The Shit Storm that is the NRA Today & How We Got Here

Opinion by Anon
UPDATE 07/19/2019: “This page has had the original AmmoLand Editors’ Notes removed due in part to the constantly evolving developments with the National Rifle Association story. I am hopeful for a positive outcome for our organization and we will continue to bring AmmoLand News readers further updates.” ~ Editor in Chief, Fredy Riehl.

NRA Danger
The Shit Storm that is the NRA Today & How We Got Here

Fairfax, VA – -( Many of my friends are calling me wanting to know what the hell is going on with NRA, as if I ought to know. But all I know is from past observation and from what I’m reading almost daily in newspapers or internet blogs. Mind you, I’m on the outside: I am not, and never have been, on the NRA Board of Directors. But to try to answer them I wrote this encapsulation. Here’s how the situation looks to me. If what follows is not substantially true or seems unfair, I hope somebody on the inside hastens to correct me. Because it’s depressing.

It’s been an open secret for more than 20 years (since at least the 1990s) that an outside public relations firm, Ackerman McQueen Inc. (around NRA headquarters, commonly called “Ack-Mac”) enjoyed a favored and protected, if not inviolate, relationship with NRA. The owners of Ack-Mac were close friends and associates of NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre. He handed them major roles formulating, directing and performing many NRA operations for which Ack-Mac and its associated companies bill NRA millions of dollars annually — in 2017 alone, over $40 million. To ensure their position by enhancing his, Ack-Mac created a persona for LaPierre as NRA’s public face; his strident, increasingly right-wing rhetoric espoused in NRA’s name was shaped and scripted by Ack-Mac. In turn he fended off sporadic calls to reduce Ack-Mac’s penetration of NRA. LaPierre and Ack-Mac became practically indistinguishable.

This special relationship and its financial intertwining were largely opaque, fully appreciated only within inner circles of the 76-member Board of Directors. Though payments to Ack-Mac accounted for a large chunk of NRA’s budget until recently Ack-Mac was unmentioned in annual reports or minutes of the Board’s meetings, it was as if Ack-Mac didn’t exist. The full extent of Ack-Mac’s influence, participation, and responsibility for NRA’s high-level management decisions remains, to this day, obscure.

Wayne LaPierre
The whole mess is foremost an affirmation of Wayne LaPierre’s own mismanagement.

But this symbiotic—some viewed it parasitic—liaison recently came unglued. The exact cause is still unclear. A new NRA Treasurer, Craig Spray, took office in 2018, and may have been reluctant to sign off on required tax filings without proper documentation for the sums paid to Ack-Mac. The dramatic shortfall of NRA income in the past three years [a result of the defeat of rabid gun banner Hillary Clinton and supposedly pro-gun President in office] may also have precipitated a closer examination of the spending attributable to Ack-Mac. The facile movement of personnel from Ack-Mac and other vendors to and from NRA’s payroll, and the subsequent dispensation of lucrative contracts, had long generated unwelcome suggestions of apparent conflicts of interest and self-dealing. Further, it was rumored that Ack-Mac billed NRA huge sums [including several years of Waynes’ clothing bills] that were vastly inflated or not properly substantiated. Whatever the cause, LaPierre found himself in the position of asking Ack-Mac to verify its charges. When such accounting was not provided, NRA filed a lawsuit against LaPierre’s former pals. That seemed totally out of character; what triggered his action after so many years of coziness and laissez-faire remains murky. [we speculate it was due to the challegnes created by New York state, where the NRA was forced to update many of its corporate disclosure documents, setting of a cascade of accounting house cleaning and finger pointing.] It seems to have escaped the MIA Board’s notice that if this litigation is justified, it is foremost an affirmation of LaPierre’s own mismanagement.

To pursue this claim and litigation against the Lockton Affinity LLC —NRA’s insurance contractor— arising from the wreckage of the ill-fated Carry Guard program (which was supposed to rescue NRA from its plummeting cash flow) LaPierre hired a Texas lawyer named William Brewer.

Previously almost unknown in NRA circles. Brewer’s bills for legal services swiftly displaced Ack-Mac’s as an initiator for cardiac arrest. [it appears Brewer is positioning his firm, Brewer, Attorneys & Counselors, who has their own in house PR division to replace Ack-Mac at the NRA teat] Brewer’s charges total more than $24 million over the past year, and apparently continue at a breathtaking if not larcenous rate, about $1.8 million per month. It is credibly alleged that Brewer’s retention by NRA was, like Ack-Mac’s, devoid of proper oversight, controls and accounting. Brewer himself seems an odd choice. He is said to have close family connections to Ack-Mac, being the brother-in-law of one partner and the son-in-law of another. Moreover he has been sanctioned for ethical issues by two different courts —most recently by a federal court in Virginia, where he was ejected from representing NRA in court.

William A. Brewer III Bio Screen Grab
William A. Brewer III Bio

[The other warning bell on William A. Brewer III is his political contribution record to dozens of Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, Al Franken, Dick Durbin and Beto O’rourke and just a smattering of Republicans!?!  What better way to destroy the NRA than get a Democrat sympathiser on the inside. Now he is coaching Wayne on where to lead the NRA while bleeding NRA coffers dry!!! WTF?]

Enter Oliver North, a central figure in the Iran-Contra affair in the 1980s, more recently a pundit on Fox News. North has served on the NRA board of directors for some years. Last year LaPierre recruited him to fill an unexpected vacancy left by Pete Brownell resigning his NRA presidency. Reportedly North was to resign his salaried position at Fox, and go on Ack-Mac’s payroll at more than $1 million to produce NRA-TV programs that presumably would be billed back to NRA. According to North, LaPierre helped negotiate the contract. Last December, owing to NRA’s financial straits —revenues in 2018 fell by more than $50 million— and because NRA-TV was being curtailed/canceled, North voluntarily accepted a lower salary from Ack-Mac, reportedly reduced to measly $800K. Nonetheless, the NRA presidency traditionally has been an unpaid position; the rationale for any highly-paid celebrity to occupy this office was never explained.

Oliver North
Oliver North voluntarily accepted a lower salary from Ack-Mac, reportedly reduced to $800K. The NRA presidency traditionally has been an unpaid position.

