An Open Letter to Wayne La Pierre & the NRA

Wayne LaPierre
An Open Letter to Wayne La Pierre & the NRA

USA – -( If not for the NRA firearms would have been banned in the 1990’s. We all recognize the NRA is more than a political functionary, you help build our ranges, teach our children and manage our competition.

You are a $300,000,000 plus organization that simply cannot be replaced.

So I’ve waited to write this letter, having seen the good the NRA does it was and is important to gather all the information before voicing my opinion.

So here it is:


Just a few observations:

  • Board members should NOT profit from a business dealing with the NRA. (No special deals)
  • You’re too close to your vendors. When that happens, and there are no checks and balance, you end up overpaying for your services.
  • I don’t care if you have some hot NRA intern that you’re keeping on the side but don’t like us to pay for her apartment.
  • Remember it’s NOT YOUR MONEY! It’s your members’ money.
  • Drop all the inter-family lawsuits and arbitrate your disputes. Stop wasting money.

So why should you listen to me?

I speak for the 100,000 NRA members that do the heavy lifting. We are your NRA instructors; we work with the FNRA to raise money for your charity. We teach your Women on Target classes and so on.

I speak for the boots on the ground and volunteers that make the NRA what it is.

Wayne, you’re losing us. So I’ll say it again, clean up your act.

While you’re at it refocus your attention to the 2nd Amendment. The documentary on San Francisco and the homeless was an excellent piece. But honestly, what has it got to do with the 2nd Amendment? We see this as wasted resources and loss of focus.

Sir, you and the NRA have done more to protect our rights and the constitution than any other group. We need the NRA – don’t screw it up.

Thank you for your time.

Don McDougall

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.


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I dropped my NRA membership several years ago for only one reason. I understand the theory that if you give the idiots in D.C. an inch they will take a yard. However you and I both know, no one needs an AR-15 as a defense weapon. remember Waco. If they believe you are a threat they will send a tank. And we all know also that you can purchase the parts on the black market to change the seer to make the AR full auto. As they saying goes, if you can’t hit the intruder with your first shot, the… Read more »


AlexBerta, You say that ” you and I both know, no one needs an AR-15 as a defense weapon. remember Waco. If they believe you are a threat they will send a tank.” This is a disingenuous argument or at the very least, ignorant of the concepts of guerilla warfare (which is what would happen in the case of an large-scale armed resistance against oppressive military or government forces). Look how well our military (and the Russian military for that matter) has done with their tanks and planes and drones against some farmers with AK’s and fertilizer/car bombs all over… Read more »


The total for active duty soldiers in the U.S. is about 1.4 million. If we compare that to the total US population (~320 million) makes the ENTIRETY of the military only .43% of the total population. Or if we compare it to the conservative estimates for firearm owners (~100 million) that makes it about 1.4% the number of firearms owning Americans. Of that 1.4 million, about 80% of them are non-combat occupations which reduces that 1.4 million to about 280,000 combat effective troops. And even assuming that all 280,000 troops would be willing to commit atrocities against the citizenry (An… Read more »

Steven R Chubbic

Ask your liberal friends, if their worst case fear happens and Trump creates a fake emergency and declares himself “president for life” who will protect you from his “jack booted thugs” if you have taken all our weapons?

Wild Bill

B, I know that it is not a matter of need. And you can decide what you need, but you do not decide what we need.

Al Spiker

I got tired of all the phone calls trying to guilt me into giving additional money. I had been a member for many years but no more. I am on a fixed income and my membership and giving a little extra when I could afford it was apparently not enough.


Mr. La Pierre made more money in one year than I made in 42 years. I’m a Life Member that will not send one nickel to the NRA, EVER!


I was an NRA Life Member for over 45 years and resigned my membership several years ago much like President George H. W. Bush did. The NRA does do good work in instructing firearms use and is a watchdog when it comes to protecting the 2nd Amendment.

BUT…over the last decade the organization has metamorphosed into an extreme right-wing animal unable to discuss reasonable methods of keeping our guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.

Just my 2 cents.

Kevin Bearly

At least you know that value of your input on this.


L.D. we have all thought we should resign our membership at one time or another, remember this…quitters never win, so I am still a life member and plan to stay one…as you should have done.

Wild Bill

@THer, It is not a matter of quitter or not quitter. It is a matter of financial contributor or noncontributory.
When the NRA changes the rules so that BOD candidates nominated by the membership can get elected; and the rules preclude the hand picked BOD nominees; and someone at the NRA can actually fire Wayne LaPierre, then I will be a contributor again.

