NZ Gun Ban: Mistakes Were Made, New Gun Control Group, New “BuyBack”

New Zealand and Rifle
New Zealand and Rifle

New Zealand -( After the terrorist attack on radical Mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, the far left government of Jacinda Ardern pushed through new, radical gun laws. The laws had the full support of nearly all media in the anglosphere.

The laws were pushed through, as usual, by people who knew almost nothing of firearms or firearms technology. They were pushed through based on emotion and one political act of terrorism. The perpetrator accurately predicted this to be a consequence of his actions. It appeared the laws would be somewhat less severe than those pushed through in somewhat similar circumstances in Australia, in 1997.

For example, .22 rimfire semi-automatic rifles would not be banned. They have never been a common item used in mass killings, but are common all over the world for hunting small game.

Most pump shotguns would not be banned. Pistols would not be banned. Here is a summation.  From

A briefing from police was sent to the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, and her Cabinet colleagues on 19 March, making a number of proposals for amendments to the Arms Act, 1983.

The briefing, obtained under the Official Information Act, states that Cabinet had agreed in principle to “ban detachable magazines for firearms other than 0.22 calibre, ban all magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds, and ban magazines for shotguns capable of holding more than 5 rounds”.

In response, police made a number of changes to the proposals, including a key change to the magazines that would be banned.

“We refined the description of ‘the magazine' agreed to in the principle recommendations as this would have mistakenly banned all magazines, including those of pistols.”

Police also refined the definition about what type of pump-action shotguns should be excluded from the ban and specified that A-category, rimfire 0.22 calibre or less rifles should be exempt.

Critics of the firearms law changes said the process was too rushed, and not enough time was given for submissions on the amendments to the act.

The documents show some early errors were picked up by police, while other concerns were dealt with when the bill was brought to Parliament less than two weeks later.

The changes were merely common sense adjustments to an emotional pre-packaged response to a one time political event. But those who want societies disarmed were not satisfied. Another gun control lobbying group was founded. Founding members “have backgrounds in public health and public policy”.  The new group is pushing for a total ban on semi-automatic firearms (why?)  They called for registration of all firearms (previously rejected by New Zealand police as expensive and ineffective), and a three year limit on the registration. This would require New Zealanders to re-apply for the privilege of owning guns every three years. From

Co-founder Nik Green says “Gun ownership imposes risks on all of us, and our current laws still have many loopholes. Gun Control NZ wants effective gun laws that keep the entire community safe.”

This is the standard line of gun prohibitionists. It is not a truism. There is no empirical proof that higher gun ownership results in higher homicide rates or higher suicide rates.

Both Australia and New Zealand have been incredibly safe and law-abiding countries before and after their latest gun laws were enacted.

Just a few hours ago, (20 June, 2019) the government of New Zealand announced they would be spending NZ $198 million to purchase guns confiscated from New Zealand gun owners. It shows the global conformity of those pushing citizen disarmament that this is referred to by the Orwellian term “buyback” in the Australian media (New Zealand reveals $198 million gun buyback scheme).  To their credit, the New Zealand government does not use the term “buyback”. You cannot buy back something you never owned.  From

Finance Minister Grant Robertson and Minister of Police Stuart Nash said in a joint emailed statement that NZ$208 million ($198 million) had been set aside to compensate owners of the banned semi-automatic firearms up to 95 per cent of the original cost.

They would have until December 20 to hand in their weapons.

“Police have detailed plans in place for the next step, which is the collection of firearms from the community,” Mr Nash said.

New Zealand has a population of less than five million people, with about 3.6 million of them adults.  The gun confiscation will cost about $55 per adult in New Zealand. Almost certainly, the same amount spent on public health, would result in multiple more lives saved than spent on confiscating guns.

The laws are not based on logic, reason, or sound policy, but on the hatred and fear of guns by people who do not own them.

