Daily Deals: Sportsmans Guide Ammo Can Buy-Two-Get-Two Sale $28.79 w/ CODE & Club

Sportsmans Guide Ammo Can Buy-Two-Get-Two Sale Deal
Sportsmans Guide Ammo Can Buy-Two-Get-Two Sale Deal

USA – -(Ammoland.com)- Sportsmans Guide has a buy-two-get-two sale on ammunition cans. You can get four used U.S. Military Surplus Waterproof M2A1 .50 Caliber Ammo Cans for just $28.79 with code “SG3602” and their buyers’ club. At $7.19 each this is a great price that even the discount kings at Amazon at $19.99 each cannot beat. TIP: the more you order the cheaper the shipping price each. As with all Sportsmans Guide sales they can end quickly with no notice, you have been warned.Buy Now Gun Deals

“Light ’em up!” Originally used to haul deadly .50 caliber firepower, this solid metal Ammo Box is ready for a second tour of duty. If it could speak, it would tell of the unrelenting ferocity from the roar of .50 cal. rounds…known to pierce light armor and level young trees with unrelenting firepower. Now this can is ready to be used as military-grade waterproof storage!


Recruit this rugged Ammo Can to keep contents bone-dry and protected. Store your own ammo, shooting accessories, hunting stuff, poker winnings or use it in the garage to organize vital tools. It’s stackable, sturdy and priced right!

  • Genuine U.S. military issue.
  • Sturdy steel construction is built to last.
  • Rubber O-ring protects contents from dust and moisture.
  • Swing-up carry handle for easy transport.
  • Front metal latch with metal handle securely keeps can closed.
  • Holds 7 boxes of 2-3/4″ 12 Gauge shells.

Note: These cans are military-sized .50 caliber ammo cans. .50 caliber is the general size, contents indicated on the side of the can will vary (5.56, 12 Ga,etc.)

Sportsmans Guide Ammo Can Buy-Two-Get-Two Sale $28.79 w/ CODE & Club

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Sportsmans Guide Ammo Can Buy-Two-Get-Two Sale Cart Check 06/19/2019:

Sportsmans Guide Ammo Can Buy-Two-Get-Two Sale Cart Check
Sportsmans Guide Ammo Can Buy-Two-Get-Two Sale Cart Check

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Patriot Tip:
Can use ammo can fer cookin grub in the Bush by removing rubber gasket in the lid with Kabar and placing meat with veggies (rabbit is good) then filling with water and closing lid to place directly on hot coals in fire for 20 minutes approximately. Some dry seasoning will work well to set off the flavor and fat pinch of salt helps to rid the blandness that can occur. Turtle takes much longer and will require additional water to be added due to it is tough meat.

Get Out

I put foam insulation in my cans and use them to store and transport camera gear, film and the extra lenses. Never considered using the ammo cans for cooking food or boiling water. I wondered what was in the paint or if the cans were treated with a rust inhibitor.
I did use the stainless steel storage case on the 1950 squad stoves to boil water for coffee or coco and later used the aluminum canister as well. Used a little green scratch pad to clean them up prior to boiling anything in them.

John (Buddy) Dana

I would like to receive your catalog as well. Send them to Buddy Dana, 155 Castlerock Drive, Asheville, North Carolina, 28806

Wild Bill

@Buddy, At this very moment some identity thief is looking for all the information that he can get on the name and address that you have broadcast in the clear.


Now they know where you live so they will fly over your house all the time like mine.
Welcome to the club.

Charles morris

Please add me to your catalog mailings.