Female Homeowner Shoots, Kills Intruder

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Female Homeowner Shoots, Kills Intruder

USA –-(Ammoland.com)- FOX 11 TV reports 06 -26-19 In Lucerne Valley, California, a local female resident found an intruder inside her Lucerne Valley home overnight on Tuesday.

According to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department, around 12:28 A.M., deputies from the Victor Valley Sheriff’s Station responded to a residence in the 35000 block of Harvest Moon Street in Lucerne Valley following the report of a shooting.

Inside the home, deputies located the suspect, later identified as a local 32-year-old, suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.

The female resident told deputies that she was asleep in her home when her dog started barking, waking her up. Apparently the intended victim decided to search for the intruder herself.

The victim entered a bedroom where she saw an intruder hiding. She told deputies that she became frightened and yelled at the man, telling him he didn’t belong inside her home.

The resident then returned to the living room and armed herself with a gun.

Authorities said the intruder approached the victim, and, fearing for her safety, she fired once at the suspect. Deputies and emergency medical personnel attempted life-saving measures; however, the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

In the course of the investigation, detectives determined that the intruder had forced entry into the home prior to the victim locating him in the bedroom.

The investigation is ongoing and the case will be given to the District Attorney’s Office for review. The victim has not been arrested. Detectives are asking anyone with information to contact Detective Eric Stoll at 909-387-3589


If you must search your home yourself, at least take your firearm with you.

A better idea is to call 911, keep them on the phone, and either flee or hide. Getting away is usually best but if others are there that may be harmed, hide with them.

Always try to let the professionals arrive to search for intruders if time allows. They have lots of help and free lawyers.

Bob Irwin, Las Vegas

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Bob is retired after 30 years of ownership of The Gun Store & Indoor Range in Las Vegas. He continues his 2A issues show “Fired Up with Bob Irwin” on YouTube and on KLEY 1230 AM, The Nevada Talk Network on Saturdays.

As a firearm instructor of Concealed Firearm Applicants, Armed Security Officer and Law Enforcement Academies over his career, Bob appears frequently as an expert witness for firearm & use of force cases in Federal, State, and local courts.

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Bob, you are correct in that she would have been wiser to have her tool of defense with her as she searched for the cause of her dog’s unease. But yu are DEAD WRONG about ringing up then waiting for the Second Responders to arrive and “take care a bidniss”. You FAIL to realise there was a FIRST RESPONDER at the scene, who DID do her duty long before the guys in the government issued costumes could have arrived. You forget that that Second Article of Ammendment clearly places the burden of “the security of a free state” (which means… Read more »

American Patriot

Really? Flee or hide in your own home…….Sound just like a F**king liberal. Just shoot the MF’er just as she did except grab the gun first.

duh duh

Time for waiting for the crime data collection experts to come mark the chalk outline of the DEAD VICTIM.




ron elmore

IF YOUR STUPID ENOUGH to break into someone house in the middle of the night you are just asking to get shot. MIC DROP

Roy Payne

I agree with “If you must search your home, at least take your firearm with you.” But when he goes on to say, “A better idea is to call 911, keep them on the phone, and either flee or hide.”, that’s where we part ways.

An intruder in my home in the middle of the night WILL BE met with deadly force. My father did not raise a son who will cower in a closet or “flee” from my own home.

Sorry, Bob, but you’re wrong on this one!


Maybe better let police live with killing someone in your home. If idiot armed both could be dead. If others in house should confront. What would I do? Take one of nights weapons and greet if dog hadn’t finished him off.

Get Out

Paul Powell, glad she’s OK and people are watching out for her. Do you know what the LEO response time was for this incident?


Learn from this! her plan did not include getting her weapon before investigating what was causing the dogs agitation. Weapon should be close by – loaded in a safe location for your environment. no kids access. A good companion is a flashlight that does not require the three stooges routine before it comes on and does not have that stupid strobe thingy required to be shut off. Those reading this in Cforneee need to look at who the authorities are and should she be prosecuted do their best to have them removed from office for simple plain injustice.


Any body that forcibly breaks into your home deserves to be shot. Maybe if more of these intruders are shot it will get the message across to these intruders.


This case is how things are supposed to work, of course, but… “wait for the professionals”?
No, I don’t think I will:


I checked your link. I had not realized how bad it had gotten in Oregon. That whole episode was a travesty of justice. I hope he wins his appeal. If not, I don’t see much hope for the state of Oregon. The police department, the DA, and the judge should all be sued into poverty, and then prosecuted for civil rights violations and jailed.


“The victim has not been arrested.”

It’s a shame that has to be said.


Yep, DRT is the way to go. Prevents repeat offenders.


I would not be one bit surprised if the D.A. charged the woman for murder in “defending” herself, her dog, and her home, after all, this is California!


You must think ALL of California are like LA and SF and SD. NOT the case.

Out that way in Riverside and San Bernardino COunty, the sheriffs have gone on local TeeVee and publically pleaded with the people to PLEASE arm yourselves, we are happy to issue your Mother May I Cards to law abiding.

What NEEDS to happen is the way things are done in most of the state needs to overpower the way things are done in the librul infested snakepits that outvote the rest of the state.

George Steele

“Let the professionals handle it.” Yeah – how’d that work out at Stoneman Douglas? How about we make a law that says any defensive use of a firearm against an intruder with malevolent intent is automatically exempt from charges – or at the very least, their defense in court is funded entirely by the state. It is a state benefit to have a citizen that extends the security of the police – police power is a state responsibility – so it should be a state expense to defend any person defending public peace with any weapon available to that person.… Read more »

Roy Payne

I agree with you 100%. Anybody who is shot, uninvited in a private residence, deserves to be shot and the homeowner should not, for a second, be considered in any way accountable. Period.

