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U.S.A. –-(Ammoland.com)-  Who protects the right to keep and bear arms? The National Rifle Association says it does, but the NRA does a great many things. Some of those activities are far removed from protecting the right of armed defense. That is both obvious and expected. Old organizations do things that made sense at one time, but might not make sense today. Let’s look at what the NRA does now. What is essential and what is superfluous to the right to keep and bear arms? Remember that the right to keep and bear arms goes away if an essential activity goes away. An activity isn’t essential if other people do it.. and if they do it better. What does the NRA need to do, and what activities were simply nice to have?

What does the National Rifle Association do that is essential to the right to keep and bear arms?

The NRA was founded in 1871 to promote rifle marksmanship. It wasn’t until 1975 that the association officially recognized the political threats on the right to keep and bear arms. That is when the NRA formed the Institute for Legislative action, the NRA-ILA. That change was forced on the NRA by its members and a dissident group of directors. The NRA leadership was none too happy about it then. The NRA-ILA is still a step child.

The NRA and its members work against government infringements on the right to keep and bear arms. They lobby for pro-rights laws. The organization frequently asks their members to call their representatives at the local, state, and federal level. With over 5 million members, the NRA can generate citizen involvement. The power of the NRA comes from its members.

What else does the NRA do?

The NRA carries a large number of historical activities that are not essential. For example, there was a time when it was hard to judge your shooting ability. To solve that problem, you could get a numbered target from the NRA, shoot it, and then mail your target to the NRA for scoring. The USA has has changed a lot in 148 since the NRA was founded. The NRA continues to sponsor postal matches, though few of us live in remote areas where our only connection with the outside world is through our mailbox.

You can get instruction from the NRA on shooting black powder firearms. You can also get instruction on hunter safety and reloading your own ammunition. The NRA continues to sponsor shooting competitions that use antique firearm and modern firearms shot using antique methods. The NRA has five firearms museums which are nice to have but are not essential to the right to keep and bear arms. A 33 thousand acre shooting facility in New Mexico is not essential.

Can the NRA change with the times?

Only lately has the NRA changed its approach and recognized that armed America has changed. We’re more interested in personal protection than target shooting or hunting. There are more than 20 million individuals licensed to carry a concealed firearm in public. Millions more of us carry concealed in states that do not require a license. In contrast, there are only 5 million NRA members. Until 2007, ordinary citizens went to a non-NRA class to learn to carry concealed. Many states refer to NRA educational materials when the states require training to obtain a carry license. NRA training is far from cutting edge. Lots of organizations have excellent training programs for firearms safety and concealed carry instruction.

The NRA is also involved with training law enforcement to use firearms. These training organizations are nice to have but they are not essential to defend the right to keep and bear arms.

These non-essential activities cost the NRA more than money. These distractions are also costly in terms of time and attention.

What about state and local chapters of the NRA?

State and local chapters of the NRA often have to wait for Fairfax to reach a decision. Local chapters can’t wait weeks while the NRA approves having a local sheriff speak. Unfortunately, the NRA state affiliates are often ineffective relative to other state 2A lobbying groups. I’ve never heard of a state organization losing its NRA affiliation to a more active and effective state organization. That should happen, but it doesn’t.

I’ve worked at NRA sponsored events. I’m an NRA life member. I know several NRA board of directors. I admire their integrity and dedication. I want the NRA to regain the trust of its members and focus on the work that only the NRA can do. I think the board wants that too. The current management of the NRA may not.

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The original article is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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    1. The NRA is responsible for the ease with which a person can obtain a gun and for the proliferation of firearms in our society. Contrary to long-standing NRA claims, more guns have not made life in the United States safer; those guns have made life significantly more dangerous. We have the NRA to thank for military-style weapons, high-capacity magazines, suppressors, cop-killer bullets, .50-caliber sniper rifles, lax resale rules and loopholes in background checks. All of these actions help create the dangerous world that the NRA purports to help protect us from.

      1. @och will

        Boy are you desperate.

        First of all, Schools were deadlier in the 90’s compared to today.. FOUR TIMES AS DEADLY.
        Wow, look at that.. Its not the NRA saying it. As CCW laws have been implemented over the last three decades, overall crime rates have dropped as well. The only places to have higher rates than the national average in those years were Cities that implemented strict Gun Control measures that och will claims save lives, places like Washington DC, Chicago, Newark, ect…. But don’t let facts get in the way of Och Will’s lies.

        The NRA is not responsible for firearms ownership in America, the United States Constitution is responsible for that, as well as allowing 50 caliber rifles to be manufactured and owned(most fifty calibers are not snipers, and the definition of “Sniper rifle” includes most common deer rifles).

