Pols from Both Parties Advancing Fed Funding for State Infringements

“Federal grants” means money taken from you will be used to finance state-level infringements.

U.S.A. – -(Ammoland.com)- “Massachusetts lawmakers Senator Edward J. Markey, Congressman Joe Kennedy III (MA-04), and Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (MA-07) have introduced the Making America Safe and Secure (MASS) Act, legislation that would incentivize states to adopt gun-licensing standards similar to those proven effective in Massachusetts,” a Monday Markey press release announces.  “The MASS Act would authorize the Department of Justice to make funding available to states that implement and maintain comprehensive licensing standards for gun owners and dealers.”

That arrogant totalitarian wannabes presume to license rights is exactly the mindset of those who assert that government gives rights, including some who ought to know better, like the current occupant of the White House. This is more than mere quibbling over words – it poses a fundamental worldview that is irreconcilable with the conviction “that all Men are … endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.”

“Massachusetts has comprehensive gun licensing laws, and not coincidentally, one of the lowest gun death rates in the nation,” Team Markey claims. “Among the most effective of Massachusetts’s laws are the firearms licensing requirements under which local chiefs of police, or an authorized designee of the department, must determine whether to approve the issuance of a firearms license … Police chiefs also have tools to revoke or suspend a license if they find that someone should not be allowed to continue to hold a license.”

The “correlation implies causation” logical fallacy is strong in the gun-grabbers, and they’re counting on anyone ignorant enough to give them power falling for their misdirection. It’s got them where they are so far, so why not?

To conclude Massachusetts gun laws have “proven effective” and that they’re the main factors behind the claimed 40 percent reduction in so-called “gun deaths” since 1994 is an exercise in misdirection. As usual, it depends on where you look. If it’s Boston, last October they were reporting a “20 percent increase in fatal shootings…”

The thought that those doing the murdering give a damn about “firearm licensing requirements” or are going to submit themselves to being interviewed by police chiefs for fitness is absurd on its face. As is the presumption that the licensing is what keeps the “law-abiding” peaceable.

You can prove it to yourself without resorting to weasel-worded press releases and their “lies, damned lies and statistics.” Just consider homicides committed with firearms within what is arguably the most heavily armed civilian population on the planet, the 5+ million members of the NRA. Somehow, they manage to get through life without slaughtering people just fine, and they don’t need licenses to do it.

Does anyone doubt their “murder rate” is lower than “effective” Massachusetts’? How about “gun-free” Japan’s?

The thing is, Democrats aren’t the only ones trying to get the feds to fund state infringements: Lindsey Graham and the Red Flag Republicans want to do exactly that with their “extreme risk” confiscation scheme.

“Graham is hoping to get bipartisan support for the bill, which he said will provide grants to states that implement ‘red flag laws,’” BuzzFeed reported in April. Talk about losing control of a process by farming it out and creating incentives to “innovate” edicts that push infringements to the max.

As an added “bonus,” it gives Graham and his cronies plausible deniability – after all, they just funded bills they’re promising will provide “due process.” If some activist federal judge says what gets passed in California, or New Jersey, or Hawaii, New York or Massachusetts is close enough, hey, gun owners had their day in court. Right?

And the other thing is, the feds aren’t really funding anything. We are. They’ll be taking money coerced from those of us in the productive sector and feeding it to those doing the disarming. If you’re a gun owner who disagrees and objects, too bad.

It’s reminiscent of a “bullet fee,” a charge levied on the families of executed prisoners by regimes in China and Iran. In this case, you get to “pay your fair share” for the evisceration of the right to keep and bear arms.

Hey, if the government can license rights, why shouldn’t it also be able to make gun owners help finance citizen disarmament? Especially when such tactics are “proven effective”…?

Read Markey’s proposed Intolerable Act here. While it’s unlikely to be enacted now, after the 2020 election we may be looking at a whole new set of immediate threats and a whole new set of limitations on “legal” means of redress.

About David Codrea:David Codrea

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

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    1. All ‘gun control laws’ are un-Constitutional.