North’s allegiance in the events that followed is unclear. What is clear, however, is that Brewer’s astronomical legal bills in pursuit of Ack-Mac became a focus of North’s attention possibly at the bequest of his employer.

Declaring Brewer’s fees “an existential threat to the financial stability of NRA,” North demanded the production of the legal bills and supporting documents for review, and was joined by First Vice President Richard Childress, whose financial independence and integrity are unquestioned. When these demands were rebuffed, North circulated a letter to the Board, calling for an independent inquiry into Brewer’s billing. By this time it leaked out that LaPierre had charged to Ack-Mac over $274,000 of expenses for travel and wardrobe that evidently were then billed back to NRA. North maladroitly threatened disclosure unless LaPierre resigned. LaPierre counter-attacked, publicly charging North with “extortion.” More significantly, LaPierre also said, “others informed me that I needed to withdraw the NRA lawsuit against [Ackerman McQueen] or be smeared.

While the latter accusation might be true, no document verifying such a demand has surfaced.

All this came to a boil at NRA’s 2019 annual convention in Indianapolis. In a behind-the-scenes showdown, North failed to persuade the Board to back him, and instead, he was ousted; his chair on the podium at the plenary Members Meeting was conspicuously empty. A letter from North was read aloud, stating that he had not been renominated for a second term as NRA president.

Two days later the Board of Directors convened its own meeting behind closed doors.  Emerging a few hours later after an acclamation vote, the Board astonishingly did not announce any change. Instead, now-president Carolyn Meadows declared that the board has “full confidence in Wayne LaPierre.” In other words, everything’s under control, nothing to worry about.  The unintended message: the individual ultimately responsible for the present mess is still in charge.

Carolyn Meadows
Carolyn Meadows, the newest NRA President 2019 declared that the board has “full confidence in Wayne LaPierre.”

As Executive VP, LaPierre’s annual salary is $1.4 million. It’s hard to identify the value a non-profit association receives for that kind of money. The President of the United States is paid less than one-third of that; the Secretary of Defense gets only $210,700, and the base salary of a U.S. Senator is $172,000.

Joshua Powell
Joshua Powell

Also still on the NRA’s payroll is Joshua Powell, recently removed as director of General Operations (drawing nearly $800K) after being exposed in national media as a serial deadbeat. The most cursory vetting before he was hired would have disclosed his trail of failed businesses and bad debts. The architect of the crashed Carry Guard program and the spark that lit the legal fuse with New York sate, Powell is now a “senior strategist” and still LaPierre’s “chief of staff.”

More perplexing, perhaps, was the statement attributed to Charles Cotton, now the 1st VP and also chairman of the Audit Committee: “The board supports the work the (Brewer) firm is doing, the results achieved, and the value of its services. Importantly, this relationship has been reviewed, vetted, and approved.”

Such utterances are hard to accept at face value. The only charitable explanation is that the board apparently thinks it can keep a lid on the scandal by denying its existence while it struggles to rectify it. But it’s a myopic delusion: allegations of corruption at NRA already are receiving in-depth exposure [with help from NRA insider leaks] in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and other national newspapers, as well as on internet blogs where some stories have logged over a million hits. The most lurid and detailed piece appeared April 17 in The New Yorker magazine under the title “Secrecy, Self-Dealing, and Greed at the N.R.A..” Though written by an investigative reporter employed by Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun website, The Trace, it was not so easy to dismiss as propaganda. Much of it is confirmed by NRA’s 2017 IRS Form 990 required by law for non-profit entities, also filed in New York because that’s where NRA is incorporated.

This 100-page document, released by NRA only last November, was unusual; it contains unprecedented disclosures of where the money categorized as expenditures for “fund-raising” and “public relations” actually went. For example, it was revealed for the first time the Mercury Group, an Ack-Mac subsidiary run by LaPierre’s closest confidant, Tony Makris, received $5.8 million from NRA in that year; another Makris-run company, Under Wild Skies, got $2.6 million. Meanwhile, NRA has nearly exhausted its $25 million credit line (secured by a mortgage on its headquarters building), liquidated $2 million from an investment fund, borrowed close to $4 million from its officers’ life insurance policy and extracted about $5 million in office rent and overhead from the NRA Foundation.

This, in the same year that NRA’s 10 highest-paid executives received compensation aggregating over $8 million.

Tony Makris
Mercury Group, an Ack-Mac subsidiary run by LaPierre’s closest confidant, Tony Makris, received $5.8 million from NRA in that year; another Makris-run company, Under Wild Skies, got $2.6 million.

The leakage of NRA documents and internal memoranda continues, gleefully trumpeted by Trace, while NRA’s byzantine machinations provide a target-rich environment. Given the ongoing litigation against Ack-Mac and against N.Y. Governor Andrew Cuomo for pressuring banks and insurance companies to dump NRA, plus an impending investigation by the N.Y. Attorney General threatening not only NRA’s tax exemption but its corporate existence, the Board’s impulse to close ranks and avoid displaying NRA’s dirty laundry is understandable, but the unnatural silence is neither timely nor reassuring.

If indeed, as Mrs. Meadows claims, “the entire board is fully aware of these issues,” the issue of managerial dereliction takes on a new dimension. To claim that these controversial contracts, transactions, and expenses were “reviewed, vetted and approved” by the board is to ratify and accept liability for them.

It begs the next question: Is the Board doing anything to stop the financial hemorrhage? Does it even have a coherent plan? So far the membership has heard nothing but bland reassurances suggesting that “everything is on track”, coupled with whining about leaks to the press.

Can directors with a fiduciary duty to a non-profit membership association justify sports-star salaries, uncontrolled and unaccountable vendors and $100,000-a-day lawyers? The membership deserves credible explanations and plain answers. If these are not forthcoming, who could blame it for throwing out the entire board and starting over?


[Update: Since first posted, Chris Cox have been suspended and later resigned from his role at NRA-ILA, all part of Waynes’ removal of the competition for leadership.]

NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action somehow seems insulated from much of Ack-Mac’s influence. Executive Director Chris Cox has kept ILA at arm’s length from most of the hard-right Sturm und Drang of Ack-Mac agitprop, and by all accounts runs ILA in an efficient, professional manner with a modest staff and limited resources. He might be worth what he’s paid. But ILA’s lobbying task is vastly complicated by the current scandal. Will legislators welcome linkage to a parent organization plagued by chronic mismanagement or tainted by cronyism and corruption? Will ILA lobbyists still be able to approach Congress with confidence and self-respect?

