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Donations to the National Rifle Association

U.S.A. –-(  I received donation letters and a phone call last week from both the National Rifle Association and from the NRA-ILA, the Institute for Legislative Action. I wrote these letters in reply. I’m sure some people will call me a hater, but I want the NRA to reform. I bet you do too. We're told that we're the NRA, but Fairfax doesn't seem to be listening to us. We will see if money talks.

National Rifle Association of America
(Second letter to National Rifle Association of America- Institute for Legislative Action)
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

You recently asked me for money. I’ve donated in the past. I want to donate again. I will donate when Wayne LaPierre has left the NRA, and the NRA has severed all ties with Ackerman McQueen. I will donate elsewhere until then.

Rob Morse
Member number
Patriot life member

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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    1. Agree with Oldvet and others. Remain a Life Member but not a single penny till LaPierre is gone and NRA is reformed.
      We need a reformed NRA that is accountable to its mission and membership, and not a personal fiefdom for those in charge. My money is going to GOA, 2nd Amendment Foundation and State organizations.

      Check out Firearms Owners Against Crime (FOAC) led by Kim Stolfer in Pennsylvania. FOAC and Kim are the 2A gold standard in every regard.
      FOAC is on the front line against the anti-2A forces in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

    2. TThese people get PAID how much at NRA !?! NOBODY is WORTH that much!!! These PEOPLE TAKE MONEY from poor people like ME/US and live HIGH on the HOG while I cant even AFFORD to pay MY MEDICAL BILLS on MEDICARE from my SOCIAL SECURITY!!! I GUESS its because I have a CONSCIENCE where these PEOPLE evidently DDOONN””TT!!!! STOP!!! THIEVES!!!! NRA LIFE MEMBER SINCE 1987. Out with the old!!!! IN with some NEW!!! MAKE EVERY POSITION IN NRA VOTABLE!!! NO MORE WAYNE!!

    3. Agreed. I’m a Patron Life Member and have been a member of the NRA for over thirty years. I’m now disabled and on a fixed income but I still try to regularly send them a few bucks. No more, I feel betrayed by the NRA and won’t give them a dime until serious reform has taken place. The ridiculously oversized board needs to be trimmed to 10 or 12 people that have real power, regular audits are needed to ensure our money is going to protect the Second Amendment, and Wayne LaPierre has to go.

    4. I recently wrote back to the NRA after their latest funding letter that they should get Fancy-Clothes Lapierre to sell some of his suits if they need money. My membership runs out next year and I won’t be renewing until Fancy-Clothes is gone. I’m a life member of the CCRKBA and GOA. They’ll get my donations. I hadn’t gotten a new membership card for 2019 so I called Member Services and asked for one. I told the lady that answered I figured Fancy-Clothes needed another new suit so they couldn’t afford to send out cards this year. She was not amused.

    5. NRA needs to be kept alive to serve as the leftist punching bag. However, I need more effective use of my $.
      I went with OFF (Oregon), GOA, and SAF.

    6. I’ve been sending a similar letter, response or verbal reply every time the NRA has contacted me since the late 1990s when I first saw LaPierre’s abuses of his position, the waste of donations and the lackadaisical opposition to gun legislation by the NRA under LaPierre’s control. Up until that time I had been a yearly member for over 10 years and was the first President of the local branch of the Friends of the NRA.

    7. I’m really concerned about this. On one hand we have a blood sucking organization that’s been doing the same thing for over 40 years and it has only come out of the shadows now when we are on the verge of the greatest gun rights battle ever. Quite convenient isn’t it. I don’t like the way the NRA is run but it is the largest gun rights organization in the US. Guns America and all the others combined I don’t think can equal it. If Wayne LaPierre would show a gesture of reducing his salary, the members could have 51 % voting power and they didn’t use such bloodsucking techniques to guilt the membership into giving their last dime. I think most of us would be happy to get on with business at hand, Our Constitutional Rights to own firearms! The Dems are going to be tough to beat this coming year. And with this major bombardment of new gun legislature we are going to need to get our ducks in a row. Come on Wayne do the right things to bring gun owners to one strong again, and the rest of you and I stop bickering and show our strength. This is the very wrong time for dissension in the ranks of gun owners. We have the fight of our lives ahead of us.

