California Ammo Registration Nightmare, Vendor Feedback Requested

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California Ammo Registration Nightmare, Vendor Feedback Requested

California –  -( The Calirfornia Department of Justice's new Ammo Registration is proving to be an epic disaster – not only is the registration itself drastically unconstitutional, but the process is impractical, burdensome and costly to both retailers and customers.

To that end, Gun Owners of California is working with other Second Amendment groups to gather statistical data from licensed ammunition vendors AND customers on the problems many have faced with the registration process itself. This information will be extremely helpful in strengthening our arguments in the lawsuit Rhode v. Becerra.

Our legal team has put together a questionnaire for individuals and licensed ammunition vendors who have experienced difficulties with the process; again, the collection of this data is of utmost importance to overturning the ammunition registration scheme. If you have an experience you would care to pass along, we strongly encourage you to contact us and we will forward the questionnaire for your use (or other individuals who have either been denied or have experienced difficulties along the way).

Gun Owners of California is strongly committed to fighting this new law and we hope you will join us in the process. If you have any questions regarding the lawsuit or the the ammunition registration, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Gun Owners of CaliforniaAbout Gun Owners of California:

Gun Owners of California is the toughest fighting pro-gun organization in California. We spend 100% of our time fighting for the Second Amendment at the Capitol and electing pro-gun members to the legislature. We do not compromise when it comes to promoting your gun rights!

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    1. IMOA Gun owners should be clogging up these anti-gun clowns phone lines, email and any other media available to demand they scrap their anti-gun ammo program. Gun owners should be going to their LGS, big box stores or anywhere that sells ammo and purchase a box every day and keep the pressure on them and their BS anti-gun system to control ammo. Fill out the questionnaire and blast them for their epic fail.

    2. @ Wild Bill

      “Gentlemen, I appreciate the help, and I am also wondering where Liberty gets that 50grain projectile, too. I bet the Chinese know their industrial secrets. Maybe, for a fee, … naaah.
      OK, I’ll keep you all posted.”

      Many things are available for reloading that are not considered for commercial production.
      I have a close friend that wanted to produce a piece of cartridge brass that had a 45 colt rim but was of 45 ACP/AR length,so he approached different cartridge brass producers with the idea.
      He went with Starline as the producer and for more than ten years he sold the cases,recently Starline has added the 45 Cowboy special case he designed and sold to their regular line of brass.
      He also wanted a 125 gr. hollow base bullet for the cartridge,he searched long and hard and ended up having a talented machinist produce a gang mold for a Magma Master Caster and their is a fellow in Oklahoma using his design that casts and sells the Barnstormer bullet.
      As he often says “This Is America If We Can Put A Man On The Moon Don’t Tell Me We Can’t Do It”.

    3. please don’t feel pity for those who live in California. They get what they deserve. I realize that many of them are pro 2nd amendment and anti-democrat but they had the ability to fight this and they still do. You can’t rely on the courts anymore. The left has weaponized the court system in this country and you’re never going to get anywhere. It’s time to man up grow a set take the bull by the horns and head to Sacramento with the very tools they want to take from you.

        1. I agree. I spend a number of years stationed there at Pendleton, MCRD, 29 Palms and Barstow. There are good people in most of the state but they are simply outnumbered by the urban mindless masses. That being said, I must state that in my experience most California gun owners have simply been beaten down to parade rest and have given up. Look at the lack of support for CRPA, Members Council, most gun clubs and most wildlife conservation groups and you will see what I mean. Numbers involved in those efforts are minute compared to the other red states surrounding CA. I have been on sheep society projects where half of the volunteers are from out of state. I taught hunter ed at Bass Pro in Rancho for 2 years. People look at you like you are nuts when you invite them to go on wildlife conservation projects. CA is a different animal. Most folks who live there have no commitment to the state even after living there for 30 years. Many would like to leave. But they need all the support they can get.

            1. @WB,why in the hell did Trump release the date and time of this illegal alien roundup ? The element of surprise is gone and the illegal Mexicans will go into hiding.

