The Demise of the NRA has Been Greatly Exaggerated

By Tom King, President of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association.

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The Demise of the NRA has Been Greatly Exaggerated

New York – The NRA has had some business issues play out in the public eye. . . No question. But, In fact, the issues faced by the NRA are the same issues that some large organizations face over time. The only difference is that the NRA’s issues are playing out in the public arena. Why? Because we are the NRA.

The root of the NRA’s problems are caused by the fear that the NRA will ensure the retention of the United States Senate by Conservative Republicans, re-capturing the House of Representatives by the Republican Party and most importantly securing the re-electing Donald Trump as President of the United States. Friends that’s what this is all about and if a few good men and a 150-year-old organization are ruined along the way, better yet!

Progressives will stop at nothing to achieve their goals just look back over the past 2.5 years at the attempt to destroy President Trump; charges of collusion, obstruction, sex and sexual abuse the only thing he wasn’t charged with was liking Rock & Roll. His family was supposed to be falling apart, his kids were crooks, Russian agents, and some even suggested the First Lady was a prostitute. Let’s not forget the attempt to destroy Judge Kavanaugh’s life with many similar claims. There are too many others whose lives were ruined through innuendo, false claims and coerced confessions to name but you know who they are because the fake news posted their names all over the United States.

Now it’s Wayne LaPierre’s turn in the barrel. Why? If you destroy Wayne, there is a good chance the NRA will fail or be greatly diminished.

Let’s look closer at his career path with the NRA, which began thirty-five years ago as a lobbyist. Over the years he excelled in every position he held and was finally appointed as Executive Vice-President. During his tenure as Executive Vice-President, the NRA grew from an anemic less than 2 million member association into the 5 million-member plus behemoth we have now become. While it is difficult to pin point an exact number some people, who know, say Wayne has personally raised hundreds of millions of dollars for the Association. By any method of evaluation that’s a matchless record.

Why? Why have a number of pro-gun associations and leaders joined with Bloomberg, Soros and others to sow dissent and demand Wayne’s resignation? Unfortunately, there is a myriad of answers and motivations to that simple question, but let’s delve into a few generically without naming names. One of the co-conspirators problems with the NRA dates back thirty years when similar claims were made, and an attempted coup was stopped by the Board of Directors. A couple of the other antagonists failed in an attempt to be elected to the Board of Directors and have carried a seething grudge since their loses. A couple of current Board Members truly believe they are on the right side. A few others simply saw this as a short cut up the organizational chart. Others are competitors – with considerably less octane.

Friends, no matter what their motivations are for this attempt to oust Wayne from his leadership role, the perpetrators are simply on a fools errand that will divide 2ndAmendment supports, lead to a weakening of the Association, ensure we lose the U.S Senate and possibly contribute to the failure to re-elect President Trump; which in turn will lead to the loss of the 2nd Amendment and gun rights as we know them. If you don’t believe this let me point out a few results of what total control by Progressive Democrats leads to: New York, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Washington State. Need I go further?

In closing let me state that I stand behind the NRA, the NRA Board of Directors and Wayne LaPierre and in turn collectively we stand behind the Second Amendment and the Gun Owners of the United States.

Thank you, Wayne, for all you continue to do for us and for all that you’ve have accomplished. It is because of your efforts that we have semi-autos today, people can buy affordable guns and transport firearms freely for lawful purposes. You helped save the American firearms industry. You persevered till we have comprehensive Right-to-Carry laws. You made Castle Doctrine the law in many states. Preemption statutes, Emergency Protection Laws, Range Protection Hunter Harassment – all these laws – thanks to you. Please, know the gun owners of the United States support you and are grateful for your efforts on their behalf.

Please accept my personal vote of confidence.

Tom King

Tom King

About New York State Rifle & Pistol Association:

The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association is the state’s largest and oldest firearms advocacy organization. Since 1871, our organization has been dedicated to the preservation of Second Amendment rights, firearm safety, education and training, and the shooting sports. Our membership consists of individuals and clubs throughout the state. We are a not-for-profit 501(c)4 organization and the official NRA-affiliated State Association in New York. Visit:

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Fuck you!


Hey Idiot? Yeah you, Tom. Have you seen the news??? Another NRA board member has resigned…and he was in Oliver North’s camp. I guess you knew this already.

Its going to become very painful, the longer you wait to step down. You might to let Wayne in on it too.

You both are a disease, which needs to be removed from the NRA, along with the other leeches.

See you tomorrow…not going anywhere until you two do.


Delete another one of my posts and I am gone. Idiot!