      1. @Matthew Thacker

        And throwing unconditional support behind a Benedict Arnold for that fight is very wrong.

        Wayne must go, end of story. Salary cuts and caps should be put in place for the next, but Wayne must leave or be thrown out. We will not budge for gestures, Wayne must go.

        Further, It is a constitutional Guarantee to a pre existing right. That is why the NRA is failing and in turmoil, because it betrayed us on that issue. They have not been the guardians of our firearms freedoms as they stated so many times, they have actively worked against us for almost a century.

        The dissension that is occurring now is the bed the NRA and those of its members who wanted some of the infringements it pushed for, or acted as apologists for. They made the bed, but they are finding out now they don’t want to lay in it. We told you what must be done countless times over the last few years before we will ever consider standing with you again, and we will not compromise.

        1. And we have a president that has done the same thing with the NRAs help. Trump spoke of never compromising our second amendment rights but I have a bag here at home with a cut up bump stock that he owes me 289.00 with tax that was a serious misjudgment on his part. To me that was a violation of my constitutional rights against illegal seizure. Basically black mail. Destroy it or be a felon. Now he wants to end suppressors. Some 2nd amendment president he is. With his presidential order on the bump stocks he has opened Pandora’s box for all democratic presidents to ban items by presidential order. That means anything that they fancy ugly or politically incorrect. I do everything in my power to do things by the book and break no laws. I jump through all the hoops. I was a NRA firearms instructor for 13 years. A gunsmith for 12 years and a competitive shooter for 6 years. But in today’s society I’m being made to feel like a criminal just because I own firearms.
          My point in the beginning of my last post is why now? Wayne LaPierre has been spinning his propaganda for as long as I’ve been into firearms 40 years. Why know during the worst time I’ve ever seen for gun legislation did this all erupted. Seems to me there is something or someone trying to sabbatoge the 2nd amendment organizations. Believe me the Democrats are loving this. Whether we get Wayne LaPierre out right this minute is unimportant, what is important is tying his hands so he can’t do anymore damage, and circle the wagons to show a strong front. We keep dividing and we will surly loose. Yes we have a lot of America loving veterans that would stand up and be counted if the SHTF, I’m just hoping if it comes to that we will all back each other up, you know how they will come for your guns don’t you? Fake other charges against you so it doesn’t look like they are coming for your guns. This will make it difficult for others and your friends to decide to help you as well.

          1. If you’ve been part of the gun culture this long you have either been sound asleep or you know that all this stuff that has JUST NOW come to a head has in fact been going on for quite some time. At least, you SHOULD know… That’s why WLP fought off Neal Knox in the 90’s to remain EVP of the NRA: Knox and his faction within the NRA were trying back then to clean house and get the ship back on course.

            Ask yourself this, however: With everything that’s wrong going on with the NRA, and as bad as it looks, have you stopped to consider that before LaPierre was brought onboard with the NRA, he was a DEMOCRAT PARTY OPERATIVE?? The man is a deep-cover MOLE.

          2. @Matthew Thacker

            I spent a large portion of 2015(winter) and 2016 trying to warn people that Trump was not the Second Amendment defender they were trying to make him out to be. I was ringing the warning bell before it was acceptable to do so. Before that, I was sounding the warning bell against the NRA. I have been attacked left and right for both, but now I have this gigantic I told you so sign that floats in the air above my head. So here is the problem.

            You’ve been watching this for 40years. Watching……. And now that we are in this mess at this particular time because we had so many who were just “watching”, we have some of them suggesting “Well maybe if Wayne will just take a pay cut, everyone will shut up and be content with it.” Wake up and smell the coffee, you did and are currently doing the dividing.

            “Whether we get Wayne LaPierre out right this minute is unimportant, what is important is tying his hands so he can’t do anymore damage, and circle the wagons to show a strong front.”

            Wayne is a cancer. It cannot be ignored, it cannot be left within the host. To do so will kill the host. Every single Cancerous cell must be cut clean out of the NRA. Not one of us who left are ever going to come back and join while Wayne is still a part of it. Get it through your skull, we will not compromise on that. He. Must. Go. Pretending otherwise is delusion.