      1. I disagree. The left is very happy to host illegal aliens, it means votes. They don’t want the census to ask people if they are illegal because the more people on the census, the more votes, which means more representation, which means better chances for passing laws and more federal money. The California liberal government is the epitome of corruption and deceit. Our fellow 2A supporters don’t deserve this at all.

    4. That you are fighting it “legally” “in court” means that you have already lost and that they have usurped something not entitled to them.

      SO (Finally wrap you head(s) around the notion that):
      1) The people foisting their tyrannical Shiite on you are nothing more than your idiot ahole neighbors who needed a job (your “government”);
      2) The 2nd Paragraph of the Declaration of Independence states that it is your “duty” to chuck such aholes “Whenever” you deem necessary.
      3) In case you haven’t noticed, it’s well within the realm of necessary. [Don’t sweat the small crap, this GREAT Nation was founded on the ending of the lives of our Founder’s ahole neighbors who wanted to do much less tyrannical crap (and THOSE aholes were not even ALSO pitching satanic-communism)].
      4) Maybe those ignorant aholes won’t go home quietly, peaceably, and of their own volition, and they have themselves bulwarked behind the military might and infrastructure that you helped pay for [and we only have one maxim: “I WILL NOT PAY TO RAISE UP AN ARMY AGAINST MYSELF !”].
      5) You have the 2nd Amendment to back you up in this instance, and it requires PARITY of “arms” (not just guns) with your government. Make that argument one time in court as a warning (again as prescribed in the Declaration of Independence, Paragraph 1) (although they are already on constructive notice due to the Declaration of Independence and our Nation’s history). Then Walk the F out. Human history has shown that it’ll likely take extreme violence to displace such ticks.
      6) But, as a matter of decency, tell all those MFs to pack their sh_t ‘n git (QUIETLY), or else some other peaceable citizens in other states are going to have to eventually come get our real estate back and we’ll deal with California, and California monolithically.

      1. Ok Joe R, You get to killin all the neighbors, and I’ll be along as so as I can see my way clear. While I’m on the way, is there anything that you want me to bring for you, some oxycodone or something?

    5. All of these “schemes” will fail miserably for one reason…they require an innordinate amount of follow up, software and personnell, which most States don’t have the resources for. Look at the gun grab they attempted in CT. after SandyHook(FF)…failed miserably and to this day. most have not turned in their rifles or registered them…including the cops who are supposed to be enforcing the lawless law.
      We need to put an all out legal assault on CA…hit them with multiple suits on every element of the infringements they have put on their citizens.

    6. Leave it to California politicians and bureaucrats to enact a law and then have no way to administer it. I believe the real purpose of this law is to determine if the ammunition you are buying matches the gun/s you possess against the ones CDOJ has on record for you. Then they will start asking why you are acquiring ammunition for a gun you are not supposed to have.

      1. but there IS no “gun I am not supposed to have” since I have the RIGHT to KEEP and BEAR “arms” which would include ANY weapon I choose.

        Perhaps I got that box of whatever has your knickers in a knot as a birthday gift to my son in law. Or maybe I am an avid collector of ammunition, and want a carton of as many different kinds as I care to find and buy.

        So stuff it, Bozo

    7. I remember the BATF driven moronic clusterf*ck of registering ammo, .22 LR specifically, back in the late 70s & early 80’s. This is what happens when history is ignored. It was a disaster then and it’s no different now. A monumental waste of time and tax dollars.

    8. It’s time for more people to join the ‘reloading’ crowd. I seldom buy factory rounds. It depends.
      And reloading is productive,relaxing,interesting, educational and just plain fun!

      1. @Ron 1, You are just the guy that I am looking for. I just love that Liberty Ammunition in .357, but it is about $1.40 per round. I’d like to duplicate it by reloading it myself, but I can’t find a recipe in any of the manuals, or .50 grain projectiles, and I can’t discover what kind of powder Liberty uses. Got any ideas?