Tom…the flies are dropping. When are you going to get the hint and move out? Should I call you and Wayne an Uber or do you prefer Lyft? I am paying…on way or another.


Hey Tom…another Board member just resigned…when are you going to get the hint and move along?

Its amazing what you will allow to pass as “in the NRA’s best interest” when everything around you and Wayne is crumbling. Be a man about it…hombre!


The NRA sends out a news letter and the first thing you are asking for is MONEY…Tom, stop the bleeding and RESIGN. Take Floppy suits with you.


Another day, another lost opportunity to right this sinking ship…Step up Tom and step out.

Wayne, When you going to realize those with pitchforks are only going to grow more pissed off the longer you hide behind your corrupt board…


Tom…time is running out on you. The rot needs to be cut out, in order to save the NRA. Be the true 2nd Amendment supporter you claim to be and step aside. Make sure Wayne goes with you.

Step up and step out.


“The Demise of the NRA has Been Greatly Exaggerated”

At this point you might be regretting these words…now that a class action lawsuit against, you and WLP, the NRA and the NRA foundation. The crooked webs we weave, seem to entangle you in the lies and deceit you fostered at the NRA. You will be removed from your position come hell or high water…I can pretty much assure you of that. And, I won’t have any regrets in the words I use when you are finally ousted.

Good riddance.


Three more Board members have resigned Tom…when are you going to hand in your resignation letter, you SOB?


“Former NRA senior employee, Emily Cummins, who worked for twelve years in the N.R.A.’s treasurer’s office, quietly resigned, in November, as the group’s internal strife escalated. Cummins, in a written statement alleges that Brewer obstructed the work of N.R.A. accountants and vastly exacerbated the organization’s financial woes as he charged it hefty legal fees. The statement lays out a list of allegations regarding Brewer’s legal work and his treatment of N.R.A. staff as questions surfaced about his law firm’s billings, which totalled *twenty-four million dollars* in a thirteen month period. In the first quarter of 2019, Brewer’s firm charged over… Read more »


Looks like the Board was aware of the cash flow crunch being dealt to the NRA…yet the lawyers made sure they were paid first, even before the NRA employees…how did you manage to get away with that?

Not only do you have poor accounting practices, you can’t even manage your payroll, without leaving the NRA employees holding a check can might bounce…

Resign…you all are a disgrace.


The bleeding of trust and support for the NRA is going to come at a great cost to those who bury their heads in WLP ass. I don’t want to see another “open letter” of support for that crook. He might as well join the ranks of crooked Hillary as far as I am concerned.

The NRA has defined itself as being a POS organization…what once was, is no longer…Time will bleed you dry.

Still waiting on those resignation letters.


Tom…another week and the NRA is bleeding members and money. How long before you and the others decide to right this ship and offload Wayne? At some point soon, the onslaught will overwhelm all of you. Take heed!


I believe he is practicing the principle that “Ignorance is bliss”

After all, its not like its unusual for the Board to ignore those under them and treat them like peasants not worthy to be able to speak to directly. What else did you expect from him?


Tom….I expected to see WLP resignation letter here, along with yours. Lets go…time is money and our rights need to be protected…by those not on the take.


This is an open letter to Tom King. My apologies for not penning it sooner due to a death in the family this past week. Mr. King, I am sorry to see you taking up the mantle left in the absence of one Harold Hutchison who has been absentia Since Ammoland’s revamp. However, it is with bluster and determination that you apparently seek to fill his shoes, so much so that the deliberate effort to demonstrate your disconnection to reality is apparent to any rational mind here. You have become “Baghdad Bob” of the NRA. “The root of the NRA’s… Read more »


For NRA to Live, LaPierre Needs to Resign
Gun Talk Radio Spotlight
July 19, 2019
“You will not find out what’s going on at the NRA from the NRA because they’re lying.”
Tom Gresham
NRA Life Member, NRA Benefactor


NRA retaliates against Wayne LaPierre’s Critics on the Board of Directors
JULY 18, 2019

“The country’s most powerful gun lobby may have a commanding grip on American politics, but it continues to face revolt from within. The National Rifle Association has been embroiled in a bitter, public civil war for several months following a probe of its finances, and a recently leaked email may have just thrown fuel on the fire.”

