Oregon Democrats Double Down on Stupid


Oregon Governor Kate Brown
Oregon Governor Kate Brown Doubles Down on Stupid

Oregon – -(AmmoLand.com)- Oregon Governor Kate Brown has vowed not to negotiate in the slightest way with the “in hiding” Republican Senators and has ordered the State Police to act as her personal goon squad and force them back to the Capitol.

The irony is the last time the Democrats walked out, it was Democrat Governor Kate Brown who led them. The hypocrisy is staggering.

Now a Democrat in the House has given the Senators even more reason to stay away. As you know, Senate President Peter Courtney has decided to fine the 11 Republican Senators $500.00 a day for every floor session they miss.

Now in the closing days of the 2019 regular session House Rep Marty Wilde has introduced HB 3453, a bill designed to further punish the Senate Republicans by prohibiting them from using their campaign funds to pay the fines they are being saddled with. (Naturally, the bill has an “emergency” clause.)

Of course, in order for this bill to pass, it needs to move through both houses. And nothing can move through the Senate unless the Senate Republicans return. Wilde, in his infinite stupidity, just gave them another reason not to.

You can share your thoughts with Wilde here:

[email protected]

This morning Senate President Peter Courtney declared that the bill that got the Republicans to leave in the first place, HB 2020, did not have the votes to pass. Whether this is a ruse remains to be seen.

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    1. What we’re talking about is mob rule, when a majority is held by 2 or more branches of government based on political party, there is no more dialog. A balance of power is necessary to a free state if the people are to be represented fairly. California is a good example where all branches are under democrat rule. In this instance, the only recourse for Oregon is to walk out just as the democrats once did. Not so easy for California’s republicans where a quorum is not necessary.
      Funny how these democrats don’t like a taste of their own medicine. Term limits are the only effective way to prevent lifetime politicians and bureaucrats from maintaining control.

    2. Recalled socialist Rep, Galindo of Colorado who is a feminists fag (gay misspelled backward) janitor that got elected voted immediately in her first votes to shut down gas & oil mining which is her fathers employment so these filthy bitchs are dangerous even to their own parents. She subsequently was criminally charged for sexual stuff after being recalled so I guess maybe went back to licking out toilets bowls for employment. Her replacement is looking worst. Eyes all bugged out And absolutely ugly as fuck. Could curdle milk by looking at it. Rancid bitchs. The left is on 8 chan talking about killing their own parents so if they seek to kill mom and dad well,,,,,, you know.

    3. I am a Oregon resident who is proud and grateful to the
      Republican Senators who prevented bill 2020 from passage. I have never voted democrat in my life. The idiot governor of Oregon needs to resign. Enacting laws that inhibit the lives of our citizens is the issue here.

    4. It is a shame that the Republicans have opted to not repeat not do thie jobs that they were elected for ie. vote on bills brought before them….Instead they have chosen to abandon the job they were elected to do. The people that they were elected to serve deserve better.

      1. BWAHAHAHA Are you completely stupid. They are standing up for THEIR constituents. There is not one thing in that bill that would effect any person in urban areas. It is a straight up tax on all farmers and blue collar workers. Your comment is so backwards stupid it’s ridiculous.

        1. Thank you! I applaud our Republican Senators for supporting the Rights of All Oregonians. They are up against the stupid majority whose agenda is all about raising taxes and eliminating guns. Republicans are saying we will not live under mob rule!
          @RR…get a clue!

      2. Hmm she doesn’t like it now the shoes on the other foot does she? Republicans should remind her they’re now using all tools available to them & staged a similar boycott. BTW did you shame the democrats to do their jobs as well?
        In 2001 then Sen-Dem Leader Gov. Brown called the House Dems walkout in 2001 as VERY APPROPRIATE & said, “Under certain circumstances, it’s fair to say we would use all tools available to us & stage a similar boycott.” Well here we are, Senate Republicans fighting for Oregonians.

      3. They are doing their job, for their constituents, using mutually agreed upon and long established parliamentary rules to defeat the “tyranny of the majority”. “Any man more right than his neighbors constitutes a majority of one already.” ― Henry David Thoreau,

    5. I think our republicans boycotting the capitol is a good sign. I hope in 2020 we have a major change like the tea party did and we can start getting Oregun back to being its self. We have been looking at property for the last month here on the coast. Yesterday we decided that because of how fast Oregun is changing to the far left, that they want to tax us to death with fuel tax etc. so we cannot afford to go anywhere that instead we will be moving to Wyoming, a Constitutional Carry state. We are thinking that in our retirement years that if we stay away from the cities and live in a small town, say 400 or so, we wont have to deal with the city folk bullshit and that the best way to purge this evil is to start from the center and work our way out while the idiots are starting on the outside and trying to work thier way in. Wyoming has less than 500,000 people and it is one of the largest states with plenty of game to eat. If they take beef off the market thier will be bison. Bison good, democrats bad. So Oregun, in 2020 vote to keep a democrat majority and our retirement income for your state is gone before you create a fine for leaving Oregun that only the rich can afford to force us to stay, kind of like you are doing to our legislature already. The wrighting is on the wall so they say.

