Congress is Sprinting Towards Unconstitutional Red Flag Laws

U.S.A.-( I’m hearing a lot of grumblings right now that Republicans in Congress are under a huge amount of pressure and are scrambling to respond to the most recent shootings that have happened and it looks like they’re about to cave. Extreme Risk Protection Orders, or the Red Flag Laws in some states, you’ve heard a lot about them on this channel.

They violate all kinds of constitutional amendments and they are specifically created to be a workaround of due process as it specifically relates to the Second Amendment. Extremist Risk Protection Orders do absolutely nothing that domestic violence restraining orders, in combination with involuntary committal for mental health evaluations, or enforcing laws that are already on the book, do already. They do nothing more than simply removing somebody’s Second Amendment rights without proper Due Process.

Monday, Donald Trump addressed the nation and he was begging for red flag laws in our country. There are already four congressional bills currently in committee looking to pass extreme risk protection orders one was submitted by Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican, a second one was submitted by Senator Blumenthal, a Democrat out of Connecticut, a third one was from Republican Marco Rubio out of Florida, and a fourth was by Representative McBath from Georgia.

Currently, 17 states and the District of Columbia have forced red flag laws on their citizens. Now, the second most powerful Republican, Senator John Thune from South Dakota, he had a quote that is very telling he just said, I’m “confident Congress will be able to find common ground on the so-called red flag issues.”

Now Mitch McConnell is getting involved. Mitch McConnell is the Senate Majority Leader, the most powerful Republican in Congress, and he has just asked three committee chairmen to “reflect on the subjects the President raised and hold bipartisan talks of potential solutions.” That is code for let’s talk about the extreme risk protection orders!

Reports coming out now of Republicans that are scrambling for meaningful steps towards the issues at hand and that does not look good guys and gals!

Finally, the
issue that is going to be very dangerous is the Democrats have demanded that Mitch McConnell call back the Senate from their August break. They are off for six weeks but Democrats are demanding he brings them all back to pass two specific bills. One is HR 8, an expansion of background checks to include internet gun sales and gun show purchases, among other things.
The second is HR 1112, which is being sold as the “Charlestown Loophole Bill”. What that’s specifically looking to do is to delay the amount of time in the NICS checks where somebody might have a delay. The FBI then has three days to complete that background check. This bill will change that to a ten-day window.
Democrats are looking favorable on the fact that Lindsey Graham’s ERPO Bill is getting a lot of traction right now, a lot of
enthusiastic talk that this extreme risk protection order could very well become law.

About Jared J. Yanis & Guns & Gadgets

With over 20 years of experience in the law enforcement field, I have learned the numerous channels used by those who would love to see our 2nd Amendment rights stripped. Because of this, I am often able to bring you the news on new bills submitted at the local, state and federal levels that look to carry out those attacks. If you are new to the channel or want to stay up to date with the constant infringements on our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms, please subscribe to my YouTube Channel at


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We all know that every gun law written for the last 140yrs are not valid. Therefore every erpo that has been put into effect or being drafted to put into law are also illegal. We also know that we can no longer count on NRA. I have joined GOA and 2ndAF to watch my money to be used for all of our efforts. Each and every red flag is putting our 1st amendment right in jeopardy, as well as us. I do know that the sheriff of my county has said he will not enforce the red flag that californicate… Read more »


If what the article says is true that means we have to take names and remember them at the next election. There is always ways to inform other people of how their representatives turned RINO. Graham sure has and he needs to be gone. He has been wishy washy since Trump has been in office. He is ready to send troups to a new war at the drop of a hat and he acts like he is the king. Send him home and I read that Cotton from ARK. is an open boarder supporter because an open boarder advocate put… Read more »

Wild Bill

Ok, here is what I am sending today, by email and hard copy letter to the Pres., my Congressmand and both Senators: Hon. Donald J. Trump (one ea. modified for Cornyn, Cruz, Radcliff) : If, in the hypothetical event, that my local county sheriff’s deputies came and seized all my firearms, I don’t have one neighbor that would not loan me any firearm that I might ask for. Or, this being a ranch, I could, hypothetically, mix up some really exciting agra-chemicles for a really big show. Would it not be more effective to take me away from my personalty,… Read more »


Everybody should go to GOA and sign their letters to the president and senators. Flood their mailboxs . You don’t even have to be a member.


The government takes your posessions and they have a trial with the anti gunner peers as the jury. Things are si crazy right now, history could repeat its self in another form.