          I usually go here for some loads. Getting a manufacturers recipe for type of powder can be like getting KFC’s recipe for its batter. I have some manuals I resort to also. Google helps although one has to be cautious on what some of these forum guys will say. I read where today’s .357 powder grains are somewhat ‘watered down’ as a result of all the .357 snubbys used for concealed carry.
          I reload tons of .357 and pour my own too. Experiment. There are a lot of good powders and bullets out there. I’ll check it out to see whats close.

        2. @ Wild Bill

          Companies such as Liberty,Cor Bon,Buffalo Bore and others have access to non canister powders that are not sold commercially. That maybe the case if I understood you correctly,pushing a .357 with a bullet weight of 50 grains,I know of off book data that was used for 9 mm pushing 90 Gr.-115 Gr.projectiles,in + P range using of all powders,Unique.

          1. In reloading both .38 Special (for my daughter) and 9mm (for myself and my granddaughter), I’ve had very good results using Hodgdon’s “TiteGroup” powder, which is readily available just about everywhere, and so far remains at a decent price. At about 1,600 charges per pound, it’s fairly economical.

            According to Hodgdon, +P charges can be acceptably obtained (for correctly-rated firearms, of course)… although I have not found any information at all about their +P+ (which I have no need for, anyway).

            1. Gentlemen, I appreciate the help, and I am also wondering where Liberty gets that 50grain projectile, too. I bet the Chinese know their industrial secrets. Maybe, for a fee, … naaah.
              OK, I’ll keep you all posted.

      2. No. It’s time for gun owners to man up and March on Sacramento and forcibly remove those that would strip you of your second amendment rights. you go ahead and spend a couple of thousand dollars on reloading equipment and supplies only to find out that next year all of it is illegal and of course many of you will bow to them and hand over the equipment that you just paid a good amount of hard earned Cash 4. Why? Because you’re afraid of your own shadows. the second amendment was written and placed in our constitution for exactly this reason. Your government has become tyrannical it is your duty as an American citizen to defend your rights and remove the tyrants from office

    9. It’s supposed to be impractical, burdensome and costly. The intent is to discourage people from buying ammo, especially those who are considering the sport or self-defense.

      1. ^That. Right there.

        This is a feature, not a bug. Making it more costly, more time consuming, more difficult in every way is mean to disuade both current and future gun owners. Current – meant as both a burden, and a punishment. For some this will mean less shooting, less practice, less of everything firearms related, and for a smaller group, they may stop participation altogether, be it for economic reasons (most burdensome on low income gun owners), or those that do not want their ammo purchases tracked. Worse, for this may cause an aversion for potential new gun owners who choose not not participate at all due to the hurdle that must be cover come.

        Again, a feature, not a bug…and another tool in the march toward fulfillment of ‘The Narrative’.

        1. and NEVER forget to include the overstuff salaries these gummit incompetents are gifted, and ESPECIALLY not the huge pensions they will draw down starting about the tie they reach fifty. That means the public teat will get wring out to feed and warm these rats for another forty years after they cease their gross pestering and harrassment of WE THE PEOPLE. Gotta contatntly invent new excuses to hire more of the drone class of harrassers.
          But what’s gonna happen when so many folks flee that occkroach infested excuse of a state and leave them with twice the number of takers as there are makers?
          The implosioin will be great fun to watch.

    10. As a veteran who used to live and work in California at Edwards AFB, China Lake Ridgecrest and 29 Palms, the Federal government should use leverage of moving all these bases out of California to fight the globalist led liberal takeover of California real estate because on a higher level, that’s the ultimate goal for globalists.

      1. That’s exactly what they’re hoping for. It’s a pattern.
        Drive out GOD from schools
        Drive out Patriotism with false labels and minority whining
        Drive out the manufacturing jobs with taxes.
        Drive out the utility infrastructure with environmental regulations.
        Drive out the Conservatives with satanic-communism.
        Drive out the remainder citizens with illegal immigration and homeless decrepitude


        California for a few communistic aholes that need to be hunted.

      2. Your fall-back position behind a claymore mine is no good, because they’ve overrun your claymore and turned it around on ya.

        Quit falling back. Fix bayonets.

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