New Jersey ‘Name and Shame’ Gun Tactic Based on Misdirection and Flat-Out Lies

Leave it to lying gun-grabbers to equate citizen disarmament by a monopoly of violence regime with “gun safety.” (Gov. Phil Murphy / Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “Four cities in New Jersey – Newark, Jersey City, Paterson and Trenton – are teaming up this summer with the Brady Campaign to develop localized strategies to deal with gun violence,” New Jersey 101.5 reported Tuesday. “One of their common goals: Identify the out-of-state gun dealers whose products flood the cities’ streets, a strategy Brady is already pursuing in Milwaukee, Oakland and Los Angeles.”

“It’s an extension of a ‘name and shame’ strategy Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration began a year ago – first naming the states where guns illegally trafficking into New Jersey were originally sold, then expanding to naming the gun manufacturers,” the report explains.

That’s not as “reasonable” a goal as surface appearances would have the marks believe. They’re being hornswoggled by agenda-promoters using a narrative crafted by professional swindlers to obfuscate, redirect and manipulate. The goal, of course, is to advance support for yet more incremental citizen disarmament.

The accusation on which the house of cards rests?

“5% of gun dealers are responsible for about 90% of the crime guns.”

No, those responsible for “crime guns” (and “crime knives” and “crime hammers” and “crime fists”) are the reptiles abusing them.  Plus, the numbers don’t hold up. Here’s how they come up with them:

“There is a small minority of gun dealers that supply the overwhelming majority of the guns that are traced to crime.”

“Traced to”? Not “used in”?  There’s a difference?

Yes, there is, which is why ATF puts a big “Trace Data Disclaimer” at the start of its Firearms Tracing System reports:

“Not all firearms used in crime are traced and not all firearms traced are used in crime.”

This is why even ATF supports the Tiahrt Amendment limiting release of specific tracing data to law enforcement investigations and prosecutions, and has “fought for years in the federal courts to keep trace records confidential, because they contain information (such as names of gun buyers) that could jeopardize ongoing investigations—not to mention law enforcement officers’ lives.”

The gun-grabbers count on most people not drilling down to such a level of detail. That’s what enabled the same LIE they pulled to try to convince people 95% of Mexican “crime guns” came from U.S. gun sellers in order to gin up demand for more bans. And Fast and Furious “gunwalking” showed us how far they were willing to go when that wasn’t enough.

Now let’s look at the “flood” the “social credit” shamers (and guess who they’re emulating) say they’re going to stop.  What better source could we consult than ATF’s latest published Tracing Report for New Jersey?

Of the “Top 15 source states,” the leader, by far, was New Jersey, with all those “gun laws” that induced the Gungrabby Gabby Group to give them an “A” scorecard. So they want to impose what doesn’t work there on everybody else?

We then see the “New Jersey average time-to-crime” (“from first purchaser to recovery”) is 12.78 years. The national average is 9.30.

That’s some flood.

No doubt bigger gun companies and retail outlets are going to have more firearms they sell end up stolen or “straw purchased” from initial buyers over a 13-year span than smaller concerns, just based on numbers.  That doesn’t mean they did anything wrong, any more than claiming “X number of drunk drivers owned Fords or Chevys” reflects on manufacturer and dealer criminality and negligence.

There are few more regulated businesses than gun makers and FFLs, all subject to ATF industry inspections, and all subject to fines, penalties, shuttering, and sentences if sufficient infractions are uncovered in regular audits. There are NICS federal or state-implemented background checks and industry-programs designed to recognize and thwart “straw purchases” (at least when the dealer isn’t being told to let transfers proceed).

But note what they couldn't resist adding:

“Sometimes restricting the sale of certain types of firearms. Sometimes restricting the sale of firearms to those under age 21.”

It always comes back to banning more guns and banning more citizens from owning them.

They have to put the blame for crappy “progressive” hellholes somewhere, and it’s not like totalitarian-minded corruptocrats want anyone looking too closely at what keeps them in power. Knowing anyone ignorant enough to vote for them is gullible enough to swallow anything, they have no fear of making ever-more ludicrous statements to put blame they own on someone else.

“So it’s easier for a kid to pick up a gun than to pick up a book,” the ridiculous State Senator Shirley Turner, Democrat naturally, asserts. It’s a variation on a theme:

Obama used “vegetables.”

