Stag Arms Announces Decision to Relocate Company HQ

Stag Arms Model One Rifle
Stag Arms Model One Rifle

U.S.A.-( Today, Stag Arms announced that its Board of Directors has decided to relocate the company from its current facility in New Britain, CT, as part of its strategic initiative to significantly improve the overall customer experience. The location of Stag’s new headquarters has not been finalized but the Board has narrowed down the options to a short list of vibrant communities where there is significant support for the firearms industry.

Stag Arms President, Anthony Ash, stated: “Not since the founding of our Company in 2003 have there been so many great things happening at once. We began our journey with a commitment to bring customers innovative products with uncompromising quality through 100% American Made components. We pioneered the left-handed Modern Sporting Rifle and from Day 1 we have backed all of our rifles with Infinite Shot Barrel and Lifetime Transferable Warranties. Our recent release of our newest product line of PXCs, Stag’s innovative multiple pistol caliber AR, continues the tradition.”

Mr. Ash further stated, “Stag is creating a seamless, integrated value chain that will incorporate best practices from design and engineering, to manufacturing, omni-channel customer engagement, fulfillment, and service. The pieces are in place and we are ready to transition production and fulfillment operations immediately from a narrow facility-based approach in New Britain to a distributed eco-system.”

The Board expects to finalize the location of the headquarters in the next few months and the company then will begin the process of relocating sales and remaining back office functions to the new headquarters location.

About Stag Arms:Stag Arms logo

Stag Arms was founded in May 2003 with the goal of producing reliable, 100 percent American made Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR). The Company quickly became a market leader and one of the largest MSR manufactures in the United States. Since its early days, Stag has remained at the forefront of innovation, first by offering both left and right-handed MSR platforms, and by designing new models and features based on customer recommendations. All of Stag’s rifles come with an industry leading lifetime transferable warranty and an infinite shot guarantee on the barrel.

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FORGET COLORADO! We’ve lost it. So sad. I’ve lived here all my life (72 years) and cannot believe how we pissed it away to the LGBTQ libs. Makes me wanna puke!


Where ever they move, the most important thing is they are moving from a anti-gun state and taking their jobs, taxes, and employee consumer dollars with them. Good move Stag!

David L Moon

Indiana would be a natural choice. The entire constitution is taught in police academy and I doubt there is a stronger 2nd Amendment endorsed state. We just hosted the NRA convention and other numerous hunting venues. We have a varied and diversified skilled labor base to choose from. Tax abatements can be had, just ask!

Buck Cassidy

I echo David L. Moon’s statement! Not only is Indiana a very supportive environment for the second amendment, we have legislators that are vigorous in they’re defense of, and in introducing new freedoms to those of us that have an inherent interest in our natural, GOD given rights. We have many manufacturing sites statewide, close to highways, railroads and airports, for manufacturers of everything and anything, considering a relocation to a tax friendly and people friendly atmosphere!! Not only is this type of environment found on the state level but also from county and local governments and businesses. An let’s… Read more »

Stern Measures

Stag will end up in TN, SC, or NC. No yankee carpetbagger bullshit, no stupid state regs to deal with, plus….. NO UNIONS(!) “right to work” – which means they’ll be paying slave wages compared to the lucre they were shelling out to the lazy fux in CT. The Puritan NE just keeps drying up and dying. You jackasses up north have no one to blame but yourselves – keep pulling the lever for the DNC! In fairness, voting in many states is pretty futile if you are not a committed communist, but oddly enough, if your state lawmakers are… Read more »

Joseph Rodrigues

Mission is also a Constitutional Carry State. Would love to work for Stag Arms. We need the jobs, and the people here are great folks. Stay away from Kansas City and Saint Louis and it’s all good from there.

Bassick Freq

The Lone Star would be a nice brand booster!

Big Mack

Come to Kansas it’s not California

Kevin Bailey

The north east is a hard place to be a gun maker although that are was all Arsenal between the revolutionary war to world war two .Im in Arizona.The most liberal thing here is gun. Laws .Ruger moved here and Sith and Wesson brought there west coast headquarters to Scottsdale.New Britton is a great town Stanley tools is there still it’s great be in town full of metal workers and lathe turned .We have Ruger here .J&G sales , Mr Gary Reeder and Dillon persition and the gun guru Mike vinterino you’d guys would fit right in .I need a… Read more »


Two other companies moved out of liberal states, PTR out of Conn to SC and LMT from Illinois to Iowa.


