Cracks Seemingly Forming in the Push for Gun Control, Keep Up the Pressure ~ VIDEO


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Cracks Seemingly Forming in the Push for Gun Control, Keep Up the Pressure

USA – -( As you read this, a battle is raging between two camps of White House staffers: Some are pushing Donald Trump to stay true to his commitment to protect the Second Amendment.

Other advisers, like his daughter Ivanka, are encouraging the President and others to push Gun Registration and Gun Confiscation in a misguided effort to pick up Democrat voters? For example, Ivanka Trump is reportedly working furiously behind the scenes, urging Senators to pass Universal Background Checks and Red Flag gun confiscation orders.

Even so, there are conflicting reports in the media, with some indicating that the President is backing off his earlier push for gun control.

“Trump retreats on gun control proposals,” said the L.A. Times yesterday.

Another media outlet explained: “GOA members sent a whopping two million letters to the White House and to the Senate in past weeks, urging Republicans to support the 2nd Amendment.”

Press reports also show that pro-gun leaders are busy communicating with the White House — some directly with the President, but others in meetings with the staff, given that many in the Oval Office are pushing gun control.

Politico reported yesterday that “John Velleco, the executive vice president for Gun Owners of America, [is] on the books for a meeting” with the White House.

These are encouraging articles. But then there are also reports indicating that the President is keeping private conversations alive with anti-gun congressional leaders.

According to The Hill, Trump was on the phone with anti-gun Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT), talking about how to enact these two major objectives of the Bloomberg & Giffords gun control movement.

The Hill also reports that Trump was negotiating with anti-gun Senators Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) about paving the way to passing their gun registration bill.

What does all of this mean? It means that we can’t go silent! We have to make sure that the President CONTINUES TO HEAR from gun owners around the nation.

Please add your name toour NEW pre-written letter — and let’s continue to flood every Republican inbox at the White House and in the Senate, warning them that if they vote for gun control, they will face traumatic consequences at the polls.

The anti-gun Left is mourning the fact that Trump already seems to be getting the message.

Consider that the New York Times reported today that, “Mr. Trump has heard from a wide range of conservative allies who have warned him that he will imperil his re-election chances if he makes a deal with Democrats on guns.”

That’s a message that Rush Limbaugh has delivered on his show … that GOA’s Erich Pratt delivered on Fox News … and which gun owners by the THOUSANDS have been delivering to the White House.

There is no doubt that anti-gunners are still working through the month of August, plotting to restrict your Second Amendment rights. And that means that we can’t let up either!

We need to remind Republicans that they already have legislation that they can pass which will make a difference. It’s called Constitutional Carry Reciprocity (H.R. 38 and S. 69).

We also must let Republicans know that they do not need additional laws to deal with killers like the Dayton, Ohio shooter. As I mentioned in my recent Townhall article, the Dayton killer could have easily had his guns removed (using due process) if anyone had bothered to use pre-existing law.

The killer had a long record of threatening people, and as it turns out, one can be charged in Ohio with “menacing,” which the state treats as a felony. But here’s the problem, if the authorities weren’t willing to charge the shooter under current law, they certainly would not have “red flagged” him.

The good news is that Senate Republicans have already received more than 2,000,000 letters from GOA members demanding that they block all gun control legislation in the Senate.

So let’s step up the pressure.

Again, please add your name to our NEW pre-written letter to continue to flood every Republican inbox at the White House and in the Senate, warning them that if they vote to slice up the Second Amendment, American voters will NEVER FORGET IT.

In Liberty,

Michael Hammond
Legislative Counsel

Gun Owners Of America
Gun Owners Of America

About Gun Owners of America

Erich Pratt, or another GOA spokesman, is available for interviews. Gun Owners of America is a nonprofit lobbying organization dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise. GOA represents over 1.5 million members and activists. For more information, visit GOA’s Newsroom.

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“GOA members sent a whopping two million letters to the White House and to the Senate”

To all those NRA supporters who are always asking; “what did the GOA ever do?”, well, there’s your answer… for today. If one has never heard of the GOA “doing anything”, its because that one has never looked.
Just Imagine what the GOA or SAF could do with the resources that the NRA has squandered!


