission of a crime, the crime isn’t the fist or tool, but the act. Making a “bump-stock” or anything else illegal to own, will not prevent criminal acts. For example, when MD banned “high” capacity magazines, they began finding more of them at crime scenes. It seems the criminals didn’t get the message. That law did not “solve” a problem, it made an additional crime that didn’t do anything to address the criminal acts of robbery, assault, murder, etc. Also, as typical of these anti-laws, the mag ban didn’t affect anyone, but the law-abiding. That is why many here state no more compromise, it only leads to more demands against our rights, none of which do anything, but further infringe on our rights that “shall not be infringed”.

          1. @Heed The Call-up

            I think there is a 90% or better likelihood that you and I will not hear back from Bob.

            Evidence proves facts, facts show truth. That I think, will be too intimidating for him to engage on. I am however hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

        3. Hey back at ya Bob G,

          When i made the “almost” observations I was thinking of this particular group of comments. You are correct that there are people on both sides who go to extremes, that’s how it works on all issues. For a long time most of my friends were either military, LE of one flavor or another, or some combination of those. I don’t remember calling for the death of anyone, much less police. I’m sure that if it slipped my memory, someone will be reminding us of it very shortly. There are people who routinely call for all-out war to start, and some wish death on large groups of people they dislike in nearly every comment they write. I have to wonder how many of them have seen someone die, much less gotten their hands dirty. All who do are changed. Some grow to like it, others try to avoid it in the future. Generally, those calling for it have neither seen nor done.

          I have to disagree when it comes to the “I didn’t agree with the Everbody Should Have Any Gun They Want platform.” At the peril of being called a gun nut, I have to remember that the Revolutionary and Civil wars were fought using privately owned weapons, both small arms and cannon. The Framers, and Founders both were quite adamant in their insistence in an highly armed citizenry. Just because “I” don’t have a desire for a particular weapon doesn’t mean that someone else should abide by my desires. That’s called freedom of choice, with the operative word being “freedom.”

          I have personal preferences, but I’m not a FUDD, nor do I play Halo II. I don’t push those preferences on others, I just try to get them to examine the intent of our Constitution and the Papers that explain it.

          I appreciate the desire to try to change hearts and minds, but even when I get a toe curl out of an anti, they later feel guilt and frequently become more strident. Most of my family won’t talk to me as a result of our political differences. It hurts, since I try to be rational, but that seems in short supply, more on one side politically than the other.

          I’m sure that our conversation will open an entirely new front for this thread with excesses on both sides.

        4. @Bob G

          It sounds like you are trying to blame others for a problem you yourself created.

          The Second Amendment, and more importantly the entire constitution clearly lay out how much of a role the government has. ZERO…

          Now if in the past you have received pushback, it is likely because you have tried to claim to be something you are not. For example, a Second Amendment supporter maybe. You have already made it quite clear that you do not support 2nd Amendment as written. This is interesting since you chose to bring up your former military and LE time. I believe that involved an oath, did it not? An oath to defend the Constitution as written, not as how you felt or wanted it to be.

          This is why you get pushback, you practice a double standard and insist that your opinions should take the place of fact and anyone disagreeing with you is obviously on the extreme side. Is it really so shocking that people would call you out on your hypocrisy then when you complain about others using facts and evidence to argue against and disprove your arguments as “Trying to force their opinions on you” when you are demanding that your opinion be viewed as the only rational one simply because you say so?

          There is a difference between facts and opinions. It is your opinion that you like guns, but don’t think that all Americans should have a right to any firearm they see fit. It is a fact that the Constitution says Government is forbidden from any action attempting to control or limit the birthright of ownership of arms and self.

          Your opinion is in disagreement with Known fact. This is defined as delusion, or the rejection of reality for a preferred fantasy. I fully support your right to such action as well as your sincere belief in it, but myself and others also have the right to point out why such action is delusional. Your opinion does not have the authority or the right to over rule facts, reality, or the Constitution no matter how much you may wish for it to.

          Now, If you would like to have a rational discussion on the subject, you are more than welcome to do so with me. I warn you however that I do not budge on or yield factual evidence. I make the other party cite their sources and if the source does not pass muster I proceed to show why it is wrong on an evidence based methodology. It is hard line, and it usually leaves the other party publicly embarrassed if they attempt to knuckle up and “Show everyone why they are right!” You absolutely have a right to be wrong, just don’t cry about it when others exercise a right to explain why you are wrong.

          The invitation still stands, and is sincere. If you wish to take me up on it(mouthfoam not included), then lets start off with a simple question.

          If a LEO violates a law, and the violation of the law is not in the completion of their required legal obligations, are they then by definition a Criminal or not?

    5. The second amendment does not give any one of us anything what-so-ever. The right (ability) to defend yourself, your loved ones and your belongings is inalienable, or God-given. Nobody, no law or nor any amendment can give that right to us, nor take it away, except by force. The second amendment is simply a guideline for the government to abide by, and a reminder to us all to keep the government in check. When government over-steps and comes after the guns, time to bump’em back – and we don’t need a bump-stock for that. Stock up.