      Article 6, U.S. Constitution “The Constitution…shall be the supreme law of the land”.
      Therefore, no legislative law, Executive Order or local decree may limit, deny,
      change or modify the Constitution. THAT is called the ‘Supremacy Clause’.
      Article 6 continues “All laws must conform to and be made pursuant to the Constitution”.
      Therefore, any legislative law, Executive Order or local decree not in 100% harmony
      with the U.S. Constitution, is null & void.
      Ignorance of the nature of the government as servant and not master, or just sheer
      COWARDICE and kneeling to governmental tyranny as ‘gun control laws’ ,
      is why we have politicians thinking they can ban anything and disarm the
      American People.
      Look up April 19, 1775. THAT is how Americans treat ‘gun control’.
      It used to be called “Patriot’s Day” until democrats had it removed from publications.
      So, WHY do cowardly Americans bow to un-Constitutional ‘gun control laws’. WHY do Americans kneel and lick the hand of the tyrant as they acquiesce to and obey un-Constitutional ‘gun control laws’?
      The American People are the ultimate power & authority in America.
      The People created governments. Governments exist because the American People allow it.
      Kneeling as slaves to gun control laws insure governments as master.
      STAND and FIGHT for your Freedom and Constitutional Rights.
      If you will not, do not expect anyone else to. Cowardice is killing the United States.

    2. Here’s a little gasoline for the raging fire.

      In my state they have announced they are taking everybody’s tax return, repealing constitutional amendments that limiting government spending so they take all the money and loot the state and the confiscation of ALL private real property of which is mortgaged and owned outright. ALL means ALL. They say they’re going to give the illegals everything That Americans own but it’s simply an invasion to kill Americans off The governments interests of Americans real property. The internet is raging here with this info and people by the millions are highly abrasive with the things they are saying that Wild Bill would not like. F bombs are abundantly used by even the elderly as they are having everything they own stolen. Political correctness is a thing of ancient history as it DOES NOT EXIST HERE. This news will not be on FOX but rest assured the internet is melting down over it here. For those of you who can’t imagine such a thing and think you have rights just give this a little time because it’s headed straight for your door. It is why Trump warned you months ago when he tweeted, “Americans will not go silently into the night”. I just received a nice letter from the President in response to my volunteering for active duty to assist his office and hopefully with a little luck America can with stand the storm but sitting in your chair probably won’t help anything.
      There I wrote something without mean words or all that other stuff that incites Wild Bill. Hope you enjoy these facts as I have stated them because I’ll tell you straight up that nobody here does. If you think I’m terrible I’m laughing at you because behind me the masses are culminating and it doesn’t look like they are going to stop at mean words. Clearly it is war. It has been declared at the state Capitol. Prepare to surrender all your real estate to the state because they are coming for it. It has been announced.

      1. @USA

        Wow, a personal attack on @Wild Bill that you didn’t even have the balls to reply to him directly to do.

        Absolutely love what it says about your character that you would put it here on a page where Wild Bill has not commented yet. So not only did you not have the manhood to say it to his face, you are also still whining like a snot nosed kid for being called out for hypocrisy, called out for claiming to present badly sourced information as “Fact” when it wasn’t, and generally ranting around like an idiot. Brilliant. Pretty much proves everything said about you so far.

        For anyone else interested, @USA has run away from a couple other arguments, found here
        and here

    3. Hitler told the Jews there were too many hunting accidents that they must register their guns so the criminals committing these accidents could be tracked down then once he had them all registered he began confiscating them. We call it Red Flag confiscation and it applies to every American, you’re not as exempt as you may think you are. This Bill is full blown gun confiscation of every gun so those who think Red Flag was simply an accident (Trump sympathizers) this mule kick straight to your face is no accident. There is no county anywhere near here that will comply regardless of anything the state does so you can take this Bill as a declaration of war against Americans and even my Sheriff will confirm this. Sheriffs will never enforce this in a million years. Rest assured states will take the cash and get fat at your expense and you will then be on the front lines where many are already standing ground awaiting your back up. If you have yet reinforce your home for the war OSB is currently running about $8.00 a sheet. No time like the current.
      Happy Independence Day!