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

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    1. Hey, New Zealand Prime Ministercompoop, why don’t you put the guns on gunbroker and make a little money for your citizens. If they are sold here in the US, then they can’t be used in a crime in NZ.

    2. Out of 1.5 Million they got a whole 530 Turned in.. From what I hear these Guns where Never Registered in the 1st place. It sounds like the Kiwis said a bug FU to the Current Progressive President or Prime Minister… My guess is that many will Not turn them over and many will Burry them in like PVC on there property and wait to Vote out the Current Leadership.. I think New Zealand in under the British Crown so the Citizens are viewed as Property and don’t have God Give. Rights such as Americans do under the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    3. The measure in New Zealand was widely support by the gun lobby as well. One of New Zealand’s largest gun retailers said ” it supports “any government measure to permanently ban such weapons.”

      To paint this as JUST people with no knowledge of firearms is completely dishonest. You can make a point without lying.

    4. This is what happens when you put a mentally unstable woman to lead the country. They act on “feelings” and ” political correctness” and not on stopping terrorists , and blaming law abiding citizens for what happens.
      So do they really think banning and confiscating guns will stop terrorists? What a joke. Tell me what “law” will stop a determine terrorists? Nothing, but the power crazed politicians want to “enslave” the population and use terrorist acts as an excuse.
      Another thing, when New Zealand and Australia had the chance to separate and become their own countries(away from the British crown) they voted against it . Britain considers. people to be subjects to the crown ( slaves, owned by) and not citizens. You have similar politicians in America who feel the same way.
      Do not vote for any Democrat/communist person running for office. They are all being told what to do by micheal Bloomberg and George Soros and are given money by them to run for office.
      Background checks = gun registration = gun confiscation = democrat storm troopers kicking in your front door and hauling you off to a democrat run New World Order concentration death camp!.

      1. “This is what happens when you put a mentally unstable woman to lead the country”. Kinda like here in the U.S., only it is a “mentally unstable” man.

        1. @Grim; I agree! 0b0z0 the muslem hated America and tried its best to hurt America and all Americans. He even brought “jihadist”, who HATE America, into America by the THOUSANDS.

      2. Your 100% Spot On. This is why almost everyone in Media Especially the FakeNews Media have British Accients. The FakeNews Media Hides Opiate Overdoses more then Doubled during Obama’s 8 Years to over 75000 Opiate/Heroin Deaths per year. Over half of the Inner-city Gun deaths like in Chicago are Hard Drug/Gang Related. During the Obama 8 Years the Fake News was silent about American Opiates Deaths, More spotlight was brought on to the issue during Trumps Campaine Rallys in 2015-2016.. Unless Gun deaths reach the 75000 a Year level, I don’t want to hear about it from the FakeNews or the Demented Demogogue Democrats and Progressives.. Since the right to Bear Arms is a Constitutional Right and the 2nd Admendinnt.. The Right to Control your Life and Overdose on Heroin/Marxism Dust is Not in the Constitution or Bill of Rights.

    5. Owning an implement of any kind for the purpose of self defense and the defense of your fellow human beings is a NATURAL CREATOR INSTILLED RIGHT. ANYONE who tries to infringe on that UNALIENABLE right is making WAR with you and you have every right in existence to resist that person or persons to the DEATH. I am a firm believe in what Patrick Henry said, but my version is slightly different. While he said GIVE ME LIBERTY or GIVE ME DEATH, I say GIVE ME LIBERTY OR I WILL GIVE YOU DEATH. These ‘progressive, socialist, communist” morons that people of no sense keep voting into “power” need to be stopped and their enforcers need to feel the same sort of pain that the Red Coat enforcers of King George did at Concord Green. AIM SMALL…MISS SMALL.

    6. New Zealand needs to start teaching Chinese in its school system. If China decides to follow Japan’s model of conquest, their population will be unarmed and defenseless. The few Kiwis in their tiny military aren’t even going to provide a speed bump for the Chinese.

