New Jersey: Assembly Judiciary Committee Begins Next Wave of Gun Control


Fuck New Jersey PC
New Jersey: Assembly Judiciary Committee Begins Next Wave of Gun Control

Fairfax, VA – -( Nobody ever accused New Jersey of lacking gun laws, and yet, lawmakers in Trenton can’t seem to accomplish anything except pass gun bills.

Despite passing a magazine ban and several other bills last year, New Jersey gun banners are back at it again.  On Thursday, June 13, the Assembly Judiciary Committee is holding a 10 a.m. hearing with several gun bills on the agenda.

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The following bills are included on Thursday’s agenda:

A.1016 by Assemblyman Gordon Johnson requires gun shops to sell smart guns.  They are simply trying to force market acceptance of a technologically unviable product.  New Jersey’s current statute requires that once smart guns are certified, then only smart guns can be sold.  This would ban the future sale of traditional handguns.  This is nothing more than a gun ban disguised as a “firearm safety” issue.

A.3696 by Assemblywoman Joann Downey requires mandatory storage of firearms.  New Jersey already has a storage requirement.  This bill does nothing more than continue to tip the scales in favor of criminals in self-defense situations.

A.5452 by Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson would require Firearms Identification Cards to be renewed every four years and would require training to obtain an FID card.  The bill also makes it tougher to will firearms as part of an estate.

A.5453 by Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez and A.5454 by Assemblyman Louis Greenwald criminalizes the purchase, transfer and possession of firearms and ammunition to disqualified individuals.  This legislation is completely unnecessary given that current federal and state law already prohibits straw purchases.

A.5455 by Assemblyman Louis Greenwald regulates the sale of handgun ammunition and develops a system for electronic reporting of firearm information.

New Jersey already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country.  Once again, this package of bills does nothing more than target law-abiding gun owners.  It does absolutely nothing to improve public safety.  Please contact members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee and respectfully ask them to oppose this package of bills.

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  • 14 thoughts on “New Jersey: Assembly Judiciary Committee Begins Next Wave of Gun Control

    1. I frequently travel through New Jersey. The only thing I do there is stop at a highway rest stop, and take a huge crap. I don’t buy gas, or anything else. F them.

    2. Stop paying taxes NJ residents. Don’t give these politicians any more money. Watch how fast they smarten up. But if that doesn’t work, after the tax revolt comes the juicy part where a very thirsty Tree of Liberty gets abundantly watered. Molon Labe, mic drop.

    3. Are the citizens of NJ aware of what the politicians are doing? Is it a public mandate or have the powers that be continued on with their personal agendas?

    4. New Jersey, isn’t that an island of the coast of North Korea, run by power crazed madmen and mentally unstable women politicians who say you have no rights, you must obey your politician masters and want to enslave all people and tax the hell out of them?

    5. I have a close friend whose father passed away in New Jersey a couple of years ago. She said he has a hell of a gun collection, however she’s afraid to even go to NJ and pick them up for fear of the political/police situation there. I even offered to drive up there and get them for her. Pitiful situation.

    6. Many years ago, I lived in New Jersey, for about 2 years. It was before all their inane and self abusive anti gun policies were in force or pending. My pap used a phrase that epitomizes their recent ban actions – “Cut of your nose to spite your face.” The only thing such irrational legislation will accomplish is denying their citizens the right to bear arms and make it easier for criminals to keep robbing, murdering and ignoring laws that only the law abiding will obey. But that I think will backfire on those legislaters when the people of New Jersey have had enough of their arrogance and ineptitude.

    7. insanity – doing things over and over and expecting a different result. science – the reproducible results of a theory. leftists are _______.

    8. Is Jersey still titled as “THE MURDER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD” or has Illinois finally captured that ? The tourism ads on T.V. are a F**KING joke for these anti gun shit hole states. NOBODY in their right minds would visit/vacation them, and you sure as SHIT wouldn’t want to take your family… Becoming part of a statistics list isn’t shown on the ads.

      1. @John, I think they are too embarrassed to say. But the last I heard it was about as close to ZERO as you can get. Those TRAITORS with their illegal Unconstitutional laws just made laughing stocks out of themselves. And IMHO, any LEO who enforces those laws is a TRAITOR also. That’s why they want immigrants to flood in, because they think they can put a uniform on them and have them go door to door at 3am in the morning. I just wonder how that would turn out. I can just see that turban headed AG leading a troop of other turban heads, kicking in doors in the dead of night. MOLON LABE, MO FO’s, tonight is a good day to die, don’t you think ! Ever read Solzhenitsyn, dim bulbs ?

    9. Well NJ passing more gun control laws that will do absolutely nothing to stop crime, no surprise there. They should just call for an outright ban of everything in the state of NJ this way it might motivate gun owners to do something as apparently they don’t seem to be very interested in doing so in NJ. I am a former resident myself, the new state I live in Delaware ain’t no better being controlled by Liberal scum like NJ, but the gun owners here don’t have any of there BS, they stand up and show up to fight back so that we keep our rights! NJ2AS seems to be the only one that does anything but he isn’t getting a lot of support.

    10. Bend over here it comes again just keep sending in your membership for the wine club of the month!! This will all pass as NJ is a lost cause.

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