    4. When the US Government went bankrupt they formed a corporation to sell stock to keep themselves in power. Now it is “UNITED STATES CORPORATION” with shareholders and this is where America lost its country and how we became slaves to investors ultimately defined as corporate tyranny of which Thomas Jefferson warned us directly about. Country was sold off to investors for Capitol to keep going which ultimately was treason by Congress and is why we are here today in this situation. It’s why the courts, politicians and ALL the rest of them do not work for us. Is why ALL the actors on our screens are spinning the narrative wildly against us which is all paid for from that huge military budget cash dispersed under the Patriot Act which is currently activated by Trump. Can look all this up and read it yourself. To learn more go look up The Act of 1871 on you tube. More to all this than typical people know. You will learn America was only the real USA for a short time before sold off in stock to the globalists. When Ben Franklin walked outside after signing the Declaration if Independance and got asked what happened in there by people outside he said we formed a Republic now let’s see how long you can keep it. Was not long at all. Short lived in fact. Nearly a waste of time to begin with unfortunately. Maybe it was the Constitution he signed I’m not absolutely sure might want to double check that. Since 1871 it’s all just a movie with play actors and why the same people just change chairs.

    5. I’ve read all the posts here and I see that all of you are patriots and believe in the Constitution. There are many millions of us and we are the only ones that can prevent this slide into communism. This WILL devolve into a new, I would say Revolutionary War. This “government” we have now is exactly what the founding fathers fought against. Sometimes the only way to “correct” a corrupt totalitarian regime is through armed rebellion. If we true American Patriots have not lost all intestinal fortitude, then it’s time to organize and prepare to take back OUR nation; or at least as much of it as we can. If it means dividing this country into two countries, one free and one communist, at least we’ve saved something and can possibly take back the rest in the future, when people begin to realize that freedom is much better than serfdom or slavery to an oppressive regime. It’s time to organize folks. It’s going to be rough, but well worth it.

      1. We are well aware that there are many gov detractors posting on this site in an attempt to discredit facts posted by others and sway the narrative to lead people where they want them to go actively seeking “leaders” and I hardy doubt real American (civilian) posters are going to formulate an active plan to save America here in the comment section due to it would be the last thing they ever did. We just post here having fun for entertainment and educational purposes. Raise a little hell, rant some stuff and so forth. Anybody with an above stump IQ knows this is a heavily infiltrated board.

    6. Yes the tactics are proven effective just look at NRA. Real Americans that are patriotic have been funding their own demise for a long time. History proves that destroying yourself is good business to gov and yet somehow we continue to demand more with every election. Permits and registrations are all the grounds required for total outright confiscation with no other requirement neccesary due to Trump promoted Red Flag. Totalitarianism blatantly slapped across the face of Americans with the promise that everything will be just fine. Trust them they know what’s best for you. The governor in my state currently being recalled issued a public statement that citizens are not smart enough to know what’s best for themselves therefore he will dictate the moves of each citizens and they will comply because he is GOD. Subsequently, today my entire county population has taken up arms in peaceful protest and every citizen county wide is marching in the streets in opposition. It is the largest pro America gun rally in this state with thousands in attendance. Cops are having a great time with us and we all support 2A as it is written in plain English. Permits and registrations not required. Community stands united against state and federal tyranny. This was a Trump County but he no longer has the overwhelming support due to recent things done. We The People feel somewhat betrayed so we’re watching where they go next with all this but we judge trees by the fruit they bear not the con they push. Both sides of the isle are opposite sides of the same coin and it has very little value. I watched a video of filming inside the big congress room where congressional aides were openly discussing “the new authoritarian government” right after Trump was put in office. The video is on that clip of when Alex Jones confronted Marco Rubio in the halls of congress calling lil Marco a frat boy. The end of that clip is the part I’m referencing where the statement is made by congressional staffers on the floor of some big congress meeting room. Not a tremendous fan of Alex Jones but that is regardless to the statement on the clip. If government openly states its authoritarian in chambers then be advised………….
      Get the clip from Alex Jones and have this statement first hand for your review. It’s at the end of the clip after Alex roughs up the frat boy in the hallway and the camera goes into the big congressional room. Statement made between male and female staffers in front of the bench.
      Incremental subversion is how we got here and it has not stopped by electing new people though mostly they just change chairs. First sign a gun grabber reveals they are a gun grabber is when they say they are not that they will protect your rights. If you ever hear that you should look out. I saw a septic system pumping truck the other day that is used to suck out sewage from tanks and on the back it said, “filled with the promises of politicians” and if you don’t think he is one then again you have been deceived. Why else would your guns be such a priority in today’s heated global political climate?

