Armed Intruder Hospitalized After Being Shot By Homeowner

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Armed Intruder Hospitalized After Being Shot By Homeowner
Armed Intruder Hospitalized After Being Shot By Homeowner

USA –-( WFIE 14 News reports 05-22-19 in Daviess County Kentucky; authorities responded to a shooting in the 7900 block of Hwy 405, Tuesday morning at around 8 AM.

According to the sheriff’s office, a homeowner called 911 about his neighbor who was trying to break into his house. The homeowner said this intruding neighbor was acting strange and threatening.

Daviess County Chief Detective Bill Thompson (paraphrasing for clarity) said, ‘Apparently the intruder came in earlier that morning, and the resident was able to convince the him to leave. The intruder did, in fact, leave. Unfortunately, a short time later, he came back, this time armed’.

The sheriff’s office says the homeowner shot the intruder twice in the chest after the man got inside. The individual was taken to the Owensboro Health Hospital, where he had surgery to remove the projectiles and treat his wounds.

According to the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office, the homeowner is not facing criminal charges. Charges will likely be filed against the wounded neighbor after he’s released from the hospital.

The intruder is reported to be a neighbor of the homeowner, but no information has been released as to these details.


You can never tell what a potential intruder is going to do. A rational person would not have returned.

Normal citizens fall into the trap of believing the criminal will do what they themselves would do if they were the opponent.

The sheriff should have been called after the original attempted entry. Even if the cops did not respond, it creates a record of the earlier attempt putting the resident on stronger legal grounds for the later shooting.

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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Most people don’t think they have to defend against their neighbor, me included. The article didn’t say this neighbor tried to break in the first time. The homeowner could have well thought he needed to go home and sleep it off. The second time he came over was definitely time to do something such as use whatever force you needed to in order to put a stop to this. Anyway, this will probably chill the good neighbor presences.


It would be nice to Know what he was SHOT with TWICE and had Surgery to Remove the Projectiles and Treat his Wounds. BB Gun????

Wallace C

Did the perp have a history of odd behavior? Maybe a little “bless his heart ” slow? Might be why he was allowed/encouraged to leave the first time. Coming back armed for round two was just plain dumb, as he found out the hard way. Glad to see the homeowner isn’t facing charges. Here in Marxachusettes he would have been locked up and all his firearms confiscated, pending charges. Your castle is not your castle here.

Deplorable Bill

These two are neighbors? The guy got caught breaking into the house earlier but left when he was confronted by the owner and then he returns with a gun? Seems he may have been on drugs. Drugs or not, breaking into a home is burglary. Confronting the home owned with a gun is assault with a deadly weapon and is just begging to take the room temp. challenge. The home owner took quite a chance letting the guy go and he did not call the cops. Maybe not the best of plans but it was an attempt at diplomacy. Too… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

He is correct, it would have been better if the sheriff had been called when the intruder was on site the first time. I am still wondering why, after being caught red handed, the owner let the intruder leave in the first place. The intruder should have never returned but he did. Many times, someone mistakes kindness for weakness, lack of resolve or lack of ability. Now the intruder has two more holes than the LORD gave him in the first place and he is indeed lucky to be alive. I hope he learned his lesson. Not everyone is as… Read more »