Open Letter to the NRA Board of Directors to “Clean House”

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Open Letter to the NRA Board of Directors to “Clean House”

USA –  -( Dear Members of the Board of Directors:

I am writing to provide an update on the Grassroots’ campaign to encourage the NRA board of directors to “clean house” at the NRA, and implement fiscal responsibility.

Since our last communication to you, on the evening of Saturday, July 20, 2019, we can report both some regression and some progress. Concerning the regression, Mr. Joel Friedman’s grade has been changed to a “F” in accordance to its definition. Similarly, Ms. Maria Heil’s grade has been changed to a “D.”

These two Board members have chosen, in our opinion, to neglect their responsibilities of oversight and align themselves with Wayne LaPierre and his management team.

It saddens us to see Board Members fail to understand what constitutes “oversight,” which is not unequivocally endorsing Wayne LaPierre and restating “talking points”.

On a brighter note, a small group of Board members: Lt. Col. Robert Brown, Timothy Knight, Sean Maloney, and Esther Schneider, are fulfilling their duties of oversight and fiduciary responsibilities by sending a letter (see attached) to the NRA and we commend them for their efforts.

In the past year, a number of Board members have requested financial and other information (i.e., various contracts, articles which portray the NRA negatively, etc.) necessary for them to provide oversight to Mr. Lapierre so that they can fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities. It appears that Mr. Lapierre and his leadership team has blocked disclosure of the important information.

The days of Mr. LaPierre and his leadership team making important decisions without oversight from the Board are over. It is for these reasons that myself, our members and non-members no longer recognize Mr. LaPierre and his leadership team and will discuss matters directly with Board members.

Since Mr. Lapierre joined the NRA, he has seen Presidents of the United States come and go. During this time, Mr. Lapierre has apparently adopted a belief that he is beyond reproach. Existing management at the NRA no longer relates to the NRA’s rank-and-file members.

History will record that Mr. Lapierre, as well as Board Members with “F” grades are responsible for significantly damaging the integrity of the NRA, as we prepare for the upcoming election year.

Now on to addressing the remaining members of the Board of Directors:

  • We look to you, as enforcers of New York non-profit law, to protect the integrity and welfare of the NRA.
  • Think of our shared cause — and look only to fellow Board members — in the upcoming votes concerning the fiscal management for the NRA.
  • Please identify a leader or group of leaders to address the following:

✓ A process for which to send the petitions from members who have openly identified themselves by name and member number.

✓ A protocol for the members who have requested total anonymity which is satisfactory to these members. I will get in touch with them to ascertain if there is a way for their voices and monies to be heard, such as a neutral third party in which anonymity will be guaranteed. Perhaps a neutral third party can certify the cumulative total of monies withheld so that they can, in essence, retain their anonymities. Of course, that final decision is theirs and only theirs!

  • I request that the aforementioned leader or group of leaders from the Board step-up and forward my previous emails and this email to those members who have kept private their email addresses for obvious reasons.

Without substantial progress in finalizing an independent financial audit, our campaign will be forced to commence Phase 4 next week. The key operations of Phase 4 are Operations “Grassroots”, “Inside Out”, and “Clean-up.”

These are carefully arranged plans, intended to raise the public’s awareness of the issues at the NRA, and provide structure for better internal governance at the organization, and make the NRA accountable to all of its members. For example, Operation Clean-up will help the next CEO of the NRA — assuming such assistance is sought – in that position.

The next step is for the members of the Board of Directors to decide the fate of the NRA. When the dust settles, I am confident that history will find that we have strengthened the NRA for the next century of protecting gun rights.

With kind regards,

David Dell’Aquila, representing Grassroots NRA members and non-members as well as millions of voters.

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That’s fine, but there’s a reason there are a ridiculous 77 people on the board. Getting 77 people together to do anything is almost impossible, which is how Wayne likes it.


The membership, not just the BOD of directors passed the super majority of 75% of the board to remove an executive director. But doing NRA business requires only a majority vote. Lapierre & co are losing their grip on the association, a first step in the process of ejecting the malfaisant from the NRA.


