Protest Illegal Immigration at White House Saturday, June 8 – ALIPAC

Protest Illegal Immigration at White House Saturday, June 8 – ALIPAC

Washington, DC – -( Former and current Trump supporters will unite to protest against illegal immigration, DACA, Amnesty legislation (HR 6), and Presidential catch and release policies outside of the White House on Saturday, June 8, 2019 for a Stand Up America and Stop Illegal Immigration Rally.

Racially inclusive peaceful groups, activists, congressional candidates, and angel families are invited to speak in the southwest corner of Lafayette Square, directly across from the White House, to increase pressure on the Trump administration to stop breaking numerous campaign promises on immigration issues. (View tracking list)

President Trump’s administration has disappointed many supporters by failing to deport large numbers of illegal immigrants, crack down on employers of illegals, end DACA Amnesty, reduce legal immigration levels, end birthright citizenship, remove non-citizen voters from US elections, stop sanctuary cities, or end catch and release.

The White House has instead supported Amnesty legislation deals with Democrats, raised legal immigration levels, and Donald J Trump even signed a form of Amnesty into law in the secretive budget deal bill H.J. Res. 31 (Section 224a) that prevents the deportation of illegal minors and illegals using them as a legal shield.

“This rally is for Trump supporters who are angry, disappointed, or concerned that this President has not kept his campaign promises on immigration issues,” said Ray Herrera of We the People, America. “Donald Trump is losing a lot of support as illegal immigration has risen to levels higher than under Obama and Bush while fines for employers of illegals are lower on his watch.”

Other rally speakers have similar concerns.

“More Americans are being harmed and killed by illegal immigrants than ever before because President Trump has not cracked down on illegal immigration as he promised, and because he has focused on Amnesty deals with Democrats he never mentioned on the campaign trail,” says Angel Family member Jeanne Reid. “This means more Americans than ever before are being lost like Kate Steinle and my brother Joe Storie. There are more Angel Families being created under Trump, not less.”

Jeanne’s brother Joe Storie was killed by drunk driving illegal immigrant
Luis Alberto Rodriguez-Castro who is now free but whearabouts unknown after a NC judge Judge J.C. Cole lowered bond ignoring flight risks.

William Gheen of ALIPAC plans to present a long list of grievances that need Executive Branch action including ending the free flights for fake asylum seeking illegals, job permits for illegals, visitor visa’s for illegal immigrant family members and a 100% release rate for illegal alien families.

“Things are nowhere near where we expected things to be during Trump’s first term based on his numerous campaign promises to crack down and send illegals home,” declared William Gheen of ALIPAC. “Trump won the election by adopting our platform and campaign stances on immigration, but now that he is in office, he governs more like the kind of Amnesty supporting globalist candidates we oppose.”

ALIPAC hopes to live stream the June 8 rally on the Facebook pages of Raymond Herrera (View) and William Gheen (View) for audiences to watch and share from home.

Opponents of illegal immigration and Amnesty, with varying degrees of support for Trump, are encouraged to attend this demonstration and bring appropriate signs and US flags.

The current speaker list for the event includes, but is not limited to:

  • Raymond Herrera and Wes Parker of We The People, America
  • William Gheen of ALIPAC
  • Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo of the Hispanic Leadership Council
  • Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers
  • Jeanne Reid, Angel Family member whose brother was killed by an illegal alien
  • Hessie Harris & Shakil Hamid of Help Save Maryland
  • Johsie Cruz Candidate for Congress (R-GA/4) & Latinos for Trump Georgia
  • Carlos Alfredo Torres Latinos for Trump Georgia

Organizers are reaching out to other group leaders, activists, and social media influencers to speak on June 8 including Ann Coulter, Rep. Steve King, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Joseph Farah, Kevin Jackson, Michelle Malkin, Kris Kobach, Daniel Horowitz, Dr. Kelli Ward, Jenny Beth Martin, Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, and numerous talk radio show hosts.

