The Failure of Gun Control in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Building 2 front Courthouse drive google 600
Virginia Beach Building 2 Front Courthouse Drive

U.S.A. –-( Gun-control failed again in Virginia Beach, and it failed big. A disgruntled city employee quit his job and then came back to kill 11 of his coworkers. The news media and gun-prohibitionists called for more more gun-control while ignoring all the failed gun-control regulations that were in place. These gun-prohibitions didn’t keep us safe in Virginia Beach.

Why would new laws work any better?

  • The murderer passed a required background check. The background checks, which looks backwards, failed to predict future behavior. Background checks never find new criminals.
  • Local preemption means that cities can write their own gun laws that are more restrictive than state law. Virginia Beach did that and it failed to stop this murderer. In fact, it enabled the attack.
  • Virginia Beach declared its municipal building as a “gun-free” zone. The city did not post armed guards after they disarmed their employees. We know that murderers prefer “gun-free” zones for their attacks because these zones disarm the intended victims. We also know Virginia Beach city employees wanted to go armed at work for their own safety.
  • Concealed carry licensing didn’t disarm the murderer. All the criminal histories and fingerprint requirements failed to identify this murderer or stop him, but these gun-prohibitions might have disarmed his victims.
  • We already regulate noise suppressors on firearms, but that didn’t disarm the murderer. Both the victims and the responding officers heard the gunshots.
  • There was an extraordinarily rapid police response, but electronic key-card access on the municipal building kept police outside while people died inside. Security doors keep out both the bad guys and the good guys.
  • The elevated stairway/entrance prevented a terrorist from crashing a vehicle into the main hallway of the municipal building. The stairway also kept first responders from breaking down the doors.
  • As expected, no more innocent victims were shot once the murderer faced armed opposition. A good guy with a gun stopped the bad guy with a gun. Does that surprise anyone?

The 23 thousand firearms regulations we already have in place failed us. They did not stop this murderer. They will not stop the next one. Democrat politicians proposed more of the same ideas that failed so badly in Virginia Beach. That passes for leadership among the advocates of gun control.

Stop voting for failure.

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The original article is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

  • 19 thoughts on “The Failure of Gun Control in Virginia Beach

    1. If they’re just recycling the same old statutes from last session there’s not even a law enforcement exception in there for things like the 10+ rounder magazine capacity bans (this was clearly some well thought out legislation, right?). Kind of reminiscent of what happened in New York State with the “(UN)SAFE” Act (they had to pass another law exempting law enforcement after the police pretty much had no plans to comply with the 7 round limit, later overturned in court to a 10 round limit). Anyways, to propose making such radical changes to the state’s gun law in one swoop is only going to hurt the democrats in the general election. The Republicans can kind of sit back and watch the snake eat its own tail on this one. Combined with the Governor’s current scandal it is not likely democrats will be flipping seats in the general assembly this Fall.

    2. Dear Frank Truth
      There is no way that you will ever remove all the guns and to think that it can be done is not sane. This oppositoin to gun ownership has gone on for so long that there has been to much time for people to prepare for such a move. There are more unknown bunkers and stashes of arms buried in the U.S.A. than you will ever know.
      As a side note, my nephew was shot in the chest by his friend that thought the 22lr on the wall was unloaded. Today he has pistols, shotguns and rifles and is an excellent shot. Having almost died did not make him an anti gunner. Loosing someone is a terrible thing and no one wants it but because you lost you parents in a car accident being hit by an illegal alien drunk driver should we not allow cars? booze?
      I think you need to grab some reality and think about it.

    3. Nothing failed here, the policies in place worked EXACTLY as intended – note the Special Session coming up. Do you really BELIEVE the Elite care about the lives of Helots like you and me? WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Hey fuck you Frank! You know nothing but what you get off the errornet shit for brains. I’m local to this and there’s a HELL of a lot more going on here than people outside the 7 Cities realize. Bottom line, Viriginia Beach is a city of 400+ thousand run by a government so corrupt it makes Tammany Hall look like the Red Cross. It was a matter of time before something like this happened. Too much BS and ass covering here to type it all up. It’s nauseating.

    5. The Democrats and liberals when will they ever wake up and actually see what’s going on in this country.We have plenty of gun laws but that will never stop a crazy person from doing something like this. I personally have over a hundred guns and I have yet to see one of them get up and go kill anybody, guns don’t kill people people kill people and until the laws get tough when you have a crazy person that does something like this they need to be caught and executed immediately not going through some mental evaluation or some lengthy trials that’s costing taxpayers millions of dollars.To all the Liberals that may sound harsh but if the policy of disarming citizens in this country continues then this type of crime will become more frequent. We need real consequences for these cowardly acts.

    6. Enter a “gun free zone”, start shit and kill, kill, kill.

      Enter anywhere else, start shit and get killed.

      Those who advocate gun free zones are responsible for the deaths of the victims as much as the shooter. Their ideology is intended to creates victims. You are not just collateral damage, you are the means in a process justifying their ends.

      Their ends is more control each time their ideology creates dividends.

      Make no mistake, this is not about gun control or even total confiscation of firearms.

      This is about absolute control over each and every aspect of your life!

    7. The fact that you’re trying to spin this tragedy as a failure or existing gun control laws while ignoring the fact that if guns weren’t available at all is completely irresponsible and shameful. It’s seems that the only way people like you change your mind is when you lose a loved one in a situation like this.