        For “Military Style” weapons, again, that is again thanks to the US Constitution and bill of rights. The founders did not distinguish between civilian and military weapons because they viewed the citizens as needing to be able to defend themselves against any tyrannical military force attempting to suppress or oppress them. Civilian weapons of the day included High Capacity firearms, firearms that were “Silenced”, and rifles that outranged all military weapons of the day. Civilians were better armed than the military, and not only was the constitution written without trying to limit this it was written with a restriction against government from trying to control or limit it in the future.

        But most importantly, We don’t care about whether or not och will feels safe or not. We are talking about an individual right, not feelings. The idea of safety is a lie. You can walk out your door and get struck by lightning, die in a car accident, choke on your hot dog when you trip over your own shoe laces, and contract a virus from a bug bite that will kill you. NO BODY IS EVER SAFE. The pitiful whining cries for feelings of “Safety” are the dog whistles of mass murderers seeking to disarm their prey before they slaughter them.

        OCH WILL is an evil person. For no other reason than to try and control how other people live their lives, he comes here to Ammoland, repeatedly reposting lies over and over even after they are disproven. If you see him, continue to label him as the evil liar that he is. Brand him with the truth, so that if we ever find out whoever he is the brand will stick with him forever. He is not here for reasons of increasing safety, he is here to forge chains of slavery and serfdom.

    2. Well,
      You certainly seem to have stirred up a hornet nest.
      I’m not exactly sure what this article is about.
      Are you saying that the N.R.A. should be involved in nothing but defending us from gun control?
      Isn’t that the exact issue that brought Executive Vice President Wayne into power in the first place.
      If you’re point is that now that the Organization is low on funds, that it should discontinue it’s many longtime
      programs. Perhaps you should stop bailing, and try to plug the hole in the boat.
      Master Wayne needs to accept a very well funded and well deserved retirement.
      Other Officers who’s salary and benefits are inappropriate for the nature of an organization like the N.R.A. need to go as well. The Board Of Directors Audit Committee needs be completely turned over and replaced with new blood. An independent outside auditor needs to be brought in.
      These steps should be obvious to EVERY N,R,A, Member and contributor. The fact that the Good Old Boys in power at the N.R.A. have chosen to entrench, rather than to reform should deeply worry and disturb all of us.

      1. Interesting that the latest issue of Shooting Illustrated mentions the 1977 Cincinnati Revolt, where the NRA’s “old guard” was ousted and replaced by more Pro-2A leadership. If it wasn’t for that, NRA wouldn’t be anywhere near the 2A advocate it has been up to this point, though many would argue they did as much harm as good. But as with anything, power corrupts, and it is about time the old guard is once more replaced so the NRA can remain relevant in the 21st Century.

    3. what i find interesting here is the steady anti-NRA articles – all extolling the virtues of “other 2A societies” but never mentioning them by name or other articles dedicated to how they operate or what they are actually doing.

      so are the other ones as active as the NRA ? as Influential as the NRA? or is this forum just a bully pulpit to bring down the NRA so that these other groups can grow……

    4. @Och Will, I read the passion in your posts about death and I concur, too many innocent people are being killed. Where I it seems we disagree is how to prevent that. You are obviously well read in the gun control literature but I have never read what you suggest. I asked you once before and maybe I missed it but given your propensity to quote what is generally considered leftist ideology, other than just getting under the skin of some folk here, what exactly is it you think should be done? What does “Common sense gun safety” look like to you? As to the suicide issue, let me remind you that the suicide rate in Japan is significantly higher than in the US and that is virtually without firearm involvement. I would also point out to you the CDC study that didn’t turn out as they wanted so they failed to publish it only admitting to it in a freedom of information request. If you haven’t read it, I’m sure you can find it if you truly are interested in the truth. But again, we can all read the left’s position on gun control, I am interested in what YOU think the answer is, not platitudes but concrete actions, assuming you aren’t just posting to be an irritant.

      1. Its not leftist at all to support gun safety. Gun safety isn’t right or left. Its just gun safety. Please do some reading on the links I provide in almost every post. As for leftist, I am a disabled US Marine Corps infantry officer and I believe the American values listed in the US Constitution are worth respecting. And that means pointing out far right wing gun industry gun sales groups with Lin kid to white supremacy and the KKK, like the NRA are not institutions we can respect, honor or give money to. Cheers.
        ViolencePolicy.org, gunsDown America,MarchFiorOurLives,GiffordsLaw Cednetr for Gun Safety.
        remember JFK, RFK, MLK , Abraham Lincoln, Tom Brady , Congresswoman Giffords and all the other American elected officials who have been shot to death . This toll is unlike any nation on earth.
        Gun safety laws work. America has the worst per capita gun violence rate in the developed world and we own the most guns. We need common sense gun safety laws and the NRA is completely opposed to ANY legislation that might reduce gun and ammo sales. because the NRA is about gun industry profits and it uses fake patriotism and prop[ganda to sell guns to Americans. Wake up. And by the way, I drive around with an 0302 marine Corps infantry officer sticker on my DV license plated vehicle. And right next to that window sticker is a NoRANow sticker. The NRA is dangerous, unethical, immoral and dedicated to only one thing. Gun sales.

