NEW Rite in the Rain All-Weather DOPE Logbook

Save Critical “Data On Previous Engagements” in a Simple, Weatherproof Format.

Rite in the Rain DOPE Logbook

USA – -( The Rite in the Rain DOPE Logbook is the perfect accessory for the precision rifleman. No superfluous data or cumbersome forms – just the straight DOPE.

We distilled this book down to only the fields most critical for future reference as you dial in for a first-shot hit. This 4″ x 6″ book is easily pocket-able and is weatherproof construction will save your hard-earned notes from weather or even a wash cycle.

The DOPE Logbook’s simplified, distilled design makes recording and referencing easy. Weatherproof paper and materials means it will survive any storm or splash. Reference materials include: wind calculation and MOA – MRAD conversions.


  • Weight: 0.21 lbs
  • Length: 6.25”
  • Width: 4”
  • Depth: 0.375”
  • Sheets: 52

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Kevin Donohue

Marketing might want to better coordinate with sales and web folks.
Definitely interested so I clicked on the link- nothing shows up, search using DOPE and again 0 results with containing DOPE!
Oh well maybe another time


Also no results searching their website for the product number D746 (shown on the book in the photo). Clearly the folks at RiteInTheRain have never heard of this product!

Tom Murray

Yep! This is a really Dopey way to do business. Otherwise this is a fine site.

Ken Taylor

I received an e-mail from their customer service department, I’ve pasted below.

Hello Ken,
Thank you for your inquiry. The books are hot off the presses! We should have them up on our website by Friday, June 7th. You can search by their item number D746.
Thank you!
Carrie Creed
Customer Service Representative