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

  • 59 thoughts on “New Jersey ‘Name and Shame’ Gun Tactic Based on Misdirection and Flat-Out Lies

    1. Couple things, first one they start with the numbers they have just lost me and it is not from confusion it is from distrust. Accountant interview/
      Interviewer: How much is two plus two?
      Candidate: How much do you want it to be.
      Second anyone foolish enough to remain in NJ – well that says a lot about your absence of initiative. You truly have my deepest sympathy. A person I know told me NJ has a tax if you relocate out off the state….. imagine that HA HA HA

    2. Couple things, first one they start with the numbers they have just lost me and it is not from confusion it is from distrust. Accountant interview/
      Interviewer: How much is two plus two?
      Candidate: How much do you want it to be.
      Second anyone foolish enough to remain in NJ – well that says a lot about your absence of initiative. You truly have my deepest sympathy. A person I know told me NJ has a tax if you relocate out off teh state….. imagine that HA HA HA

    3. Couple things, first one they start with the numbers they have just lost me and it is not form confusion it is from distrust. Accountant interview/
      Interviewer: How much is two plus two?
      Candidate: How much do you want it to be.
      Second anyone foolish enough to remain in NJ – well that says a lot about your absence of initiative. You truly have my deepest sympathy. A person I know told me NJ has a tax if you relocate out off teh state….. imagine that HA HA HA

    4. Gun control didnt work in your city you fools, what makes you think it will work in mine?, Dont blame us, Our crime is a fraction of yours!..

      1. Those enlightened liberals want to “spread the wealth”, and the misery of high crime rates throughout the nation as it’s a distraction from the official malfeasance that characterizes their administrations, and there is the underlying rationale that an armed populace is difficult to intimidate.

    5. @David Codrea (author)

      Which vegetables would you be referring to?

      The ones he wrapped in rolling paper, or the ones he got to vote for him?

      1. @ Rev., Maybe it is the veggies Michelle raised in the White House garden as a stunt for publicity for inner city school kids. Your suggestions are very accurate, though.

        1. @Tomcat and Tionico

          I figured it worked well enough for a double entendre. Wait, we better explain this for och will.

          See, a double entendre is a word or description that has multiple meanings, or can be taken different ways intentionally.(There, now he wont feel excluded.)

      2. Ah wuz a thinkin th’ bedgetubulls he was a tawkin ’bout wuz his own rotten sewf. Ackshully Ih’m a thinkin now its awl t’ree

      3. Ah wuz a thinkin th’ bedge tubulls he wus a tawkin ’bout wuz his own rotten sewf.

        Ackshully Ih’m a thinkin now its awl t’ree

    6. It’s not a gun ban. The gun is an inannimate tool, just like a spoon. So any time you are about to use the communist democrat sucker term -gun control- catch yourself, and use the correct term. Communist democrat gun confiscation from law abiding citizens- program.

      1. Good web site. Lotsa information. What the web site doesn’t show are the numbers of records retained on law abiding citizens, in direct violation of the gun control act of 1968. It also doesn’t show the publication of locations of lawfully owned weapons. I Houston, if you are traveling to a location in the hood, you can ask the hpd dispatcher to give you the location of all known weapons, enroute to your warrant location. The dispatcher will transmit the address of a known weapon (4473), the type of weapon, the owners name, and any prior involvement with law enforcement. Where it gets further dicey is the dispatcher will include the information on other law enforcement with guns, whose homes ate along the route. Anyone with a scanner can listen in to where guns are located, courtesy of the atf computer tie in to ncic/tcic/etc.

        1. I call BS on you Cleotus. I used to be an FFL and I also worked for a big box FFL and the ONLY people to see our Form 4473’s were the ATF, NO local, county or state police EVER see a Form 4473. So unless there’s a local Houston law that has FFL’s send a copy of the Form 4473 to police, there’s NO way what you say is true.

          1. Seems as houston is a liberal corruptocracy, I can entertain the possibility that there is an element of truth in the post you are replying to. Some of the agents and supervisors of batfe are not above “adjusting” the scales of justice and bending law, as proven by the “fast and furious” scandal that has yet to see justice done.

    7. Just continue to make the slaughter of Innocents possible. Your right to own guns outweighs everyone else’s right to life. Just about time for another mass shooting, isn’t it? It’s been 3 days! You suck.

        1. @Frank Clarke, So that is why Paloma’s analysis is so full of gaps! All the logic of a Jersey used car salesman.

      1. Yeah, it’s just about time for yet another government-employee Democrat to snap and murder his coworkers.

        You are the textbook definition of psychological projection.