    7. Markey, or Milarkie as I call him, is nothing but a small time dictator. He was following AOC around like a whipped puppy while she was introducing her green new deal. Graham and Scott are both puppets of the establishment and can be persuaded to switch loyalties at any given time. Now they want to take our money and use it against us. What a crock of shit. Get rid of all these anti Constitutional bastards at the first chance. Why do people keep voting for them, they are worthless want to be dictators?

    8. Just tried to post a response re: red flag laws with accurate info regarding already passed legislation and that both repub. S. Carolina Senators voted in favor of such a law in 2016. Will it be posted in its entirety? There was no offensive language in my post, but it did have pro-gun conservative opinions.

    9. Former Homeland Secretary Neilsen and Sen. lindsey graham (R) are on record as saying Trump is in favor of Fed. gun owners tax $$ to be given to states who begin this anti- gun disarmament scheme called “red flag” laws. S. Carolina Sen. scott (R) is also in favor of this scheme. During a Supplemental Budget vote in sSept.- Oct.- 2016 vote Former placebo Speaker of The House paul ryan (R) put this denial of due process law proposal into the spending bill. He also put in $600 million to upgrade the fed. record ncic system that all gun buyers must be checked out through before they can buy a firearm. The bill that was passed re: “red flag” laws does not even allow legal firearms owners the basic Constitutional right to go into a court of law to defend themselves after their firearms have been confiscated by law enforcement people because some unidentified entity- person has made an unverified complaint against you. It also was voted up in the Senate in a vote that took place at 12:30 am at night. Both Republican Senators- graham + scott- voted in favor of this disastrous anti- firearms legislation. Graham has talked extensively to anti- gun Judiciary committee members which he chairs , and told them to proceed in the “red flag ” direction and he will not oppose them. Have response lettesr from both graham + scott stating that they are both against more gun laws- yeah right. Do you really feel that the demos would be in full anti-gun attack mode if they knew that the repubs were going to forcefully defend those legal gun owners that over whelmingly supported them at election time? To have these repub. Senators double talking out of both sides of their mouths is proven by the actions of Sen. Markey and his other dems from Mass filing a bill to reward states with Fed tax payer funds to attack the voters, many whom are firearms owners , that pass”red flag laws” I will not support or donate to graham or scott for re-election because it is my opinion that they cannot be trusted and are both liberal rino repubs.

    10. The total failure of SCOTUS to defend the bill of rights in regards to the 2nd amendment will mean that the people themselves will need to do it on their own. Small bands removing the necessary communist loving politicians from office while also looking at judges and those funding this assault on our Constitution. A mass civil war is not necessary at this time but it could evolve into one. I do not ever want that to happen but I can see it coming.

      1. It’s not supposed to “end well” and once it doesn’t they will write in the history books some false narrative with Americans named staring actors as the villains while putting our shit on display in a museum like the Indians and charge a door fee to be indoctrinated into more fake history so that it may continue to repeat itself while they prosper and remain in power.
        Looking at you guys posts it’s good to see the illusion is wearing off. This is the only real progress being made.
        Codrea is one of us. The best American on Ammoland writing. Please keep up the good fight Codrea.