        1. Again, notice the lie. What OCH WILL calls “Gun Safety” is nothing more than people control.

          It has nothing to do with safety at all. Criminals wont follow the rules he wants to violate the constitution with to force on Americans, making the law abiding less safe. At no point does anything he suggests make anyone safer.

          He also still has not grasped that the NRA does not make any money through the manufacture, sale, or distribution of firearms. They are a media and lobbying group. The truly unethical, immoral, and dangerous one here is OCH WILL.

          We will not comply. How many millions of us are you willing to murder to force your views on us?

      2. Austin

        The only thing that satisfies the most ardent un American Leftists is the repeal of the 2 nd. amendment and confiscation,that or we will Nuke you.

    5. Essential Function #1: AMASS POLITICAL CLOUT FOR THE SAKE OF RAW POWER. Certainly not to actually protect the Second Amendment.



      1. KKK was disavowed by the Democratic Party long ago and southern politicians who supported it beginning in the 1960s when they fought against civil rights became the Republican Party we all know and love in the south today.
        Next time yo post white supremcist nazi propganda you’ll Gert outed again and again Adolf. The GOIP is the home of racism, minority voter suppression and racism in America today. Democrats long ago embraced equal rights, the Voting rights Act and many other civil rights actions beginning in the 1960s and extending through today.
        We rate your charge that democrats are respond sable for todays KK and racism and white supremacists is pants on fire naz=I propganda and you’re a fool. Cheers Rambo.

        1. @OCH WILL

          Wow, So a group which wanted to not be looked at as racist disavowed being tied to racists. (Kinda like och will trying to call conservatives Nazis even though we’ve disavowed them long ago. Wha-oh! Hypocrisy much?!)

          So how long ago? Ah yes, I love that you brought up the 60’s, when republicans forced through Civil Rights bills in Congress against Democrat opposition, and a Racist president named LBJ said “Hey, If I can get those nig**rs to think I’m responsible for that, I’ll have them voting Democrat for the next 200 years!” And yes, that is a direct LBJ quote.

          So we have a Democrat president who was the 2nd Worst racist to hold the office, only behind another Democrat, and of course Will brings up National Socialists.. Right, because people who supported national healthcare, Gun control(They called it safety too), and all sorts of big government programs during 1930’s-40’s germany obviously resemble…. Oh wait, that sounds like democrats too. Well it should, since they got their ideas from the Democrat Party and their attempts at Eugenics.

          Oh wait! I know, if we can show that the GOP is linked to Eugenics through a group set up by a woman named Margaret Sanger, who said that doing so was specifically to slowly eradicate and kill off the black races, a group like planned parenthood then he could show…… Wait, who is it who has such hard core support for a group which has killed almost 60% of black babies since the 1960’s?

          KKK- From its inception in 1865(by Democrats) =3,500 blacks killed
          Planned Parenthood 1960’s to today = 19 Million blacks killed

          And OCH Will wants to point the finger at others and cry “Propaganda”. Isnt it funny how racists always want to project their label onto others despite what facts and history show?

    6. Gun suicides among young people are soaring. Gun suicide often includes homicide against family members, intimate partners, class mates or co workers. At least 15 veterans commit gun suicide daily in America. All in , approximately 110 people die from gunfire daily in America. Americans own more guns per capita than any nation on earth, about 350 million of them. The gun industry has managed to sell to Americans, the concept that owning modern high capacity weapons of war in the form of semi automatic rifles, pistols and shotguns is necessary. Complaining about gun “rights” being infringed even though America has the weakest and most lax gun safety requirements of the world’s developed nations explains a lot about why America has the worst per capita gun violence rate in the developed world. It’s like praying for rain in the middle of a cloudburst.
      “Guns everywhere for everyone” the gun industry’s mantra continues to cause America’s death toll from gunfire to rise.
      Until the gun industry accepts that its “rights” groups are blatant gun profiteering lobby groups and that gun safety laws work , many Americans will continue to view the gun lobby as destructive, immoral and a source of the fake patriotism,
      Extremists and those whop haven’t bothered to research gun violence trends in America will continue to deny, unethically and immorally, the guns death toll in America. Anti government right wing extremism, for which it has become synonymous. is a hallmark of gun “rights” groups. Oliver North is a convicted gun trafficker. Yet the NRA kept him on their board for over a decade.Responsible gun owners embrace gun safety. Irresponsible ones join the NRA, the source of more fake patriotism and gun myths designed to sell firearms to the public, than any national organization. When the NRA stops fighting gun safety initiatives and using its lawyers to block gun safety legislation, the death, wounding and traumatizing caused by America’s out of control gun propaganda falsehoods will continue. “Guns everywhere for everyone” isn’t the solution. Its the problem . Responsible gun owners embrace gun safety. ViolencePolicy.org,MarchForOurLives,MomsDemandAction,BradyFoundation,GiffordsCeneterfor GunSafety, gzunsDoswnAmerica.
      PS Well regulated militias lock up their weapons when not in use. Thats why the US military has virtually ZERO gun violence issues on base. The NRA is bitterly opposed to gun safety legislation designed to require gun owners to secure their weapons when not in use. The unethical nature of their position is obvious got those not drunk on gun propganda and fake patriotism.