      1. That person would’ve come in with a knife or explosive if he didn’t have a gun to use- you can’t put deranged psychopaths in the same boat as responsible citizens. The only way to stop criminals is direct violence back, to make the fear they feel of responding violence towards them to be more than the “good” feeling they get by being violent towards innocents. No criminal would ever do this kind of stuff if they knew they would immediately be killed- they do this to make others suffer, and there is no need to have mercy on them or provide openings for mass murderers with gun-free zones. After all, when’s the last time a murderer decided NOT to attack a person because it was a “weapon-free zone?

        1. No criminal would ever do this kind of stuff if they knew they would immediately be killed…..A real criminal, how about a real psychopath criminal who has neither caring or empathy, Deterrence with armed officers is a better defense because it creates an atmosphere that the criminal avoids as it prevents them from accomplishing their twisted goals. If you are going to have a gun free zone then you need to provide other means of protection, including armed checkpoints. When in a major city went to the Federal building, which are now guarded by rent a cop company’s, used to be the Federal Police force. Anyone who worked in the building did not go thru checkpoint and metal detector, went around it, the senior guard said they were vetted so it was okay. Yeah right…..

      2. Frank, in what Utopia do firearms not exist? The building was a “gun-free” zone for those employees. The killer decided not to abide by that policy. In Mexico, citizens have a “right” to own firearms, but the policy is so restrictive that they don’t. You know who does? Criminals, the police and the military. Full-auto isn’t legal there, but know know who has those weapons? Criminals, the police and the military. And the police and politicians are commonly targeted by the cartels, unless they co-operate with the criminals. Is that the Utopia you want to live in? The violent crime and murder rates are far higher in Mexico than in the USA where most private citizens have the right to own firearms, and there are over 350 million owned by private citizens. Why not move to Mexico and fight for “gun control” there. They seem to need your “wisdom” far more there.

        1. @Keeper and Heed, the dude is either a paid shill or really stupid. If there were no firearms people would use a little squirt bottle of alcohol and a match; a blade; or the all time favorite, the bludgeon. I guess he would rather burn to death, get hacked to death, or beaten to a disfigured, lingering bag of human juice.
          Not me.

      3. Frank Truth, tell us truthly and frankly. How far do we regress for firearms not to be available? Reestablish our worlds societies to that of the eleventh century AD, before firearms or to the seventh century AD before black powder? What do you mean by guns weren’t available? Do you mean unavailable to the non-government public, people like you and me? Do you believe that people in government would not commit mass shootings of people like you and me? If you had a choice of instruments to use as a weapon, what would it be? A jawbone of a donkey? I have a jawbone of a moose, for a back-up.

      4. FRank Lie, have you ever known anyone who was killed in an incident involving a bicycle, car, airplane, motorcycle, or skiing, rock climbing, boating? In response to that have you are anyone else made the life altering decision to disassociate yourself from the activity or inanimate object that was involved in the death?
        No? I didn’t really think so. Your thinking in regards guns is exactly this. LIVE is lethal. None of us are getting off this dirtball alive. Our daily breath IS terminal, Our birth IS our death sentence.

        You can put on your paranoid pants every morning and live in fear. I chose not to. And part of that choice is to have my own “response” with me at all times in the highly unlikely event someone else tries to kill me. I’ve driven over two million miles, maybe closer to two and a half million. I’ve never yet NEEDED my seatbelt. Yet I ALWAYS fasten it, and not out of fear the guys will turn on them blue blinkin lights and steal money from me for not fastening it.

        There is little question that woman who wanted to carry her own handgun at work, and almost did but hesitated for fear of losing her job, has lost her LIFE because of her decision. NO ONE in that place besides the murderer was arned. And he had a high level of assurance that would be the case.

        And YOU want every such employee in every such place to be unarmed, so that any of the few thousand nutjobs who should NOT be freely roaming about in society without a competent full time custodian can walk on in, armed, and play Carp in a Barrel with the hundreds of innocents trapped and unarmed inside that tomb they call a government building.

        Wake up, man……

        Personally, I carry everywhere I go these days, and if there is somewhere I need to go where I cannot lawully do so, unless it has magnetometer screening at ALL entrances I will not go in there. That means I do NOT attend sporting events in “gun free” stadia…. nor go into school buildings during class times. Courthouse is OK, cause they do TSA style screening on EVERYONE and have locked gun storage facilities for my handgun whilst I’m there. Other places that express a preference that I not be armed byposting NO GUNS signs almost never comply with state mandated signs and rules for “Certified Defensels Victim Zones”, so I carry anyway. Worst case? If I am discovered they can ask me to remove my firearm. I can come back in unarmed, which I won’t do. Only if I then refuse can they have me charged with criminal tresspass. If they don’t want my gun in there they don’t want my money in there. Taverns, bars, etc, in my state I can’t go in there armed, so I don’t go in there. Felony if caught. No more guns for the start of my new misery, Next state over, I can go in there if I don’t drink. So I go in there and don’t drink.

        Life is simple that way.

      1. Baldwin, at the Capital. I plan on taking off work that day, and probably a few others, as able and as needed.

        1. No need to bother. Red flag is coming. There’s one solution – hint: watch the first 5 minutes of We Were Soldiers, ’nuff said.

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