      Mass shootings are an issue of mental health, societal mores (moor-rays), the banning of religion from the public square, and social media/publishing their names/manifestos. Yet societies continue to try to control their populations without addressing those core and base issues. Criminals and the mentally ill will always find a way to do their violence, even if you took away 100% of firearms.

      1. Yup, China is now looking to expand, since they have used up all their countries resources. Australia, New Zealand and the USA are their next targets. If they can’t buy up all the farmland and ranchland, then invade and take over like the Japs did in WW2. These “politically correct” goof balls will welcome the invading Chinese army as their saviors and will gladly get down on their knees and bow down to them.
        Hope they are teaching “Chinese” language in New Zealand and Australia public schools.

    7. again, a firearm is an inanimate object that requires human intervention to function. leftists don’t want to be seen as mean by blaming a person, except conservatives. so they blame an inanimate object. they want to virtue signal their concern and compassion. when will these leftist global elitists stop taking away the ability to protect oneself? answer, never, because they believe they are more intelligent than you and know what and how you should live. how many times in human history has a government taken away the ability to defend oneself from harm and then execute unnumbered citizens?

    8. Patriots in America will never surrender to this communist agenda they are selling around the world. The freedom hating people that forward these communist agendas will be inslaved and bow to thier masters. Patriots will never subscribe to this bullshit nor will we bow . All patriots will stand and fight till we rid America of this cancer .

      1. RLD44 @ 0759,

        “Patriots in America will never surrender….”

        It seems to me “Patriots” in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Washington District of Columbia and other fUSA hotbeds of tyranny, either have no “Patriots” or if they ever did have such Citizens, they all left those venues, eh ?

        Although your remarks are well- meaning they are also indicative of your refusal to acknowledge the above as having succumbed to the domestic communism you made reference to. Not a soul in those communist governed states and territories have utilized organized defense AGAINST their governing rulers for the sedition and treason perpetrated against their citizens. Until true, ORGANIZED, American Patriots rise up, ala the Irish Republican Army, against the ever increasing tyranny by the scoundrels one calls “government”, nothing in Amerika will change for the better.

        Wake up RLD44. Your hoped for “Patriots” are lacking in commitment and action.


        1. HERE IS A WARNING BOTH FACEBOOK AND GOOGLE HABE COMMUNIST AGENDAS. ESPECIALLY GOOGLE THAT LINKS YOUR PHONE NUMBER TO YOUR EMAIL. What can you do? Don’t have Google G-mail running on your phone ever ever. Don’t make your G-mail your actual Name.

    9. The gun owners of New Zealand should never have given one gun back. Instead they should have taken up arms and killed all their politicians and judges and anyone sent against them to stop it. It is what we will have to do here. A civil wars most definitely coming and we need to prepare for it.

    10. I am living this nightmare the police have had a wish list written 2 years ago after the Australian and UK police gave them the hard word in 2016 they have already had 2 attempts at getting this in both blocked
      the New police minister S Nash does whatever the police want So much so we think they have some power over him (Meth or cocaine use is suspected ) a good chance for a campaign here for you guys
      It is highly suspected police brass in NZ let this event happen our security intelligence service where watching him but stopped 2 weeks before but this will be covered up of course
      And of course the leftist govt want the population disarmed
      the buyback is a farce low ball prices COLFO will need to take this to court
      and the latest info to sneek out is they intend to ban all calibers larger than 308 or 300 win mag depending on what source your info comes from

      1. These People all fools.. They will disarm the Police also after they disarm the Public. Just like the Globalist Modern City London. In London they disarm the Police which is there goal after the disarm the Public. Smart Law Enforcement should see this Coming and Resist It, By Not letting the Globalist Cult disarm the Public threw Nonsence False Flags and Red Flag Laws..

    11. Google Kiwis Just say No to Gun Ban… Put of 1.5 Million Unregistered Guns people only turned in 530 of them.. The Progressives in Power are Blaming the Deplorables in the Country Side.

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