      2. Slaughter? Are you talking about people that die from medical malpractice, or killed in car accidents? There are more guns than the number of citizens in the US. Medical malpractice kills at least 3 times more than car accidents and car accidents kill about 3 times the number murdered by guns.

      3. “Innocents” are murdered every year by firearms, knives, poisons, screwdrivers, machetes, feet, fists, etc etc etc. THAT is precisely how “the slaughter” is indeed “possible.” The inanimate, non-sentient weapon is NOT the issue… never has been, and never will be. The wielder of the weapon is the problem. Too bad that fact is so far beyond simple-minded anti-gunners’ comprehension.

        And yes, the 2nd Amendment damnably-well DOES unequivocally, undeniably establish the fact that my (natural, God-given, pre-existing, and Constitutionally-protected) right to own a firearm outweighs everyone else’s convenience – and their insane desire for some kind of “peace-of-mind” based upon rainbows and unicorn-fart magic dust. Grow up, and become part of the solution, instead of remaining part of the problem.

        Your “right to life” is not in any way, shape, or form, endangered by the firearms ownership of 90 million+ responsible citizens, who are not part of the “gun problem” that you hoplophobes constantly complain about. MY guns will never threaten you (as long as you remain a law-abiding citizen yourself). And I will not allow you or any other anti-gun cuckoo clock to threaten my responsible firearms ownership.

        Either become an intelligent and responsible citizen yourself, or leave the country permanently – with the knowledge that God loves you… although I choose whether or not I do.

      4. The law-abiding do not slaughter innocents. Crazed Democrats (ALL mass shooters have been) and Planned Parenthood DEFINITELY do – again, Democrats. The basic human and Constitutionally recognized and guaranteed rights of the individual supersede anyone else’s thoughts or feelings on the matter. Don’t like guns or the Second Amendment? Fine. Don’t exercise YOUR rights, but you have no right to have a say in anyone else exercising THEIR rights. Don’t like that those rights exist? Try living somewhere they aren’t allowed to be put in use. Just think of how HAPPY you’ll be in North Korea or Venezuela. Ahh . . . can’t you already just smell the freedom you will enjoy? Shut up, get out or grow a pair and exercise your right to take responsibility for yourself.

      5. frank, be sure to cut your dick off (if you even have one). Your right to have a dick outweighs every woman’s right to be free from rape. Oh, and get rid of that car, the rest of us have a right not to be killed by drunk drivers. Moron.

      6. You are demonstrating the galvanic reaction of a true hoplophobe. I don’t suppose you fear the police officers who arrive to stop the slaughter, armed with guns? Any resident of a country where guns are banned (to the law abiding population) is just as apprehensive of the police as armed criminals, as they are often one and the same.

    8. Opposition to gun safety is the hallmark of the misinformed, the propagandized and frankly, just bad people.
      It is said that regarding firearms anti safety zealots in a nation with more guns per capita than any nation on earth AND the worst per capita gun violence rate of any developed nation “it is no surprise that a bad cause attracts bad people.”
      And so Mr Editor, thank you for continuing to self identify to those who know that gun safety is working around the world while it continues to be opposed in America who feel the need to own weapons of war and high capacity framers even as they continue to be featured daily in the deaths of over 100 Americans, the worst rate in the industrialized nations.
      “A bad cause attracts bad people”…those who continue to deny America’s gun violence epidemic while repeating NRA gun sales and fear propaganda in a nation with over 350 firearms reveal their character for all to see., MarchForOurLives, NoRANow, uno Down America.
      Captain, US Marines, infantry 1969 to 1980

      1. Thank you for demonstrating the dishonest fictions used by those, like yourself, that would like to see the Constitution shredded. BTW if you actually want to be informed, I know it’s hard, the ATF, FBI, and CDC all have factual data available.

        1. @Mr. Bill

          och will is a compulsory liar. Those data numbers have been presented to him previously, and he ignores them every time.

          I’ve countered many of his responses since March, and he always follows the same pattern. When you talk numbers and statistics, he runs away and stops responding, then pops up elsewhere trying to repeat the same lie you just disproved.

          Ain’t no way he was a marine, much less an officer. Far too butt stupid for it.

      2. So Och, the medical profession accidentally kills some 250K per year, and vehicle deaths are usually about 30K to 35k per year. There are quite possibly more guns in responsible peoples hands in this country than registered cars on the road, why the narrow focus? Especially since all our elected officials do is make it easier and easier for these mass shootings to happen.

