Democrats’ War on Your Gun Rights Compared to The Truth ~ VIDEO


Another Town Hall Meeting With Cochise County Sheriff, Mark Dannels
Another Town Hall Meeting With Cochise County Sheriff, Mark Dannels exposed the disturbing truth that the Democrats and mainstream media refuse to tell you.

USA – -( The last month of my life has been an eye-popping education of real life. I can’t even begin to describe how discouraging it is to see the things I’ve seen and to know what I now know firsthand. Seeing the Democrat machine in conjunction with a treasonous fake media, look directly into a camera or computer screen and blatantly lie to the American public is disconcerting.

Someone needs to be held accountable.

Back in June, I participated in Tombstone, Arizona Freedom Days celebrations, an annual event that celebrates the 2nd Amendment and our Bill of Rights. It consists of celebrity appearances, meet and greets, town hall forums and culminates with a parade through the historic and dusty streets of that old west town. MLB legend and good friend, Curt Schilling and I spent three full days with some of the most down to earth folks you’d ever want to meet. During our stay, Brandon Martin, a Republican running for Congress in the AZ 2nd District asked Curt and me to endorse his campaign publicly and to appear at future events. We both agreed.

The first event we attended together two weeks later, consisted of a classic meeting with paying constituents, followed by dinner and a town hall Q&A session in Tucson. The next day consisted of a trip to the Sierra Vista police HQ to attend another town hall meeting with Cochise County Sheriff, Mark Dannels, and County Prosecutor Brian McIntyre. Along with the residents, we were updated on the state of border security and illegal immigration along with local efforts to stop the inflow of criminal migrants and of course, drugs. To say the meeting was eye-popping is an understatement.

With a (literal) front row seat, we filmed the sheriff as he described local efforts (working with the federal authorities) to contain the influx of smugglers across the vast and mostly unprotected border across hundreds of thousands of acres of private property. We saw hi-definition intelligence footage of armed cartel members in camouflage, carrying radios as they stayed in communication with spotters atop mountains inside Mexico and on the US side of the border. We saw the dangerous garbage and human toll it takes on the smuggling victims, including photographs of young cartel mules who are tortured and punished when their mission fails.

We saw the Second Amendment in action. We heard from ranchers who carry rifles and handguns day and night in their ongoing struggle to stay safe and secure on their land, in their homes and the buildings on their properties.

We met and heard from Sue Krentz, the widow of Robert Krentz who was famously and tragically murdered on his property, a 34,000-acre cattle ranch outside Douglas, AZ in 2010. We heard from a resident after resident during the Q&A of the sheriff and prosecutors expressing their deep concern about the ongoing Democrat attacks on our right to bear arms. They were terrified of so-called red flag laws that can be used to confiscate guns in direct violation of due process rights, and they reminded the sheriff that they are miles away from first responders when SHTF.

All of them sought reassurance that their sheriff wouldn’t take their guns in violation of their constitutionally protected rights to own them and use them for their defense. They were reassured by their sheriff but remained wary and skeptical of a vocal group of Americans who would disarm them and leave them helpless. Many wondered aloud and angrily why there is a political party in their own country, putting the safety and security of criminal aliens above and beyond their own. They listened in sheer frustration as the county attorney explained his job under the constitution. It was a raucous meeting.

It was hard to hear. It was hard to see. It was proof that Socialists masquerading as Democrats are pandering and lying to America. It was proof the fake news media is doing everything in its power to keep you from finding out what Curt and I witnessed firsthand. I thank God that Sheriff Mark Dannels and the rest of those brave men and women, many of whom we met, are on that border in defense of our nation every single day fighting not only the criminal invasion of America but an American political party that is enabling the misery.

You can listen to my interview with Sheriff Dannels here:

and you can watch a real-life rancher tell you what the lying American media doesn’t want you to hear.

Mark Walters

About Mark WaltersMark Walters

Mark Walters is the host of two nationally syndicated radio broadcasts, Armed American Radio and Armed American Radio’s Daily Defense with Mark Walters. He is the Second Amendment Foundations 2015 Gun Rights Defender of the Year award recipient and co-author of two books, Lessons from Armed America with Kathy Jackson (Whitefeather Press) and Lessons from UnArmed America with Rob Pincus (Whitefeather Press)

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Deplorable Bill

Not long ago, my daughter and I were riding horses north of I-8, West of Stanfield, in the “farms”. We came across two workers in a small p/u truck . Thinking them to be Hispanic, my daughter started blathering off in Mexican to them. It very soon became obvious they did not know a word of Spanish or English so we booted the horses and got clear of there. That was a day we were both glad to be armed. I have no idea if enforcement ever caught them. Once, while hunting off of Gardener Canyon, North of the border… Read more »


The entire GOP showed their true colors during the Kavanah hearings and mid-term elections – YELLOW! Democrats are loud, abrasive, pushing a communist agenda under the banner of “socialism” while the GOP are, frankly, weak, passive, pathetic cowards; unless of course they are nothing more than the other side of a 2-sided coin meant to play us against each other in the never ending strategy of Divide & Conquer.
We are in dire need of true patriotic people unwilling to be influenced or blackmailed (J. Epstein & Co.) elected into office. Where they are I’ve no idea.


Back when Ted Cruz first threw his hat into the ring to stand for President, he and many others KNOWING full well he is not eligible due to his NOT being a Natural Born Citizen, I, and anyone else halfway awake, realised this guy will toss the Constitution any time it suits his convenience. If he cannot uphold THAT part, what OTHER parts will he not uphold?

Same test needs to be applied to Camelnose Harris….

Arizona Don

There is very little doubt in my mind if things continue, as they are currently going, we will wind up in a second civil war. It may not be fought like the last one was but a bloody civil war none-the-less. It is very obvious there has been an organized effort to overthrow the United States of Americas Constitutional Representative Republic, even though no one it seems is willing to admit it, and “fundamentally transform” (sound familiar) it into a socialistic communist, fascist or marxist state. Communists are however, the most likely since it is they who have infiltrated our… Read more »


It isn’t exactly no one who will admit that dark forces in DC are attempting to pervert and destroy the US. At a minimum, it’s you and I.
But I think there are a whole lot more…. You’ll just never see any of them on CNN or NBC… or any socialist media anywhere. But the falling ratings of the MSM clearly show their declining power over public opinion.

Dubi Loo

Mark, I think this rancher would make a great guest on your radio show for an hour.


The biggest problem in this country is the two tare justice system. Donkeycrats can literally get away with murder and nothing is done. We either need equal justice (as it is suppose to be) or there is no justice and we go back to the old west! Wake up and hold everyone accountable for their actions!


What are our choices for holding them accountable? What means in our Constitutional Republic allows us, We-the People, the ability to take them out of office? Voting is too slow. Can We-the-People impeach them; a grand jury? How do we do this according to the Laws of our land?

Will Flatt

The Democrats are not merely socialists. They are agitating for FULL COMMUNISM and they are TEACHING COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY in the universities and to the immigrants, legal or not. They have numbers on their side and as long as we allow immigration – ANY KIND OF IMMIGRATION – we will CONTINUE TO LOSE THAT NUMBERS GAME. The Dems are COUNTING ON THAT! There are NO constitutionalist Republicans at the federal level at all. Even Dan Crenshaw lied from even before he was elected about supporting the 2nd Amendment; he said that just to get elected, and admitted as much to Kaitlin… Read more »