      1. Och you need to break out the history books but I recommend a trip to Williamsburg, VA. you can shoot the replica firelocks too.
        BTW, The Well Regulated Militia members kept their weapons at home and hung them over the fireplace or stood in the corner (Probably loaded) when not in use. That’s why “The Battles of Lexington and Concord occurred when the British marched to seize the colonial’s firearms and gun powder. Mr. Whitemore was 79 years old, a veteran of the military, and just enjoying his life on his farm until the government attempted, by force, to confiscate and destroy the citizens firearms.”

        1. Yup. My wife and I got married in the Werne Chapel at William and Mary Bec cause she is a graduate of the college and I met her when I was a Captain in the Marines and an infantry officer on active duty in Norfolk.
          I’m familiar with firearms thanks. And no, your comments offer no solutions to our gun violence epidemic. if you don’t bother to know anything about America’s gun violence problem other than NRA propaganda, you’ll continue to be a chump and an ignoramus and a danger to your yourself AND your fellow citizens.
          Violen cePolicy.org or just shut up.

          1. Here’s a solution for you, criminal control instead of gun control that only disarms or will apply to the law abiding. You can’t shut me up either.
            Your gun violence problem hinges on self inflicted suicides using a gun. The increase in the firearm death rate, at least in 2017, was driven by suicides. Sixty percent of gun deaths last year were self-inflicted. While the rate of gun homicides has fluctuated over the last decade, the rate of gun suicides has steadily increased.

      2. /*We are all the product of our indoctrination. and it’s not difficult to tell hoy your s has effected you’re thinking.
        Your line of rational is “guns hurt people, hurting people is bad, so,… guns are bad”.

        You impress me as a highly intelligent person. The notion that if guns hurt people, guns are bad, must seem so obvious, and simplistic, that one would have to be a moron (politicly incorrect choice of words) to not understand that concept.

        How many people have I encountered who started with the exact same perceptions that you just expressed, only to learn after making the effort to really learn the facts about gun ownership in the U.S.A., about gun involved violence, about the theory and practice of gun control and completely changed their thinking on this gun issue.
        Please let me take a moment to share a couple of proven statistics.

        First there are considerable more than 300,000,000 guns in the hands pf private citizens un the U.S. Even the most ardent gun banner realizes that it is completely and totally impossible to locate them, collect them up, and destroy them. Whenever a scheme of gun registration has been implemented, in the U.S., or abroad, the Governments involved have acknowledged that people’s refusal tor register their guns were at the very least running at over 05%, sometimes at over 50%, This, even when there were severe legal penalties involved. So guns, which unlike fresh fruit, never spoil, and last literally forever will never be completely eradicated from our society,

        Consider that with 300,000,000 guns out there somewhere, there are a miniscule 30,000 firearms involved deaths yearly. an amazingly small number, and I believe proof that guns are not causing people who otherwise would never resort to violence to do so due to the mere presence of a gun. .

        Most of the gun involved deaths in the U.S.A. are indeed suicides. The average yearly murder rate with a gun involved is somewhere between 9,000 and 11,000. Sounds like a lot until you realize that his is a very big country.
        There are usually around 36,000 deaths due to complications of the Flu each year in the U.S. The C.D.C. and the A,M.A. estimates that upwards of 200,000 Americans die each year from medical malpractice.

        The F.B.I. has stated publicly that it thinks that over 80% of all gun involved homicides are related to illegal drugs and gangs.

        Far more children die each year of drowning or in accidents while riding a bicycle then are accidently killed with a firearm each year. By far he leading cause of death in the U.S. to children age 1 to 14 is traffic accidents

        Japan has virtually no guns but they have a much greater per capita suicide rate.(people seem to prefer self-poisoning or falling from a Hight}.

        Stepping off what some would refer to as your “high horse”, and perhaps buying a gun, and goining the “gun culture” would, I’m sure be an eye opening experience.

        You know the difference between people who own a gun, and those that choose not to?. The only difference is just that some people choose to own a gun. In the U.S.A.. thank God that is still possible.

        I see that you are very sincere and well meaning. But you need to keep in mind that sometimes thing which seem obvious are just not true.

        1. @Lou, I agree with what you have written except that part about Swill being highly intelligent. He is just a liar and propagandist. It is probably his second job.

