4 Pro-2A Websites You Should Subscribe To, Join or Visit Everyday


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With your support, each one of these organizations is an anti-gun titanic killer.

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- These pro-gun websites need the support of gun owners to exist. Without us, they would not be able to survive. Each one does an immeasurable amount of good in preserving our rights. Please visit each one and subscribe to their email lists as it is the only way they can keep in touch with you and not have big-tech shadowban them out of view.

Crime Prevention Research Center: www.crimeresearch.org

Crime Prevention Research Center
Crime Prevention Research Center

Anti-gunners hate this group with a passion that alone is a reason to support them. The only tool we have is facts, and I’ll be honest. I use his data for a lot of my articles.
When you hear that the U.S. has the most mass shooting and that we are a crazed gun culture, the proof that this is a lie comes from Dr. John Lott. (The U.S. ranks 11th in mass shooting among industrialized nations and 64th overall, here is the link.)

The Second Amendment Foundation: www.saf.org

Second Amendment Foundation
Second Amendment Foundation

The Heller and McDonald rulings from the SCOTUS were initiated and driven by the 2nd Amendment Foundation. On a national level, these guys are the top dog. They don’t really lobby or do community activism, but they do smack the anti-gunners in court, and they’re the best there are.

The list of legal cases they’re involved in their list of wins dwarfs almost every other pro-gun group.

The Friends of the NRA: www.friendsofnra.org

The Friends of the NRA
The Friends of the NRA

A true grassroots organization, and insulated from the much of the politics of the NRA itself the FNRA is the charity arm of the NRA.

I chair the Los Padres chapter in Ventura County. So from personal experience, here is what the FNRA funds. The Boy Scouts, JROTC, and Women on Target.. etc.
The FNRA’s goal is to grow the shooting sports and bring new people into the sport of shooting.

The Friends of the NRA Achievement Numbers 2019
The Friends of the NRA Achievement Numbers 2019

In other words, the FRNA invests in our future.

Most important, the allocation of monies for the grants is done on a local basis; and the FNRA ranks as having one of the lowest ratios of operating cost to grant allocation. (more money is spent on grants than most any other charity.)

So pick an event and attend (4 million other people have) or join the 13,000 volunteers that make these events possible.

AmmoLand News: www.ammoland.com

AmmoLand News
AmmoLand News

Very quietly over the past few years, AmmoLand News has become a leading voice in the shooting community. AmmoLand News has almost 4 million unique monthly visitors and is steadily growing. Covering all the important topics that the mainstream media refuses to touch, they are one of the only true news outlets that have not been corrupted. Even the biased MediaBiasFactCheck.com reports that AmmoLand News’ Factual Reporting as: HIGH

So if you’re not subscribed to AmmoLand News you should, you’ll find news and opinion here that is untainted by bias and open to all viewpoints. Share this and other articles you like here, and encourage others to sign up as well. They are one of these organizations that is most at risk of censorship by google, facebook, and social media overlords.

Share this article on your social media.

There are a lot of groups you can belong to; some are little more than websites, others nothing but scams that drain funds from the groups that actually do the work. These four, however, will make a difference. Get involved with any of these groups, and you too will help make a difference.

Every one of the leading Democrat presidential candidates has called for gun bans and confiscation. The time to get involved is now. A small effort today equals the preservation of our rights tomorrow.

About Don McDougall

Don McDougall
Don McDougall

Don McDougall is an NRA instructor and member of the Los Padres “Friends of the NRA” committee. If he’s not at the range, you will find him setting the record straight with on gun issues and gun safety on AmmoLand Shooting Sports News.

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As a general rule I don’t like to have to “SIGN UP” to express my opinions. That being said, I see the value of registration here at AmmoLand. I get a large portion of the news that I find important to me in my email inbox daily in the form of “Ammoland Shooting Sports News”. .I appreciate getting that news with serious comments from others with serious concerns and/or opinions on the subject. I pride myself on being open to listening to new ways of looking at things from others personal experiences and viewpoints. Dialog helps expand our understanding and… Read more »


POSITION not possession.


No comment is worth posting if you are not willing to put your name to it. That is exactly why registration works. All of the leftist sites do it in order to cut down on opposition comments. We should do it in order to cut down on the comment mills operated by well funded leftist organizations. And in my opinion, add to your list of sites your state Citizens Defense League. Arizona set the mark and they are now spreading nation wide. These groups are specifically created to watch your legislature and local government. For a good example use your… Read more »


Every morning I get your mail and I read through it.
Todays, 08-08-19 ,,. has an article about 4 website that are pro 2nd A we need to read. Right off when I go to Crime Prevention Research Center: http://www.crimeresearch.org their info on the main page is DATED. Using data from 2014 or 16 in the latter half of 2019 is cringe worthy. You, we, they all need to do better.

Don in 805

FBI and other data often lags two years before being released. An Obama ordered CDC study was held for 3 years. Some of the original work is still valid. The data in mass shooting can take a year or more to gather. Yes newer data is better. So support the site so they have the resources to do more work.


I’m boycotting the NRA until necessary reforms take place. Does the Friends of the NRA give funds to the NRA, or are they an independent organization?

Don in 805

The FNRA is a separate legal charity. They do not fund the NRA itself.


“Friends of NRA is the blockbuster fundraising program under The NRA Foundation.” -https://www.friendsofnra.org/national.aspx?sid=51&cid=1361
“Last year alone, there were over 1,100 Friends of NRA events across the country raising over $65 million dollars for The NRA Foundation.” -https://www.friendsofnra.org/National.aspx?cid=9
Sounds like a wholly owned subsidiary of the NRA to me, whether they admit it or not.


Kudos to ammoland for giving people a comment section that now functions. It’s sorely needed too, now that the Truth About Guns has decided to appease the trolls by driving off the old commenters. That strategy seems to have worked well for them, so far. They used to get a couple hundred comments per page, now its down to a few dozen or so. But their loss can be your gain, since they used to have the most knowledgeable comment section on firearms around. But now that asset can be yours for the taking, as TTAG self-destructs. You could probably… Read more »

F Riehl, Editor in Chief

Knute, we would love to have a completely open system but it gives haters much free access. We have the registration to prevent exactly what you are talking about and help keep the worst of the trolls out or allow us to ban them if we don’t like something.


Exactly so. I don’t like registering either, but I dislike the trolls taking over, like happens at TTAG, even more. Sometimes, one gets to vote for what one likes, but more often than not one has to choose the least bad option. This is much less bad than the competing systems. IMO, anyway.

Poppy Wayne

I wish you had kept the feature that alerted you (me) to a reply on (my) comment. If I comment now, I have to save the whole email & try to remember which article I commented on to see if there’s any interaction…if called for. Ah, the simpler things in life disappear first. Lol