Is Mass Murder a Fault or a Feature of Gun-Control?

Gun Bans Locks Restriction Control
Is Mass Murder a Fault or a Feature of Gun-Control?

U.S.A. –-( We had three mass murders here in the US during the last two weeks. The victims were attacked in “gun-free” zones where they could not defend themselves. With frightening consistency, gun-control advocates called for more of the same. ‘Gun-control failed, so we need more gun control,’ they said. Are these failures of gun-control accidental, or are these mass murders useful tools for Democrat politicians and the mass media? The facts speak for themselves.

One of these attacks was in Gilroy, California. Gilroy is the pinnacle of gun-control in the United States. California is given an “A” rating for gun-control laws by the Giffords gun-control group. California is also ranked first in the nation for gun-control, so nobody does it better. California imposed magazine capacity limits that were supposed to keep us safe from mass murderers. California has one-gun-a-month laws that we were told would keep us safe from crazy murderers. California has red-flag-laws and age restrictions on honest gun owners. In fact, most of the people at the festival in Gilroy are routinely disarmed in public since concealed carry licenses aren’t routinely issued in Santa Clara County. In addition, the Gilroy Garlic Festival was a “gun-free” zone, so the few concealed carry license holders in California were turned away. Visitors were even wanded, so there were no knives allowed at the festival. We were told that the police would keep us safe now that we are disarmed.

The murderer entered the festival by cutting through a chain-link fence. An $8 bolt cutter defeated the best security that California politicians can provide. With three people dead and 15 disarmed people wounded, California politicians immediately called for more of the same. The same state that has open borders and open drug markets says that gun-prohibition laws will keep criminals from having guns and hurting us. The evidence says otherwise.

With the failure of 22 thousand firearms regulations, the best the gun-control politicians could do was say the next line of ink on paper would somehow be different.

California politicians proposed to outlaw semi-automatic firearms. Well..sort of. There will be exceptions for police and the security details who protect the families of politicians. This ban is also a bad idea for other reasons. Note that the ban would disarm licensed concealed carry holders. These gun owners are some six times more law-abiding than the police. When they do have to use their gun in self-defense, these licensed gun owners are about five times more accurate than the police. Politicians say we’ll be safer once they are disarmed and only the police have guns..just like we were in Gilroy, California.

The mass media and anti-rights politicians use mass murder as an excuse to call for more of the policies that failed. Those failures get us killed.

The murderer in El Paso attacked a gun-free mall. The murderer in Dayton attacked a nightclub area where many gun owners go disarmed. When the murderer’s politics are unknown, the media speculates and blames President Trump and the honest gun owners. When the murder actually puts out a Socialist manifesto, then the media says they don’t have enough facts to reach a conclusion about the murderer’s motive. The media blindness goes so far as to ignore the “mass murder” that happens every weekend in our Democrat-controlled cities. The media also remains silent about the virtue of armed defense despite the millions of cases in the US every year where honest gun owners save lives. No wonder we don’t trust CNN.

With its sensationalized reporting of mass murders, the media does more harm than good.

We had to coin a new term called “celebrity murderers”. These mass murderers kill to get their name in the paper. Unfortunately, it works, and a billion dollars of publicity brought us more murderers time after time. We’ve had over 88 attempted and actual murder cases where we know the attackers modeled their behavior on the murderers at Columbine High School. These crazy murderers want recognition, and the media is their tool to become an instant rock star. Rather than blame themselves for the next murders, the media and gun-control politicians blame honest gun owners.

Shame on the dishonest media and politicians for telling such lies. Shame on us for believing them.

About Rob MorseSlow Facts

The original article is here. Rob Morse writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily, and on his SlowFacts blog. He hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast and co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast. Rob is an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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The fact of the matter is, the more gun free zones and the more laws imposed on the law abiding gun owners. The more free the terrorists are to carry out their evil plots! Laws imposed on us do nothing to protect us. The Left and the Media behind them only want Control, not safety for the US.


You have evidence a defect in your post. You separate the left and the media they are the same entity spewing from different spouts. Anyone thinking this argument is not being played against a stacked deck is so naive they would not consider what will happen if this continues.


Not all mass killings are created equal. The fact that it took them so long to report that the Dayton shooter supported Lizzie Warren is a textbook case of Coulter’s Law. And now they’re saying he’s a Not-Real-Socialist because he wanted to kill and rape people (because socialists are all pure, incorruptible, nonviolent saints).

Wild Bill

@Toad, “Coulter’s Law”?


Coulter’s Law: The longer it takes the media to report on an identity or motive for a mass killing, the less likely they are white, male, Christian, or conservative.

Wild Bill

@Toad, That is funny … at first.


The so-called Dayton shooter died in 2014. At least that is what his obituary says:
and this

You have to “highlight” the link .It will say, “Open link”, then click on the “Open Link” and you’re there.
Funny how the media fails to mention this fact.


Don’t need to highlight as the link works


The Dayton murderer is Antifa scum. Another missed fact by the media.