      1. Absolutely correct. Until our leaders like the NRA, GOA, and the rest of the gun lobby understands this and uses it we will continue to loose ground. Their is a massive re-education that needs to take place in America. In the last 50 years we have been indoctrinated by the government indoctrination centers to believe this idea that government and the Constitution give us rights, if this is true the government owns us and is our decider. This point must be made and those making it must be made to defend their ownership of us mentality. Are we going to convince the gun grabbers ? – NO! but we will plant the seed of being owned in our fellow citizens mind and they will awaken to the authoritarianism being implemented and find it everywhere in their life

        1. @Martin

          There wont be any uniting behind the NRA until the problems with its leadership are clean out and fixed, with a new BOD.

          They need to fix themselves first, otherwise they can follow along behind and beg for scraps after. Calling for those of us who have left or been chased out of the NRA by a pack of weasels who are helping to try and implement gun control violations against the Second Amendment such as Red Flag laws is a non starter. End of discussion on that front. We will not compromise on that as long as Wayne and company are in charge.

      2. True. A right that a person does not defend is a right that the person does not have. When a politician takes away a right, and a person submits to that decision, the person never had a right, only permission. Since 2A exists to tell citizens that this in not a matter of permission from politicians, yet we treat it as if it is that, we are screwed.

    6. We need to kick fat head Sissylac back down the hill to Sac and kick all anti American left down with him. You anti American and anti constitutional fools need to go back to the dump you crawled from, Unicornifonia.
      You made that bed now go back and lay in it and wait for the Sunami to wash you away like dog squeeze. Venezuela is the poster country for what not to do.
      TRUMP 2020…dimwit Dems 0.

    7. Nevada has a huge population of illegal aliens in Las Vegas and Reno. They vote despite not being citizens.
      They can’t work in the casinos because Nevada still requires a background check for casino workers.
      But hotels, motels, restaurant and public works, such as construction and highway work employ these illegals.
      Remember, Hillary won the popular vote in Nevada because of the illegal voters. These people do not understand or appreciate the right t keep and bear arms because they never had that right.
      But they give the government “cover” for unconstitutional gun control and confiscation bit by bit.

      1. Very true to the content.. it takes a few generations to teach and give traditional values to those that are brought and integrated to the population In which they live in . We are the ONLY country that alloy anyone to join there country and let them carry and exploit the old customs of way of life instead of holding them to our ways of customs. It’s hard for any of our new generation to understand and keep to it because we have lost the bond that unite us as One Republic.

            1. Ask a Venezuelan about gun control. If you don’t know already you need to be educated how it works or just move out.

        1. In Maine, even though the leftists won the last major election, we have defeated almost every single anti-gun bill they have tried to pass, so far! If you get vocal, organized, and fight them hard enough, you can stop their nonsense!

    8. Gun control is about who controls the guns not removing them. Guns exist and will always exist. Do you trust your government? The main difference between conservatives and liberals is this fact – liberals fully trust the government to save the world and conservatives are sceptical because of past power grabs by leftist regimes. They are taking rights away people and the left is cheering it.

      1. Ask a Venezuelan if gun control works for them.
        China too. American Indians. Jews in Hitler’s Germany.
        History proves evil tyrants and fools are all for gun control.

    9. It amazes me how dumbed down and brainwashed my fellow Americans have become by the communist democrats and the Nazi Republicans,the right of the people to keep and bear arms is about all weapons that can be carried in one’s two hands not just guns,it is not about the right to just carry a stupid worthless musket you fn mentally retarded morons otherwise it would say the right of the people to keep and bear muskets shall not be infringed brainwashed idiots. And we’ll regulated has nothing to do with gun laws and bans harasses well regulated means well armed if you have a disarmed people there is no possible way you can have a free State,the government wold be lining people up in the streets like communist Russian and China do to their people or Nazi Germany did. For all the village idiots here we the people are the state not the elected corrupt politicians and corrupt judges and law enforcement. Also shall not be infringed means shall not be taken away,shall not be limited,shall not be removed,shall not be violated.

      1. You left out the part where the gov says we have to be law abiding which translates to obedience to ones master therefore only those obedient slaves can have a gun though everything Hitler did was perfectly legal and the founders left the law abiding words out due to historical evidence that once Americans begin growing tired of tyrants laws they can rebel against them and still yet nothing. Everybody is hiding and being driven into submission due to pussified citizenry sporting rainbow flags.

    10. I was not aware that Nevada was home to so many Bolsheviks. From the moronic leftist comments seen here it appears that the state is approaching New Jersey levels of stupidity. Sounds like a great place to start a Soviet Republic, just like in Illinois.