For more information about the Stand Up America and Stop Illegal Immigration Rally on June 8, 2019 (11 am to 4 pm) in front of the White House, please visit

  • 16 thoughts on “Protest Illegal Immigration at White House Saturday, June 8 – ALIPAC

    1. It is my feeling that Trump could do a lot more if he really wanted to. With a National Emergency declared, Trump could use existing laws written into the Constitution and State laws that would put a sock in the DEM’s mouth and shut them up. For one thing, why has not Trump called out the Militia ? Why has he allocated troops to many overseas countries, but not put 50,000 troops on the border ? Where is the NATIONAL GUARD, for Chrissake ? An example has to be made for all the future ECONOMICALLY MIGRATING INVADERS that are planning to storm our borders in the near future. There are LITERALLY BILLIONS more who would rather be in the USA than in their turd world countries. Think about it ! This is only the beginning, and when they get here in sufficient numbers they will not be treating us with dignity and respect. Just like they are doing to Europe, they will be raping our women, burning our cars, stealing everything they can carry off, destroying public property, burning our churches, beating our kids, setting up no-go zones, and implementing Sharia Law, and so on. Only fools would think otherwise ! If WE THE PEOPLE don’t act soon, America will be nothing but a memory. Our Founders told us what to do in the face of an invasion, and they gave us the tools, enshrined in the US Constitution. We cannot depend on Trump or the government to protect us. And it’s time to FACE THAT REALITY !

      1. And they will be doing all of that while our government prosecutes any of us who try to defend our property and lives!

    2. This article sounds like an oxymoron. I agree with the idea to protest illegal immigration and fix the immigration laws and the system. In plain language take away the loop holes. Trump can’t be blamed for all this because the democrats won’t cooperate and they shop judges until they get one that will write laws rather than interpret them. He is at fault in some of the problem but not all of it. When you read the speaker list you find more than one hispanic group on there. That is where the oxymoron comes in.

      1. Why is it an oxymoron when so many from the across our southern border came here legally and dont appreciate their former countrymen not doing it the same way? They waited their turn, as did tens of millions of other immigrants that came here from past generations. The fact is is it pisses them off, rightfully so, and if you want to put down groups like the Hispanic Leadership Council, Latinos for Trump, or We the People, America because they have latino members who wish to exercise their 1st Amendment right, then maybe You are the problem.

    3. These people are all illegals, they are not “political refugees” or ” migrant workers” (how could they be if they never have been here before). Its been reported that the drug cartels are smuggling in drugs and guns
      The news said 500,000 have come across since beginning of the year, at this rate, over a million will arive by the end of the year. The USA cannot take in all these illegals, where are they suppose to stay? (Pro illegal groups think you should open your doors and let them stay with you!) What will happen is that crime will sky rocket – convenience stores will be robbed, people will be mugged and cars stolen. The democrats will then say this is another reason to ban guns to stop crime and protect illegals! The democrats send people to Central America, give the people legal advice, prepaid MasterCard, and cell phones! I don’t see any staving people on TV arriving here, in fact some look fat! The democrats sign up the illegals with democrat voting cards, this is how they hope to win in 2020. The democrats get judges to block building the boarder wall. A private group put up a short distance fence in New Mexico and groups said it was put up by neo-Nazis! The cartels want to smuggle in and the politicians want to please them. Illegals want your job! And will demand that you give it up to tjhem! Of you speak English-you are a racist! If you don’t embrace and give the illegals money-you are a racist! If you don’t speak Spanish-you are a racist! If you fly the American flag-you are a racist! But its okay to fly the Guatemala flag or the Honduran flag! (What if we fly the Confederate flag?) Stop ALL immigration to the USA now! We don’t need to be turned into a 3rd world country run by power crazed socialist democrats!
      Vote for President Trump in 2020! Support and join the NRA, GOA and other pro 2nd amendment groups!

      1. I’m past fed up with this illegal alien invasion, any and every executive order Trump could’ve used should have already been exposed. He’s placing border agents lives in jeopardy and exposure to diseases, running up the tab for taxpayers, this country has homeless veterans and citizens living on the streets around feces, syringes, rats and diseases while these illegals come in and given food and shelter. Im sick of his American First bullshit when that’s the last thing on his agenda. The flip flopping on the tariffs is another broken promise, if he was serious he should’ve started out with 25%. These politicians that commit treason and no longer represent citizens or the country should’ve been arrested.