Wild Bill

Damn spell check got me again. Should be “… financial contributor or noncontributor.”

Thomas Bryan

Great post!!! Only by being vigilant will We overcome politics.

Wayne D Schermerhorn


From a 3 Life Members Family

Wayne D Schermerhorn


From a 3 Life Members Family


Don’t fall for the attempts to divide US … that’s what they want and that’s what they do then sit back and watch the internal fighting… Don’t forget it .
They are afraid of Us NRA … keep the differences in the Board Room… Keep the UNITED front on the 2A …. don’t be stupid – Can’t fix stupid..

NRA and NYSRPA have our backs
Wayne and Tom King know what to do and how … never mind the personal this is about ALL of US and more …

Mark Thomas Rybeck

The NRA is acting like the democrats




I knew a guy that got a much better job and a lot more money. He proceeded to spend money hand over fist. After a short while everybody started calling him Elvis. He didn’t care and just kept on while the job lasted. I didn’t even know who Wayne LaPierre was at the time but the these two track each other. The guy I knew spent more time spending money than he did doing his job so the job ended. It would be beneficial to members if these two continued to parallel their direction.

Andy Phillips

NEVER have I seen a more self destructive group than the members of the NRA. You are giving the left EXACTLY what they want to destroy the greatest opponent to destroying our 2nd Amendment Rights… PLEASE, please stand with the NRA! We must stand together or hang separately (I believe I heard that somewhere else)… I know Wayne LaPierre personally. Not well, but well enough to know that he is a singular minded patriot standing for our rights. Without what he and his team have done over the last decades our freedoms would already be lost. Greater transparency….great. Review of… Read more »

Andy Phillips

Very strong leaders frequently generate a lot of negative feelings among their followers (take a look at Winston Churchill). Wayne and Team have their strong followers and have their detractors. His track record speaks for itself!


Frankly, The notion the N.R.A. is still a “grass roots” organization is a myth, and has been for a very, very long time. And, yes, the problem is, and has been Mr. Wayne. HIs ego, and his need for absolute control has turned the organization into his little kingdom. Mr. Wayne. and his boys rule with an iron glove. It’s his way, or the highway. Anyone who comes in with any notion of reform, is quickly out on his ass. The question of bringing in an outside auditor to review what’s happened in a fair, unbiased way has been brought… Read more »


If LaPierre really cared about the organization he would resign. He’s made enough money off us to live life comfortably. And no special sweetheart speaking deals. Just fall on his sword for the good of what he says he believes in. I like what this guy says and agree with almost all of it. I’m an instructor with 7 ratings and have been for over 25 years.

Donald Mullikin

Mr.Don McDougall As much as I agree that the NRA needs to Straighten or Clean it’s Act up, I feel they need take a pause to reeducate themselves as the source of Our Rights. Our rights do not stem from the US Constitution, that Document is simply the tool limiting the Government from infringing on Our Rights. Though I have seen that the NRA has excelled in educating the public on gun safety through those like yourself and the vast number of shoots I remember then sponsoring years ago, I have noticed that since Mr. La Pierre has taken over,… Read more »

Tom Watson



The human condition is geared toward being compromised to rotten corruption, especially when gifted ‘pots of gold!’ Just observe our own government. Nearly every ‘rotten’ member of that august body (not), initially designed to “serve” We The People, when FINALLY leaving their gravy train have acquired the status of ‘MULTI Millionaire!’ Anybody paying attention to HOW that actually happens? When this ‘scandal’ broke cover, I came to appreciate WHY the NRA was sending me at least one solicitation per ‘week’ for additional donations! I already have shut down at least two charities we donated to, once learning NOT only the… Read more »


Another letter in today’s post decrying the financial straits. Well, not one more penny from me until Lapierre & Co. either take massive pay cuts or leave.