      1. If you are seriously considering moving to Wyoming I’d like to suggest that you check out Cheyenne. It’s located in the south east corner of the state. They even have two Walmarts there! Were getting ready to retire and are considering it.

    6. Carpet muncher. No credibility, gotta be a liberal to use a mental illness (homosexuality) as an excuse to run for office and GET ELECTED by other mentally ill people who vote, but need help with breathing on their own.

    7. Hmm, she led the democrats on a walkout on the republicans and is now a tad miffed when they walked out on her. When they do come back and try to enforce the fine the republicans need to tell them their not going to pay it, that’ll throw the democrats into a tizzy.
      “The irony is the last time the Democrats walked out, it was Democrat Governor Kate Brown who led them. The hypocrisy is staggering.”

    8. That Republican senator that threatened to shoot the state police needs to rethink his game. Let them capture him and return him to the job and shoot that dumb bitch Kate Brown.

    9. She Looks high in the photo. Mandatory random drug testing for all Political law-making officials. Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and Judicial Branch…
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      1. Yes, if he does so in defense of the Constitution, absolutely. I wore our uniform for three decades. If I violated my oath I would expect a loyal citizen of our Republic to cap me. Semper Fidelis. Always faithful to the Constitution.

        1. Thank you Republicans. As a registered Democrat, I support you. These current Democrats are not wanting to play withyou, instead they are bullying you.
          Please stay gone for the rest of the session. AND I thank you for protecting my gun rights when you walked out earlier this year.

        1. Tom you can rest easy now that we all know they can’t execute you because your IQ is less than 60. It was enacted to protect the rights of the imbecile

      2. @Loaded Already, Why do you give the Oregon State Police the presumption of right action? Corrupt politicians send trigger pullers out to enforce their dictates, and destroy our Constitutionally recognized Civil Rights.
        No one can hide behind the statement “I was just following orders.” The good police hierarchy will find higher priority work to demand the polices’ attention. Steadfast individual police will stop at every stop sign, and waive on the way by. If not, then the police are part of the corrupt attempt to deprive us of our Civil Rights.

        1. You totally nailed it with the truth. Triggers pullers have been and are being used now and forever in the past. They’ll come to your door as if on official business and blow your ass away. Stupid people answer the door due to thinking they have broken no law so no big deal and then get shot. My Attorney says “they flinched” and we both laugh. Bahahahha.
          You got it Bill, good call but don’t listen to me I’m a madman.

      3. Pardon, your bias is showing.
        How’s about including the CONTEXT of this claim? He’s not going out gunning for any OSP he happens to locate. He HAS stated he will”defend himself’ against being taken captive. He is en elected official, not a slave to Kate Brown and/or the dem congresscritters, nor even the Oregon State Police, who as a group have the blood of innocents on their hands. Hate hired them to “off’ an unarmed citizen who had harmed no one.

        1. Yes, I heard they considered the hit a Freebe. Hanging the picture of those you seek to kill in the office on the wall as the feds did is much like a scene out of some whacked out psycho flick and now you know what you’re dealing with.

      1. Thank you Republicans. As a registered Democrat, I support you. These current Democrats are not wanting to play withyou, instead they are bullying you.
        Please stay gone for the rest of the session. AND I thank you for protecting my gun rights when you walked out earlier this year.

    10. Dont move to the liberal left coast, or leave while you still can! Unfortunately I’m stuck here. Once you move here you can never earn enough money to leave,

      1. @David…Once again I will ask . If you as say you cannot afford to leave , how long will you be able to afford to live there with the rising taxes and restrictions they are intend to impose on you?

    11. The entire Republican Congress, in unison, should file for impeachment and raise hell.. I’m not sure if they have grounds for that yet but it sure works for the moronic Democrats in the federal government..

      1. NO, it has nothing to do with gender. It has everything to do with being a Progressive. Progressives as a tribe have rejected our founding principles, they believe the Constitution is a quaint antique not fit for a modern government and that you and I are really peasants and serfs and not citizens of a Constitutional Republic where said Constitution is outdated. They believe they can forge a new humanity on the anvil of totalitarianism by using eugenics, thought control and outright mass murder to “cleanse” humanity of its ills. They fail to realize Kant’s dictum that nothing straight can be made from the twisted timber that is mankind and that our only salvation as a species is in Salvation. Progressives intend to recreate you in their utopian image even if it kills you in the process. Gov Brown of Oregon, my former home, shares that with the Browns of California from where she sprung. Dark times are coming, my friend. Be prepared. Get to friendly territory if you can. I have been in five civil wars in my life. I can smell it, taste it and hear it in our current lack of civil culture. Be very ready.