        2. Guns everywhere for everyone is the cause of America’s out of control gun violence problem I recommend you do some reading about gun safety
          ViolencePolicy.org, GunsDownAmerica,etc etc etc. There is NO reason America should have the worst per capita gun violence rate in the developed world.

          1. Oh, would you look at that.

            Posting a lie yet again. The sources you listed are propaganda organizations putting out misinformation and lies due to their own bias and desires.

            Is it really any wonder since I showed you what a source actually looks like OCH WILL? You know, like a .edu source that not only refutes some of your claims it flat out destroyed them.

            Everyone, och will is not intelligent. He is EVIL, straight up monstrous evil. He does not care about saving lives, he is trying to control the lives of others. He doesn’t care about suicide, he uses it as a means to go after private property instead of looking to help treat what causes suicide in the first place. We will never comply with you, and we wont give you a single firearm. We will not compromise with an evil group of people like yourself. This is why you don’t have the courage or intelligence to engage with someone like myself, Vanns40, and so on.

            How many millions of us are you willing to murder to force what you want on this country? We are not going to give you any other option other than to leave us and our rights alone, or send men with guns to try and put bullets into our heads. How many of us will you try to kill och will? I guarantee you will do everything to avoid having to answer that question.

    7. All these supposed essential functions make up less than a quarter of the NRA’s budget. The real essential functions are
      1: Make LaPierre money
      2: Make LaPierre’s mistress and cronies money.

    8. Just in case this accidently got wiped by the moderation issues going on currently.

      Read more: https://www.ammoland.com/2019/06/what-are-the-essential-functions-of-the-nra/#ixzz5rFJB1MxA
      Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
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      To the liar, OCH WILL

      Gun Safety
      1. Handle all firearms as if they were loaded.
      2. Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction.
      3. Keep your finger out of the gun’s trigger guard and off the trigger until you have aligned…
      4. Always be certain that your target and the surrounding area are safe before firing.

      Fascistic Gun Control ideas supported by och will and mass murdering dictators
      1. Universal Background Checks (permission slips)
      2. licensing and registration (surveillance and financial penalty for getting permission)
      3. ERPO’s/Red Flag laws (revocation and confiscation of first two)

      Not one thing OCH Will has brought here with his comments has anything to do with safety. It has always been his dedication to restricting and eliminating individual rights.

      Once again he brings up the lie about “Per Capita.” Heck, even his buddies over at NPR have had to acknowledge that the USA is not even in the top 30 countries in the world for “Per Capita Gun Violence”, and that was using their doctored numbers! This lie of his has been disproven here on ammoland over two dozen times, and here he is reprinting it yet again.

      1. Actually pencil neck. Had you bothered to do any reading on gun safety, instead of denying it, you’d know the facts and data I cite are well established in gun violence literature. the fact that you’re too stupid and lazy to review gun safety issues reveals a lot more about your lack of intellect and morality than anything else. And this “liar” spent seven years on active duty as a Us Marine Corps infantry officer, qualified range officer and championship team leading competitive Marine Corps marksman.
        Being stupid AND mean is no way to go through life Adolf. Since you apparently don’t even have th courage or patriotism to admit that America has the worst per capita gun violence rate in the debveloped world, you’re a danger to yourself, your fellow citizens and our democracy.
        The only liar on this comments section is you. Stupid. Yours is without a doubt the most ignorant repetition of NRA propganda I’ve seen. It OBVIOUS that many Americans do not follow the gun safety rules you brought up. Which is why so many Americans are dying of gunfire incidents. If you can’t understand that most basic fact, there’s no hope you’ll ever be anything other than an ignorant gun violence denying bully with a gun incapable;able of logical discussion. See you later Rambo.

        1. Your version of common sense gun safety legislation only applies to the law abiding and no one else. Your gun violence problem hinges on self inflicted suicides using a gun. The increase in the firearm death rate, at least in 2017, was driven by suicides. Sixty percent of gun deaths last year were self-inflicted. While the rate of gun homicides has fluctuated over the last decade, the rate of gun suicides has steadily increased.

          1. @Get Out et. al. I could not add a thing to the feedback to O Swill. He got a lot of responses for which he will be paid. It is hard to stomach these lies and deceptions from a purported service member and claimed officer. I can not even imagine a former Marine and officer holding those views, and that is why I am suspicious of his claims.