Duane parker

At this point we need all hands on deck to assure we survive this overwhelming attack….so concentrate and remain focused on preserving the 2nd amendment

Douglas Willhelm

They can stop funneling money from foreign governments into our politics too…

Tad Pole

NRA needs to get back to Defending or 2nd amendment rights, Not Negotiating them. NRA is like a Lame Horse, not much good now so time for a New One. I’ve always done memberships a year at a time. Got my money on GOA, SAF, FPC, NAGR,


All these years of my Dad and I being NRA members, and now all this greed and self-wealth garbage? Too big, too many big-shots. They have been going through money like a waterfall goes through water? I’ll not join again til all this exec waste is gone. I’ll join the Buckeye Firearms Association and the GOA. The NRA is always calling for donations. And the emails. And the “sweepstakes” … no more, NRA. You are too important an org to end, but you are too prima donna wasteful of millions maybe? at the top of the NRA. Bring back Col.… Read more »


Roger that. My whole famdamly are NRA members, some LIFETIME. What has happened to my NRA of the ’60s? Just more proof that corruption is like an out of control wild fire, it is the NEW American norm! One just has to wonder how close we actually are from that “ash heap of history?”

tom e.

Well said Don.


Good letter. I urge other members to send a letter the NRA BoD asking for LaPierre’s removal and ethics review of the entire board.


You all are too harsh, require ! Cut salaries, demand clear expense accounting, prohibit gifts for venders, prohibit family members from employment by vendors, give bonusses for clean victories against the anti 2nd amendment by the NRA as the primary instigator in the courts and congresses, and limit terms.

rich z

AS A Life member of both the GOA and the NRA, The GOA is great but much smaller than the NRA It does’t have the power to carry all that goes on against the second. All the groups that fight for YOUR second amendments are great BUT the NRA , even with it’s problems, is still the BIG guy on the block. Why do you think the gov. of NEW YORK is trying to put it OUT OF BUSINESS? It is a thorn in his side.


I’m sorry but I think you’re looking at this wrong. Surgical strikes in the courts are the only way to protect the 2nd amendment. Throwing money around with propaganda pieces only entrenches the hardcore with their beliefs.

Right now most Americans see the NRA as no better than their government. Corrupt and unanswerable to the people. It’s time for a housecleaning. This article just might move more to speak up.

One can only hope.

Richard Meadows

I wrote and published this on June 9. I am not a member and the reason I won’t join is the kind of stuff going on that has NOTHING to do with firearms education and safety. OK! I can not imagine spending $275,000 in a men’s store in the most anti-gun state in the union. Not even @realDonaldTrump spends that kind of money in a year on clothes. But, CEO of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre did. The NRA has a 76 member board of directors. Let that soak in a moment. Guess how many board of directors there… Read more »


After reading about the garbage going on with the NRA I don’t think I’ll be renewing my membership. I’ll put my resources toward GOA


This is exactly what we hate about our elected officials (Congress & Senate)! Enriching themselves at the expense of voters who trusted them. If I wasn’t a Life Member I would stop paying dues. I’m very close to renouncing my membership.


Every organization needs a house cleaning at some point in time. This is the time for fresh leadership. The NRA needs to survive if for nothing else but to keep the anti-gun groups at bay, but there comes a time when different tactics are required. Time to drop the kid gloves and come out swinging for our rights. I have hedged my bets by joining GOA & SAF and would urge others to do the same.


I am a Lifetime Endowment member, and like McDougall writes, I too am more than disappointed on the NRA BoD and LaPierre. I hope he listens and does the honorable thing, but I am not holding my breath.

Tim McQuerry

Amen!!! Grab-Assarie with Intern is not O.K!!!!!!! Lapeirre has become a part of the problem ie; Swamp Monster.Until this incestuous business model will change before they see another Penny from this kid.

A neeley

Endowment member most of my adult life, have been considering resigning. Please get it back together. Wayne had done much for the organization, but it is time for him to go.


What, wait, Wayne has a hot babe on the side and the members payi for the sex apartment?

Is this where he hangs the suits we pay for!

Just keeps getting better…….

Jeffery P

My thoughts:

* Nobody working for the NRA should benefit profit from a business dealing with the NRA.
* Given the outrageous compensation levels, the NRA should not be purchasing clothing for the board or executives.
* The NRA needs greater transparency on how it operates
* There needs to be an independent audit of expenditures.

I encourage every NRA member or donor to contact the board and let them know no more donations until things get sorted.


Been a member since 1968 then Life 1972 now Endowment. Have to agree with letter and author.

Mr. Walkker

NRA Lifer here. Have now parked any and all funds for the NRA. Waiting for the badly needed internal correction.
-Time to to get back to basics. Many Local’s still pound the streets for the cause.
-Waiting….patiently waiting for an Adult to retake the helm at the NRA.
-One whom will remain FOCUSED. One whom will not get Mowed Over.
-GOA is more effectual at the Admin level.
-Better to be the Bird sitting ON the handle of the mower, instead of one flying OFF the handle.

