Smith’s Products X-Trainer Knife Review

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Smith’s Products X-Trainer Knife
This week I've been carrying the Smith’s Products X-Trainer Knife, and it tested out fine for an EDC.

Idaho – -( I’ve been carrying the Smith’s Products X-Trainer Knife this week and testing it while doing my EDC chores such as cutting straps, strapping bands, cardboard, wire ties, and sandwiches, yum. It has performed fine for these tasks.

My personal taste as you know if you’ve read any of my AmmoLand knife reviews is for a three ½-inch blade, but that is strictly a personal opinion. Many people prefer a slightly smaller blade, so this review is for them.

Smith’s Products X-Trainer Knife

Some of the features that I like are the finger grooves. They are definite and allow for a firm grip. The back of the handle has thumb groves, which further enhances your grip. I’d suggest also putting some thumb grooves in the first 3/4-inch of the spine of the blade. There are also some grooves on the hilt of the handle, but I’m not quite sure what their purpose is.Buy Now Gun Deals

The Smith’s X-Trainer Knife utilizes a liner lock. As with all of the Smith’s Consumer Products knives that I have tested so far, they have good liner locks. The lock lands squarely in the middle of the blade on all of the knives that I have tested.

To flick open the blade it has ambidextrous thumb studs. As I have said before, I am thumb stud challenged, but with a little practice, I had it flipping open easily with the flick of a wrist. Talking of ambidextrous, it also has an ambidextrous pocket clip and a lanyard hole if you prefer one of them.

It has a sturdy looking G10 handle. The one that I’m testing is Desert Tan, but it is also offered in (OD) Green. Even though I guess G10 handles are dull looking to some people, I like their everyday, sturdy, hard-working look.

Smith’s Products X-Trainer Knife Desert Tan
Smith’s Products X-Trainer Knife Desert Tan

Like I said above, this Product Review is for people that favor a more compact knife, but sorry, I can’t help but default to my likes. So with that said, I like the Smith’s X-Trainer Knife for an EDC. I’d like it even better if the handle was also only a ½-inch longer, so it filled my hand more.

It is listed on the Smith website in the Tactical line of knives but I’d recommend it as well as a good EDC knife. The MSRP is $28.99. And as is usual, we will close with the specs.

Smith’s Products X-Trainer Knife SPECS:

  • 2.97” 420 Stainless satin blade
  • Ambidextrous thumb studs
  • Reversible pocket clip
  • G10 handle
  • Lanyard hole
  • Liner lock
  • 7” overall length when open


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  • 5 thoughts on “Smith’s Products X-Trainer Knife Review

    1. Jury Nullification would help in court cases. I would never carry automatic knives, they are noisy to deploy and in a stressful situation it could seem to jump out of your hands. Fun to play with but I would use an assisted opening blade or just a standard blade.

    2. Please include on all reviews that you do the point of manufacturing. This little nugget of info is just as important if not more than the rest. America first!

    3. I agree that a 3.5” blade is just about right for most EDC but unfortunately due to the convoluted knife laws found within most states you are much more likely to be legal with and EDC under 3.0” making the X Trainer about the perfect max size for many. IMHO the major knife lobbies have done a pathetic job of securing reasonable and consistent laws within states much less nationally. Concealed Carry Laws in most States are “preemptive “ but far-less states have preemptive knife laws.

      As the result of concerted lobbying campaigns, more than 40 states have passed broad firearm preemption laws that specifically prohibit local governments from adopting or enforcing stricter laws than that of the state codes.

      In S.C. the State updated their antiquated knife laws a few years ago but it was done without preemption thus we have many different knife laws within the state. For example: Where I live you can carry a larger automatic knife (5” I think it is) but 2 counties over you are limited to a blade length less than 3” even though it can be automatic, go to the State Capital of Columbia and automatic knives are illegal to carry and I think they also have an under 3” limit. In one case that I know of the County and a major City in it have different knife laws. I know of at least 10 different knife laws around the State and I am sure there are many many more. In some Counties and Cities you can’t even figure out what the laws are.

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