Opinion: For NRA to Live, LaPierre Needs to Resign ~ LISTEN

Opinion by Gun Talk Radio’s Tom Gresham

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- The NRA story continues to evolve. In case AmmoLand News readers missed it: radio host Tom Gresham addresses some of the rumors and stories you’ve heard lately about the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, Ackerman McQueen, and the inner workings of the NRA Board. Tom calls for LaPierre to resign so that the NRA has a chance of survival, and can get back to their main cause – preserving the Second Amendment.

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(Note 07/24/2019: an early version of this article included a machine transcript of this video/sound track, but AmmoLand News removed it as it was hard to read along with a Gun Talk byline. ~ Editor in Chief, Fredy Riehl)

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As a newer gun owner and shooting enthusiast, I joined the NRA a couple years ago as it seemed the logical/practical way support my rights. I’ve had 2 years of bombardment for more money, more giveaways, member services (travel, insurance, discount funerals…) wow. How about standing up for the constitution? There’s a member service we all could get behind


Major NRA Donors commit to withholding 200 Million Dollars
“Wayne and his cronies are destroying the NRA. ”
Randy Luth
DPMS Panther Arms Founder
NRA Life Member
NRA Major Donor

Removing Wayne LaPierre / Eye-Opening Interview with Randy Luth
Gun Talk Radio 7.21.19


Questions: 1) WHY are there only a handful of the 76 members (LUDICRIOIS on it’s face!) of the Board of Directors questioning nice matters? 2) WHY are the vast majority of the kool-aid drinking NRA members still sitting silent and complacent like little sheep over this / these issues? 3) WHY is LaPimp and Cocks the ONLY TWO being chased out besides Ollie North? 4) WHY are the vast majority of the kool-aid drinking NRA members still sitting silent and complacent like little sheep over this / these issues? 5) WHY are the vast majority of the kool-aid drinking NRA… Read more »

Wallace C

Got my Life Membership years ago. Now they’re trying to get me to upgrade for cheap (?) money. Might do it if (1) I could be sure money would be used for pro 2A protection and (2) if Wayne was out. Can’t see either happening in the near future.

Ej harbet

Where ever neil knox is he’s shaking his head and saying it’s about time! Than you sir for leaving us jeff.RIP

Will Flatt

Whiny LaPee-yew is the NRA’s version of Major Kong (“Dr. Strangelove”). He will ride the NRA all the way down to ground zero!!!


Some of us have been saying LaPierre was, and is, a problem since the 90s and needs to go. The abuses have been going on for decades, but just now they’re being paid attention to by members?


Wayne thinks he is going ride out the storm…while NRA members keep dropping their memberships…His ego and wallet are fat…with greed and contempt.

Your 15 minutes are fleeting…


It is time for a purge and time to get back to basics. When they made Ollie the President I knew we were in deep kimche. The waste, fraud and abuse is typical of any organization or agency that is located within smelling distance of the Potomac River. Time to flush it out, get back to basics and start doing the work.


Ok, let’s get to the important stuff; what is the NRA wine selection this month.



CNN appreciates everything thing you’re doing for them and the Democrat party.

Charlie Foxtrot

The Democratic Party appreciates everything the current NRA leadership is doing, supporting gun control, dividing the pro-2A movement, spending NRA donations and assets on non-2A issues and on personal gain, and destroying the NRA from the inside.

Out of the $400 million the NRA made in 2018, it spent $1 million on 2A lawsuits and $10 million on the midterms. It also had a deficit of $10 million. What did the NRA do with the remaining $399 million it spent in 2018?


Exactly! The swamp of the NRA needs to be drained from people that simply use it for their own profit.

And whatever that means to Democrats or anybody else then so be it, because the NRA has not truly been helping the Second Amendment for a long time. They put on nothing but a minor show here and there while they line their own pockets.

Ej harbet

Sorry wayne Tom’s too busy to be trolled.
By the way have you tryed a African safari,you can certainly afford it! May I recommend the congo?

Wild Bill

@V12Guy h, That is funny. And did you know that this Ebola outbreak is now outside the borders of the Congo? The MSM is not covering that.

Green Mtn. Boy

Ya Think !