Judging from the mammoth sums paid to fund-raising vendors, the proponents of Ack-Mac’s strategy regarding the membership primarily as a fertile garden for harvesting money. Programs designed to generate cash have a voracious appetite for money to run them. Eventually, they become not just a means but a consuming end for those who gain from them. While fund-raising vendors may generate high gross revenues, in 2017 the largest contractor, InfoCision Management Corporation, yielded back to NRA less than half of the $10 million it raised.

The rest —enticed not from an amorphous general public but from the wallets of hard-core, loyal NRA members— evaporated in solicitation expenses and vendor profits.

It’s much the same for NRA’s glossy, high-profile public relations. Do they really translate to expanded membership and enhanced political power for NRA? Or is the tail wagging the dog? Marketing NRA as a “brand” —as if it were an entertainment commodity like the NFL— has proved politically divisive, legally dangerous, and a magnet for wholesale abuse. Worse, it has brought NRA to the brink of insolvency. Would not the money wasted in fueling a publicity engine, nurturing personality cults, and recovering from affinity-program debacles be more effectively redirected to NRA’s core legislative and electoral missions?

Lightening rod spokesperson Dana Loesch on NRA TV
Lightening rod spokesperson Dana Loesch on NRA TV

Let’s remember that NRA is, above all, a non-profit grass-roots congregation of more than 5 million members. NRA’s greatest strength is that it represents a full cross-section of American society: men and women from all income levels, professions, and occupations, liberals, and conservatives, Republicans, Democrats and independents, management and labor — people of every race, age, religion and ethnicity. They are united by a single issue: a shared belief in the Second Amendment. At the bottom they did not join NRA to receive a monthly magazine or buy insurance or watch safaris on television or save money on wine; they are members because they believe NRA is their best hope to save their firearms rights.

Unlike the followers of anti-gun front groups created and funded by Bloomberg or Soros, NRA members pay to belong. They are not just noisily parading for some trendy cause du jour. NRA members actually have a palpable right at stake. NRA will live or die on its members’ support, both monetary and—equally important– in-kind participation. If they lose faith in the NRA, they will stop contributing their money, and their blood, sweat, and tears. And the effect will spread beyond the membership. The NRA is America’s only strong bulwark against repressive gun controls; without NRA, our country will surely follow the precipitous tumble of New Zealand. If the NRA fails, every decent, gun-owning citizen in the nation will pay the price.

NRA cannot survive as a business to be exploited by insiders, or as a convenient vehicle to harness to a right-wing agenda. As matters stand, based on what I know—which is limited by what I don’t know—I could not in good conscience advise anyone to send money to NRA today. Instead, my inclination is to suggest, “Why not wait and see?” But I don’t think there’s a lot of time left. An avalanche of new legislation against our 2d Amendment rights is about to tumble down upon us. Is NRA going to take decisive steps to restore our confidence, or indecisively preside over a full catastrophe?

19 June 2019: A postscript:

I put this “White Paper” side for more than a month to see if any new developments would alter my appraisal of this situation. I have concluded that nothing much has changed. I have seen no proof one way or the other to establish North’s motives in trying to remove LaPierre conclusively; for me, his loyalties remain ambiguous. Despite some circumstantial evidence, I am not yet persuaded that he was conspiring with Ack-Mac in an attempted coup d’etat to preserve its grip on NRA. Maybe so, maybe not.

Meanwhile, I read the pleadings in the NRA’s litigation. Over many years I have analyzed and answered dozens of civil complaints and written some as well. The two that were filed by NRA are unique in my experience; I’ve never seen anything quite like them. They lack a sharp legal focus and ramble on excessively, sounding more like an overwrought lament than a justiciable claim. They present a real mystery to me; I cannot imagine competent lawyers writing such things.

Ack-Mac has now filed a countersuit in response to NRA’s second suit; the issues between them are now —as they were sure to become— primarily financial eventually. The “relationship” is over. The possibility has not escaped me that NRA’s first lawsuit may have been instigated not by Wayne but by others on the Board who forced its commencement in order to provoke a breach with Ack-Mac, but that seems too Machiavellian even for NRA.

The overriding and unanswered question in my mind is how and why Wayne is still there.

25 June 2019: Another postscript: Developments last week already have obsoleted my postscript above.

First, we have the spectacle of NRA suing Ollie North to deny him indemnification and advancement for his legal defense (to which a corporate officer and director might be entitled) on the ground that as NRA president he acted in bad faith in seeking to unseat Wayne LaPierre. The complaint contends that North was serving the interests of his employer Ack-Mac in disregard of his fiduciary duty to NRA.

William A. Brewer III
William A. Brewer III

Remarkably, NRA’s lawyer is this new action is the same William Brewer, whose elephantine legal bills, it is unmentioned, were the initial subject of North’s clash with LaPierre. North is sued in his individual capacity, not as an NRA director, and oddly in New York —not Virginia where North resides. It is far from certain that the New York court has in personam jurisdiction over North the private citizen, but the explanation for this choice of venue may be that Brewer is embargoed from practice in Virginia. Further, it seems inconceivable that Brewer, in the course of trying to prove North’s alleged perfidy, can escape being called as a witness himself. The propriety of Brewer’s appearance in such a case raises still another ethical question, in addition to those stemming from a jury-tampering episode in Texas where he is now appealing a court-imposed fine of $177,000.

Lest readers conclude that I am overly critical of Brewer: for 16 years I hired, fired, and supervised lawyers all over the United States in dozens of cases, some of them involving millions of dollars. We litigated cases up to the supreme courts of Kentucky, Alabama, Texas, Maryland, Illinois, Virginia, and others I can’t immediately recall. I always tried to retain the very best lawyers I could find for the case at hand. Sometimes I picked an expensive top-tier firm in Washington, Philadelphia or Houston, but often not, if another lawyer was better suited for that particular litigation. I have seen nothing in any of NRA’s pleadings to suggest that they required any special expertise that only Brewer could provide. In over 50 years as a practicing attorney, I have never encountered a lawyer, or even an entire firm, whose services were worth $1.8 million in a single month — much less for ten consecutive months.

Not even in Texas. What on earth was the NRA Audit Committee thinking?