    11. I saw this coming the first time a state passed the “Red-Flag” laws. THIS is how confiscation begins and ends – state-by-state with Red-Flag laws. Violating many Amendments by having “someone” declare you are a threat to yourself or anyone else. Easiest way to come and take your guns and this is how Trump betrayed us. “Take the guns and worry about due process later.” That’s what he said and this is how he is enacting the confiscation. The “Always Trumpers” argue, “Yeah, so Killary would have been much worse.’ To which I argue, her being prez would most certainly have gun confiscation much quicker but here we are with a slower rate of confiscation. The question then becomes, would you want a quick death are a slower, perhaps more painful death?
      The entire political machine is in full gear to usher in socialism/communism – no exceptions. From Chump all the way down to local law enforcement officers we have been royally screwed.

      1. @Mark R

        Where you should have seen it coming was the predecessor to Red Flag infringements. The “no fly list” ban they tried to do. That is what Red Flag laws are the second version of.

        Your comment is good, but needs polishing. Happy 4th brother.

        1. Thanks for your reply I value most of what you say and have followed your posts closely.
          Hell I saw it coming on 9/11. I KNEW immediately that was a false flag event because of an incident that day in my office. I work perform acupuncture as part of my health care services. I had a new patient that day and after inserting needles, walked out into the waiting area where a tv was reporting on the events. The supposed “plane” just hit the pentagon. I walked back in to check on the fellow and he asked what was going on. I told him a plane just went into the pentagon whereupon he yelled, “Get these needles out. NOW!”. I did and asked why. He explained his brother worked at the pentagon and he had to reach his brother to see if he was ok.
          Later that evening he stopped by, dropping of a 30-odd-six because we both believed martial law was soon to follow. I did not have any guns back then. He told me his brother was ok, in fact, he was told THE NIGHT BEFORE NOT TO COME INTO WORK ON 9/11! We knew then something was terribly wrong.
          I knew then life as we knew it was over especially with the Patriot Act being ushered in. With the installment of the TSA and other changes it has been only a matter of time for Red-Flag laws to appear, and here they are.

          1. @Mark R

            I too remember where I was and the time, watching the second plane strike the tower. I watched the people jumping from the top on live broadcast. I knew people whose parents left to go help out in the aftermath. And I remember in the years after how most of that footage was filed away as “Too disturbing to let anyone see.”

            My father worked as a federal officer at that time, and had been bringing home information about threats and issues happening. I remember following, young as I was, some of the plane attacks in the years prior and talking to him about when it would reach our shores. I got to see things most Americans never get to see thanks to him. I do not agree with the False Flag assessment, as I have seen and overheard a lot of evidence that I cannot share that disproves it(There are still things due to confidentiality that my father has never shared with the family because doing so would be bad news for him). What I will tell you is that there was a deliberate impediment to attempts to prevent what happened, some of which reached John Kerry’s office directly and was deliberately ignored. It would be more accurate to compare 9/11 and our government’s failure to Roosevelt’s and the government’s handling of information leading up to Pearl Harbor. What they did in the aftermath however was evil and blatantly wrong.

            I was too young at the time, and argued for the patriot act. I’ll admit that fully, because I continued my study of the constitution and it turned me around before I graduated high school. By the time I graduated I was having debates with lawyers and winning as many if not more than I lost, as well as out arguing my teachers when they presented bad information in class. It was a mistake that I learned from and shaped me to what I am today. It is part of why there is no yield in me.

            I want to thank you for sharing your story with me personally, and hope in the future that perhaps we can correspond further.

            Stay safe, and keep the fires of liberty burning.

    12. Government funding to restrict Constitutional Rights by states. I live in the Southwest, East of California and West of the Mississippi River and we don’t need numb nut politicians who are elected from liberal wastelands dictating anything to us or the other states as far as Constitutional Rights are concerned. This is the tragic flaw in our system of government. The original concept of representation has been changed from what the Founding Fathers envisioned and practiced as to the election of members of Congress and to a greater degree, the Senate. Also, with a smaller, regional grouping of states, the Senate members had more in common with their regional constituents and other Senators with less diversity than exists in the nation today. The idea of someone in New England introducing a law that would effect someone living in Virginia or Pennsylvania would not have had the same environmental differences as someone today from New England introducing a law that would effect someone living in Montana or Arizona. Now we see the Democrats (enemies of America) trying to circumvent the Constitution by paying the states to do it for them since they can’t seem to do it at the National level. Scum is scum no matter where they are located. Look at all the Democrats in Washington from states where the Constitution has already been handicapped and restricted, and they are spreading the same filthy liberal politically correct corruption via the Congress and Senate. If the system is broken (and it is), then it needs to be fixed or barring that, replaced with something functional and in line with the Constitutional.