I concur with what other folks are saying – No more money until Wayne and his sycophants go. I applaud David Dell’Aquila for his time and effort and am not being critical when I say that I don’t think it practical for the BoD to resolve this. LaPierre has too much in place to keep responsible board members from taking action.


You haven’t absorbed Mr. Dell’Aquila’s report. He has boldly stated…”The days of Mr. LaPierre and his leadership team making important decisions without oversight from the Board are over…” That means the reformists, on many fronts besides merely cutting the gravy train, have influenced a sufficient number of BOD officers to demand information and accountability from Lapierre and fellow malfaisant’s. The bilker & chiseler in chief is still sitting on his perch, but his days of ruling the roost are OVER! Considering the 25 year tyrannical rule of Lapierre this is a hell of an accomplishment, great news and big time… Read more »


So our bottom line is not one dime until the executive committee and board are purged.


This whole thing going on with the N R A, most times you can’t get 5 people to agree on anything let alone 77, time overdue for a major reorganization of N R A and get back to the defense of the 2nd AMENDMENT, Term limits YES, should also fit for the carrier POLITICIANS Also, to much tit-for-tat and get rich on our dime!

American Patriot

Like the swamp in D.C. They all have to go or the NRA will fall & dissolve. They haven’t been “for the people (members) for along time, Just like the liberals rats they are all about themselves. Either way I’m done!


What I have never understood is how millions of NRA members could vote for Board Of Director members in the elections without personally KNOWING these people? Personally? The ONLY person on the NRA BOD that I “KNOW” is Ted Nugent… Everyone else? Not a clue!


First things first, LaPierre must go, not stick around at all, and all the current Board members must resign immediately. Clean house and rebuild without the rats.

Wild Bill

@JPM, Yes, do you think that they will?

Green Mtn. Boy

@ Wild Bill

I think they for the most part will sit tight for the time being however between the Feds and state investigations and things become uncomfortable,the rats will scurry in droves because some of the charges carry time behind bars.
Perhaps Wayne can use his golden parachute to wrap up in at night when big Bubba comes looking for a girl friend.

Wild Bill

@GMB and OV, I sure hope that you boys are right! I have to get back to it. Just stopped in for a tall cold OJ. Second hay crop. Half done cutting … in the hot Texas sun.


It’ll likely take dynamite to dislodge LaPierre and his toadies.


@JPM, Yes, Yes, and YES!


No battle has ever been won by going “hey – diddle – diddle, right up the middle.” Lapierre and his “rats” will be gone, but the fight must first regain lost ground, flank and encircle with dissent, resistance and oppositional force that ultimately ejects these malfaisant’s out of the NRA.

That takes brains, resolution and a steadfast loyalty to the membership and the purposes of the association, not impossible sloganeering. If the NRA can be saved, and I believe it can, it will be done by the capable reformists of ‘Retire Lapierre’ and ‘Save the 2A.’


Cut off the money until they purge. That message came out loud and clear at my vintage arms collectors group this month as it has for the past three months. Once again we voted to send our monthly donation to a group other than NRA like FPC, 2AF, GOA, Arizona Citizens Defense League. We will still support the foundation and support our local efforts with instructors and programs but as for cash, nada. Clean house and the money will flow again. We are a small group of antique collectors, not a big fish but talking with similar groups across the… Read more »

Will Flatt

Chris Cox is also part of the NRA dumpster fire; he cannot be allowed back into any management position at NRA, no matter how ‘effective’ his previous work may have appeared. His willingness to compromise away essential liberty is one of the many reasons why former NRA members such as myself will not return or donate until a full reformation of the NRA is accomplished!

Cleaning house means ALL of the rats must be removed, and kept out forever. No compromise. No surrender!


Agreed, not $1 more. Obviously the board needs to be restructured as well. This is what happens when someone sits in the captains chair too long. Term limits.

Green Mtn. Boy

@ Will Flatt

Agreed !


As a benefactor member I have received many requests for donations lately, so I called them and expressed my concerns about LaPierre’s management. No reply. Guess they haven’t figured out the answer yet


I’ll bet you their mulling it. Its the grass roots who suffer from empty caps in hand who suffer far worse than Lapierre and fellow miscreants on the BOD. Its where pinched purses will have the greatest effect.