      1. There really not bolsheviks, us natives call them Californians. And yes there coming to a town near you to get away from the illegal immigrants and the homeless. This state was so much better when the cowboys and mob ran it. Now corporate America runs it. And with Sisolak running it’s time to load up and go to a state that remembers the bill of rights

        1. I totally agree with you .. It was a successful cowboy state and a fun state .. With this mafia governor and the. Mostly women.legislature and Californians on top of it …. They are ruining the whole stste. Soon the coucountry ….. Wyoming Missouri and Idaho are going to get bigger soon….

    11. The left can go to he’ll the second amendment wil always be there because if things keep going this way by the left.. A new revolutionary war will start. They allready screwed everyone with the rest of your rights in the bill of rights.. Next on the left’s agenda that it will be a crime to get married. Or have kids. Or to smile.

      1. At the rate it is moving, no state is safe. They have spread across everywhere to make the moves. Arizona and Idaho also being attacked, places you think are immune.

        1. Hence the term takeover. Oddly enough people reference the takeover as some futuristic event when it is going down right in front of their face. I think most are thinking 2020 will get some stuff sorted out. It won’t.

    12. I used to be a democrate not anymore. I don’t know what happened to the party. They used to be for the people who live here not everybody else. Why would you want to break the security of your country and create over crowding when we could have water shortages in the near future and automation. who is running their party

          1. Calm down war mongers, go back to your little-dicked sky high lifted pickup truck, cooler full of domestic beer and backwards ways.
            Guns don’t scare me, it’s anger riddled, simple-minded, dinosaur thinking people that buy guns that scare me.

            1. @Roach Moocher, You are quite correct not to fear guns. Only one libtard at a time can be eliminated with a gun, hypothetically. A can of lawn mower gasoline could eliminate your house and the twelve block area around it in an evening, hypothetically. One untraceable chemical in your water supply and everyone in your city is gone over night, hypothetically. Sleep well cheese dick!

            2. Coach, your ignorant, ad hominem attack on firearm owners shows to us, again, how limited in mental acuity most entities that oppose the RKBA are. I am curious to know what a “dinosaur thinking” person is, as opposed to a “dinosaur-thinking” person is. Though I am also not sure what a dinosaur-thinking person is, either. Maybe an archeologist?

              When you re-read your post, you might discover the person who is “anger riddled”, though I believe you meant “anger-riddled”. So unless it is you that is buying the firearms that scares you, you seem to not know a damned thing about the topic you are attempting to write about. You did get the simple-minded part right, but attributed it to the wrong person(s).

            3. @Coach Mitch

              “Guns don’t scare me, it’s anger riddled, simple-minded, dinosaur thinking people that buy guns that scare me.”

              And here we were thinking about the anger riddled, simple-minded, dinosaur thinking, moronic idiots who get jobs as coaches for after school sports programs are what people should be scared of.

              After all, its idiots like that who love to show off just how little they know as they advocate for oppressing the rights of others, and are trying to destroy this country in the process….

              Hmmm.. Makes you think.

          2. @MM Does the new agitprop mean to say that ge would strip the military of their small arms? Civilians, generally, do not have fully automatic small arms, so that can not be it. And what is this recall nonsense? Manufacturers can not ask for something back once title has transferred. The government never was in the ownership chain.

        1. WHY???!!?? There had not been ONE incidence of anyone using any “assault weapon” in any crime in the US since the days of Chicago gangs and Tommy guns in violin cases.

          One was NOT used in the Parkland School, Sutherland Springs church, San Bernardino christmas party massacre, Aurura theatre murders, Newtown school, Orlando sodomist bar, or any other mass shooting in the US.

          So why ban something that has not been used in a crime for a hundred years?

          Your irratoinality beies your agenda to control, and your inordinate fear of an inanimate object.

        2. That includes Everyone, Right? The Armed Forces, State and Local Police Forces, the Politician’s, and Liberal Lefty’s Privately Hired Bodyguards with these firearms. Otherwise Sir your point is worthless. You are typical, Anti-Constitution against the Second Amendment. The Framer’s Warned us of people like you. It is time once again to ban enemies of the United States Like You!…

        1. 100% true. The Bill of Rights: are rights for which the government is never supposed to infringe upon citizens. Nevada’s legislation clearly violates the Second Amendment. Article VI establishes the United States Constitution as Supreme Law, over all other laws!

    13. All these so called conservatives seem to forget that it was just recently that 50 people were gunned down in cold blood because of guns with Bumpstock attached. This bill makes it criminal to own guns with that attachment not guns themselves. So stop getting your pants one is trying to take your guns…calm down and breathe……..

      1. Hey, that bill also makes it illegal for me to put a new trigger in my fire arms, the description is so broad it applies to a lot more than bump stocks.

      2. Wake up and open your brain. Had the shooter nor used the bump stock his aiming would have been more precise and more people would have been killed. Gun control doesn’t work, education does, get some.

            1. I’m wondering if the entire killing spree was politically funded? The killer had a background in covert security work. The government has not allowed transparency in the investigation. It really stinks of a coverup.