      3. I oppose your gun (Control) safety agenda and firearms safety (Gun Control) BS.
        Can you explain why Murder Rates Drop in Bolsonaro’s Brazil: More Guns, Less Crime seems to be working?

        BTW the Venezuelan governments gun (Control) safety is working extremely well at oppressing certain groups isn’t it?
        Can you tell us when you were ever issued or qualified with an AR15 semi-auto weapon of war in the MC?

        1. @Get Out

          He can’t, and won’t. Numbers aren’t his thing.

          He is here for one thing only, spout his BS. Chances are he is probably paid by those same groups he listed.

          1. Correct. And if you try to publish any verified stats on the web sites of the organizations paying people like Och you will be edited and banned. They want to spew their misinformation with impunity and move-on-dot-org to the next herd of sheep to spew more false direction and confusion. They do not teach nor do they advocate “gun safety.” I do and many thousands like me who are NRA, CMP and IHEA instructors. I have been to the “gatherings” put on by the moms and can tell you they do not know the business end of a firearm from other apertures. Propagandists need to depend on a small quantity of truth to mask their agenda. We know the agenda well. Eliminate the power of the people and you own the people. Their own idols like Marx, Lenin and Mao tell us so. They they think we don’t read their source materials. Some of us actually have and we can see the next generation of totalitarians coming a mile away.

      4. @och will

        None of what you are suggesting is “Gun Safety”

        Gun Safety is watching where your muzzle is pointed, treating every gun as if it is loaded, making sure the bore is not obstructed, and wearing eye and ear protection.

        What you are talking about is totalitarian control over people on what they can or cannot own. You’re a blithering idiot and a habitual liar. If you feel it is so bad here, leave. We don’t want you here, we are never ever going to do what you want, and if you try to force us to comply we will defend ourselves with whatever force is needed.

        Further, your level of stupidity would negate any claim you have of having been in the Marine Corps.

      5. Misinformed and very Stupid posting. NRA does not sell firearms And if you were a “JarHead” then you are of the same ilk as Mueller.

        1. @Richard L

          I have a feeling the situation is more along the lines of “Stolen Valor” and “Winter Soldier”.

          The fact that the NRA does not Manufacture or Sell firearms has been pointed out before. More evidence of och will continuing to lie through his teeth.

      6. Dear Government,
        After a 47 year ‘War on Drugs’ you can’t keep drugs off the street, you can’t keep drugs out of the schools, you can’t even keep drugs out of Federal prison.

        Yet, you want me to disarm myself and trust that you can keep guns fro: criminals?

        Tell me another Fairy Tail!

      7. weapons of war and high capacity framers even as they continue to be featured daily in the deaths of over 100 Americans, the worst rate in the industrialized nations.
        I own one of those “high capacity framers”. It is made by Senco, and I can load a strip of 80 three inch nails in it, and fire them as fast as I can pull the trigger

        (spellcheck can be fun, hey?_)

        as to your content. no, that “featured daily in the deaths of over 100 Americans” is bogus. 65% of the deaths by gun in the US are gan and drug trade related, and take place in the half dozen or so S Hole cities in the US with the harshest firearms restrictions in the nation, and which have been democratic party controlled strongholds for at least two, often four, decades. Remove THOSE deaths, and also remove suickdes (which would be accomplilshed ty other readily available means were firearms not ready to hand), and the deathrate drops to somewhere near 15 per day. Taken in terms of “incidents per 100,000” and compared on the world scale, we fall about number five or six from the BOTTOM of the list.

        You really need to get out more….. and find other sources besides your Violence Policy, Marchfor our LIves, NoRANow, Down America,. I wonder at your claim to have been a Marine Captain, then come off spewting this sort of left wing troll bait falsehood.

        As suggested, US government agencies keep ACCURATE records of such things.. FBI, CDC, DHS……

        1. @Tionico

          Actually the largest number is attributable to suicides. Gang activity was the next largest I think.

          He has tried to post that crap before. In March it was 40K “Gun Deaths”. It was quickly pointed out that 26K were from suicides, and then the rest of the numbers were explained to him including accidentals, gang activity, and homicides(many of which are legal cases of self defense, there is a difference between that and murder). It was pointed out he was intentionally trying to mislead based on the numbers. He shut up quick, but two weeks later he was trying to post the same BS.

      8. Since Jan 1, 2019 to this time of this post.

        1,022,294 lives saved with a gun
        5391 Murders by use of a gun
        8778 Lives lost due to falling

        Stick gun control UP YOUR ASS!

