Pistol Ammunition For Personal Defense – FBI Ammo Update ~ VIDEO


Ft Collins, CO –-(Ammoland.com)- This from friends at the FBI:

“Your observation that the Bureau often changes its mind with regard to pistol ammunition is all too accurate.

The Speer Gold Dot G2 147gr ammunition you cited in your [latest] Quip has already been superseded.

Hornady 135gr Critical Duty +p 9mm Ammunition
Hornady 135gr Critical Duty +p 9mm Ammunition

Our current issue is Hornady 135gr Critical Duty +p. It is the first +p round issued by the FBI to my knowledge.

Our testing has persuaded us this round is a good choice for our purposes.

However, as you observed, our interests here at the Bureau are not exactly parallel with those of non-LEO concealed carriers, nor even with those of other LEO agencies and departments.

We have what we think are good reasons for selecting the ammunition we use. We base our choices on historical data, exhaustive testing, current projections, and a thousand other factors, many unique to us.

Every agency, and every non-LEO concealed carrier, needs to carefully examine their own situation, history, and data, even do some of their own testing, and then select from what is currently available which round(s) best serves their interests.

The selection process, as we all know so well, will invariably be represented by unavoidable trade-offs.

Our ultimate choice can be accurately described as “the best compromise currently available”

As you observed, when new technology and new thinking on the subject emerge, we have to keep up and keep current.”

I couldn’t have said it better!

My sincere thanks to good friends at the Bureau for updating me.


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  • 16 thoughts on “Pistol Ammunition For Personal Defense – FBI Ammo Update ~ VIDEO

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      11 00 00 M M M M M M M M
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      11 00 0 0 00 M M M M

      I use only Underwood, DoubleTap Ammo & (I Love Liberty Civil Defense’s, 10mm, HP, 60 Grain)
      Loaded w/Lehigh, Hornady and Speer +some other great bullets is my choice.

    2. That Critical Duty load, according to Hornady, shows 370 ftlbs of energy. I Don’t know what gun they were using. My handloaded 135gr loads out of my G19s runs 1300 fps and that is 500 ftlbs of energy. Looks like the FBI are still limp wristed sisters.
      Oh well, a person has to know their limitations.

      1. Henry Arms, Marlin and Winchester bring out lever actions in 357-44 B&D, 357 Maximum and 414 SuperMag.

    3. I have absolutely no insight or inside knowledge so this is simply a question that crept into my aging brain: If several types of ammo are “somewhat” similar in performance how much does price play in the one that the FBI chooses as their preferred one, if it plays any role at all?

    4. I’ll take the FBI’s advice on anything when pigs fly, especially on ammo. Their record is not what you’d call admirable. There’s Miami where they had their asses handed to them with their choice of weapons and ammo and the main reason they can’t settle on anything regarding guns and ammo, and then there is the 10mm fiasco where the poor widdle agents couldn’t handle the recoil because it hurt their itty bitty hands sooo much that they brought about the .40 S&W (we call it the FBI pussy round) which was still too much for them. Now another change based upon what? God only knows, but it is not any kind of reason to follow their lead (?).

    5. The FBI IS THE REASON ammo is getting worse..they are steadily looking for ammo designed for people to “Survive” police shootings.. the deep penetration or controlled expansion thing is pure garbage.. they basically want bullets to be intact for ballistic examination in investigations too.. your average everyday citizen needs to realize this about law enforcement only ammo… Most law enforcement ammunition only works out of full-length service model barrels too.. near worthless in a short barrel gun.. Citizens need to look into the old standby police and state trooper rounds of the past.. they work much better for self-defense.. look at the street and law enforcement credibility over the years.. loads like Federal bple, corbon + p, + 38 Special Chicago/FBI Load.. you can actually get a box of 50 for the price of 20.. you can even afford to practice and carry the same ammo.. don’t overthink ammunition just learn shot placement through much practice.. don’t shoot jello, that’s for dessert!

        1. If you are serious, you sound like a striker-fire lover. Me, I love two things: hammer-fire and silver-color primers.

      1. Much Strangeness over there. They will replace the former School (aka Indoctrination Center k-12) with a preferred “Safe Space”. They will paint it Purple.
        -Complete with a Podium, where everyone will get a Trophy, while holding Rainbow Flags wearing Pink Hats.
        – The home of Naps at Noon and Fun Time at 4:20. The era of Barney the Purple Dinosaur.
        – The Color Purple. Remember Smoke on the water by Deep Purple….somewhere in the Rockies.
        – Lots of Smoke in the Rockies. Much Like the adage of Smoke and Mirrors.
        -They do this at least 5 days a week.
        Does not seem to getting any better, over there.
        -Is it in the Water?
        -What makes “IT” ….. so strange over there?
        – But wait….Parents will usher this “change In” while they stare endlessly into their so called “Smart Phones”
        -Awwww..yes. The SMART Generation. Having any FUN yest?
        – NWO + Color-ado = Failure.

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