      3. exactly.. calm down I live in Las Vegas and I own 3 guns and I think this bill is exactly what we need to get on the right path to keepin guns out of the people hands who should not have them. you all drank the nra koolaid. and need to calm down… no black ops helicopters are comin in the middle of the night to sign up the guns and ammo you all have buried on the back yard because the nra to you to. the nra is an example of smart marketing thru fear tactics.

        1. Keeps guns out of people’s hands that shouldn’t have them. Really? ….. no it does not.
          What this bill does is limit what a non felon law abiding NV resident can do with their gun in their own home.
          It does nothing to keep guns away from felons and allows anyone one that knows you or contacts you to call the police and request they come and take your guns.
          Yep that’s you Mr/Ms Las Vegas/Reno.
          I moved from CA to NV 20 years ago to get away from people like you . Stay in Las Vegas and out of rural NV …..or better yet move to CA because that’s where you belong.

          1. Your not the only one . It isn’t the gun control.blll as much as it is more government control which is why our fore fathers. lost life and limb to get away from …. The liberals will be sorry when they put us into the NWO and controlled by the UN….Dumb lazy and hateful Dopers …I miss Governor Sandoval…

        2. This will be a divorce lawyers dream each side will file just to piss off the other will be able to keep the court system busy forever. This will be used extensively.

        3. @Sean patrik

          That Red flag bill would allow Pelosi or Schumer to call in a complaint to have the Presidents gun taken away. So how does that sound now FUDDBOY.

          1. The police too and the call is FREE with no court appearance by the whiner required. Can Red Flag somebody from the phone book just for fun. Concealed carry permits or any other written evidence of possession can be used against you for Red Flag. My state has a list of Red names ( Trump supporters) already flagged so thanks to Trump he gave them his blessing to Red Flag his own supporters. Thanks Trump, will remember at election time.

        4. @Sean patrik, Why don’t you just divest yourself of guns on your own? There is no need to force these actions onto your law abiding fellow Nevadans. Everything after your first sentence is mere gabble.

      4. A gun with a bump stock did not kill and wound those people; a person did. A firearm is only a tool; nothing more or less and like any other tool it depends on how the person uses it. If your legislators are so interested in stopping the type of incidents that occurred at the concert why didn’t they address mental illness, because that guy was one sick SOB. They ruled out terrorism and revenge so that only leaves mental illness. No sound mind individual would even think of doing something like that. As for the bump stock, the federal government (President Trump) has already banned but stocks. All gun laws are mandated by the federal government not the states. This is a blatant strike at the constitutional rights of every Nevadan. When or if challenged in court and the infringement law stands, it could be a strike at every American’s constitutional rights. The United States in not a Democratic society; it is a Constitutional society. Everyone better wake up, this is not a Democratic or Republican issue. It is an American rights issue. The Democratic party is no longer the party of the working man. (when’s the last time they did something to help us?) The Republican party is no better; they also just had 2 years to do anything they wanted to help the current situation in the United states, but they were more interested in standing against the the president than helping us. (President Trump has did more on his own to help the everyday worker and the unions they both parties combined for the last 20 years.) Wake up, vote their sorry buts out and put someone in there that will address the real problems

      5. Purportedly gunned down.
        There’s no ballistic evidence any of the rifles in Paddocks room fired bullets which hit any person.
        It’s quite a mystery why law enforcement wouldn’t perform such routine testing.

        1. And in the videos of the shooting that I watched I never saw a single person shot and fall to the ground or a single body on the ground in a pool of blood or otherwise and the next day video and pics did not show any drying pools of blood on the ground it was not bloody. Sure, it’s was exciting to watch but just theater aka Hagalian Dialectic or better known as a false flag and sold to us in part by Trump. 50 dead bodies and no blood?

          1. No, it was sold to you by the deep state, ie liberals, Dems and nwo. The same ones responsible for Orlando, Sandy Hook, Pittsburgh, 911, middle launch at Hawaii and all of the other false flag events. Stop believing the lame stream media.

            1. Sorry, don’t watch LSM. Show me 50 dead ones laying in blood and give something to work with otherwise I don’t buy Vegas or any of the other movies especially when they are so busted using the same actors. They killed the Deputy in Cali at least 3 Times now. The guy is more popular than Keanu Reeves and paid far less.

      6. Yeah, but this how it all starts down the road to Socialism. The liberals would love that, then they would get stuff they never worked for.

        1. Only until they goget t us in the NWO totally controlled by the UN ..This.Democrat California mafia governor bought his election … And all those liberal women in the NV Legislature are ruining this state.. We are a sanctuary state when we don’t want to be… Next election. Better. Vote them.out or. Nevada is just another. Worthless. California…

      7. Show me the bumpstock. No evidence forthcoming, yet, from ANY LE agency. But man alive, what a boost this left wing, socialist gave to the gun control movement by “his” criminal use of a black, magazines fed, semi-automatic, .22 caliber sporting arm. And still no reason found or presented! Hmm??!