Read Entire Article:


“I have put this off for a while as I waited to see how events would develop. The leaders at the NRA and I’m talking about YOU, the board of directors, as well as the hired help, have spent years … decades … setting up a system which gives key people massive financial rewards. In my view, it’s at least malfeasance, and it might even be corruption. Monster salaries, private jets, slush funds, insane budgets spent on TV shows, as well as PR and advertising campaigns designed to do nothing more than generate more funds which can be siphoned off… Read more »


Hey Tom…did you know WLP has some shell companies, listing Clinton associate as his CPA? Lots of questions, give us some answers…




It is time for Wayne to go. He is “TAINTED”, weather he is “guilty” or not, WAYNE NEEDS TO GO. If he is such a remarkable leader, then – WHY HAVEN’T WE HEARD FROM WAYNE??????? With leadership, age is a factor, maturity, wisdom, experience, etc. So Wayne has much to offer. BUT he is TAINTED!!!! Wayne needs to MAN UP and resign, retire, quit, get fired, whatever. But he needs to go. I am not judging him, only recognizing the fact that I have not heard much good about him, especially since the convention. He is TAINTED, he needs to… Read more »

Old Goat

Thanks for the Baghdad Bob comment. It gave me a laugh that kept my head from exploding. Mr. King’s letter seems so out of touch with reality I wonder if someone else wrote it as a prank on us. Either way, let’s all work together.


He mentions the great influx of members and credits LePee for that. We all know that Obama was the best gun salesman and the best second amendment rights group salesman of all times because no one trusted him to do anything positive. The time for lip service is over, the time for repentance is over. The only thing left is new management and new board members. This guy likes his cushy job and doesn’t want to lose it and that is why he wrote this letter but it is falling on deaf ears.


Allen West installed as president.
Next meeting on a cruise ship in the north Pacific?
Kinda reminds me of a grievance listed in the Declaration of Independence!

Ej harbet

Mr king you are in the same lot as kamala harris, wlp is your william brown. Please go away and find the honor you dropped in the ditch!

American Patriot

You are right about that!. If King is behind Wayne & the board that about the same as all the liberals that were behind Hillary Clinton. Same Sh!t different Klan.


With all this pressure about the NRA I heard WLP had to order another $ 250,000.00 in suits (paid for by the NRA) to calm his nerves and make him feel better. Next is a Mercedes to go along with the Chartered Jet. Yes this is sarcasm.

Wild Bill

@Cir, Perhaps WLP is treating himself to a going away present, or he is milking the cow for the last time.

Ol' Sapper

A life member since the late ’80s,I refuse to donate to the NRA again until La Pierre is gone. The GOA and the SAF are getting what I can spare.


Let’s see. In recent years Chucky Schumer has decided that veterans diagnosed with PTSD lose their 2nd amendment right. He did the same in the case of the elderly who have someone else administer their social security payments. Now we have red flag laws popping up everywhere. So where was the NRA? In the case of LaPierre, he was no doubt getting measured for new suits. What ever happened to due process in this country. Convicted felons are fairly adjudicated while Chucky, almost unilaterally decides who CAN’T own a firearm. Then there’s the matter from some years back when Tom… Read more »

jack mac

Mr. King, you are member of the NRA BOD of 76. I suggest that you identify your status in future articles. It would help to standout in such a crowd. It appears that the majority of the 76 are lost or hiding in this crowd. All actions performed by executive officers are to be credited to the BOD. Instead of increasing active membership, the BOD has increased its list of donators, a suckers list. The reasons that I have not completely removed my name from this list, is because I believe in the stated purpose of the NRA. I do… Read more »


I believe many of the members are questioning the use of the NRA monies and we do not have confidence in our current leadership. So I do support replacing Wayne LaPierre to bolster support. Wayne has had a good run but now is the time to change and to change the makeup of the board of directors. We need younger leadership who can streamline the organization and build a more diverse membership.

jack mac

Younger? We need people who will staunchly defend the basic right to life and freedom to take over. It is not necessary to be young, but the more the better. We defend the rights of every person of our nation. All individuals believing they should maintain their rights should join us. That will make a diverse membership. Those who will not stand with this diversity are not standing for our rights. Best they stay outside our defenses and move from our advances. While we are trying to reestablish the NRA, we need to strengthen other like minded organizations. Even the… Read more »


I think Mr. King made a big mistake here not disclosing he was an NRA board member. I’m totally fine with his support of WLP…after all the board endorsed him unanimously. It really shows how tone deaf the board is tone deaf the BOD is. The demise of the NRA may not be happening, but there are many, many pissed off members, and it could end up being “anemic” once again, using your own term. Every one of these BOD written “I support Wayne” articles generates hundreds of NRA members opposing the $100,000 hidden clothing allowance, the first class travel,… Read more »


The overwhelming sentiment of all the commenters is that here is no support for the current leadership at the NRA. Good or bad for the organization WLP must step down, the BoD reduced and re organized and all the other cronies profiting from inside connections swept out. Until that occurs the membership will be reduced and contributions cut sharply. I think there is a need for an organization like the NRA but I have hedged my bets by joining the GOA and SAF and looking for local groups to support. I would urge all to do the same.