The complaint in this newest suit, lathered with righteous indignation, preaches a 17-page sermon. It was transparently styled to embed a self-serving narrative in the media rather than state a cause of action in court. The media is unlikely to swallow it unparsed, nor in any event to NRA’s credit. One needs no sympathy for North to recognize the irony in many of its allegations. Curiously asserted “on information and belief” are articles from The New York Times and The Washington Post, as if their contents were a substitute for pleading facts. Much is made in the complaint of North’s status as an employee of Ack-Mac, but that red herring merely voices a distinction without a difference. Even if North were a third-party contractor simultaneously serving as NRA president and Board member, an obvious conflict would remain. Directly or indirectly, his livelihood would be tied to the preservation of Ack-Mac’s position with NRA. What realistic safeguard could the Audit Committee impose on such a dependency that would slide it past a smell test? In contrast, nobody apparently considers it improper for LaPierre to accept $274,000 worth of personal luxuries from Ack-Mac –so long as he’s not the contractor’s employee.

Did Wayne imagine that these were gifts? If so, in return for what? Or that they would not ultimately be tucked into a bill to be paid by NRA? Either way, and in both cases, it stinks.

Also overlooked in equating only North’s behavior with bad faith: North’s demands to review Brewer’s legal bills, going back to February and March 2019, were joined by Richard Childress and Carolyn Meadows, then 1st and 2d Vice-Presidents. On their face, these demands, made by NRA’s top three officers who also are members of the Board of Directors, could not legitimately be refused.

Yet they were rebuffed by LaPierre well before North’s attempt to force him out on the eve of the Board meeting of April 29, 2019.

Whoever conceived this latest lawsuit gave scant thought to the legal reality that a suit alleging conflicts of interest, breach of fiduciary duty and actions “contrary to the best interests of NRA” is not a one-way street. Putting such concepts at issue kicks open the door to exposure of NRA’s own conduct which the defendant can freely explore in depositions, interrogatories, and requests for production of documents that can be judicially compelled. Predictably the media will enjoy a feeding frenzy, and the Board better hope that its director liability insurance policy is still in place following NRA’s rupture with Lockton Affinity after Carry Guard capsized.

It must be at least a little embarrassing that, even as NRA seeks a declaratory judgment affirming that North was disloyal to NRA, the results just announced of the most recent election of 27 NRA directors show him as the top vote-getter. No experienced observer of NRA elections would read into this anything more than an expected consequence of name recognition, but it makes it awkward to explain to the membership North’s abrupt disappearance from the Politburo. Unsurprisingly there is no mention of it in the “Official Journal” sections of NRA’s monthly magazines. Officially, it never happened. Rank-and-file NRA members who want to learn how and why North became an “unperson” have to read The Wall Street Journal.

Then we have Chris Cox and his chief-of-staff, Scott Christman, suspended on suspicion of being “implicated” in the alleged coup d’etat. If criticism of LaPierre is synonymous with disloyalty to NRA, the Cult of the Personality now has found its most sublime expression. This could not have come at a more critical time for the NRA. Since the last national election, ILA needs its full strength to fight the impending battle in Congress—not decapitated in a vengeful internecine “cleansing.”

Are Childress and Mrs. Meadows “implicated” too? Who will pay their legal bills when they are subpoenaed?

Finally, there’s the revelation that Woody Phillips, the NRA’s just-retired Treasurer for 26 years, broadened the now-all-too-familiar profile of NRA’s salaried executives. The prior norm seemed to be enrichment through extraordinary salaries, conflicts of interest, double-dipping, sweetheart deals, and extravagant retirement schemes. Woody has added the word “embezzlement.” According to a June 19 article on The New Yorker website, his former employer asserts that before Woody came to NRA, he was caught stealing more than a million dollars by generating and paying fake invoices. Unless this story is a complete fabrication, the evidence seems incontrovertible: when he was confronted, the story discloses, Woody immediately returned $500,000 of it and started paying interest on the balance. This comes on the heels of separate reports of questionable payments made by NRA to Woody’s “significant other.” Was his earlier modus operandi revived with a slight twist?

One might reasonably expect that the current Board will immediately initiate a fresh forensic audit of disbursements to outside contractors during Woody’s tenure…NOT.

But the Board’s recent responses to discoveries of impropriety are not encouraging. It would hardly be surprising if there is simply an angry denunciation of the New Yorker article —which indeed was written by the same nefarious Bloomberg reporter as before— coupled with another tight-lipped announcement that nothing is wrong because everything has been “reviewed, vetted and approved.”

Get a tight grip: while Carolyn Meadows insists “everything is on track,” NRA looks headed for derailment. I feel sick.

Contact your NRA Board: Here are the names of the current NRA BOD as of 2019:

NRA Board Of Directors list as of 2019
NRA Board Of Directors list as of 2019
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Rico de la Llama

Open your eyes guys it is time for every American that is a gun owner regardless of what kind to stand up together and march on Washington with or with out the NRA’s blessing. They cant be counted on. Every time you give the power away from people to corporations or government they do what financially suits them. Its up to us now, to get in the fight as our forefathers did and get our country back. I don’t care who leads us but if we don’t we are going the way of Germany, Cuba and Venezuela with secret police… Read more »


Thank you for your service.
Standing strong together fighting for our rights, realization is key to understanding WE are the difference.

Former board member

I was a “reform” NRA Board member along with Neal Knox for 9 years in the 1990s. After being blocked at every point, we tried to remove Wayne in 1997 in Seattle. We lost 32-33 with director David Workman crossing over to block the reform. My head spun when he announced hjs vote. Over the next 3 election cycles all 32 of us were purged by Wayne’s sycophants on the Board. Then procedural and By-law changes were made in this century to guarantee there will NEVER AGAIN be a member’s revolt. The NRA belongs to Wayne’s in-group of die hard… Read more »


Draft General William G. Boykin as the next President of the NRA, and give him a free hand to direct forensic audits, publish the results, and request criminal investigations as the facts dictate, should fraud or malfeasance be verified. The NRA has a trust and integrity problem. They need a man of unassailable character with no conflicts to direct it, and clean house as necessary. I would be surprised if Col North had ulterior, self-interested motivations (for himself or the Ack-Mac firm) in his actions, but he was clearly not independent enough to re-establish trust, when Ack-Mac would be a… Read more »

Charles B.