            Get off your fat backside and help get Lapierre and his cronies out of the NRA, or stay seated trying to defend him. We’ve already left. The only divider at this point are individuals like yourself. You made the bed, so you either need to lay in it or use your brain and get out to find a new place to sleep. And you better decide fast because 2020 is around the corner, AND WE ARE NOT COMING BACK TO THE NRA.

      2. DO THE MATH!

        Everybody keeps talking about the 5000000 membership as if it is supposed to be the backbone of the Michael break of our second amendment rights. Wasn’t there a statement made by character in the movie called The Patriot that said why would he trade his Liberty and freedom for one tyrant 3,000 miles away for three thousand tyrants one mile away?

        People all too often forget we’ve got over 22 million military veterans in this nation which far overshadow our 5 million NRA members and most at the drop of a hat will be on the front lines defending and protecting our Second Amendment by utilizing the Second Amendment in the next Revolution should it ever come.

        It isn’t the five million members that make the NRA powerful, iit’s what each of the 5 million members do and how much backbone they have in stepping up to the plate to defend our 2nd Amendment rights.

        I for one have become a Precinct chairman in my County on the Republican Party and we are now presenting County resolutions that are more powerful than what the NRA would have ever done for us in its lifetime.

        I’m a life member of both the NRA and the Gun Owners of America and I I donate faithfully to the Second Amendment Foundation, (2AF) because they are actively pursuing cases all across the United States, setting to to life presidents in law and they need my support and they are winning!

        Waving a banner in the air saying the same hetoric over and over again for the last 40-plus years wow bargaining away our freedom Liberty and sovereignty in this nation isn’t going to get the job done any quicker then dissolving what we have and rebuilding from scratch.

        What I would like to know is who the hell gave LaPierre and anybody in the board of directors thinking they have the power and the right and Authority to bargain away just one increment of our rights properties, Liberties or sovereignty?

        I would definitely apply this to the fact that their mouths writing checks at their bodies most definitely cannot cash.

        We either get off the bench and don’t these dumbasses and rebuild the NRA from scratch or we dumped the NRA all together because it sure as hell ain’t keeping America afloat with just 5 million members when we have over 310 million citizens in this nation.

        Besides it’s my military ID that gets me 10% discounts at the local hardware stores, transportation and restaurants across the country, NOT my NRA card!

        Semper Fidelis

    8. We NEED the strength of the NRA. However, the NRA needs to get rid of the money-sucking corruption at the top, before I could trust them with another penny.
      My dad (RIP) was a Benefactor – I’m not so generous, but am a “distinguished” Life member.
      Wayne needs to go. We probably need Chris Cox back. We certainly need Ollie, and I’d like to see Allen West get involved.
      Wayne needs to go, in order for NRA to heal and regain unity.

      1. @Mike Hinds.

        Hard no to Chris Cox. He rolled out the video calling for and supporting red flag legislation. He should not be let anywhere near the NRA.

        What we need is the leadership gone, and the board reformed first and foremost. From there we would have to decide if the board nominates candidates for the leadership role, or if we directly nominate and elect them.

      2. @Mike H, Yes, but that strength does not have to be at the NRA. People are simply sliding over to other organizations. GOA is above 2 million already. When GOA’s membership eclipses WLP’s cash cow, then we will have the strength that we need. It won’t take long and will be less expensive for all of us.

        1. @Wild Bill
          I know this comment is a bit late to the show, as it were, but if you happen to read this, GOA’s membership is currently at 3.5 million and climbing. I’ve been a GOA Life Member for 15 years now. With people not renewing NRA memberships, I project that GOA will pass NRA going in opposite directions in about 12-18 months. FYI.

        2. WB, Agreed!
          I’m about 1/2 way between NRA and GOA, depends on which way I turn when I get out to the street. I’ve been turning to GOA for years now. Friendly people hidden in an unmarked office suite, in a nondescript building, in an industrial park. The other is a large twin monolith. GOA doesn’t have the museum, cafe or range, but they don’t waste my money on themselves either.