Don’t forget that we have the Been Avery Shooting Facility here in Arizona, one of the BEST. Also, AZGFD is planning yo build four more public shooting ranges in the state. I wish all firearms-related business would leave the Left Coast, the Marxist Northeast, and drug-addled Colorado, and move to Arizona, which is the gunner’s paradise!.

D williams

Pocatello Idaho is the place to be calm and check it out please before you make any decisions

Mr. Walkker

And stay away from the neighboring State of Washington, where the 2nd Amendment has been deliberately and completely trashed by the LT Goobernator Bob Ferguson and his Boss, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Carbon Block Head Goobernator Jay Inslee. GO to a Gun Friendly State. -Yes, that is right. The Ferguson and The Inslee, (A Pair of Subversive Agent Provocateurs) have factually done more to trash the United States and Washington State Constitutions, than any other PAIR of POLITICIANS in State History. Modern Day Destroyers of Liberty they are. – Many and I mean MANY Businesses are relocating away from… Read more »


The “Left Coast” has become a Marxist outpost.

George Washington

I second Kentucky as a good choice…. We are a GOLD STAR state…. Constitutional carry and no silly capacity limits…
Plus we could use the jobs….
Just stay away from Louisville/liberalville


I agree Guntucky would be a great place to setup a new production facility. We have Double Star already in Winchester, KY. We are a gun friendly State.

Randy Crume

Follow weatherby, Wyoming is a shooters paradise

Bruce J Albright

Barnesville, Ga. needs ya. Not GOD fearing but GOD Loving best small city in the south to live in where everybody knows everybody. Trump country and Kemp to back Him up. First small manufacturing city in Georgia. Buggy capital of the World.

Albert w. Beauchamp

Come to the gun friendly state of Alabama.


Not so sure about that anymore..the morons in the state houses still cant pass permitless carry..

Donald L Smith

Yes Alabama will be your best bet


Tennessee would be a great state for your operations. No state taxes and I would love to get back into the gun business. I worked for sabre defense before they sold out to manroy.

Bo Hanger

Move to Montana , northwest MT to be exact . We have a flowering firearm industry here PROOF being one of the most popular but there are many others just around where I live in Kalispell. Once we get our hairlip governor replaced with a Republican . Montana is full of guns and money come here


Montana is there too many people from California moving there then they have to move again in a couple years after they destroy that state like they destroyed Nevada and Arizona

Randall McKenzie

Good. Firearms manufacturers operating well within the law, and buyers purchasing legally, should not be contributing their money to state governments hell bent on working against our country.

Dave Pepe

Tony Ash, Great decision on moving out of the Constitution State. A one time resident of Connecticut , I left there in 1968 to join the USAF. Upon retirement in 1997, I thought about returning to Connecticut, but could not because of their restrictive gun laws and attitudes. Because of my firearm ownership, I would have immediately become a criminal.


Come on down to Georgia!
Home of Glock. Theres room for more!

Melton Smith

Taurus is moving to Bainbridge, Georgia and HECKLER & KOCH is in Columbus, Georgia

Holcomb Kerns

Come to Tallassee, Alabama. A high tech manufacturing town already with defense industries. Also, the home of the Talisi Carbine. , Manufactured for the Confederate Army, the Armory still stands. Great marketing concept.


Stag with TEXAS rollmark would be pretty damn sweet.

Nicholas Chrisoulis II

Amen!!! STAG would fit TEXAS PERFECTLY!!!

Jotaro Kujo

Come to Ohio thanks to republican leadership our laws and gun rights have only gotten better. Not to mention our heartbeat abortion bill goes into effect on July 2. So do your patriotic duty Stag Arms and make Ohio an even bigger middle finger to liberal-socialism than it already is.

Kid Licorice

They should move to Arizona it’s the #1 state for firearms hands down!