I am going to address the question that is the title of the article. Mass shooting are a feature of gun control. We have been saying for years that gun free zones are like shooting fish in a barrel. To some there is a thought of great pleasure in killing others and the places people are restricted from having guns is a perfect place for the loonie tunes to play. If more people carried and were allowed to carry in these areas there would be a reason for the chicken hearted to not bother taking the chance of being the… Read more »


Rob, a rousing “Amen”, re your conclusions. A couple of comments on details in your article: To say that “[concealed carry] licenses aren’t routinely issued in Santa Clara County” is a vast understatement. Very, very few are *ever* issued. The *only* folks who can get them (in any county of the SF Bay Area, not just Santa Clara County) are the handful of folks in the DA’s office, those who are politically “connected”, and those who are sufficiently wealthy that they have a lot of influence (e.g. a few Silicon Valley moguls). “The murderer in El Paso attacked a gun-free… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

LAbill, whether or not Walmart was a GFZ, the mall was, with a shared parking lot, that would prevent people from legally carrying there. It’s like going to the post office. You either park offsite and lock your firearm in the vehicle or leave your home disarmed. That is the problem with GFZs, one is required to be disarmed before arriving at it, otherwise one would be breaking the law when arriving at the GFZ.


Carry Everywhere…Period GFZ or Not. Including Post Office,Sheriff’s office,Police station and YES even the Court House., Have for years. Concealed Means Concealed.


These so called “mass shootings” are perpetrated by people who wish to create a sensational splash in the news. The “body count” is secondary. Is it easier to do in a gun free zone, yes it is. Can it still be accomplished where guns may be carried by “civilians”, yes it can. I am quite surprised that nobody has tried to copy the actions of the DC snipers. Their body count would have been much higher if they had been a little bit smarter. But then isn’t that the case with most criminals? I carry everywhere as long as I… Read more »


Dayton Shooter: Antifa’s First Mass Murderer
BY JOHN BOCH |AUG 08, 2019

Wild Bill

Gentlemen, by the grace of God, this just in: A man went on a two-hour stabbing and robbery rampage in Southern California, killing four people and wounding two others Wednesday. The 33-year-old Garbage Grove man was taken into custody after he came out of a 7-Eleven in Santa Ana, southeast of Los Angeles, and dropped a knife. The violence appeared to be random and the only known motives seem to be “robbery, hate, homicide,” Garden Grove police Lt. Carl Whitney said at a news conference. No gun involved. Same result The suspect and all the victims were Hispanic, he added.… Read more »


Another California Mass Murder – Knife Rampage Kills 4, Wounds 2
“He was arrested as he walked out of a convenience store in the neighboring city Santa Ana, dropping a knife and *a gun he had taken from a security guard he had just killed*.”

Wild Bill

, Cool, thank you for the link.




Hadn’t heard of this event. Could it possibly be yet another case of “no gun, no news” media bias? I would shudder to think it. ( . . . where is that silly “sarc off” button on my keyboard?!?)


To think that the media would put any real facts out would be the biggest shock of all! Between the Lib’s and Demo-Rats they don’t want safety they want total control, then tell us that the police will keep us safe ( RIGHT ) ! Each time that there is a mass shooting, LOOK WHERE THEY ARE DONE? In over 20 years the best that our Great Politicians have come up with is the GREAT GUN FREE ZONES, and a mouth full of LIP SERVICE, plus the not to be forgotten RED FLAG LAWS, WITH NO DUE PROCESS INVOLVED, just… Read more »


I didn’t know Walmart was “gun free”.


Good. I thought the news reported a CCP holder rescued a bunch of children while the shooting was going on.


I wish more state would approve Constitutional Carry so you wouldn’t need LTC or CCW.


In Missouri, we have so-called “Constitutional Carry.” It does not truly fit a Constitutional model until there are NO restrictions on when, where and how. We still have some of those. We also have had preemption for many years. Kansas City and St. Louis are always trying to ignore those. On a positive note, we are very close to getting our 2nd Amendment Protection Act passed and signed that will (supposedly) nullify ALL – according to the published language – state, federal and other guns laws, taxes, regulations and restrictions. As worded, it should have to also include suppressors and… Read more »


@CEMinMo – Careful relying on such state laws. State laws cannot preempt federal, even for objects not trafficked in interstate commerce. There was a test case within the last few years in Kansas regarding suppressors built in state.

Autsin Miller III

Somehow we have to direct the narrative toward the truth. There have been guns for a long time, there have been crazy people for a long time so what’s different? The media. A consistent thread through all these mass murders is the perp’s desire for infamy and the media plays right into it. It is perfect for them, they can blame the guns and the 2A community while making money on the tragedy without ever being held accountable for perpetrating this behavior by giving these sick people exactly what they seek.


The media, increased anti-anxiety pharmaceutical usage, and the widespread addition of “gun free” zones are what has changed.


Who would imagine that the MEDIA would be brought to the fore for their role in these events? If you have ever spent time around someone who soldiered in Somalia  or soldiered in Vietnam then came home and was treated to a burst of abuse from the VA and then called baby killers by the media…..I have had this experince. I met such men. I spoke with them at length. Most have the mental stuff to be able to cope. Then we have the few who don’t. Keep in mind that these men passed all the entrance requirements for service.… Read more »


An additional difference to the Media just might be some Deep State effort to identify, nurture, and “nudge” individuals to perform these tragedies for the Media to manipulate to drive the Left/Progressive/Socialist agenda of civilian disbarment. Never underestimate the power of government. Government actively runs undercover ops to infiltrate and entrap individuals to perform on their behalf….aka snitches, informants……. Why not shooters??? Naw, gov would never runs guns to Mexico to blame US gun laws. Naw,, run Deep State FBI operations to exeronate Hillary and blame Trump Naw, weaponize the IRS against Conservative non-for-profit organizations. Naw, initiate Operation Chokepoint to… Read more »