The response to them should be: “Not another penny from me until Wayne is gone, along with all his cronies!!!!” Money speaks!!!!

Ansel Hazen

It would seem the only option is to choke the serpent by withholding funds until it dies.

Another Former Board Member

I too served with you in that era, and had forgotten about Workman’s duplicity. Of course he was not alone. Many board members were inflected with what today we’d call Knox Derangement Syndrome. Then of course Neal did a poor job of recommending new board members when our group was in the majority, his best friend Tom Geiler from Prescott and Ken Oehler both voted against our attempt to replace Wayne with a competent business person, fire AkMac/Mercury and institute real Board oversight so this catastrophe would never be repeated. The tools are there. Perhaps with Allen West’s leadership and… Read more »


Now would be a good time to change your will if you got suckered into NRA’s estate planning scam. I got a notice from them about estate planning so I sent the inquiry in and what I got back was how to name them in my will. My immediate thought was F you so I threw it away. After you are gone, or on your death bed it will be to late to do anything. I sure wouldn’t give LePierre and the deep swamp NRA any of my last possessions or money.


“….a non-profit grass-roots congregation….” That has a bunch of ‘self-enriching’ leeches buying condos in the Bahamas! I shut down a recurring donation to a ‘high profile’ charity, after discovering that the originator of the charity and three of his family members were sucking 6 figure annual salaries from the donors! Truth in the saying: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely;” however, the same applies to MONEY: BIG money corrupts, BIGGER money corrupts completely! Humans with low morals are unable to keep their fingers out of the pie. My surprise being, with these money grubbers, even North with his $800K(!), where is enough… Read more »


If the NRA had stepped up full-court press style, instead of rolling over, on recent Second Amendment issues like armed school staff, universal reciprocity, bump stocks, suppressors, and red flag laws, I wouldn’t have cared if they had spent 90% of my donations on Cuban stogies, hookers, and blow. But asking me to swallow grift AND incompetent nonfeasance is just more than I can condone.


Given the predilections of Esquire Brewer’s divergent political beliefs, we may have an insight into an additional influence advising the NRA to leave the path. Unfortunately, some ships get too worn out to stay afloat and it’s off to the wreckers. A new ship is the only alternative when the old boat can’t (or won’t) be fixed.


The “virus” choking the NRA to death isn’t named “Corona”. It’s name is “LaPierre”.

NRA Lays Off Staff, Cuts Salaries As Coronavirus Reduces Revenue

Charlie Foxtrot

Since my post with a link to a story in today’s New York Times is still under moderation, simply google “N.R.A. Donor Directs a Revolt Against a ‘Radioactive’ Leader” to read the article. A group of donors is withholding $134 million in donations to the NRA and want Wayne LaPierre gone. I assume Ammoland will post this as a separate article tomorrow.


“… want Wayne LaPierre gone” Even that, is not good enough. As in the case of government corruption, the only way to be certain it doesn’t automatically repeat, is daylight and prosecution. A complete, outside audit of the past 30 years of the NRA’s financials is required. It would be preferable if that audit were directed and the results reported to the Board of Directors AND membership. It appears, however, that this isn’t going to happen, which will open the doors wide to every “progressive” group and their government lackeys to tear the NRA apparent with expensive and time consuming… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

N.R.A. Donor Directs a Revolt Against a ‘Radioactive’ Leader

Wild Bill

Foxtrot, Good link to a very enlightening article. Many thanks


This all sounds a bit illegal for a nonprofit organization. I’m no longer a member of the NRA just for these allegations. Nepotism runs deep here obviously. So I guess my question is why aren’t they in jail. The members of this organization should be given back their rights and have the sole ability to not only elect the board members but enforce any by laws they inact as seen fit to maintain equilibrium of this organization. But maybe a bit more important is keeping this legal. Period. Haven’t seen that for any of them just dead air. The members… Read more »


Crime is legal when you’re an eletist. Laws are only for slaves. It’s really easy to understand.

Wayne in CT

I sent my NRA membership form back with a note. “No money from me until LaPierre is gone.”

How many member dues does it take to equal a million dollars? How many millions of dollars were wasted by feeding the top persons and contracted companies? It makes me sick to thick of my hard earned money wasted in this way.


I agree but they’re doing identically the same thing in DC. Both parties sitting in the back room eating $2,000.00 plates of food and drinking $800.00 bottles of wine laughing it up how they got everybody fooled into believing their scam and tyranny reins on.

Steve Fleischer

Really good analysis of the situation.

I fear the NRA is dead; time to find another flag bearer.

Erik Bloomfield

I agree, there have been too many missed opportunities to take permanent corrective action. Financial starvation is the only message members can send that will be effective. Many members believe the NRA is the only pro 2A organization with sufficient political heft to get the job done–I believe that is clearly in question now. William Brewer should be the last straw for any reasonable member. It’s time to shift support to an organization that understands fiduciary duty.

Bruce Dzamba

The NRA is ” not ” dead and far from it! It is on the lips of every anti-gun hater in the United States! They continue to support ” everything ” guns & the Second Amendment & firearms training and firearms competition & firearms shows, etc. They are our biggest ally and like the rest of us, not perfect. We can work to support them or we can work to malign them with no replacement anywhere that could take completely over ” all ” the functions & services the NRA performs!


given the two options you give me, I must go with the “work to malign” option.

There comes a point when you can no longer, “Dance with the one that brought ya”. The NRA is broken. If that means we spend more time and effort propping up one of the other organizations, then we do that.

The NRA is an “abusing spouse”. Im no longer going to turn the other cheek to this organization and just hope he’ll be nicer when he sobers up.

Austin Miller III

Amen Kyle. Well said.

Wild Bill

D, You say, “The NRA is ” not ” dead and far from it!” Good! Go on ahead without me. I’m redirecting my donations to other Second Amendment defending organizations.
With all the money that the NRA has received they could have bribed, I mean lobbied, every Congressperson from 1935 to present. We should be long rid of the Nat. Firearms Act; the Gun Control Act should never had occurred; the Hughs Amendment should never have occurred, and hundreds of thousands of pages of state legislative acts should never have occurred.So where did all the money go?


You’re time of post indicates you’re on the east coast. Washington DC?
That’s a long way from Texas Ranch but accounts for all the Trump stumping.