      8. @ Sandy Joe Phillips, You have no proof that bump stocks were used on the guns that were used for killing and you have no proof how many people there were shooting. The gun is a tool and the killers used them because that many hammers would have been too heavy to take into the hotel.

      9. if you are thinking about the Las Vegas concert massacre, there was ONE semiautomatic rifle alledgedly found in the murderer’s next whch did have a bump stock attached… but there has yet to be found ONE shred of evidence that THAT gun was fired, let alone that any of the rounds it supposedly fired were fired into the crowd.

        Further there is STRONG evidence that there was full automatic military rifle fire, and that from multiple locations. NO ballilstics tests have ever been done with any of the recovered projectiles nor expended shell casings.

        Per the text above, and since Fed “law” already makes possession of bump stocks illegal, the new bill bans semiautomatic RIFLES, not attachments. That means things like AR 14, s, Ruger .22 calibre rifires, Norincos, AK’s, all legal for civilian use and NONE of the “military grade assault weapons”.

        Check your smoke, you’ve got into some nasty stuff.

    14. All the Latinos in Vegas put him in office! Time to get the vote back! Vote Republican in 2020 or they will take over America! Guns or No guns! They’re knocking at the border and the Dems will ultimately let them in! This is OUR country! Our constitution! Stand up now or we lose what our forefathers have fought and died for!!!!

        1. You seem more worried about Latinos than the guns. More guns are killing people than Latinos, whites, blacks, etc.. Admit.. you’re prejudice, that’s dangerous.

    15. When the 2nd was written… Our forefathers intended arms to mean a musket or whatever simple guns were then used.

      They would undoubtedly all recoil in horror as to how that term has been expanded without debate. … Across the years.

      And tears. Shame. On. Us.

        1. (For some reason my other comment didn’t show) By 1812 President James Madison (founding father) was in office and was already seeing hardware advancements being made and I don’t remember ever reading anything about him (or any other founding father who was still alive) wanting to change the terminology for that amendment.

        2. There were Gatling guns, which are machine guns with the rotating barrels, as well as revolvers and many modern repeater rifles already in existence. You don’t know anything about the history of firearms, and you’re just making blanket Statements that are repeating someone else’s opinion. An opinion you’ve made your own out of fear and ignorance. The second amendment was written to prevent the loss of freedom to a standing army, of which ours has amassed into not only the militarization of our government departments, such as the BLM, and IRS, but also our local police. The 2nd amendment means that we are supposed to be rightfully able to match the weaponry of the standing army, but fear-mongering propaganda has led to the decline of people standing up for rights that will eventually get all of our rights removed. The 2nd amendment protects the 1st amendment, which is why it is the 2nd, and not any later.

        3. Using your thinking Freedom of speech only applies to old English and Freedom of the press only applies to ink and quill and old fashion printing press.

        4. @Diane

          They did not. In fact they didn’t have any intention of limiting any means available. The second amendment is there as a reminder that simply being a living breathing human being on this planet you have acquired the INALIENABLE right to defend your self against tyranny and other forms of violence against yourself and your family. They did not place limitations on how to do that.

      1. I didn’t see any terminology in the 2nd Amendment that would lead me to believe you. The founding fathers weren’t simple men, they knew firearm advancements would be made and flint lock rifles were in the American Revolutionary War which outclassed the musket (a good few were alive and one in office when the Ferry 1803 rifle came out). They even allowed civilian merchants to have cannons for self defense.

      2. Our forefathers did not grant rights, they assumed them, hence the term “rights.” While it is quite convenient to use the guns of their time type if argument, it is most certainly not the standard tgat correlates to their reasoning tgat among several others, the 2nd Amendment was explicitly mentioned as being one necessary to umderline within the Bill of Rights. Their reasoning was clearly, by simple extrapolation if their words, stemmed from a disapproval and distrust of governmental power over the people, and in the eyes of many of the cosigners, the people as a herd, over the individual in the pursuit of liberty. It was actually universal in accord, though admittedly, to varying degree. The point? The Founders wished to have man capable of defending himself against the tyranny of men, i.e. central government for one. How might this be accomplished without at a bare minimum civilian arms at least modestly resembling those held by the powers that be? You obviously don’t like the facts as they are, as you’ve based your comment on your own dialogue, not an educated stance related to the foundation of the nation. Grow up.

        1. And don’t forget that the Founders wanted us armed in order to repel invasions, also. All of the horrible weapons of war were the birthright of the American citizen, which is what they wrote in the Federalist Papers. And today, we should have tens of thousands of heavily armed Militia down at the border, repelling the invasion of Commie minded free loaders from around the world who are pouring in with the purpose of destroying our culture and commandeering the country we built. And just like they did in Europe, they will call us rascists if we disagree with them. Obviously, they are being coached by the same people who intentionally engineered the flooding of Europe with turd world peoples.

      3. Our Founders would not have discouraged advancements in Arms to support the 2nd Amendment any more than the advancements of the internet to forward someone’s opinion secured by the 1st Amendment.

