New Jersey Cancels Grouse Hunting Season for Foreseeable Future

Ruffed Grouse

New Jersey – -( At their regular meeting on July 17, the Fish and Game Council unanimously voted to close the ruffed grouse hunting season statewide. Recognizing that grouse populations in the state were declining, the season length and daily bag limit were reduced, and the state was divided into two zones, in 2005, with the southern zone having a shorter season than the northern zone. The closure takes effect immediately.

Ruffed grouse populations in the state have declined due to lack of suitable habitat (young-aged forests) which they require. Such forests now comprise less than 1% of the state’s forests.

Anecdotal reports of hunters seeing grouse have dwindled as forests continue to age due to lack of forest management.

Although hunting is not the cause of the decline, and in fact, the number of grouse hunters has a parallel declining trend, the Division and the Fish and Game Council feels that current grouse population levels cannot support a hunt at this time.

New Jersey Division of Fish and WildlifeAbout N.J. Division of Fish and Wildlife:

The N.J. Division of Fish and Wildlife is a professional environmental agency dedicated to the protection, management and wise use of New Jersey’s fish and wildlife resources. The Division is within the Natural and Historic Resources Group in the NJ Department of Environmental Protection under the direction of Assistant Commissioner Richard Boornazian.

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Murphy just chalked one up for his side. He is trying to do away with all hunting, as I understand. It is not easy to hunt without guns and he is trying to eliminate them, also.


If they didn’t hunt them with a gun, the season would still be on.


The State once again fails to manage “their” land. (The land they claimed and didn’t improve.)

This is my shocked face.


Wonder where all that money that comes from hunting taxes has been going. Mismanagement is new jersey’s middle name.