New Jersey: 3D Archery League At Griffin & Howe, Come Shoot with Us!

3D Archery League At Griffin and Howe
3D Archery League At Griffin and Howe

New Jersey – -( Griffin & Howe Monday Night Archery League kicked off on June 24th 2019 with great success.

Shooters experienced favorable weather conditions for the first of five shoots. Target presentations were found to be unique and yardages kept shooters guessing. Prizes from Sitka, Whistlepig, Rinehart, Griffin & Howe, and Havalon were awarded to those in attendance. We are looking forward to the next shoot on the 8th. Hope to see you there!

“Had a blast at the new 3D Archery Range at Hudson Farm! Cannot wait to see the new changes and targets next time!”

Join us for the 30 Arrow Monday Evening Archery League on the new 15 station course at Griffin & Howe. Two arrows per target on 15 different stations. Points league with prizes at each shoot, as well as grand prizes for top shooters overall. Shooters must attend at least 3 shoots to be eligible for grand prizes on the final shoot day. Teams of 3 shooters. If you do not have three shooters a team will be assigned to you.


  • 4:00 pm – Registration and warm up shooting
  • 5:00 – 7:00 pm – Shoot
  • 7:00 pm – BBQ Dinner and Prizes

Rain Dates

  • Tuesdays July 9, 23, or Aug 6, 20. (Cancellation will be weather dependent and announced the day of the shoot)


  • $95 per shooter/per shoot
  • $85 per shooter/per shoot if you sign up for three shoots
  • $75 per shooter/per shoot if you book all 5 dates

Pricing includes warm-up shooting, 30-arrow league, and BBQ dinner.


  • Each week prizes will be awarded to the top three shooters. Grand prizes awarded to the top 5 shooters overall, based on points total from shooters’ three highest scoring shoots.

Dress Code

  • No Blue Jeans or T-Shirts; Collared Shirt Required. Shorts are allowed.

No Crossbows

  • Compound or Traditional Archery Equipment ONLY.

No Rangefinders

  • Rangefinders are not allowed on course.

For more details contact Griffin & Howe at 973-398-2670 or visit:

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