Norman Rea

I agree with this letter. I am an annual member. I feel we need a new leadership . I dont feel all of the side benefits ,such as the wine club, are essential. Let’s hunker down with new leadership or well loose everything under the US Constitution.


Wayne looks just like those fruitcake liberals in his picture.
Yeah, send him some money all will be fine.

Green Mtn. Boy

Time for a overhaul of the organization from Wayne La Pee,Chris,Marion and any one who voted to retain Wayne including his sycophant Board of Directors,gut it and get rid of the dead wood and rite the ship. Not One More Penny.


Good read. Makes you think and hope there listening I’ve been a member and life member and all through the endowment process. Next is the golden eagles I’ve coached kids and men and women for many years. Hit the range as much as possible. One thing here. When you speak of women. Don’t say Your Women. Not good at all there. Keep up the fight and never give in. Always teach and take a person to the range and introduce them to this great sport.

Randy Travis

Time to refund 90% of all board member salaries, and bennies, back into the “to benefit the members”, “benefit the cause fund”.
Time to get back to the basics.
Time to get law enforcement on the nra team.
Time to get the cross certification programs back on line.
Time for all nra instructors to lose their completely inappropriate, holier than thou, attitudes.

Charlie Foxtrot

Board members don’t receive salaries or regular benefits. They have sweet side deals, though. Why only 90%?

Law law enforcement is pretty much only what is left on the NRA team. The NRA has always catered to this privileged class, while the average citizen was thrown under the bus. What are you talking about?

NRA instructor attitude is just about right. It convinces most to seek training elsewhere! There are much better options.

Charlie Foxtrot

Too little, too late from a guy who posted this just a few months ago: We told you so! You wouldn’t listen, but called us NRA haters and told us we were not welcome. Now, we know that much of what you said then was propaganda and outright lies and what was reported in the media about the NRA was quite accurate.

Don McDougall

I stand by both articles

Charlie Foxtrot

Then you are part of the problem! Vilifying NRA members as the enemy within won’t fix the NRA organization. Willes Lee, Marion Hammer, and others do not understand that and apparently you don’t understand that either. It looks like your little article here is designed to pave the way for the current NRA leadership to emerge from the rubble they created unscathed. The NRA organization was broken way before the recent dustup with Ackerman McQueen, which is sucking the organization dry now. What is going on now is a symptom of a cancer that you apparently still won’t acknowledge. Good… Read more »


I thought you hit the nail on the head on both articles.


Time for the NRA to post the winners of the gun bash contests in the NRA magazines with pictures and all the fanfare instead of expecting your members to send in a self addressed stamped envelope. They know damn well nobody will do that. How do we really know who wins and that ghetto are not some board directors brother in law????????

Green Mtn. Boy

I thought it was rich of him to take that stance when he was wrong and then proceed to further piss off members,he is one that needs to be removed,thanks for allowing this to happen.Now Get The Eff Out.

Don McDougall

I don’t hate the NRA. I think they need to clean up their act. Not nearly the same thinging.

Green Mtn. Boy

I don’t hate the NRA,I hate what the NRA has become because of mismanagement,allowed to fester and now become life threatening to the organization and it’s members.
Instead of the BOD performing the needed surgery to remove the dead festering tissue when required we are facing the death of the patient,is that a victory,I think Not


P.S. We know what “GOA” is.


If LaPierre wanted to do a documentary in California, why not rooftop Koreans who are actually relevant to Second Amendment support?


There was obviously more money from kickbacks for LaPierre for making a homeless documentary than for making one relevant to Second Amendment support. The man is a fraud, crook and a liar! Yet there are those (even ones who aren’t on his payroll) who continue to support him. I now view the NRA as I do our country; love the country, hate the government; love the NRA, hate the corrupt administration.

Charlie Foxtrot

The homeless documentary series was done by NRATV and Colion Noir. It had nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment, but all to do with the Republican vs. Democrat culture war that has been the cash cow for the NRA and for Ackerman McQueen for decades. I am pretty sure Wayne LaPierre did not even know that NRATV produced this documentary. The NRA leadership generally only cares about the cash coming in and not about how it was generated. The irony is that the NRA has cut ties with Ackerman McQueen and NRATV is defunct. Making this homeless documentary series… Read more »

George Clark

Are Wayne and Donald blood?