Primary Arms Optics Open Pre-Orders for New Gold Series Precision Rifle Scopes

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Primary Arms Optics Open Pre-Orders for New Gold Series Precision Rifle Scopes
Primary Arms Optics Open Pre-Orders for New Gold Series Precision Rifle Scopes

HOUSTON, TEXAS-( Primary Arms has opened pre-orders for their first Gold Series precision rifle scopes. The Gold Series begins with the GLx4 series, with “4” indicating the zoom ratio between minimum and maximum magnification. An all-new industrial design packed full of industry-leading technologies, the GLx4 is available in 2.5-10×44, 4-16×50, and 6-24×50 variants. All are First Focal Plane (FFP) scopes.

The Gold Series scopes are made from 6061 and 7075 aluminum, stainless steel and hardened steel components. The patent-pending turret system replaces brass and adhesive internals with stainless steel, hardened steel, and aluminum alloy construction using mechanical component retention for improved toughness, durability, and turret tracking precision. Leave the rifle stationary for more than three minutes and reticle illumination automatically shuts off to save battery life. As soon as the AutoLive technology detects movement, reticle illumination will resume at the prior brightness setting.

The patent-pending ZLock resettable turret knobs lock automatically at the user-selected “0” point, so shooters can hustle on the move with confidence that their rifle’s zero is locked down tight. Pressing the ZLock button unlocks the knob for adjustments, even when wearing heavy gloves. The elevation knob’s laser engraved rotation indicator tracks total travel at 100 clicks per revolution. When it’s time to spin it back down to zero, the ZStop elevation return to zero system ensures a quick, accurate return to zero every time.

Gold Series scopes feature enhanced glass clarity and careful optical engineering that maximizes eye box and sight acquisition speed. Lots of magnification is not enough—modern shooters demand a fast and flexible user experience, and the GLx4 delivers. Looking through these scopes, the field of view extends outwards to the edge of the scope body itself.

Black bordering or vignette surrounding the sight picture has been nearly eliminated, creating a clear, flat field of view.

The first wave of GLx4 scopes will feature six different magnification and reticle configuration. These options provide excellent variability for shooters looking to tailor their scope for specific applications. The 2.5-10×44 models feature the ACSS Griffin™ MIL and ACSS HUD™ DMR 5.56 reticles. Increasing in magnification, the 4-16×50 models feature ACSS HUD DMR 308 and R-GRID® 2B reticles for adaptability across ranges. Finally, the long-range 6-24×50 models feature both the ATHENA™ BPR MIL and ACSS HUD DMR 308 reticles, so shooters can choose between a refined MIL Grid and Primary Arms’ trusted BDC holdovers.

Low variable power 2.5-10×44 with ACSS® Griffin MIL or ACSS HUD 5.56 reticles

Medium range 4-16×50 with ACSS HUD .308 or R-Grid 2B reticles

Long range 6-24×50 with ACSS HUD .308 or Athena BPR MIL reticles

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Finely tuned design elements, expertly engineered components and construction, industry-leading technologies, and intelligent reticles all combine in the GLx4 scopes from Primary Arms. Priced competitively from $749-899, they are backed by the Primary Arms lifetime warranty. Pre-ordering today guarantees your favorite scope will be available and ship on release day.

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