      9. You are so full of $#!+ you’re constipated. First off the NRA does not own any gun stores therefore they dont sell guns. Next if you actually took the time to look and educate yourself on actual stats from the ATF, FBI and CDC you would see that what you are repeating are made up lies to disarm law abiding citizens. Finally i would highly doubt you ever took the oath to defend the constitution from all enimies foreign and domestic since you want to see it destroyed. So not only is your comment filled with bs so are you.

    9. Cities plagued by gun violence will and probably should use any tactic to try and save themselves just as the other commenters illustrate. I must laugh at your complaints about playing with statistics though, as that is what the merchants of doubt have been doing for decades to protect their business interests.

      1. @m, Yep, When lawful punishment is certain the crime rate will fall. I see the Sunday morning paid propagandists are out in force, this morning.

    10. Let the grabbygrab politicians lead by example: disarm their personal security, disarm the agents of the govt (cops), do that first then come to me with more gun restriction legislation. Let the grabbygrabs post signs in their front lawn declaring their homes as gun-free zones. Disarm yourselves govt agents, you first. Then and only then will I take your BS seriously.

    11. Disagree.
      Maybe you think drug companies shouldn’t be held responsible for the 700,000 people their opioids have killed either? Drugs don’t kill people, people abuse drugs. Nevermind all the biological and psychological shit that pushes people to take opioids.
      Guns are the same in a LOT of ways. They’re a comfort and a solution… and the feeling they give you is addictive.
      Maybe you agree? I think drug companies should be held responsible, just like gun dealers.

      1. No gun ever killed anyone. The PERSON holding it did, you blithering idiot. By your logic, cars are at fault for 50,000 deaths annually, NOT the drivers.

      2. Guns are simlply tools. In and of themselves, they provide NO satisfaction, comfort, emotional benefit. No more than my 13/16 socket or by two foot Johnson bar and two foot pipe extension provide.

        A thingamabob to do the job, nothing more.

        Take your silly projections elsewhere. Most of us here are mature adults and need to “emotional support” as putatuvely provided in your twisted world.

        The opioid epidemic is real, and is largely promoted by the pharmaceutical manufacturers themselves. Some 50,000 people die i the US each year from taking prescription drugs as instructed. The medidal practitioners are too quick to prescribe these dangerous drugs, on the theory that no one should experience any pain at any time, and if you do “we have a pill for that”

        I have been seriously unjured, am in constant serious pain, and have elected to NOT make use of the painkillers to easethe pain.. AND clud my much needed mind. Buit that is MY call. Far too many are encouraged, even persuaded, to pop the pills… and the death toll from them is far above that of deaths by gunshot, from all causes or circumstances.


    13. Everything about the left is a pack of lies. Want to learn something? Look at Rome as in the history of the Roman empire. First, just like us were “the colonials”. Money was in gold. This was the purity of the republic. Then the states, money became silver and some gold. What was it like at Rome’s end? They taxed the people so much to pay for the poor that the money was made of plated zinc. They had promised so much stuff to the lower class that Rome collapsed. Socialism had taken over. The difference in timing was news could only move as fast as the horse. America started off as colonial, then progressed to a republic of states and now, we have the upper class promising the lower class (free everything). You might know that Rome build A WALL to keep the party from being crashed in what is now known as England. Sound familiar? It was too late. The senate blocked all attempts to build the wall for so long Rome became insolvent. It is a safe bet it we elect a socialist government or president, congress, America the free will go the way of the dodo. Do you ever wonder why pennies are no longer made of copper? Why we went off the gold standard of currency? What will likely follow will be chaos, city/states, rabble, gangs, poverty, starvation…you get the idea. Look it up for yourselves!

      You can see what will happen if you become an unarmed nation. No way to defend your life, the lives of your spouse, your children, your friends and neighbors. What about food? Water? Shelter? This is NOT the time to even think about disarming. To ignore this fact is death.

      Somebody is set to make a lot of money on the downfall of America. I wonder whom it could be? It won’t be John and Jayne American. It will be the people at the top.


      1. The Bible does in fact confirm what you’re saying. Current day is 7th and final rise of the Roman Empire. Collapse is eminent. Just a matter of how many of us they can murder on their way down. You keep putting this info out there and they will jump on your bones to tell you that you better get back on your meds that you’re a fruitcake and so forth. Good job Bill, carry on.

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