          2. Yes. like the law abiding good guys with a gun who committed mass murders with assault rifles at multiple schools, concerts and places of work and worship. If you want to repeat NRA propganda designed to fool clowns like yourself, perhaps you should head over to TownHall or Breitbart where you can sit in an echo chamber of ignorance e and NRA gun sales propganda. You’re uninformed. Nonetheless, I’ll list the sites where you can learn about gun violence and how the NRA and gun industry are fighting against gun safety laws AND driving our gun violence epidemic. read. Or just shit the ignorant pie hole.
            ViolencePolicy.org, ˝unsDFownAmerica,MomsDemandAction,GiuffordsLawCenter for Gun Safety (you remember congresswoman ˝affords right? The democratic congress=woamn shot gun the head at a political rally? Or perhaps James Brady of the Brady Foundation, Donald Reaganas press secretary also shot in the head while standing next to the president. How about JFK, RFK, MLK ,OR MAYBE Abraham Lincoln???

            1. To OCH Will:
              When you were in the military, If you really were, you swore to up hold and defend the constitution. Or did you forget that also.
              The defending of the constitution doesn’t end unless you were dishonorably discharged. in which case you should be Incarcerated for life!

        2. I realize that your experience as a range Officer and a Competitor leans you toward safety. I retired from the Corps in 73 with two tours in Nam. I also competed ( Rifle and Pistol) when the opportunity was offered.
          I have used Guns since I was 8 yrs old hunting almost every day for 4 years. I find guns just another tool to aid in existence. Personally I prefer edge weapons but I can’t take a knife to a gunfight. Safety is meant for an individual. Accidents will happen no matter what you do for safety. Why…. Because that is the nature of humans. As I have said NOTHING is perfect. Guns really serve as the main tool for self protection, NOT for target shooting. Look to human nature and self preservation first before thinking about what you want other people to do.
          Gun Control will only increase gun crime, well overpowering any other gun incidents or suicides. This is not only a fact but just the way things work out, part of nature. Making the citizenry into criminals with illegal laws is the real problem, while criminals get support and protection from the law. What is that, Justice, I think not. Please remember that in 1803 the Supreme Court decision that “ANY LAW REPUGNANT TO THE CONSTITUTION IS NULL AND VOID”. That makes any law FOR or AGAINST the 2nd Amendment , illegal. There is no organization that enforces that decision and it is left up to the Citizens to enforce it.
          If you want to argue then argue for the enforcement of the existing legal laws which will be more productive. “Semper FI”

          1. WELL SMPER FI TO YOU AS WELL. Am Erica has the worst per cpauta gun violence rate in the developed world. We own over 390 million guns. So.lets start by requiring our well regulated militia be a well regulated militia. On US military bases ALL firearms are under lock and key when not in use. And ammop is always stored separately, ALSO under lock and key. If Americans are a well regulated militia then there should be laws REQUIRING Americans to keep their weapons under lock and key when not in use.
            There are virtually ZERO gun violence incidents oon US military bases because of these policies. If we have a well regulated militia the we need to require gun lock up is the law.
            The NRA has fought this tooth and nail for decades. I’m done here. Lets stop repeating propganda spoken by Oliver North the convicted gun trafficker and right wing wack a doodle.
            Semper Fidelis leatherneck

      2. USA.Jeepers. You’re actually arguing against gun safety in a nation with the worst per capita gun violence rate in the developed world??? You’ve been chugging some serious gun sales propganda lately.. Thinking and logic. Not your strong suit..

        1. OCH – You complain about “gun violence” being uniquely high in the US. How about we compare overall violence levels? London is experiencing a lot of stabbing lately, is that “knife violence” completely unrelated to other forms of violence? Would violence not happen at all if the knife were not present? I doubt it.

          As to your claim of approximately 110 people are shot every day, that would be over 40,000 a year, and yet not nearly that many seem to make it into the news. The ones that do most often occur in a heavily gun-controlled area like Baltimore. So how well do gun laws really work on folks who ignore all laws?

          Your desire for safety is admirable, but your means is no more effective than posting signs that forbid violence, or bears, or weather.

    9. Who protects the right to keep and bear arms? The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
      Who does NOT protect the right to keep and bear arms? Gun manufacturers, ammo manufacturers,
      gun accessory manufacturers, far right political activism groups, the GOP, conservatives, gun traffickers,
      gun lobby non profits whose motive is to help their c lints in the gun industry sell more guns, conservative PACS, anar chists, militia groups, the KKK and white supremacist groups.
      All of these entities have either a profit motive or a right wing political goal or a racist goal and they are focussed on selling fear, misinformation, slick fake patriotism advertising campaigns urging gun owners to arm themselves with modern weapons of war designed for killing scores of enemy combatants in a few moments.
      Gun safety laws are working in every developed nation on earth, ALL of whom have a lower per capita gun violence rate than America. Americans own over 350 million firearms. Responsible gun owners embrace gun safety.
      The gun industry embraces fear and propaganda in order to sell guns. Hunting firearms are being replaced by 21sdt century infantry rifles in the hands of a populace that thinks locking guns up when not in use is an attack on their gun “rights”. America six awash in gun violence and common sense gun safety measures have been viciously fought against by the NRA for 50 year now. Common sense gun safety and empowering the ATF so they can catch gun traffickers is good. The NRA and the gun lobby will be taken seriously by concerned citizens when they admit that America has a severe gun violence problem and that gun industry sales advertising by the NRA and manufacturers has caused a blood bath in our country. Being responsible about guns means admitting there’s a real problem and that common sense gun safety laws can fix the problem. which will mean less profits for gun and ammo manufacturers Bec use “guns everywhere for everyone” doesn’t work.
      Resources ; ViolencePolicy.org, MomsDemandAction, BradyFoundation,GiffordsCenterForGunSafety,

