Select NRA Board Members Call for Independent Investigation

Investigations Contract Money Deals
Select NRA Board Members Call for Independent Investigation

USA – -( Today a small group of long-time National Rifle Association board members, Sean Maloney, Timothy Knight, Esther Schneider, and Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown, USAR (Ret.) called for an independent investigation of allegations of rumored financial misconduct at the NRA.

Update 07/23/2019: Lt. Col. Allen West has now also added his name to the below letter.

Second, that the NRA conducts an outside, independent review of the millions of dollars in payments to Brewer, Attorneys & Counselors for legal fees.

Third, pursuant to NRA Bylaw Article IV, Section 2, Board of Directors, Powers and Duties, that an Outside Independent Special Committee is formed and tasked with investigating and addressing the problems.

NRA Board Members Call for Independent Investigation

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Major NRA Donors commit to withholding 200 Million Dollars
“Wayne and his cronies are destroying the NRA. ”
Randy Luth
DPMS Panther Arms Founder
NRA Life Member
NRA Major Donor

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To all my very honorable fellow Patriots. Regarding these “NRA Matters” I will merely refer to the wisdom of The Founders. The wisdom of the great Benjamin Franklin – who famously said “We either hang together or will surely hang separately”…words that encapsulate the idea of this comment. Although the records are not clear on this quote-or even it’s precise wording- since it does not survive in a written contemporary source- it’s attribution has never been challenged. Thus I chose to quote it. I will further appeal to my honorable fellow Patriot -with the humility and utmost respect-to use whatever… Read more »


This is similar to daytime tv and the soap operas. Every day there is a new wrinkle but no results. The members end up with a big bag full of nothing and master wayne and his board lite their cigars with member’s money. Not my money any more until there is concrete proof this is all gone.

Ej harbet

There really needs to be a class action lawsuit by a large number of life or above members to stop this and yank the crooks out of there. While anything is left.
With the exception of a few directors the entire board is supporting wlp and should be sharing chains with him as they pick up trash on the interstates.

Will Flatt

And the next targets of NRA blacklisting as ordered by Whiny LaPee-yew are:
Sean Maloney
Timothy Knight
Esther Schneider and
Lt. Col. (Ret.) Robert K. Brown


LaPierre won’t let this happen.

Will Flatt

He’ll sic Brewer on them. Spend more NRA $$$$ suing people, enriching Brewer (a supporter of antigun politicians), and funneling kickbacks to WLP.


It sounds to me like there is a “kickback” buried in those enormous payments to Brewer. Just sayin…


The corruption with the NRA needs to be effected immediately before 2020. Because it has not indicates the level degradation within its ranks. It has not served the 2A community or the NRA members very well and can possibly be cause it demise.
If you’re on the board or part of the corrupt upper echelon RESIGN!


You seriously need to proof read your comments, either that you need to take some English writing classes! I’m guessing you’re just another product of the poor education system in this country! “be effected”? “it has not indicates”? “possibly be cause it demise”?

Will Flatt

Or it could be the fracking autocorrect on his smartphone.


I could not begin to tell you how the hell that got jumbled like that?
@Rattlerjake: You got my drift did you not!


You mean like your daddy?


Why is it only some of the BOD? The entire board should be jumping on this bandwagon.

Will Flatt

They’re afraid that WLP will sic Brewer on them with lawsuits.

Green Mtn. Boy

What took the limited BOD members this long to call for a investigation,if they waited much longer they may find their exalted EVP behind bars,in either state or Federal lock up.


If the Trump admin has taught us anything, it’s that a swamp can run mighty deep.

No offense intended to anyone, but how do we know this “select group” won’t be swamp investigating swamp?

Perhaps at this point, the investigation should be conducted by appropriate law enforcement and IRS, with full transparency.


This call for an investigation is nothing more than “damage control”! And those calling for it trying to save their positions. This should never have happened, but as usual, those in “power” turn a blind eye until they are caught with their pants down.