        BTW Diane, at our founding there were repeating arms with magazines, and handguns (peperboxes) that were semiautomatic.

      4. Your statement is simply false.
        Cannon and warships, state of the art military weapon systems, were owned by wealthy individuals at the time of the ratification of the Bill of Rights.

      5. News flash, Diane Beatty:

        DURING the time of our War for Independence from Britain, there ixisted a certain model of rifle that could be loaded with up to forty rounds of lead ball, and then fire all forty of them in about a minute, one ball with each pull of the trigger. In other words, a semi automatic rifle with a forty round magazine. It was expensive because it was new technology and not yet in mass production.

        So LEARN your history and stop popping off when you only prove our ignorance. But, ignorance is no foul, and is curable. READ this then never make such a claim again, as you now know your claiim is false If you DO ever make this claim again, then you prove yourself a lying fool. That IS a fail, and could be actinable.

        The term “arms” as used by the men who established this nation meant “weapons of military usefulness”. No time frame intended. Whatever the military have, THE PEOPLE can also have. That was their intent.

        What is at issue with the use of firearms to kill innocents is NOT an issue with the hardware, tool, implement. Nope. It is the mind/heart of the one using it for evil. A software, heart, moral issue.

        Removing the hardware will only shift common usage to other things. Gasoline, propane, fertiliser (READ about the materials used to destroy the Murrah Building in OK CIty. Not one firearm was used, yet close to three hundred died within seconds. What, shall we outlaw big box trucks?

        The Brits are so barmy they’ve outlawed the purchase of the common chef’s knife. Earlier they outlawed the sale of bats.. baseball and/or cricket. And you spew our nonsense about only muskets? Wake up.
        Does the First Ammendment limit freedom of press to the early guttenburg platten presses Sam Adams had to use to squeeze out his broadsides one sheet at a time? Would anyone support the idea that our keyboards and laptops, which can compose something and distriute it to millions in just a few seconds? Wake up. You’ve swallowed a bit gulp of the KoolAde.

      6. Diane, please explain to us what the commissioned privateers used to attack British shipping? I don’t believe they used slingshots. I know they used cannons and many other weapons. Also, Jefferson gave the Lewis and Clark Expedition the Girandoni air rifle they used. It had a 20-round tube-magazine that was comparable in power to the muskets at that time. It was also used by the Austrian army for about 3 decades and used during the war with Napoleon. This proves you have no clue, and why we do not listen to drivel posted by those opposed to our inalienable rights, one of which you used to post your ignorant comment.

      7. @DB, Sorry Diane, but during the revolution against England, there were multi shot rifles and cannon. We have a natural, God given, Constitution enshrined Right to weapons of war. And many do own weapons of war. Here in Texas you can rent and train with crew served weapons, armor, artillery and warplanes.
        And the shame, Diane, is on you for not knowing and spreading untruths.

    16. Keep voting dems in office. You will be like California in no time. Next on the agenda paying a state in come tax, and then a santuary city. Wake up Nevada they are trying to destroy you

      1. I left running from Cali 13 years ago…….now nv is turning into lil Cali just to get worst when raiders get here… I’m Hispanic but want the white to run this country again please stop selling this country for a vote… Mexicants are taking over in 20 years or so

    17. The cancer of ‘Commiefornia voters’ is spreading. People need to wake up and realize that the sooner we get the helicopters up, the sooner we can let the commies drop.

      1. The NRA can kiss my ass and I hope you all for from self inflicted gun shots. Assholes. And the forefathers wrote the 2nd Amendment for small fire guns not AR15s. So GO FUCK YOURSELF.

        1. Get yourself a little education. You realize the AR-15 makes the same size hole in a piece of paper as a .22 LR squirrel hunting rifle. The AR-15 is not an automatic rifle. The AR-15 is not a cannon. The AR-15 is such a small caliber rifle that it doesnt even qualify as a deer hunting rifle in most states. Now go pick your picture of Maxine Waters back up and finish masturbating in your moms basement.

            1. @Everyone…I wish everyone would do what Wild Bill and others do. Put a “@WhoEver” at the beginning of your comment so we don’t have to guess who you are responding to. That would make it much easier following the thread. Thanks “Everyone”.

            1. Hey WB,
              As I remember it was Poodle Popper. ‘Course it’s been nearly 50 years, I could be wrong. That and squirrel guns. The rest is unprintable.