It FRUSTRATED me when the President signed the anti-gun law on “bump-stocks”. I would never own one of these TOYS that waste ammo. What frustrated me was signing away, making illegal an item that was purchased LEGALLY, WILL LEAD to democRATs using the same technique to ban other items used on LEGALLY OWNED WEAPONRY. Silencers/mufflers/suppressors need to be removed from the ATF control. This weapon accessory is a health item around EVERY firing range. Protect the hearing of children.

Wild Bill

, Well, brother, be frustrated no more. I have good news. DJT has signed no such anti-gun law. The BATFE followed the steps required in the Administrative Procedures Act and then changed Congress’ definition of machine-gun. That was beyond BATFE’s authority and their action is now in the courts.


@Wild Bill

It was done at DJT’s direction though. And as head of the executive branch they are under his control. While it was more memorandum than law, it is still a regulation the government treats as law even though it is unconstitutional.

What does not help your argument to defend DJT is the fact that Donald admitted to it on video in a press conference, specifically stating that he was responsible for that action.

Wild Bill

@Rev, I was just trying to cheer the lad up by dispelling the false notion that “…the President signed the anti-gun law …”.”


@Wild Bill

Signed, no. Ordered the creation of in a completely unconstitutional way, yes.

To me the difference is six and half a dozen to the other. He still bears responsibility for it, and it doesn’t matter if you call it a law or a regulation if they both have the same effect.

That has been one of the most egregious violations of the constitution in the last century, regulatory rule by law which bypasses the constitutional requirement that all laws must come from congress as the legislative branch.

Deplorable Bill

I hope he keeps his promise and stands his ground defending the 2A, I will.
Arm up, carry on.


Shame on Ivanka for throwing us under the bus. You would think she would know better. The gun owners and conservatives are the ones that put them over the top. She needs to get a grip and it is necessary for her father to overrule her.


The latest count on letters to the White House I heard was over 2 million, certainly enough to get Trumps attention and possibly why he backed off his earlier stance.


We have 22,000 laws re: firearms in this country how about enforcing them instead of punishing real Americans. All the damn democraps do is push to disarm US so they can rule the USA by force and make us SUBJECTS instead of citizens.

Wild Bill

@Circ, or we could repeal those ineffective, dishonest, unconstitutional statues and go back to something that works…

Wild Bill

@OV, I do not usually root for Team Cancer, but in Comrade Justice Ginzburg’s circumstances, I can make an exception.


Just think it could be worse. I’m from Pennsylvania. Our one senator, Casey (D) never met a gun control law he didn’t like, and Toomey is the coauthor of the “Universal Background Check” bill. So writing or contacting either is a waste if time. My Congress critter is a Democrat too, so it’s a waste of time writing them too. Pelosi fills out his voting card every time. Toomey just won an election, and I assume thinks this will get him Democrat votes. Way to stab us in the back Pat! We’ll remember that in the primary. Just remember your… Read more »


That’s why 8 gave upon the NRA and belong to GOA!


It was many years ago that I gave up on the NRA, the economy was bad and the dues were 15 bucks a year. We were struggling with two little kids and no jobs in sight when I got a call from the president of the NRA who told me I was letting my country down because I didn’t have the 15 bucks to pay for dues that year. I am a Vietnam veteran, I asked who was letting the country down and he said I was. I haven’t been back to the NRA since.


I don’t know any other way how to say this other than to be brutally honest. We know there are FEMA/DHS programs that run Active Shooter Drills w/ Crisis Actors that evolve into Media Events that read scripts by propagandize MSM. I’m not clear as to why False Flag seems to have so much cognitive dissonance. I was taught the term at a US public High School. We know Hitler used it w/ Reichstag Fire to seize power. And many more USS Liberty, Lavon Affair, Gulf of Tonkin etc. It’s not Rocket Science. Shouldn’t we be having that discussion as… Read more »

American Patriot

I always though that big ugly A$$ thing on her shoulders was a tumor??


Why didn’t the Connecticut authorities use their Red Flag Law to stop the Sandy Hook shooter? Why didn’t California use their Red Flag Law to stop the Thousand Oaks shooter?


@USA; Have you read the writing on the slabs of the “GEORGIA GUIDESTONES” found in Georgia? This “monument” would support the SLAUGHTER of which you speak.