Wild Bill

@Mus, If in the very, very unlikely event that the county sheriff’s office came and seized all my firearms, I don’t have one neighbor that would not loan me any firearm that I would ask for. Or this being a ranch, I could mix up some real exciting agra-chemicles for a really big show. So if the proposed Denounce and Decree laws are not effective, then what are “they” really after.


@muscman44mag Yes, it will be the salem witch trials, as that is already what happened in Maryland. Perhaps you remember GWD trying to explain how horrendous a criminal Gary Willis was. For those who forgot, Gary Willis’ only crime was he had a verbal argument with a family member, who then red flagged him as a means of revenge. At 5AM, a squad of officers showed up on his doorstep in the dark banging on his door in November. Being dark outside, and most normal human beings unlikely to be going door to door, Willis armed himself with his handgun… Read more »


Compare these red flag laws to the Salem Witch Trials.
Someone that hates you cries, witch, witch. The


Never say never.

Texas is being Californicated by morons who flee the Golden State but bring the same California values and west coast political views that are ruining California. I wish it weren’t true, but it is.


Sir, I am also a Texan. And if you haven’t noticed, Texas has been Californicated. Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio are Blue. The Marxists are spreading to the suburbs and surrounding contry as the cities they have polluted are now untenable with California type taxation, overcrowding etc. Ted Cruz got by the sin of his teeth past O’Rourke. Check your property taxes. Mine went up 11% and I live 45 miles from Austin. Liberals have no education but Marxist brainwashing. If you think we’re not vulnerable to Red Flag Laws that will be determined not by law but those… Read more »

Wild Bill

GAMtns, Repub vs democrat has always been just a diversion. It has always been urban interests versus rural interest. That is why the founders designed the electoral college.
And I would like to point out that: the domestic enemies of our Republic view the people in cities as raw material; the foreign enemies of our Republic have the cities targeted; and we… we have the cities surrounded!


This is what happens when nobody offers a good solution to an obvious problem. The libtards and RINOS in the Swamp get to play in their sandbox and negotiate our rights. Working on creating an effective solution is a far more intelligent use of our time compared to continually bitching about what’s happening inside the Beltway.


We do need to offer better solutions. Just saying no will turn more against us.


Idaho has a 2014 law that cancels all future federal gun control laws… Sanctuary state.


That “Red Flag” law, that disregards the Constitution will require those that enforce laws, that could be, and probably are illegal, to possibly be accomplices in a crime. The issuing party is the one that needs to be held accountable for attempting to Deprive any American Citizens of their right to due process. TITLE 18, U.S.C., SECTION 242 says that is a federal crime. Honor your Oath….

Green Mtn. Boy

@ Will GOA Action Alert ; Flag Gun Confiscation Bill NOW, SENATE REPUBLICANS ARE UNITING BEHIND LINDSEY GRAHAM’S BILL THAT WOULD EFFECTIVELY *END* YOUR 2A RIGHTS. This Red Flag Gun Confiscation bill, based on a prototype drafted by the anti-gun Giffords Organization, would send SWAT teams to your door to steal your guns with NO REAL DUE PROCESS WHATSOEVER. This is our promise to you — we will fight until the very last vote is cast to destroy this atrocious bill, but we’re going to need voters like you to help turn up the heat on the Senate GOP. Gun… Read more »

Wild Bill

@GMB, There is an election coming up, which gives we voters some juice around here for a little while. I have not been shy about mentioning it to my Senator, President and Congressman that will be up for reelection. Google the mailing address of your federal employees, and spend a stamp. Annoying them is great fun.
To cut down on work, I just print the email that I sent. and sign my name at the bottom.


The rats have exposed themselves. The same rats the NRA rated as A good to go stand tall for Americans gun rights. As the NRA burns to the ground law abiding gun owners are burning mad. I wouldn’t doubt if the gun community puts the biggest communist gun grabber in the White House and forces a showdown that could end up in the streets. Its going to communism or save the Republic.


‘If I owned Texas and Hell I would rent out Texas and live in Hell’ – General William Tecumseh Sherman. ‘Nuff said.


That Yankee was the military governor of Texas after you punks LOST the Civil War. Try facing the FACTS, you PUTZ!


Sherman did not say that, Gen .Sheridan said that. I am sure that the people of Texas thought they were in hell from the way they were treated by those who occupied Texas after the war!


Will, we know who superman is, he is envious because he does not live in Texas.

Wild Bill

@Supperman, I have been waiting for proof that you are the former Clark Kent. And now you have given it to me. And now I can use all that other foolishness, that you barfed up, against you. Oh, happy day!


Will That’s old news. The phone booth hero has been saying that for years. We hadn’t heard from him in a long time. Mommie must have given his computer back or he paid his electricity bill.