Hey WTF my time is DC also. Is this site server at Quantico?

Wild Bill

I think that the time stamps are New Jersey time. You will have to ask Freddy.


Blow, hookers, private island and ski resort but hey I bet they had the time right.
I wonder if we put a politician on one end of the rope and an NRA traitor on the other end if we can get em to balance?


You can continue to fund the bank accounts of the NRA execs, that’s your prerogative, but I stopped a long time ago when I saw them bleeding it financially dry, hiring the likes of ollie north and La P., and not fighting the anti-2nd amendment federal and state laws. If the NRA was actually useful we would have gotten rid of the NFA 20 years ago!

Ron Davis

The nra has not been a viable “flag bearer” since the day after LePierre was first elected. A hollow shell comprised of nothing more than bright lights, mirrors, polished turds in the punch bowl, and smoke.

Ronald Wardell

The unbridled spending is repugnant. The self-dealing worse. I and one of my children are life members, though I hate to think that our dollars have supported such graft. I would hope that there is a silent majority of honest, dedicated members of the Board of Directors who would demand and put into place an independent investigation of each of the matters addressed in the article and, if proven true, extract full reparations from the wrongdoers while cleaning house.


I wonder how much has been paid to LaPierre as finders fees for steering the work to his friends. Why should the NRA pay for his clothes? Are we making his mortgage payments too and for how many homes? Sounds like this info adds to the other possible fraud activity that has been reported. It is time to conduct a criminal investigation on LaPierre and I mean a real one not a phony one like the FBI does on democrats.


If trump had any truth or balls he would sic the usag onto all the states that have laws infringing on our civil rights and freedoms by striking down the illegal anti gun laws. Placing lawsuits against those who are responsible for their enactment under 18usc242, living up to his promises by dismantling the treasury department violations that place unconstitutional fees, taxes and limitations on the sales of ammunition magazines caliber and type of firearms up to and including select fire weapons, repeal any and all of the same limitations on bumpstocks and or silencers, as per batfes own statements… Read more »

Sad NRA Lifer

No man is greater than the organization. We need a functioning NRA for the fight we are in, and the board is not giving us one. They have had time to address this with the membership, but told us to move on – nothing to see here. Their lack of transparency prevents any solution and damages the NRA’s ability to fight the antis. Wayne (et al) must go before we can turn things around. Whether he’s right or wrong, crooked or just stupid, he’s a problem we can’t afford to keep. When you get a request for $, write in… Read more »


Might be a good idea. As long as the NRA can still fight for the 2nd Amendment. That Is, if they are still accomplishing their core functions. Not sure how to get my mind wrapped around all this festering pile of guano. Regardless, stuff has to change by choice before it gets changed by force.


I’m not a lawyer but it seems to me that there is grounds for Federal charges of “Racketeering ” against the NRA and it’s executives. Seriously I think that the FBI needs to look at the Chief Executives actions. Twenty years ago the NRA was honest but today it is a racket. Existing laws could square it away and it’s downright criminal what the upper management has done to the NRA. I did not renew my membership simply because I can NOT support criminal action. I wonder if the leadership took a Oath of Office, if so they may well… Read more »


Yeah no doubt but as currently proven those investigations simply cover up the issue for years upon years while they come for the guns. They have failed to lock up the traitors with these powerful investigations so we can clearly see they are ALL a bunch of lying scammers. Criminals that want the guns from their intended victims. The illusion no longer holds water.


We almost lost the country. We have already lost the NRA. Who can look at those numbers, and think everything is A OK? Righteous men are walking, the rats are running and the ship is listing…

Wild Bill

, … and Trump is bailing. No one’s hair is on fire. We just need to send the Donald some “not corrupted by the party yet” Congress Fanugees.

Deplorable Bill

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Follow the money. To those who are given much, much is expected. ALL of these are true. If you have a conscience, use it. If not, get out of the way. The N R A has done and is still capable of doing good things concerning the 2A. I believe they can and must do better concerning the 2A. To me, at least, the words “The right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed” offer no ambiguity, they mean exactly what they say. The straw that broke the camel’s… Read more »


The problem here is that we really do not know the facts. Most of what we think we know is hearsay. Do not take this comment as defending management. That is far from the case. When allegations such as these are made , they should be investigated. It does not matter whether it is the NRA or any other company. Failure to do so is bothersome, very bothersome. With a non-profit, the results should be published. Anger is understandable. However, we have to be careful. These are precarious times for us. Like it or not, The NRA has been our… Read more »

Ewin Barnett

A timeless physician’s axiom applies to the health of organizations as much as to health of the human body: obstruction begets infection. It seems to apply here.


Very sad state of affairs that the leadership and membership of the NRA seem to be at odds with each other.
I’m not a trained lawyer, so I doubt reading all of the public information about the lawsuits would yield any knowledge for me.
As a NRA Life member, I’d like to see Save The Second’s proposed organization changes implemented and get the NRA back to spending most of its money on protecting the RKBA.

American Patriot

This NRA is equivalent to the liberal D.C. Swamp Scum. Their only concern is lining their pockets & FU*king anyone that’s willing to bend over to them. STOP the cash flow & you stop them……Support the “SAF”.


Do you know what an NGO is?
Proxy for political persuasion. Typically a psyop until it succeeds and people are destroyed then the veil evaporates for the reality that is obvious. You know, a scam. A con.
People should have wised up about 50 years ago but the illusion was addicting.


The NRA might be a mess, but based on some of the comments here (and other gun blogs), one could be forgiven for thinking they’ve stumbled across the comment section of a Huffington Post or Vox article, with all the calls to prosecute and destroy the people in charge of the NRA.


Nah, we’re not stopping with just them but nice try.


Well, HP, the problem is that the NRA has refused oversight of any kind. North may have had conflicts with Ack-Mac, but he was the President. One could trust the body of the work of his lifetime, and believe that the old Marine might just be a tad concerned about NRA legal bills and expenses sans documentation. The #1, #2, and #3 corporate officers asked for substantiation, and Wayne LaPierre’s response was to fire them, resist audit, and cover-up any and all suspicious past activities and expenditures.. One could “trust but verify” North’s intentions, produce the documentation, and then SUBSTANTIATE… Read more »


For what it’s worth, I’m a progressive cheering all of this coming out. Not because I hate the NRA per se, but that I hate what LaPierre turned it into.