Wild Bill

Steele, You are correct, and police are not professionals. Policing is an occupation not one of the professions.
Payne, You would like Texas. In Texas we have the presumption of right action built into the law. Every state should have a rebutable presumption of right action.

rich z

Gun control NEVER ,i say again NEVER covers this type of event. AND i have NEVER SAID THIS BEFORE.

James Wagner

Let us not forget that this happened in COMMUNISTFORNIA. The homeowner will probably get life in prison for killing the poor defenseless man that just needed a good meal, some of her money and maybe a little sex before leaving with her car.


dont write things like that, they PROVE you are a wilfully ignorant noisebag.

MOST of California runs just like this… those rural countyb sheriffs LOVE to hand out Mother May I Cards to the non-prohibited. Makes their jub easier, reduces crime rates, etc. Both Riverside and San Bernardino COuties are SHALL ISSUE when it comes to Mother May I Cards. And keeping guns in the home is considered normal intelligent practice.


Find almost offensive saying “let the professionals take care of it”. The courts have proven out that police have no legal duty to put them selves In harms way. I do not dismiss that most do this on a daily bases, but for me to gamble on getting one of these fine individuals Instead of a “Browser county” type ain’t, especial in California, is not going to happen for me are my family. Besides I have shot beside some officers at the range, well let’s just say caring a gun every day is not the same as practicing with one… Read more »


You’re correct. I spent 22 years in Special Forces, and worked with (trained) numerous law enforcement, and they may have their good points but they have far more bad ones! Most are worthless for anything more than filling out reports and writing BS traffic tickets! When the SHTF in my home, LE will only be called to clean up the mess and fill out the paperwork, if even that!

Wild Bill

@Rattlerj, Did you ever teach at the School of the Americas? If so what years?


Don’t ya just love happy endings…

Wild Bill

@RBMIL, Yes, ecstatic! And the hero of this little life’s one act play is … the dog!


Ye, but kudos go to the woman for eradicating one more miscreant! And impressively with only one round! Maybe the police should hire her as a range instructor, lord knows they could use some pointers!

Wild Bill

@Rattler, “… they could use some pointers!” Is that a pun? Use some pointers … like pointer dogs! That is funny! LOL Use some pointers. Stop, I laughed a tattoo off.

Wild Bill

Punsterjake, You out there? Chirp, chirp.

John Galt

Happy endings always bring a tear of joy to my eye.

What is ‘funny’ is that Kommieforniastan is attempting to disarm it’s residents, well except for the ^%$ illegals. So the lady would have been a victim. The preferred status for the Commies here.


The only thing sad is any psychological trauma the homeowner may have suffered. Anyone who makes the conscious decision that your rights don’t matter forfeits their own rights. Odds dictate this wasn’t the perps first nor would it have been his Last offense. He would have gone on repeatedly violating the sanctity of good people’s homes and the world is a better place with the dregs culled from the gene pool. Not sad… …but Happy.
Who’s deplorable now Bill?

Paul Powell

The thug in this case has broken into several other homes over the previous month, the home on Harvest Moon is only about 7 miles from where I live. The lady is an older person mid 70s or there abouts, she is a very nice person i did some work for her one day. The thug in this case had been in prison several times before, so he was known to the police and the sheriff’s dept. as of this time still no charges have been filed against the home owner. The thugs accomplice fled the scene and has yet… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Ransom, The home owner? The home owner has the capacity to understand what happened and why. What about the psychological trauma to the dog!?

Deplorable Bill

It’s sad some dirt bag had to loose his life BUT, breaking into someone’s home, not leaving when he was told to do so and then approaching the homeowner is a recipe for taking the room temp. challenge. The homeowner did, in my opinion, make several mistakes that could have cost her life. When the dog alerted her to trouble, she went looking for the reason why—WITHOUT HER SIDEARM. She had given up two major advantages: She already knows her home, the intruder may not. She was CONCEALED, she had the ELEMENT OF SUPRISE. She then APPROACHED THE INTRUDER thus… Read more »

Alan Cunha

Not even a little bit sad.

Sanford M. Rubin

Very well stated. The event ended in a death but it wasn’t her. I am surprised the intruder didn’t leave when the dog started to bark. This was a good ending for her this time but it could have gone the other way. Let’s hope it never happens to you or me.

Paul Powell

The lady is already talking about selling the place and moving in with her son and his wife, the lady is actually a very nice but a few years ago she did suffer a minor stroke so that may have muddled her thinking as well, and before people ask how I know these things I live not many miles from her, and used to go to church with her. The thug in this case had only one thing on his mind and that was rape, he got what he deserved; to bad he did not suffer a bit more.


It’s always interesting to hear of all of the ASSUMPTIONS and CLAIMS of internet experts. Funny that you assume that he handgun was accessible to the intruder, considering that the article simply says she retrieved it from the livingroom. Commiefornia has strict laws concerning availability and securing of firearms, so it is likely she had to remove it from a safe or remove a safety device from it. It’s interesting how everyone has “perfect” hindsight when it comes to what THEY would have done, but she actually did what most homeowners and GUN OWNERS would do, and that is to… Read more »

Jim from LI

I’m not sad. Are you sad? Is anybody here sad? Hellooo….?
I’m just glad that it worked out in the good guy’s favor after the homeowner made so many tactical mistakes.