Don Herbel

Come & build in Green Bay, WI, best workers ever, skilled & hard working, plus you’ll get to be Packers fans, such a deal!!!


Roger THAT!!!!

Jay Greer

Come to open carry Indiana! Cross Roads of America!


Hell yeah, northwest Indiana


Central Indiana..Anderson or Muncie. Lots of machinists.

BR Breedlove

Forget Montana…high capacity ban ! Flordia is turning liberal and AR haters. However any place in the gun loving South would be GREAT. Just stay out of the Hater States.

Bo Hanger

Montana doesn’t have any hi-cap magazine bans ? If that’s what you meant you are incorrect…

Florida john

Florida has traditionally been pro gun rights, but we are a state of many new residents. Southern East Coast tends to be liberal Democratic along with Tallahassee. NE US residents used to come to Atlantic coast to retire, and now they are relocating to flee NE cost-of-living, bringing their liberal beliefs with them. Remaining parts of state tend towards conservative beliefs and respect gun-owner rights. Great part of the country for business’s and finding skilled workers. Lot of folks looking to relocate to sunny Florida and our beaches is also a positive.

Michael G Lisciak

Bring it to Ocala Fl. We will welcome you with open arms. You may even get a nice tax break and I know you never received on of those in the Connecticut.


Forget all those other states, Montana is where you want to be, specifically western Montana, we have SEVERAL ammunition manufacturers, gun manufacturers and even body armor manufacturers, knives aren’t considered weapons and even switch blades are legal. It won’t get any more pro 2A than here it is literally impossible. And there is a TON of money here. BTW WE ALL HATE JOHN TESTER AND STEVE BULLOCK.


From a Connecticut native, can we keep Stag Arms and move the politicians? God help us please.

Nelson Rodriguez

I love that idea! !!!

No one of consequence

Only if the pols are moved out of the country entirely.

III Percenter

Connecticut politicians only cater to “non producers “ and work to abolish law abiding citizens of their 2A rights with unconstitutional firearm laws. My advise – MOVE.




Not for much longer..unless your voters quit pulling the “D”..Joe Biden in the lead..Turning solid blue fast..

Ravin Bird

Stag Arms is relocating to the Badger State.

Gary Bohr

Try Oklahoma one if the most gun-friendly places in the country!


I second that! Lots of positives, few negatives.

Oklahoma is indeed as “gun-friendly” as any location in the country. Constitutional Carry effective this November 1.
Both start-up and on-going tax benefits are readily available… a willing, reliable and capable workforce… low cost-of-living… non-union “at will” employment…

Please consider us.

Drew Gmitro

Come to New Jersey. We’re gun friendly……………………………….. NOT !!!!!!!


I wish Anthony Imperato would move Henry Repeating Arms to Arizona, and depart that awful, crime-ridden, rude, smelly, anti-gun state


Ct sucks. They drive out all the businesses and tax the shit out of anyone whos left

Jeff kirby

Kentucky would love to have you only have whatever gun laws that are enforced by the Federal Government.Even most Democrats are pro gun here except for a few big city ones.In most counties here going anti gun will get you out of office quick!Plenty of strategic locations and tax breaks to get industry in here too.

Mr. Bill

Here’s your list of best options as a firearm related business:


Forget all those other states, Montana is where you want to be, specifically western Montana, we have SEVERAL ammunition manufacturers, gun manufacturers and even body armor manufacturers, knives aren’t considered weapons and even switch blades are legal. It won’t get any more pro 2A than here it is literally impossible. And there is a TON of money here. BTW WE ALL HATE JOHN TESTER AND STEVE BULLOCK.

Hal Jordan

Yes, come to Idaho, home of the American Redoubt. And soon Idaho Falls will be the home of a brand new clean, safe Small Modular Reactor. It’s already a haven for technology and could use some manufacturing jobs.


Forget Idaho, they can’t even manage to merge right on the highway let alone support a major firearms company, plus it borders 3 anti 2A states, Montana is THE place where liberals STFU.

Mr. Bill

Sorry Montana although not a get out now state, there are many better places. Montana supports 2A at the same level as Oregon. The state also fails to utilize E-Verify thus helping to attract illegal immigration. You’re going to have to do something about Helena, the state is on the path be being New Mexico.

