Living in La-La Land: Joe Biden’s Alternative Reality ~ VIDEO


Joe Bidens DNA on It
Joe Bidens DNA on It

Fairfax, VA – -( Anti-gun folks typically characterize their gun control restrictions as “common sense” and “responsible,” regardless of how poorly grounded in reality these “solutions” tend to be, or how little their proponents understand what these measures will do (like the gun control supporters at one event who, when asked, were unable to explain (video below) what an AR-15 or a bumpstock is).

A related, recurring theme is their claim that the gun community opposes these incredible “gun safety” measures due to blind, reflexive obstructionism, rather than because of any actual concerns about the merits.

Last week, former vice president and current presidential candidate Joe Biden provided a stunning example of this kind of irresponsible rhetoric.

According to a newspaper source, Biden outlined his proposals for gun control – should he be elected as president of the United States – to a select group of donors at a posh Upper East Side penthouse in New York City. “[I]f that happens,” he said, “guns, we have the capacity now in a James Bond-style to make sure no one can pull a trigger unless their DNA and fingerprint is on it…We have that capacity to do it now. You know it.” He added, further, that “the gun manufacturers” had pulled the plug on this technology as soon as “two folks started to sell some of those guns to two dealerships,” apparently because of some misplaced apprehension over the Second Amendment.

During Thursday’s debate between the Democratic Party presidential candidates, Biden went even further, claiming that he would impose a ban on the sale of any firearm that wasn’t a so-called smart gun: “No gun should be able to be sold unless your biometric measure could pull that trigger. It’s within our right to do that.”

As we’ve pointed out many times before, the “James Bond-style” technology that Biden enthuses over does not actually exist.

There is no gun that incorporates both DNA and fingerprint verification technology. No firearm technology requires a “DNA match” before the gun can fire, and this isn’t a feasible option in any event. DNA extraction and analysis is currently a complex and time-consuming process involving specialized equipment, which means it is completely unworkable as the basis of any design intended to allow immediate access to and use of a gun. A handgun using a biometric fingerprint sensor is reportedly in development, but has some significant flaws (it depends on a rechargeable battery, the sensor can’t recognize a dirty fingerprint or someone wearing gloves, and the prototype only works for right-handed shooters).

Like the teleportation transporter in Star Trek, the magic wands in Harry Potter, or the Iron Man’s bodysuit, we do not “have the capacity now.”

It’s no wonder that America’s gun owners continue to reject Biden’s make-believe ideas on gun control.

So, while Joe Biden may be raking in donations from the elites of Tinseltown, it doesn’t mean he should likewise accept whatever “James Bond-style” fantasies Hollywood puts on the big screen as the gospel truth.

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Man I love me some “fully semi-automatic” idiots in videos kike this! Their ignorance knows no bounds and their confusion over guns is only trumped by their confusion of self identity! Lmao


The saddest thing about that “full semi automatic” comment is that it was made by a retired US Army Lieutenant General. He was a POG but, every Soldier, even an Officer, should know there’s no such thing. I cried for the Army when I heard him say that.

Wild Bill

@Mike11Charlie, I have not heard the term POG since CHUville. It brought joy to my heart and soda to my nose! Carry on.


I watched the video footage and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
So this is the mentality of the people who elect the leaders of the once united states.
We all know that every politician is a lying sack of shit. Why don’t you stand up to them?
Now I understand why your country is going down the drain


Democrats are crazy. Between “Shotgun Joe” and that idiot bartender “AOC” that so-called political party has raided the insane asylums. One imagines technology that is NOT available and the other thinks the illegals drink toilet water. Their actions leaves no doubt the patients have escaped the asylum.


Yeah the bartender stopped at the Border Patrol in Clint Texas, “worst than any concentration camps” she yelled at the reporters (she is a loud mouth bitch) . Now the illegals(they are not “political refugees” or “migrant workers”) and democrats are demanding the poor illegals to be put in motel rooms with room service! Guess who pays for thar? Hey, I’d like the government to pay for my vacation too! On the news, the illegals get free medical (with doctors, nurses and dentist),a company comes in and washes, irons their clothes, all paid by the government. A catering service takes… Read more »


I heard someone refer to AOC as “Baby Bern”. It fits and, I just can’t understand how anyone who loves freedom could vote for trash like that.