And before anybody loses their shit and reverts to the libcuck BS, I’m a veteran, probably own more guns than you, and will be headed to the range in a few hours. I just also happen to think corporations can’t be trusted to regulate themselves (if the NRA is proof of anything, they’re proof of that).

Some guy

At the party congress in Moscow in, I believe, ’54 there was quite a debate into whether or not Stalin was a true progressive. You might want to learn what words mean before you try and hide behind them, democrat scum.

Sam Spade

NRA 1st VP and Board Member Charles Cotton runs a forum at where lately where long time members have been banned for daring to question the leadership, decisions and activities of the NRA.
In this post Mr. Cotton states “Virtually every article published about the NRA is a lie or intentionally misleading half-truths.”


Don’t worry folks Trump says he is coming out next year to save NRA didn’t you hear his announcement that he has a broadcast to make in 2020? After all the authoritarian needs to keep you under the wing with rights suppressed and NGO NRA is the proven tool for such a task. Seems there is no shortage of ammo whereas NGO NRA illegal gun laws are concerned. Now you know why machine guns are for the most part illegal and why you can’t have tanks and rocket launchers due to rights replaced with tyranny. Angry slaves are a threat… Read more »


It makes no legal or business sense for the NRA to ask a court to deny Oliver North reimbursement for legal expenses.

If the NRA truly believes North’s behavior releases them from their obligation to indemnify its officers and directors, they should say so and simply refuse to pay. Of course North could sue to force the NRA to pay, but why start a court fight when it isn’t absolutely necessary?

It’s almost as if someone is looking for ways to waste more NRA dollars on outside legal services. Or they don’t understand the difference between pleadings and press releases.

Tad Pole

Choose to Fight or Surrender Your Guns? Join the NRA????? WTF have they done for me Lately???? Took My Money and Done What???? Think I’ll get ready for the Upcoming Fight.


Sounds like you’re years behind schedule. How unfortunate.

Scott High

Just like the dictators of small undeveloped countries, the titular head of the NRA has evidently gone off the rails — for quite some time now — and feels elevated and entitled to do as he pleases. He has been responsible to no one who can enforce accountability. The rabid search for additional money from within the organization is a clear indicator of a catastrophic bankruptcy. Back when a LIFE member was no longer at the top of the “charitable” pyramid my old instincts as a management consultant kicked in strongly. This was a sinking ship trying to patch a… Read more »


I stopped being a member of the NRA right after LaPierre took over. I saw his abuses in the 90s when he used members funds to pay for (and film with him as the star) extravagant African Safaris and other hunting trips, while collecting a salary that was exorbitant even back then. As one of the first Presidents of the local “Friends of the NRA”, I questioned the use of funds raised and oversight of support, or lack thereof, by the NRA under LaPierre. At the time he had the persona of a “superstar” by most of the NRA membership… Read more »

Native Son

Political Power is Communicable and it looks like our Executive Officers hung around all those Politicians for far too many years and have contracted a lot of bad habits.

How do you handle a Rabid Skunk………………..You put it down quickly for everybody’s Safety.

Robert S

I don’t bother reading opinions of people too chickenshit to put their name on them. All I have to say to “Anon” is grow a pair.

Jaimie Komeyski

You must be fbi trained. Professionals ignore the source, and follow the facts. Or in this case, as with all criminal investigations; Just follow the money.


I wonder how many of you are calling the NRA every single day and telling them Wayne needs to go? At least once a day. You can hear the disdain in their voices…call and find out for yourselves.

Its time for us to be proactive, not reactive.


Yeah, nobody likes being BUSTED. Criminal NGO’s down both sides selling out America. Quick run to the next it will be better like switching from gas at Shell station to gas at Exxon station. Keep history repetitive. Continue fighting a single unconstitutional gun law at a time and it will take over a hundred years to reverse the damage if you were to win every case and is why ALL LAWS REPUGNANT TO THE CONSTITUTION ARE NULL & VOID, UNENFORCABLE TO ANY MEASURE.


NGO ??????

Wild Bill

@Rattler, Non-governmental Organization. Used to be aid groups, in foreign lands, like Oxfam but not the Peace Corp, which is part of the US government or some agency of the foreign country that one was in. Often doing something in our (the US Army’s) AO. They used to get underfoot… a lot. Now the meaning has expanded to any kind of flotsam that is not actually part of some government.


New day,Same Shit.Let us see what tomorrow brings?


Will continue to bring MORE OF THAT SAME OL SHIT but yeah sit back and enjoy the ride to hell. Vote gun grabber in 2020 since that’s all that is running. Once a gun grabber reveals themselves don’t ever think they are anything but gun grabbers because Skunks don’t change stripes.

Ronald Nuxon

It seems obvious, some of the men at the top of the NRA, consider the membership to be nothing more than a bunch of rubes. Well, as a life member of the organization, I am offended. Fortunately, the NRA isn’t the only defender of gun owners in America, and I’ll, for the time being, suspend donating to the NRA and divert donations to the Second Amendment Society and others. LaPierre and his ilk must be duly and publicly deposed.

Ronald Nuxon

It seems obvious, some of the men at the top of the NRA, consider the membership to be nothing more than a bunch of tubes. Well, as a life member of the organization, I am offended. Fortunately, the NRA isn’t the only defender of gun owners in America, and I’ll, for the time being, suspend donating to the NRA and divert donations to the Second Amendment Society and others. LaPierre and his ilk must be duly and publicly deposed.

Wild Bill

@RN, Yes, I concur. Much like our politicians, bureaucrats, and judges the NRA leadership appears to think that the membership is just a bunch of dopes to con money out of. The changed the rules so that they could never be deprived of the cash cow. Sent GOA another check, this pm.


2 checks in a weeks time.
Yeah right.

Wild Bill

@USA, First, got any evidence to the contrary? I did not think so. Second, having completed the peach harvest, I felt that I had not done enough. Happy now?

Richard Kennedy

My confidence in the NRA died some time ago. I don’t know what the answer is, but I will never give the NRA another dime until they get back to doing what they were created to do…which is to fight for our rights….not enrich people with our money.
They have lost their way and if they don’t get back on the path, it will be to the detriment of all of us.