            2. Yep, those little tiny 5.56 bounce right off tee shirts and jeans but are good fer squirrels and such.

        2. @Eric Johnston….How wrong you are about that, Mr. Johnston. Perhaps you should read the Federalists Papers, in which the Founders have elucidated further what their true intent of the 2A was all about. The Founders believed that WE THE PEOPLE should have in our possession as “Terrible” a weapon as could be borne against us by any Invaders, criminals, terrorrists, or our own government that went rogue and became tyrannical. They did not want us to be subservient to anyone when it came to the weapons of war, and that included the psychopaths who they knew could eventually control the reigns of power. And they did not want us to come up short if we needed to defend ourselves from Invaders who could be equipped with far more lethal weapons than we were “allowed” to have. And what about organized criminals who might purchase full auto machine guns from foreign sources. Are WE THE PEOPLE already not less armed because of the Unconstitutional laws passed in the 30’s, when they banned machine guns ? No, Mr. Johnston, the Founders did not mean for us to be limited to muskets or flintlocks, anymore than they meant for our free speech to be limited to words written on parchment with bird feather pens only. Whoever told you otherwise is simply trying to see how intelligent you are, and if you have the ability to see thru their lies and deceit. Never forget that they are very crafty and sly as a fox, with silver tongues that can make total BS sound like the gospel truth. Their aim is to destroy our cherished Constitution and Bill of Rights, and turn us all into abject slaves. President Kennedy announced that he would expose them and their plans to enslave us, a week before they murdered him. Just think what they would do to the common man if they could get him disarmed.

          1. @The HolyCrow, and that is precisely why the NFA should be repealed. We are not equal to the task should the military be called down upon us even though we have superior numbers. I have even heard that the US military is being indoctrinated with the concept that armed citizens are also the enemy.

            1. Another thing we can “thank” Obama for, via getting our effective military leaders replaced with socialist pansies.

            2. Copy that, mad as hell. The slippery slope started a long time ago, and we are starting to look more and more like sitting ducks as each new infringement is passed. And now we have to deal with all these Paid off TRAITOR shills that are suddenly popping their heads up and out of the woodpile lately. You really have to ask yourself how these panty waist pusillanemus bird brains get elected into office. It is beyond me how anyone votes for them unless they do perjure themselves prior to the vote, putting on the face of a true patriot, and then turning coat once they are in office. If this is the case, then they have acted out of fraud. They must be recalled and then charged with their crime, and punished accordingly. A 3 am military tribunal on their front lawn would be appropriate, IMHO.

      2. Stop blaming it all on CA. New York, Illinois, Massachusetts, etc. are nowhere near CA and are just as bad. The Leftist cancer is everywhere.

        1. There are two regions of the U.S. lost to a new “nation”. Pacific Dumbshitisan and Atlantic Dumbshitistan.
          Loss of regions in the remaining United States such as Denver, Phoenix, and Las Vegas is the current danger.

      3. I’m sick of people like you. Did you build this state??
        What makes you think no one can come from another state? Everyone wants better. You don’t like it, then move to another Country.

      4. Right but where do we stop since everyone is a commie to you?
        Probably will need to drop them in the same spot for the fire so not a big mess left all over the country attracting flies. Perhaps toss em in Mt. Rainier.

    18. Bump stocks are not ARMS
      They are an accessory
      We have laws on other such items such as silencers
      Where have your rights been violated??
      You can still own your weapon

      1. Look at all the stupid, mouth breathing, sister fucking, gun toting idiots. NEVADANS VOTED HIM IN TO SAVE NEVADA AND HE IS! I’M TIRED OF SCHOOL LOCKDOWNS BECAUSE YOU GUYS WITH TINY DICKS GOTTA HAVE YOUR GUNS!

        I hope you all die in mass shootings!

        1. @True Navadan….Mass myrderers seem to go only where there is a “gun free zone”. Did that ever occur to you ? So, it would seem to me that if you made it known to those sickos that there were trained, armed people inside your school or building, that they wouldn’t enter. How obvious is that concept, Einstein ? Only one thing you said above is true…Yes, I must admit, I did F your sister, and your mother too, if it’s any of your business. We all did, and they liked it very much, and neither of them complained about the size.

    19. We need do definitely do a recall on this pathetic loser of a governor and put someone on office with half a brain about the Constitution. You have my vote? Do I hear more votes…

        1. I totally agree . I think his win
          Was suspicious anyway ..Laxalt was ahead until On Monday before the election on the front page of the LV paper was a. Letter from his Cousins that he had not had contact with for years. Saying he lied about his resident state..Which he did not … He did live here until his Dad went to Washington DC…. After he graduated. He went into the service.. He married. And had a couple of kids and they moved.back to Nevada. He had lived longer in Nevada thsn the mafia from California.. I think this should Supreme Court .. Why does one man And a bunch of liberal women tell us whwhat We can do…. so I am for impeachment !!! Who knows what he will ….

        1. What s wrong with you gun-crazies. You care more about your guns than the killings of all those poor children that have been shoot like animals, until it’s one of your children, but then y’l answer that with.. WE NEED MORE GUNS!!