        1. Well then many Americare clearly NOT embracers off common sense gun safety. IF they were, we wouldn’t have the worst per capita gun violence rate in the developed world would we. This is a concept called logic. You should try it instead of repeating NRA gun sales prop[ganda and denying that we have a problem.
          iolencePolicy,org,MomsDemandActgion,#MarchForOurLives, GunsDownAmeric a, Giffords Law Center, Brady Foundation (you ember him right? Shot in the head when he was standing next to President Reagan). Remember Bobby and JFK and MLK.

          1. Your version of common sense gun safety legislation only applies to the law abiding and no one else. Your gun violence problem hinges on self inflicted suicides using a gun. The increase in the firearm death rate, at least in 2017, was driven by suicides. Sixty percent of gun deaths last year were self-inflicted. While the rate of gun homicides has fluctuated over the last decade, the rate of gun suicides has steadily increased.

            1. When some one wants to kill themselves, they will always find a way or maybe “suicide by cop”. The means of subside is immaterial, the problem is mental and you must deal with that if you want to reduce it. Death is part of Life and we have no power over nature in life. When you cut the grass it always comes back. Try thinking about that. then go mow your lawn. That applies to life and gun control.

            2. och will always quotes the most inaccurate, lying, anti gun articles there are. He picks them because they are the most bazaar and inaccurate. This set of comments are getting him hot under the collar, I guess he has no other information to try and take our guns away. He claims he is a Marine officer, if so he is hell bent on having power over everyone he can b.s.

      1. “Who protects the right to keep and bear arms? The US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.”
        So Och, with what you’ve just stated you and your anti-gun masters can’t make any gun control laws and any that were passed are unconstitutional? Thanks for clearing that up for us.

        1. It is the Job of every Political position in government according to their Oath of Office and it also is included in in every military person’s Oath

      2. A note to OCH Will

        1. We don’t care about your safety.

        2. Your sources are biased and inaccurate propaganda factories funded by your boss Bloombutt.

        3. We are never going to comply with the unconstitutional laws you seek to force on us, and if you try to implement them we will defend ourselves with lethal force if necessary to guarantee the protection of ourselves, our property, and our liberty.

        Molon Labe

        1. Yo Molon???!! how’s everything in Moscow. So, you’re saying that ALL of those sources are inaccurate??
          The denial runs deep in the fake patriot guns everywhere crowd apparently.
          Had you bothered to review the gun safety literature I pointed out, which you clearly did not, you’d know its based on numerous gun safety studies reported in science journals and medical journals. denying its accuracy while not even bothering to read it says everything we need to know about your intellect and your willingness to abandon right wing gun lobby propganda and examine the facts.
          When you decide to divorce your views on gun violence in America from your right wing views you’ll read the sources and educate yourself. Until tigers you’re an NRA propagandists dream. And a danger to yourself and your fellow citizens. Cheers

          1. och will and The Revelator
            I think you have both completely missed the target all to gather, insulting each other over the statics from sources that contradict each other. The problem with gun control is that it is against human nature or there wouldn’t be all this contention.
            There is not one single gun control that will protect you or anyone. Deaths would continue on if there were not one gun left in America.
            All gun control is against citizens and not against criminals. Gun Control doesn’t exist for criminals. That is why citizens don’t feel gun control will help at all. Gun control makes it safe for criminals to do as they please. Removing a persons Natural right to defense is an UN-natural and criminal act. Gun control is Governmental self protection.
            There has not been one gun control law that will reduce crime. No one protects you but yourself and that takes a weapon of some type.
            All the arguments never address the natural human rights to self preservation. Take away all the guns from citizens and murder rates will soar to third world levels where criminals take control.
            A good example of this is in Mexico, right now, citizens have formed vigilantly groups and are driving the drug cartels out of their towns.
            Their government has done little so the citizens have decided to dispense their own justice with guns. Action replaces arguing over control and is necessary sometimes. Arguing over gun control is useless and non productive. If you want to argue then look at your right to exist first and everything else falls to second place.
            Nobody can read the future but it is always good to be prepared for it with a personal weapon of any kind. Nothing is perfect and gun control is very far from perfect.
            The main reason the forefathers wanted the 2nd Amendment was for protection from the government if it violated the Constitution.
            Argue all you want but you will never change Human Nature and man made laws will not protect you because they only provide punishment for a crime already committed. Natural law says self protection is not a crime. If you don’t think so then somebody can kill you easily with any weapon.