I think we have rejected your personal vote of confidence. When are you going to resign? Both of you have demonstrated the inability to make the right decisions for those you are supposed to represent.
I expect your resignation letter by the end of today…you can post it here.


Tom, as a Benefactor Life member and a former NRA Advancement employee, I am appalled at your desire to gloss over the financial mismanagement that has occurred and attempt to place Wayne Lapierre above the core mission of the NRA. I do not however place all of the blame at the feet of Wayne Lapierre, although the buck should stop with the guy in charge. There are FAR too many BOD members that enrich themselves off relationships with third party vendors such as Ackerman MacQueen and others that seem to be willing to do anything to keep him in place.… Read more »


Mr. King,
I find your defense of WLP and the BoD proves you to be either ignorant or willfully obtuse of the evidence against your stated position. I might be able to excuse your ignorance, but if you are rejecting facts because of “feelings” you are worse than an idiot. What ever the reason, I don’t think I will be bothered to read any more of your comments as they hold no value to me in the discussion regarding the fate of the NRA.


So without Wayne we wouldn’t have semi-autos, the right to self defense, carry laws, or castle doctrine? Wayne was the key to all that? What a bunch of baloney. The free men and women of the United States did that. Not Wayne. Not even the NRA. Every time someone comes to the defense of NRA’s failings by talking full credit for anything positive that ever happened I have to just roll my eyes. The NRA is a tool used by the gun lobby, not the gun lobby itself. We members have decided it’s time for a new sprocket in our… Read more »


Seems that demise of the NRA isn’t the actual news… It’s the “demise” (dropping off) of those supporting the NRA, the members are basically done filling the piggy bank for the extravagant board of director club to have fun and look dapper. The hard earned money donated to the NRA is to be used to back pro second amendment causes and laws. The NONSTOP hounding for donations, is what finally pulled my plug. I have family members that are also close to pulling that plug. The money said to be being wasted by Mr. LaPierre AND other board members for… Read more »


Most of the 80-plus members of my shooting club are all paying the $10 Liberty associate membership fee now.. we are paying $10 because it is a requirement for insurance of our shooting range, that you be a member of the NRA …except for the life members that is that paid a long time ago.. more and more people are finding out about the $10 membership and paying instead of the overpriced one year membership… The $10 membership you don’t get harassed over the phone or by mail either..


State of the NRA – The Lies, The Attacks, and The Future
Published on Jul 15, 2019


I have belonged to the NRA since the 1070s. I also joined GOA and the 2nd Amendment Foundation shortly after. You can’t have too much ammo, and you can’t belong to too many 2nd Amendment supporting organizations.

Wild Bill

, Really, so what was the Norman invasion of England really like?


The problem with the NRA is it has become too bloated with too many lukewarm members that do not totally support 2nd Amendment rights.. The NRA became so money hungry that they tried to get just any member in.. Then you see polls that as many as 80% of NRA members want stricter gun control laws and Universal background checks.. Some members support giving up your due process rights on so-called red flag laws.. Some members only want their guns protected and don’t care about others guns.. I would rather lose a million of these so-called members and keep strong… Read more »


And before one certain commenter answers this post, I will say this.. I am for reaching out to minorities, women and new naturalized immigrants ONLY IF they are strong supporters of the Second Amendment…. Hopefully the leftist, communist or socialist will not join or further infiltrate the ranks any further.. the NRA has already lurched to the left enough in this past decade.. the come one and come all (with your $$) has been the Achilles heel of this once-proud organization..


Hey Brother…we are on the same side, with different views both looking to head in the right direction. After our back and forth I think we have finally moved beyond the smack down and onto the things we both want to see happen within the NRA and our government regarding our Rights. We want the same thing, I just got ahead of myself…and for that, I apologize.

Brothers in Arms…


I had been an annual member for years, until the total demonization of the NRA after the Parkland school shooting by the so-called “survivors” that became little political animals hell-bent on total civilian disarmament. I signed up to be a Life Member on the EPL (Easy Pay Life) plan. As of this evening, I have cancelled my automatic payments, with the next one due on 10-8-19. Depending on what happens in the next 3 months, depends on whether I continue the plan or say “ADIOS MUCHACHO!”
Too bad, because I always liked the gun safety training aspect of the NRA.


