New Jersey: Assembly Committee Passes Another Gun Control Package


Oppresion New Jersey Style
New Jersey: Assembly Committee Passes Another Gun Control Package

Fairfax, VA – -( Yesterday, the Assembly Judiciary Committee passed a package of anti-gun bills heavily opposed by NRA and ANJRPC.  Those measures now head to the Assembly floor where they await further consideration. Despite passing yesterday, this package of bills has a long way to go through the legislative process.  The Senate hasn’t even begun to act on them, so it’s critical that gun owners make their voices heard early and often.  These bills have many problems which NRA-ILA highlighted yesterday in our committee testimony.

Please contact your Assembly Members and strongly urge them to OPPOSE the below gun control bills.

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A.1016 by Assemblyman Gordon Johnson requires gun shops to sell smart guns.  They are simply trying to force market acceptance of a technologically unviable product.  New Jersey’s current statute requires that once smart guns are certified, then only smart guns can be sold.  This would ban the future sale of traditional handguns.  This is nothing more than a gun ban disguised as a “firearm safety” issue.

A.3696 by Assemblywoman Joann Downey requires mandatory storage of firearms.  New Jersey already has a storage requirement.  This bill does nothing more than continue to tip the scales in favor of criminals in self-defense situations.

A.5452 by Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson would require Firearms Identification Cards to be renewed every four years and would require training to obtain an FID card.  The bill also makes it tougher to will firearms as part of an estate.

A.5453 by Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez and A.5454 by Assemblyman Louis Greenwald criminalizes the purchase, transfer and possession of firearms and ammunition to disqualified individuals.  This legislation is completely unnecessary given that current federal and state law already prohibits straw purchases.

A.5455 by Assemblyman Louis Greenwald regulates the sale of handgun ammunition and develops a system for electronic reporting of firearm information.

New Jersey already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country.  Once again, this package of bills does nothing more than target law-abiding gun owners.  It does absolutely nothing to improve public safety.

Please contact your Assembly Members and respectfully ask them to oppose this package of bills.


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  • 14 thoughts on “New Jersey: Assembly Committee Passes Another Gun Control Package

    1. I do no visit or vacation in sates that are anti 2nd, which are most Dem/lib controlled socialist lands… Should become a national trend, the state goes anti gun, they lose vacationers out of state revenue, especially those that have become safe havens for the border jumpers and other criminals. In those states the unarmed citizen or visitor is just another thug target, a statistic waiting to happen….

    2. Hey, wake up! There are no safe places from gun grabbers. If the Dems defeat Trump, in 2020, all states will be subject to onerous gun restrictions. New Jersey residents are better off fighting for their gun rights as opposed to fleeing to Pa, Tx, Fl or wherever. As for not needing to pump gas— we love it.

    3. Say, isn’t new Jersey an island off of the coast of North Korea run by power crazed, madmen politicians who want to enslave and tax the hell out of all its citizens, oops, slaves.

    4. Just another East coast sh*thole run by liberals. I can’t feel sorry for the residents of New Jersey (or any state) who are pro-gun, but continue not only to tolerate the passing of bad laws, but continue to stay there and support the state by paying taxes, and then they actually comply with the laws which is passive support. There is no law anywhere in the USA that restricts anyone from leaving a sinking ship (state) where the chances of winning the gun rights fight are nil.

    5. how about a law that would require all elected officials to become educated and actually fire a gun before putting forth a bill !!!! well ??

    6. At the rate NJ spews out new laws, I wouldn’t be surprised If one day they passed a law forbidding anyone selling their house to move out of the state from taking that money out of the state. They will require all equity money’s to remain in the state so people can’t leave.

    7. Well, New Jersey is the only State in the Union where you are not allowed to pump your own gas. So, the gun stuff sounds about right. Can’t use “hollow points” there either if memory serves. This would be the State that has Booker and Menendez as their US Senators. There is no saving that state.

      1. As far as I know, you can own hollow points. You can have them in your home and shoot them at the range. That is going to and from with no deviations. Same as your gun. BUT…don’t let a loose round fall on your car floor or trunk. A FELONY!.

      2. @ Roy D. Really? NJ doesn’t even trust the population to pump their own gas. Is it the lack of intelligence that makes it impossible to do mundane tasks or are they afraid someone will go nuts and start spraying gas with a lit cigarette.

        1. Safety is not why New Jersey forbids drivers pumping their own gas.
          It is the jobs measure for people with no education or skills.
          These people can get a job pumping gas

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