            1. Another thing to look at is just how may times in the average day that a gun saves lives. People need to look at how many people continue to live because of guns. By the way the CDC says that “Hands ” are responsible for more deaths than guns.
              What is that?
              WOW ….. Let’s Ban “Hands” to make the world safer

          2. Your version of common sense gun safety legislation only applies to the law abiding and no one else. Your gun violence problem hinges on self inflicted suicides using a gun. The increase in the firearm death rate, at least in 2017, was driven by suicides. Sixty percent (60%) of gun deaths last year were self-inflicted. While the rate of gun homicides has fluctuated over the last decade, the rate of gun suicides has steadily increased.

      3. 83% of ALL shootings are gun and gang related. 53% of ALL shootings are by black men under 30. That’s 3% of the population doing more than 1\2 the killings. FBI Unified crime report.
        Oh. 98% of ALL mass shootings are in gun free zones.

      4. och will: get out of America if you don’t like guns. We’re not giving them up – are you willing to die trying to take them from The People? We, The People are willing to inflict deadly force against you and your followers to keep our arms. Get it??

        1. I’m not going anywhere cowboy. AND you did not address a single p[oint I made with your post. Finally, I’m a seven year active duty Marine Corps infantry officer veteran. I know that on US military bases, gun violence is virtually non existent because weapons are kept under lock and key when not in use AND ammo is stored separately from the weapons. The NRA opposes this REQUIREMENT for American gun owners as it opposes any and all common sense gun safety legislation. And who said I don’t guns??
          Try some reading. Violencepolicy.org. Until you own that America has a gun violence problem and that we can fix it, you’re part of the problem as your non response comment reveals. Cheers

          1. Major Hasson comes to mind and a Tennessee recruitment office. I think NJ had a couple. I see one of your favorite groups have stopped using the CDC due to the fact that they rather use lies.
            Now as far as the fairy tale of “gun violence” problem you are not right on that either. We have a democrat problem Oh and by the way, only seven years. Sounds like you screwed up some where.

            1. @ Richard L., from reading what swill says over and over I would think he has a mental problem that ushered him out after 7 years, that is if he even served. He has been caught several times in the past embellishing information.

          2. Och, the only weapons locked in the armory were service weapons or personal weapons owned by Marines or sailors that lived in the barracks. Marines and sailors that lived in base housing or off base kept their weapons and ammo. BTW ammo was kept in the unit armories as well and issued for all ammo that was picked up from the ASP, transported to live fire ranges and non-live fire field exercises.
            Your version of common sense gun safety legislation only applies to the law abiding and no one else. Your gun violence problem hinges on self inflicted suicides using a gun. The increase in the firearm death rate, at least in 2017, was driven by suicides. Sixty percent of gun deaths last year were self-inflicted. While the rate of gun homicides has fluctuated over the last decade, the rate of gun suicides has steadily increased.

    10. First, what are “State and local chapters of the NRA”? Second, the leftist approach for the political denigration of the NRA seems to have improved. This missive from the socialist left was not seemingly as blunt as the usual agitation propaganda used so frequently by them. But, it is agitprop just the same. No data, no references, just the continuing string of vague accusations meant to arouse those who think they know the truth because they read it on the internet. The biggest giveaway that this is simply propaganda from the “other” side is the never present list of ideas, suggestions, or approaches to solve the problems they seem to think are plaguing our freedom. Somehow the story is always the NRA is bad, but never a word about those wonderful people who think you should be denied your civil rights.

    11. Their mission since shortly after the turn of the last century seems to have been to Negotiating Americans 2 nd. amendment Rights Away,shouldn’t be the case but records and transcripts prove sadly it is.

      1. Yet dues are sent in to have rights negotiated away because being on that wannabe cowboys “asset column” feels good though I never read about an asset column in the 2A. NRA is for pussies who need their mommy.

    12. Ammoland, why is it that only MY comments require moderation?? I’ve never posted anything improper or used obscene language. Are you putting me out because I routinely call out the NRA for their fuddery??

    13. The NRA has an established history of endorsing gun control, and their adoption of ‘gun rights defense’ in the 1970’s was a reaction to reformers within the NRA trying to make the group a PROPER 2A organization. The fact of the matter is, the NRA always has – and ALWAYS WILL – accede to more and more gun control. A leopard can’t change its spots. This is why groups like GUNOWNERS OF AMERICA were created – because NRA either cannot or will not do what needs done.

      NRA should stick to education, training, competition. Leave the RKBA activism to actual activists, assuming the NRA survives its current crop of idiots-in-charge.

    14. Essential functions are to indoctrinate fraudulent gun control upon the population so the US Corporation can bring tyranny upon its slaves. I hear they even have classes.

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