Due to Lapierre’s machinations and death grip on the BOD, the NRA is presently impotent and incapable of saving itself from a legal onslaught that could very well destroy it. In failing to act, the BOD due to complicity and cowardice set in concrete a juggernaut of legal hell that will rip the NRA wide open to an inquisition fueled by by leftists, anti-gun politicians and Bloomberg inspired attorneys. The only hope I see is if enough NRA members rally around the effort at, there might be a chance to prevent the total destruction of the association. If the… Read more »

Wild Bill

, I did not compute the odds, but if a state’s or various states’ prosecutors would indict WLP, other NRA officers, and perhaps even certain BOD members, those persons would not be available to serve, due to their being busy trying to stay out of jail.
Then, in theory at least, the membership could replace WLP, other effected NRA officers, and BOD members, with honest, committed Second Amendment defenders.
Converse to their purpose, the prosecutors would make the NRA stronger. Wouldn’t that be a joke.

Charlie Foxtrot

Baghdad Bob comes to mind!

Well, since everything is fine with the NRA, you certainly don’t need my donations. Have a good day!


Mr. King, with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, NYAG Letitia James and DCAG Karl Racine breathing down the NRA’s back issuing document requests and subpoenas left and right, sooner or later Lapierre’s misconduct will be publicly validated and unceremoniously cuffed, shackled and perp walked to the big house.

Lapierre’s shenanigans had long been known to some on the NRA BOD and to others within the organization, ultimately exploding full bore into the open and coming to a head at the recent NRAAM. As a board officer it was your duty to act and save the NRA, but you choose to DO NOTHING!


King’s insane plea that saving Lapierre is the same as saving the NRA is despicable. It’s a fools errand to continue proselytizing the worship of a personality cult that’s crashed and burned and will never rise again. My take on King is that his insider knowledge has him personally horrified to where all this is leading, and as his divine master falls: “There but for the grace of GOD go I.”

Will Flatt

Yes, and possibly even sooner than that. Gun owners everywhere in America want a NO-COMPROMISE gun rights group!! The NRA needs to see that and take note!! No more fudds in charge of 2A activism!!

Will Flatt

What a load of horse puckey!! The only real threat to the NRA is Whiny LaPee-yew! His failed leadership, financial improprieties, castle intrigue and all-around skullduggery is what’s wrecking the NRA; NOT THE LEFTISTS WHO HATE THE NRA. Of course the fact that an NRA affiliate organization’s leadership has to shill for this man doesn’t win any points, either. NRA affiliate organizations are tied at the hip and their fortunes will rise and wane with the NRA’s. King and nearly every other NRA BOD have failed in their duties to the membership who voted them in. Those BOD’s who are… Read more »

Autsin Miller III

“The demise of the NRA has been greatly exaggerated.” Probably, but it will most likely not be anywhere near the same as it was and a large part of that truth has to placed at the feet of WLP and the BOD. I have a question for you Mr. King, why can’t the members of the NRA see the by laws that govern their organization? Another question please; who approved a quarter million dollars for clothing allowance for WLP? I could go on but what’s the point? These are issues you seem to discount as disgruntled wannabe’s whining but the… Read more »


All of a sudden I have newfound respect for Tom Selleck and Pete Brownell…


It’s just a matter of time before one or more NRA executives looking at prison time will “flip”, take an immunity or plea deal, and become a witness for the prosecution against the organization. That is of course if it hasn’t already happened and the informant has been allowed to remain on the inside under the direction and control of prosecutors.

Wild Bill

, Imagine that the prosecutor for the state of New York clears the way for the NRA to reform, and become an efficient, energetic, Second Amendment defending organization. Whoda thunk it.

Big Dave C.

Mr. King believes that we if we want change it must be for nefarious reasons, and not because we want a better NRA. If we don’t support WLP then we must support Bloomberg. This is the same kind of argument the gun grabbers use: If you don’t support banning assault weapons, then you must hate children.


Tom King: your article practically presupposes that WLP will be NRA King Forever. WLP is not immortal, he WILL die. What then?

WLP has to go NOW, his era is over and new leadership is needed along with a thorough housecleaning, a revamping of the BoD, and financial transparency. Without any of this the NRA will continue to collapse from within. WLP is a cancer and he must be excised. Period.


So… How much is he paying you?

Setting that aside, this entire article is a red herring. The reason the NRA needs to clean house is because it looks all kinds of corrupt.

NRA, you don’t get my money until you fix yourself, period. There are plenty of other organizations out there who don’t write anti-gun legislation or green-light bump-stock bans and then invite the person who signed them to their conventions.

Yes, we have a long memory. We study history and don’t intend to repeat it. We stand up for our rights.