        1. I find your logic and grasp of this situation to be spot on. That experience you refer to gives you and others with similar backgrounds, a sixth sense kind of perception, that we are approaching a tipping point in the balance we have been able to maintain for well over two centuries.
          We are now in uncharted territory, that not even the Civil War broached, because the lines being drawn are not as simple as those leading to that horrible war. These lines at present are based upon dogma and political assumptions, with a large percentage of generally uninformed, ambivalent, even stupid, individuals caught in the middle between factions. We are driving on steep grades with dangerous curves, and at any moment, control can be lost, a fuse lit, and God knows what follows.
          Your last few sentences sum it up well. There IS NO turning back, I believe. The radical Left is going down a path trod before by other nations, and it has ALWAYS led to confrontation; in many cases, outright revolution. “Be very ready”, indeed.

    12. The bitch is not only ugly ,she is as stupid as they come . I can’t believe people accually voted for this communist bitch .Good for the republicans giving this crazy bitch a taste of her own medicine. it appears she is finding the pill a little bitter to swallow. I hope she chokes on it !

    13. So the governor has ordered kidnappings. There is no other way to describe it as they have not broken any laws so there is no legal reason to detain them and transport them to the capitol. She and any of the state police who pass on the orders are guilty of conspiracy to commit kidnapping and if they actually illegally detain and transport anyone they will also be guilty of kidnapping. Where is the FBI, or should I say the FIB as that is a more accurate description of the political police these days.

    14. One of these days the Commiecrats are going to get their dirty little civil war, and when they do, there will be hell to pay. I for one will not cry when patriots hunt them down like the traitors they are. Stupid will only go so far before it gets you killed, and these fools are really gunning for that Darwin Award!!

      1. I wish I could take comfort in your analysis but see my comments above and note that in places like California, New York, Illinois and now Oregon and Washington free people are simply raising hands in surrender. I don’t share your confidence. We don’t grow much warrior timber in this country anymore. And what we have grown we have wasted in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Semper Fi

    15. It’s only a matter of time before these liberal gun grabbers take things a step too far.

      Heed The Call Up and make sure the Tree of Liberty gets refreshed.

      1. Yeah, like confiscation.
        Oh wait, who got confiscation started.
        Too far for me is when they threw my state Bill of Rights in the trash over confiscation demanded by Trump. I didn’t vote to be thrown under the bus and declared war upon which to me is that too far stuff you’re pointing out.

    16. From drone strikes of Americans to Red Flags in a single election cycle and now our reps are on the run fleeing communism in the homeland while they threaten to nuke us. Like Nancy said prior to Trump supporting her for Speaker, “Millions will die”.
      Holocoust coming!

        1. If you can’t determine my spell checker on my phone runs wild then quit smoking those magic mushrooms Clark. Big fingers with Superglue on em typing on a key pad 1” x 1” in size and you found a boo boo. You’re on it dude. Good job. Now you get a Lollie pop.

          1. He’s not talking about your typing ability. He is rightly questioning yuor use of the word referring to the Death Camps in Europe that were used to “liquidate” millions of Jews and others who disagreed with the socialist marxist regime in power.

            1. You don’t think they want to send Americans to New World Order Nazi death camps?
              Did you see Hillary mention the camps with little blue and red huts as she described?
              That video of making this statement is on you tube go look it up and find your answer before Clark checks your misspelled words. You know he is the Nazi spelling police right?

          1. Every board needs a psychopath who thinks he is Superman. Clark thinks Girl Scout Cookies are made with real Girl Scouts. Definitely someone we need on our side due to suicide bombers may come in handy.

            1. Its become quite apparent any replies or comments for that matter, shall include proper respect to the Grammar Gestapo Heinrich CLARK. HEIL CLARK, HEIL CLARK…

    17. Oh that face. What a hideous picture it takes. Don’t any of your guys look at it because like Medusa it might make you a fag and there’s already far too many fags around. Save yourselves. America under seige by the ugliest damn skanks I ever saw in my life. Didn’t women used to look better? What the hell rock do these creatures slither out from under? Did someone leave the gates of hell open again? I remember women used to have sexual appeal. It’s really too bad that this has been plagued upon us. I hardly doubt it is survivable. Please Ammoland we beg you to photoshop these bitchs up a little you’re really killing us here.

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