Rat Bastard

Go home Joe. Spend your ill gotten money on some HO and enjoy ! I’m just trying to be nice to a F#king A-Hole ! You’re washed up ,done, put a fork in you .And take Bernie with you . I just ordered you both a years supply of Depends on Amazon . Don’t forget to just shoot a warning shot up in the air with your double barrel shotgun when Bernie tries to steal your oatmeal at breakfast . FUCKTARDS!


I do hereby attach the “Seal of Motherfucking Approval” to this comment.

ron elmore

DUMBASS has your finger prints ALL over it. Engage brain before opening mouth.

Thats funny

“Joe Biden, did you wander away from the assisted living nursing home again? Please come back, as you know (or perhaps don’t) that you have Alzheimer’s and are mentally disturbed. Please come back so the nice nurse can give you your needed medication and put you to bed so you can take a nap, and when you wake up, the nice nurse will give you an enema (which you said you enjoy very much!), and then the nurse will walk you to the bathroom so you can make a poop and help you wipe your ass!”


Say, doesn’t dna need blood sample to be accurate? So what would one do? Poke your finger as a diabete would when checking blood suger levels? And how long would one have to wait before the dna computer in the firearm ( what? Is it going to be the size of a microwave oven?) says its “okay” to shoot? This is another “gimmick” in the gun banning democrat plans. Pass laws on things that don’t exist(except in their mentally unstable psychotic minds!)

Tad Pole

Biden goes Further, “No gun should be able to be sold unless your biometric measure could pull that trigger. It’s within our right to do that.” No It’s NOT, Its Called 2nd Amendment. Sleepy Joe living in a James Bond Dream?

ron elmore

who is gonna trust “joke biden” with a gun. more less a brain.


You are quite correct, Tad. It is absolutely NOT within any Democraps’ so-called “right” to restrict overall citizen access to non-existent weapons. Those four simple words, “shall not be infringed” are completely out of Biden’s comprehension… totally beyond his vocabulary… which unquestionably, undeniably, inarguably proves that the clown is dumber than a box of rocks. He should not be allowed out in public without a keeper.


Thinking individuals, people who actually use their brains, will see this claptrap from Biden and the rest of the Democrats for exactly what it is, unmitigated B.S. Sadly, for the nation, we are the minority. The vast majority of Americans today are either too stupid not to buy into this crap and actually believe it, or are so “politically correct”, ie. indoctrinated via the public schools and the media and ignorant of anything firearm related, that they’ll accept whatever they are told as fact because it makes them feel better as the “right thing to do”.

Robert Lucas

Biden is the poster boy for letting a mind go to waste…


No, Joe, we do not have that technology.. There is no real-time DNA scanner, certainly not one that can fit inside a pistol and analyze DNA on a finger in under a second. If Biden actually believes his own drivel, challenge him make a pledge like: “As of the 4th of July 2019, my protection detail will only use firearms which make sure no one can pull the trigger unless the DNA and fingerprint match one of the authorized protection detail personnel. This will enhance the safety and security of the general public, my staff, my family, and myself.” Background… Read more »


Joe would go pro gun if guns smelled like Girl Scout cookies because he still thinks they are made with real Girl Scouts but don’t worry as it stands it is only your guns he wants he has no intention of giving up his guns or his Girl Scout cookies.


Joe biden likes girl scouts so he can sniff their hair and rub their backs so he can feel their bra straps , get turned on and pop a joeboner!
Notice since he’s in first place in the dumbo craps the news media says nothing about the sex offender biden.

Get Out

Shotgun Joe Biden should request that his security detail be outfitted with these “James Bond style” guns today to prove to us sceptics that they’re a good and reliable product. Unfortunately his security detail wouldn’t want to have to rely on an unproven defensive weapon.

ron elmore

joe boner, tell your security detail to disarm. you need to change your name to “Joke” if you hake problem with that, contact me on face book at the army of the republic of texas. enough said