            1. WB, What would you like to know? My only affiliation is as a member, but I’ll try to get answers. If you want to go back channel on this we can try to work something out. Perhaps Will Flatt can help on some of the questions. Many of your questions may be answered at or

    9. I sent a very similar letter in response to the latest fund raiser. Not another dime until LaPierre is out and the VP salary is at least cut in half – which would still make it $500,000 versus $1 million. Not including the allowances for travel, wardrobe, & “other” expenses. Disgusting!
      I’m a Patron Life member (VFW too) and the way the NRA treated LTC Oliver North makes me very angry. I may never give to them again.

    10. Google NRA Beckett Brown International to see shocking articles about the now-defunct spy outfit and what they have done for the NRA. Four or more Beckett Brown International successor firms are in operation today…

    11. Looks to me like Ammoland provides a forum for many views. For instance, they regularly run columns by Harold Hutchison, VNRA aplogist extraodinaire and full-time surrender monkey.

      You think the VNRA is excoriated here? Checkout The Zelman Partisans:

      And not a socialist to be seen, unless one does a drive-by flaming.

    12. I joined the NRA once, a long time ago. They showed themselves to be dishonorable blood suckers within a couple of months.

      Never again! I don’t care how they might reform themselves. They’re not honorable.

    13. Ammoland continues its excoriation of the NRA to the forum’s detriment. Just as Ammoland lost reader support by its continued tacit support of Backwater Hunters and Anglers, through continuous publication of the leftist organization’s propaganda, the site’s obvious commitment to the downfall of the NRA is working against it. Why does Ammoland find it necessary to act as a surrogate for socialists? Why support those who spread leftist disinformation? Do the advertisers support your attempts to undermine their sales?

      1. Why do YOU find it necessary to act as a surrogate for the corrupt NRA leadership? I guess you are either part of it or closely connected.

        The supposed “leftist disinformation” you speak of are documents that the NRA leadership said are INTERNAL DOCUMENTS and they are searching for the leaker. How can it be disinformation, when the NRA leadership itself says they are legit? Much of the information was CONFIRMED by the NRA leadership in its OWN court filings and public statements, including Wayne LaPierre’s expensive suits:

      2. FelixD, I’m curious, where’d you get the readership numbers?
        Ammoland publishes both sides of issues, there’s another writer who always takes heat for supporting the NRA and another who gets grief for trying to be in the middle of many discussions. That doesn’t sound much like support for any particular viewpoint.

      3. @FelixD

        Funny, you didn’t have the balls to reply to me here and answer a few questions.

        So now you are smearing Ammoland and Constitutionalists as socialists because your poor little feelings are hurt since we wont do what you tell us to.

        So please, answer these questions.
        1. Why do you support Red Flag legislation?
        2. Why do you support infringements against accoutrements?
        3. Why do you hate the Constitution, most notably its guarantee of freedom of speech?

      4. @ Felix D
        If Ammoland didn’t publish this information on the NRA their isn’t anyplace you would find the information on how this organization is misusing the member’s money. The MSM would only tell the worse, if any, about anything. If you don’t like reading about this stuff then just page over it. No body is forcing you to read it. There is a lot of good information published by Ammoland and a lot of good feedback by commenters and it doesn’t all have to do with the technicality of guns.

      1. @GMB, I don’t know, brother, I would not hold my breath waiting on “Wayne and the Sycophants” to give up their cash cow or you might turn mighty blue. Hey, … hey, you could be the BlueMB! LOL. Now don’t take that seriously.

        1. @ Wild Bill

          I’ve been trying to correct the many ills of the organization since the late 70’s,just as voting .writing my feral representatives,I don’t give up and haven’t turned blue as of yet. I do like tilting at windmills though.

      2. That’s why I left the NRA entirely. Didn’t want my name still on the list they could call members, much less suck money from me.

        Happy 4th everybody.

      3. I Am starting a new way of letting the NRA know What I think of them .
        They don’t listen to the membership , guessing they don’t read email’s , or letters either !
        They always include a self addressed envelope they hope to see returned with a donation .
        So I am sending the envelope back …EMPTY ! Hate to waste good envelopes .
        All it costs is a postage stamp which they never include .
        I am a life member and will stay that way sans donations .

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