          1. @TheFakeKowby (K for Khazarian Mafia)….That’s right, moron. We need trained, armed teachers and administrators inside the schools everyday. Wearing their heat on their hips for all to see. None of the school shooters would dare to show up under those circumstances, you friggin faggoty moron. BTW, how are you going to operate in the next Revolution if you are scared sh*tless at the mere sight of a gun. And with arseholes like you around, that day is sure coming soon, you TRAITOROUS POS !!! I’ll bet you and your ilk will look just lively doing your last dance on the end of a rope. After you have been duly convicted, properly tarred and feathered, and given a rail ride down to the hanging tree, OF COURSE ! If you don’t like our Bill of Rights and our 2A, then go move to another country before you get yourself duly convicted and punished to the fullest extent of the law, you sniveling snake !!!

      1. It’s good to see all these people who want a recall. It’s a shame that they don’t have more sense of being proud Americans to suggest a recall of President Trump who is killing the morale and Economic Opportunity in this country. Sisolak signed a bill that was put through the Nevada legislature. It was debated. It was popular with the people in Nevada. And now a bunch of pretend sore losers want to recall the governor?

    20. Y’all need to spend more time complaining and reading about issues that matter. Like Nevada’s many failing schools. But clearly y’all are focused on the past rather than the future. Sorry y’all are sad and hurt cuz your ‘members’ are being put away. Wouldn’t be an issue if people didn’t make it one. Half of y’all are a straight stereotype. So much so that your comments seem sarcastic and point the stupid finger right back at yourselves. It’s cute that you all have little chants like “Don’t tread on me!”, “Those are my rights!”, and “They took our jobs.” We are supposed to be progressing, not regressing. But keep your eyes behind you. Look to the past for answers to an unpredictable future, with more variables than the past ever had. Good luck my fellow people. I hope you can find happiness in what seems to be a miserable life.

      1. I was very happy until all these liberals brought their filth and sick life style .. …I hsve lots of sane friends that think like me .. IMPEACH THE. CALIFORNIA mafia governor and a his liberal women. Legislature.. Frankly. California can have. Las Vegas and it’s sick lifestyle…..And take the liberals with them.. …

          1. I highly doubt that sisolak said he was going to make Las Vegas a sanctuary City. Sanctuary cities are not Sanctuary cities because of the governors of the states those cities are in. Sanctuary cities are City’s that independently signed laws that enable they’re law enforcement to act without being controlled by immigration officials. Those cities chose to use taxpayer money to the benefit of their constituents instead of allowing ICE to steal the resources of local law enforcement without reimbursement by ICE.

            1. Seems like a fair trade, save 1 hour labor at the jail, let a killer illegal go free, he wont kill anyone, sarc.

            2. @NMike, ICE does not control any cities’ law enforcement. ICE merely places a written legal document called a “Hold” in a prisoner’s file. Then when the city, county, or state is done with that person, ICE takes him into custody. No muss. No fuss.
              Absent cooperation with ICE the person goes free to re-violate.

            3. “Cities,” NOT “City Is.” Duh. Don’t vote. (Or, at least, not vote the popular goal of the Democrat 12-vote ideal.)

          2. @Everyone…Now we know why they had that unresolved mass shooting at the concert. Unresolved because it has never been proven that the shooter was the only one, with multiple reports of other shooters, and a slew of other unresolved questions. The purpose was to pave the way for the TRAITORS in the Gov’t out there to implement more Constitution Killing legislation cloaked as “public safety”.

    21. Thanks to Dingy Harry importing so much lefty Unions into Las Vegas so as to be able to block vote out Real Nevadans and replace them with Californicators. Nevada is now just Easy California

      1. Obviously written by someone who doesn’t live in Nevada. In fact might not even be a real person. Seems to be a lot of nonsensical stuff going on in this thread by people who literally didn’t get educated in the United States.

      1. I Knew this Governor would do this crap. Nevada once was a conservative state. Not no more. Do not touch my second amendment constitutional rights. DONT TREAD ON ME!!!!

            1. They don’t think they own it, they just don’t want it ruined like komifornia !!!

          1. @Everyone….Just listen to the Cowboy with a K, the K standing for the Khazarian Mafia, made up of Kommies and Bolsheviks, funded by the Khazarian Mafia Kapo, the Blooming Idiot Bloomberg from NY, and his tribe mate George Boy Soros the Sore Arse. Both of them multi billionaires bent on destroying the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and our culture. They want us to “look forward”, and forget our culture and ways of life that have been the shining beacon of the world for centuries now. They want us to live in a world where we are not able to defend ourselves from the misery that has engulfed all other countries that lived under their Kommie Socialist rule, where everyone is equal except for the few who are more equal than the rest, so they are surrounded by a dozen bodyguards all carrying heat. They just DONT WANT to understand that their gun free zones are just magnets for the criminally insane, or those who are subjected to their “Voice to Skull” technology. They want you disarmed so that they can rob you at will and force you over the barrel with your pants pulled down anytime they want to exert their will over you. And they pretend they are doing it for the “good of the children”, just like the Bolsheviks did it in Russia a hundred years ago. Read Solzhenitsyn, and you will know what I mean, and who I am talking about. And just try and get his book “Two Hundred Years Together” in English. You can’t, because the usual suspects have it banned, here in the Land of the Free. They make a mockery of us.

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