Mr. Walkker

Richard Kennedy, very well stated. No more funds for the NRA until the head of the fish ( Stinks at the Top) is removed. Hence I just received another Black Goo Mailer from NRA-ILA and Wayne’s world, asking for More Money.
My answer is the same. No More, NO NO ….and NOW All disposable funds are now channeled towards G.O.A.


The Jew’dicial system of tyranny that took over America is equally at fault. Jewish tyranny has stolen the country yet we like them somehow. People should wise up to the scam. Jewish Noahide Law should be a clue as to why disarmament is such the big issue for gov. All the while known terrorists such as Antifa are left alone to keep attacking Americans while gov demands the surrender of firearms with unconstitutional authoritarian laws. None of this is even close to rocket science. Obama couldn’t do better. Sheep led to their own destruction while demanding more from their fake… Read more »


What the heck has a persons religious persuasion got anything to do with this subject? Take your bigoted line of pond scum somewhere else. I suppose you believe that the earth is flat as well?


Your bigotry will only serve to divide us at a time when “all hands are needed on deck”. Your crap is not only wrong, but it does not advance our stand and credibility for supporters of the 2nd amendment.


Is their Noahide Law not mine so go tell them they are bigots. I was sitting here minding my own business when someone showed me this pile of shit. I don’t need any friends who like Noahide Law. Hardly what our guys in the military fought for that’s for sure. Hardley what America stands for last time I checked. Face is boys, you have been lured out just as planned. Executing Christians in America because they are Christians is not…. well you know. There’s many Jews that will tell you all about the bad ones because they don’t like them… Read more »

Jess Jessup

I’m grateful for the information, BUT, why is this anonymous? There is enough personal information disclosed by the author that “insiders” can figure out who they are. Why not sign your name? We need light and transparency, we need someone who can to grab this run away bull by the horns and ride him back to gate where he belongs.

Wild Bill

@JJ, that would be poor opsec. The insiders that can figure out who they are are not hackers. No one need offer up their info to the hacking world. One who is too interested may have ulterior motives.

Dave in Fairfax

Jess, Prolly doesn’t want a nuisance lawsuit filed against him as well. Brewer is getting paid well enough as it is.

John Dodd

Google “NRA Beckett Brown International” to see shocking racketeering and corporate espionage crimes committed by the now-defunct spy outfit for the NRA…


How Woodrow Wilson naive of you. 🙂


This is what it sounds like when one of us write up on this ‘Shit Storm’.

Guesty McGuesterson

My multi-year membership is about to expire, and renewal solicitation came in the mail a few days ago. Tore it up and threw it away. Hey NRA, if you want me back on board with you, give me some sort of confidence that you’ll use my donated funds for unabashed, no compromise legal action against the Dark Lords here in California that have become emboldened to drive their steamroller over our gun rights. I don’t need any more of your sweepstakes marketing crap enticing me to enroll for a chance to win a custom monster truck filled with fifty guns… Read more »

Chad C. Mulligan

don’t leave out Judicial Watch, which has done more to expose corruption among the proponents of citizen disarmament than any of the single issue organizations. If not for JW, it’s mighty likely that we would have President Clinton.


And what about all those indictments? You still falling for that scam?
Operation White Rabbit much?


There are some things you never quit hoping will happen, no matter how bad it gets.


I’m with you on that although not holding my breath.


Now that you have indicted the NRA in the Grand Jury of the Internet its time to begin the trial. PRESENT THE EVIDENCE! Not insinuation or dramatic rhetoric, but actual evidence. Documents would be great, witness testimony would be acceptable. But, the continuing repetition of complaints and and accusations do nothing. Nothing except if your trying to undermine the same organization that every liberal-progressive-socialist Democrat wants to destroy at the very moment that organization could swing a presidential election is a few short months. The Bolsheviks on the left want all our rights controlled. Guns in the hands of the… Read more »

Charlie Foxtrot

The evidence was presented, you just chose to ignore it. The NRA’s 990 tax forms, other financial disclosures, and the law suits detailing the facts are a matter of public record. Keep ignoring the obvious and search for explanations in conspiracy theories. That’s what the current NRA leadership wants. After all, they don’t want the members to take over the organization. That would end their decades long enrichment scam and create the most efficient 2A organization in the US. Stop taking orders from the NRA Politburo and start saving the NRA:


Even if none of the above was true…what has the NRA done for us lately? Oh yeah, supported the Bump Stock Ban ( and supported Red Flag Laws So much for their no-compromise stance on incremental gun control. The NRA even has the audacity to turn around and ask for donations to combat the gun control laws that they just green-lighted…classic con artist strategy!


Yep, I heard they are hiring Gabby Giffords to consult. (Just kidding but they might as well) I looked into joining NGO NRA over 20 years ago and determined they were not pro 2A based upon what they support and let slide. None of you will ever find a group that supports the right as it is intended but you will find groups to continue selling you out because it pays well. Let me know when you find a group that goes to court and tells the judge that gov doesn’t have a right to infringe upon ANYBODYS rights especially… Read more »


We have a real problem when so many will continue to support an organization that has done NOTHING of value for decades and squandered the finances into bankruptcy. These are the same idiots that continue to support liars like ted cruz, who showed that he would do ANYTHING, to include ignore/violate/trash the Constitution, to become POTUS, and who is illegally in office as we speak. Why do we worry so much about the left when our own side is also working against us, and too stupid to see it? The NRA can be replaced, just like any other worthless organization… Read more »

The Revelator

What did Cruz do to violate or trash the Constitution? I’m asking you directly.

The Revelator

Poor FelixD has not been paying attention. Get off your fat backside and go back through articles over the last two years here. All the evidence has been well documented, both in articles and in commentary. YOU Felix, in your infinite stupidity are helping the Left. Each time you blindly support the cancer that has infected the NRA in the form of cronyism, or dismissing their efforts to lull opposition of Gun Control initiatives such as Red Flag Laws. So what would be your reason for trying to equate the people trying to stop and fix the problems with those… Read more »

The Revelator

I wonder if , our resident Snowflake, will be here shortly to do a little a little “pathetic virtue signaling”.

He seems to like telling authors and other commenters how they are wrong about Lapierre, and need to shut up and stop their complaining. Funny, but when you press him on that and start asking questions he runs away talking about how immature it is to question him.