        1. You would think that humans would get smarter as technology and civilization advances, but you, lisa mcpherson, prove that it is the opposite. Fools like you that accept the lies of the left, are as useless as a screen door on a submarine. Trumps hands are tied, because everything he has attempted to do has been attacked and stalled by leftists filing lawsuits and leftist judges going along with it.

          I won’t even waste time trying to explain why your ignorance on tariffs is just that – IGNORANCE! The old saying – “It’s better for people you’re an idiot, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt” fits you to a tee!

          But I have to agree with your last statement, we need to incarcerate all of the leftist lying, corrupt, treasonous politicians and their RINO cohorts!

    4. Nothing has changed for decades. The Repubs had the house, and the senate, and did nothing for immigration, now the Commie Rat Bastards (Dems) have the house , and even less is getting done.
      As far as Trump is concerned he is only able to do so much. Without the backing of Repubs, he’s kind of out there by himself.
      There is very little difference between the two parties, if any. Term limits come to mind, but I realize with politicians controlling what happens, at this point in time it’s nothing more than a pipe dream on the minds of patriots everywhere.
      Stop, and think about it, these jokers haven’t done a damn thing, and yet they’re fixing to vote themselves a raise.

    5. If this protest happens all you will be doing is getting a democrat elected in 2020, this plays right into the hands of the dems and the media that hate the president and will be used against him.

      1. Seems to me that it would be more appropriate to have these kinds of protests at Pelosis, Schumer’s and McConnells homes as they bear far more blame for the lack of success on the border than Trump.

    6. The protest about illegal immigration is good.
      But I dont agree that your blaming Trump for all the problems, and that you say not enough has been done.

      Trump has done, and continues to do more than any other president. Especially with the present border crises going on.

      This is a 20 year problem, and I see it first hand here in NJ, where 5-6 towns have become 99% south Americans, and many illegals.

      DEM’s are to blame, as they continue to block Funding, Resources, Manpower, more border agents, while the U.S. also has to abide by our present laws in regards to “Asylum Seekers”

      Instead of attacking the president, you should be attacking the DEM’s
      Especially since the DEM’s just past the Dreamer’s Bill last night .

      Gang Of 20 Dems: Don’t You Dare Give Trump That Money

      The DEM’s are the monster, Not Trump

      1. Bible says they are the Muslim’s Beast system and GOD has commanded his followers to not comply or obey it and gun control is that system. GOD commands his people to obtain a weapon for the battle against them, 2 will be plenty.

      2. The article states that PRESIDENT Trump is breaking campaign promises like failing to deport large amounts of Illegal Aliens. The author must be stupid, illiterate or blind and deaf! Every time PRESIDENT Trump tries to do anything, activist judges push orders to stop him hoping to tie his hands until this one is out of office and we have a different president.
        So quit blaming him ASSHOLE!

    7. So sorry that I can’t attend such a worthwhile and epic display of national disgust with the violation of American borders by diseased welfare seeking Crimigrints, terrorists, gang members and Narco-trafficers. Here in the DPRM (Marxssachusetts), we are overrun by the scum.
      As for the assertion that POTUS Trump’s lack of action, please note that every attempt has been fought by the Congressional Dim-o-wit Caucus, every Fake News Network and activist judges. Now Congressional RINOS are jumping on the Let ‘Em In Bandwagon, in response to Lobbist pressure. Trump can’t make headway, except with judicial backing. Which is slow or nonexistent.

      1. I’m with you on that. Now they can call us both supremacists. Lol. (sarc)
        Mudslimes are sending themselves fake love letters now trying to get the genocide of white Americans rolling for the 2020 election/attack on Israel but hey we knew it is coming for many years.

        When Israel tears down the mosque shtf so muslims are getting ready to wage war against Christianity and the Jews now. Immigration issues will be addressed during the battle they are preparing to wage upon us and is a reason why Trump is going to go the Insurrection Act route. Prepare to back him and get USA back.

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