Red Flag Laws Will Not Stop Mass Murders – Letter to the Editor

Letter to the AmmoLand Editor

Danger Red Flag Warning
Red Flag Laws Will Not Stop Mass Murders – Letter to the Editor

USA –  -( There has been a lot of talk recently about “Red Flag laws.” They are being touted as a partial solution to the “mass shootings” that have some people in an uproar lately.

Here is a definition of Red Flag laws: “In the United States, a red flag law is a gun violence prevention law that permits the police or family members to petition a state court to order the temporary removal of firearms from a person who may present a danger to others or themselves.” From Wikipedia.

Now that we know what a Red Flag law is, let’s see how effective they would be.

So you have an individual who has made statements which suggest or states that they might harm themselves or others. Someone (differs according to jurisdiction) goes to a judge and gets a warrant to remove the guns, and perhaps other potential weapons, from the person’s residence. The Police go and get all listed items from the residence. The person is NOT taken into custody.

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That is how it is supposed to work. The trouble is how do they know they got all the guns from the residence? What about other guns that the person may have hidden there? What about firearms they may have in a storage unit? Or perhaps weapons they may have at their hunting cabin? And then there is the possibility that they may just borrow a gun from someone that doesn’t know about the Red Flag order.

In my state, there is no “list” compiled by the Government as to the firearms you have. And even if there were, a person could break the law and not report a firearm or more than one. The bottom line there is no way to guarantee that that person could not get a firearm.

Well, there is a way, and that would be to take that person into custody. There are a few people who would have a problem with that solution from a legal standpoint. And they would probably have a case because the person in question has not broken the law allowing incarceration.

The bottom line is that Red Flag laws are not a solution or even part of a solution to the problem of “mass shootings.”

~ Roy Mercer

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American Patriot

Seems to me we should have a RED FLAG law for any politician elected & taken oath to uphold the Constitution. Cause I know any Democrap elected will not hold to their oath, therefore should be arrested!


Is there a parallel with Red Flag laws and the incarceration/detention of Japanese Americans during WW2? They both represent the removal of a citizen’s Constitutional Rights without a proper judicial hearing because of what “might” happen. I wonder what the liberal’s response would be to that line of thought?


There’s no due process when there was never a crime to begin with. You’re supporting suspension of rights based on a possible future crime that no one has even been accused of doing. You’re not guilty until proven innocent in US.

We don’t need ERPO’s.The Gun Control Act of 1968 prohibits the purchase or possession of firearms by people who have been formally & involuntarily committed to mental health or drug treatment by a court, mental health board, or other legal commission. We already have a 72 hour mental evaluation hold.

This is called DUE PROCESS!


Roy, most of us are aware Red Flag laws a smoke screen for reducing our rights, specifically those listed in Amendments One through Ten.

The Red Flag laws won’t stop mass shootings and when they don’t work, they won’t be discarded as useless. Instead, the anti-gunners will double down with more restrictive laws.The goal is to disarm the law-abiding citizenry and a de facto end of the Second Amendment.

Dave in Fairfax

Roy, Placing a person in custody without due process is just as unconstitutional as taking their weapons. The abuse potential is just as high, and the repercussions just as severe. The CONCEPT of Red Flag laws is repugnant to our system of laws. I foresee a violent reaction to these laws, and as a result, even greater oppression with catastrophic results.


I agree with you.


I also agree with you


No red flag laws, ever!


NO LAW will provide protection for any single person on this earth. Nature requires that everyone to have the means of SELF DEFENSE or become a victim. The laws of nature overrule any man made law. Human Nature is unpredictable and therefore can NOT be regulated. All a person can do is to be prepared for the worst. From the time of Cavemen the natural law of existence that applies to all living things also applies to humans. Any major worldwide disaster wold negate all man made laws leaving only Natural laws in place. That is why all man made… Read more »


Roy I do hope you were grinning when you wrote this, if not, I think I will red flag you. Most of the ideology the anti gun left uses, ironically, are half baked ideas they get from what would appear to be pro gun sources. It has been going on for years and no one evidently ever catches on. We shouted that criminals don’t obey gun laws to refute gun laws, then we shouted that criminals that have obeyed gun laws commit crime anyway. We said don’t worry about gun control because we’re protected by the 2cd amendment and now… Read more »


I just want to know one thing, Cuzz. When was your last mental evaluation because you may be due another one. And, you should have paid more attention in English class.


I feel pretty good emotionally Roy, and I will rest my case on this. I’m against Red Flag laws, I’m against any infringement on my 2cd amendment rights, but the tit for tat we have been employing for years hasn’t worked. These people are not capable of a logical debate concerning attributes of rights that they hate deeply. Some of us need to get smarter in engaging them before the tide turns. Live well and prosper Roy D.


One under looked problem with Red Flag laws is different jurisdictions, judges, LEOs and bureaucrats will not interpret or enforce the law uniformly. There are too many activists of all kinds in government and heaven help us if any
Any Town USA” acolyte is allowed to judge who is and who is not a danger.