Carol B Combs

You missed Missouri

Mr. Bill

Although it makes the top 12, Missouri is 2nd tier on 2A, weak on e-Verify, and has a homelessness problem.


Come to West Virginia, it is Almost Heaven.


Great to see a gun company moving from an anti gun state. I and many others will not buy a gun made in a anti gun state because it only supports the crooked state with taxes, etc.

Roy Hauer

Lots of manufactuers of gunscand related items have relocated to Alabama. Kimber and Remington are just 2. We are very Pro 2nd Amendent.

Dale G

We. Love your fire arms and parts in Wisconsin too.. I have taken your 5H and 7H hunting the last 3 years and had bagged deer all 3 years with them just purchased your 5.56 orc upper and it shoots 1″ groups at a100 yard

Gary Bohr

Try Oklahoma one if the most gun-friendly places in the country!


Stay away from Washington , this is a feminazi and beta cuck welfare state. Most guns will be illegal before they raise up the taxes to push gynocentric agenda. Oh


Come to PA were gun friendly


Come to Centerville TN! There’s at least one abandoned factory close to two highways and LOTS of people who love your products and many more who would like to work for ya. It’s also out in the sticks so traffic isn’t a problem


Oklahoma would love to have you! Centrally located and pro 2nd Amendment.

Donald Whitellll)



Polk co. FL. Would more than welcome you

LE Lesher

Yep, we are very firearms friendly in FL. We have manufacturing in Daytona and Cocoa. Come down to the Space Coast.

Brian W

Oklahoma is gun friendly AND we just passed constitutional carry – less red tape if you decide to go to work armed.

Jim O'Lear

Come to bv Tennessee. Home of Barrett Rifles and Baretta already. Guns are welcome here, liberals and their nonsense are not. The volunteer state welcomes you with open arms.

Michael Santos

Well Nevada might not be wise with all the Californians moving here and changing our laws. Won’t be long and we’ll be just like cali,to bad


I’m surprised it took so long to decide to relocate to another state. The former Constitution State has been driving firearms manufacturers to other states because or the tyrannical gun laws imposed on its law abiding citizens. The Connecticut politicians rejoice every time any business decides to leave the state. I don’t see this trend ever changing, as we lose more businesses, and good people to other states.


Simply come right up the toad to NH. Same benefits.


Live Free or Die!

Thomas Lippert

Umm with the Democrats running things in Concord. Dont move to New Hampshire its Mass lite.

Audra Goyette

Please come to Missouri. Multiple other firearms related companies are or are moving here.

Allen Rota

Missouri would be a great place to go. Mid America and real American patriots. A real gun friendly state where you can carry concealed or open with no licence or permit. Southwest Missouri has some of the best worker’s in the country.


Come to Maryland. Wait…… Nevermind.

Rick Lassen

Come to NC we like good quality guns.


I hope they decided to leave the state because citizens were not allowed to own Stags’ products.
Come to Florida where we have lots of other gun companies and no state income tax!

Sagebrush Kid

Come to Nevada where is no state income tax *OR* alligators! 🙂

Dianne Simonson quickly becoming an un friendly state. BUT MISSISSIPPI will gladly take and support you.


If Stag Arms come to Washington state, they need to locate in south west Washington, particularly lewis county Washington, by the freeway, there is undeveloped land that is vast, and zoned for commercial use right beside I-5, so they can ship their fine products easily, fast and out of heavy traffic. And, oh yeah, a lot of modern sport gun fans in sw wa.l area, lol!!!!!! Just stay away from king, pierce, snohomish, and Thurston, counties. As the anti gun fun Crowd, is already squawking on their pigeon perches there. You know! Blaming guns, like in all areas they dwell… Read more »


Washington is actually called North California.

Jonathan Ramey

Conneticut, can you send Stag here to Washington? Well trade you straight across for Seattle Tacoma and Olympia. Politicians and all. You’ll love them.

Ted Nelson

Detroit/Michigan known for manufacturing.


Ted Nelson, in addition to high murder rates, muzzie population and overpowering taxes. What more could you ask for?