      1. They have us going by their fake “Constitution To The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” Washington DC foreign country Corp bylaws to circumvent our original “ Constitution for the United States of America” and if you take this to your esquire who works for the Crown not you and ask this question be sure to be looking the esquire directly into the esquires eyes and watch the esquire squirm before the esquire comes up with a lie to tell you. This will be a memorable moment in your life. Only privileges exist under the fraudulent Constitution therefore to regain rights America will have to redeclare its sovereignty in writing under the original Constitution and they won’t allow it without a war against We The People of which they actually declared Americans enemy of America aka enemy combatants by law during that Act of 1871 era due to Americans are occupying the land they stole. Just like the Indians but now it’s our turn and is what is currently going down in America. A little less Shooters Magazine and a little more factual history can go along way to understanding what IS REALLY GOING ON. Lots of active Militia know this stuff if they don’t know this stuff they are faketriots.

    13. This is really no surprise. The Master Gun Grab Plan was perfected in Washington State. It began in 2016, with Hand Gun Restrictions, then in 2018 with conning the Voters into first stripping 18-21 year olds of their 2nd Amendment rights. -That was the Voter enacted crisis, the unconstitutional passage of I-1639.
      -Now DOL is linking purchases to CPL Holders, said Voters were then conned into making sure all Holders Handgun Serial Numbers, are now Linked To CPL Number. ( Conceal Pistol License #) done with Department of Licensing.
      -Now in 2019, they completed the full circle of forced Registration of buyers to take Semi Auto Classes, then wait 10 Days, which forces the FFL Dealer to hand walk said Back Ground Checks to their corresponding Local Sheriffs office.
      -This is nothing more than Back Door Registration with a $25.00 fee attached.
      – Why has this been so successful in WA State? There a lot of theories out there as too why.
      – Some say it was New Yorker Millionaire Michel Bloomberg and his Elite Liberal money.
      – Some say it is because they do not teach U.S. History and Civics, any longer to our youth .
      – Then there are many believe that most people are so wrapped up in their SMART Phones, that they have given up any and all forms of critical thinking abilities. They are Zombies and have checked out like The Walking Dead.
      – They perfected the Gun GRAB TEMPLATE in WA State, and it appears that IT IS now moving full steam ahead, all across the former U.S.Of A.
      What a flipping mess.

    14. Career criminals in Congress have endangered the American public,
      Anti-constitutionalist’s sense of morality is situational, based on incident and emotion, instead of rooted in God’s word and law.
      Anti-constitutionalist’s stand for nothing. The situation determines their support for an issue and their emotions rule, not reason and rationality.
      Moreover, they recognize the contradiction, but still cling to their situational justice. Situational justice is the tool of dictators, tyrants, despots, and unjust, unrighteous monarchs. It has no place in a free constitutional republic. In which the United States of America is……………….
      Anti-Constitutionalist’s=Anti-Americans=Enemies of the United States…
      Wake up America, they want to control you not help or protect you….

    15. I DESPISE the COMMUNIST who have WORMED their way into OUR GOVERNMENT. According to the Second Amendment and the Constitution, ALL GUN “LAWS” THAT INFRINGE UPON LEGAL LAW ABIDING Americans ARE – – – I L L E G A L !!!!

    16. “…our success in reducing deaths from gun violence.”
      You mean, the same reductions most other states are also seeing, without having anything like Massachusetts’ totalitarian gun laws?
      Yeah, the “post hoc ergo propter hoc” is strong in moron Markey.

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