Universal Background Checks: The Beginning of the End for Gun Ownership – LTTE

Opinion By Andy Massimilian
Letter to the AmmoLand Editor

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Universal Background Checks: The Beginning of the End for Gun Ownership – LTTE

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- We hear it all the time. “Universal Background Checks” for all gun transfers are a “reasonable” and “effective” way to stop criminals and the deranged from getting guns. Don’t believe a word of it.

Criminals overwhelmingly get their guns on the black market now and will continue to do so if this law is enacted, and the architects of this backdoor attack on your privacy and civil rights know it.

What’s the real intent of UBCs? Complete surveillance by the Federal Government of every lawful gun transfer.

With UBCs, each transferee– except criminals who always skate the system— will have their name, address, birthdate, race, and other personal data entered into a Federal database through the NICS background check system.

The NICS system started in 1998 for transactions with FFLs. Records of successful checks are supposed to be purged from the system within 24 hours. If the check results in a “delay” response, the subject’s identity is kept in the system for up to 90 days. The identity of those whose checks are denied (even incorrectly) is retained in the system indefinitely. At least that is what is supposed to happen under current law and procedure, but given the abuses that occurred within the IRS, FBI, and ATF during the Obama administration, it’s reasonable to be skeptical that the law is always followed and a backup file does not lurk somewhere within the vast Federal IT bureaucracy.

In fact, records of many gun buyers were retained for “Audit Purposes” during the Clinton Administration until the NRA found out and pressed Congress to put an end to it. Who’s to say that another excuse to retain them won’t be fabricated in the future?

Even if we assume the Feds are all playing by the rules, one thing is certain: if UBCs become law, the Democrats will push hard for Universal Registration using the next mass shooting as the pretense. Some are doing so already. Given every Democratic presidential candidate’s fealty to Mike Bloomberg, many have openly embraced confiscation and UBCs will have enabled that policy by forcing each and every law abiding person who acquires a gun to submit their personal information to the NICS system. Once UBCs are law, all it takes for this “next step” towards their end-game of confiscation is a simple software change and a change of law.

In short, UBCs can create a defacto registration list of legal gun owners, and will easily enable registration of each of their purchases in the future.

When it comes to the gun control mindset, nothing is ever enough and every gun right is a “loophole” right up to and including the Second Amendment. Give them UBCs now, and they will soon be back for much, much more.

No to Universal Background Checks
No to Universal Background Checks

But besides confiscation, the consequences for gun owners of eliminating private transactions are disastrous and many. The surveillance of gun owners enabled by UBCs could make a flood of pernicious new laws easily enforceable: purchase limits, waiting periods, licensing, to name a few. An Orwellian nightmare for ordinary Americans, UBCs offer a slice of utopia for statist Democrats who will use them to put every law abiding gun owner under their oppressive thumbs.

And, the sky is the limit on what this oppression will entail. They are even proposals to require gun buyers to buy liability insurance and present the insurance card to the dealer at the time of the UBC. No insurance, no gun!

And if those new laws are not dangerous enough to your liberty, UBCs will create felony traps for harmless transactions between gun owners: keeping a friend’s guns in your safe while he is away on vacation; taking your girlfriend’s gun home to clean it after a match; installing a scope for a friend, borrowing a high end shotgun for a sporting clays fundraiser; bartering your gun to a neighbor for repairs done on your house. For these actions to be legal, you will need to access and almost certainly pay an FFL to process the paperwork and NICS check each time the gun changes hands. And a loaned gun will carry two FFL fees: when it’s loaned and again when it’s returned. If you are unlucky enough to live in NYC or DC, a single transfer can set you back $125, according to John Lott of the Crime Prevention Research Center (https://crimeresearch.org/) who has studied the issue.

Democrats piously proclaim they advocate for “the little guy.” What a crock.

UBCs also exacerbate the consequences of a technical shut down of the NICs system that will derail all FFL transfers. Not realistic? Well, it happened in NJ when a Verizon telecom glitch took the whole system down, and it could easily happen in cases of civil unrest or natural disaster– precisely the occasions when the need for self- protection is at its highest. And what if there’s a government shutdown and Congress doesn’t fund NICS? Then what?

Finally there’s the likelihood that all those transfers will incentivize our political masters to impose or increase fees on background checks. Funding the state with fees imposed on exercising a Constitutional Right have already been proposed in NY and NJ and the ease with which it can be done with UBCs will entice more states to try.

Universal Background Checks create many hidden consequences that seriously diminish your rights. Take action now by calling and writing the President, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and your senators.

Here’s the contact info:

President Donald Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC 20500

  • White House Comment line: 202-456-1111
  • Senate phone: 202-224-3121


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If you are going to get in touch with McConnell, you better try to get a hold of Kennedy, as McConnell was Kennedy’s patsy for years!!!!!!!!! Why do you think Trump has so much trouble in D C with the SWAMP??????? In 2016 it was proven that G Q Public was tired with Carrier POLITICIANS, Repubo-Rats or Demo-Rats or Indo-Rats, all of them, that is why all of the POLITICIANS no matter what Party HATE TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!


If I had a bill due and needed some quik cash and took my gun to the pawn shop, I might not get my gun back due to mistaken identity..A firearms museum in Washington state had several guns on loan..when Washington passed back ground checks the museum had to give the guns back to the owners before the law took effect!


Guns that have been in a person’s possession for a long time may not be in any data bases. guns that have changed hands by selling them or bartering may not be in a data base. With the millions of guns in this country it would be a very difficult task to bring each and every gun into a background check and that would make confiscation very difficult. They could hire illegals to go get our guns and that could be what they have in mind.


I don’t think that your last sentence would bring the results they desire.


I bought a revolver years ago, from a local sporting goods dealer who is still in business. My purchase shows up on the local police computer system. It is, or at least was, the policy of said dealer and PD to “share” purchase records. Disappointing, and a good illustration of how the rules get bent in a way potentially unfavorable to the Citizenry.


When it comes time to register all your guns nobody will have any ..wink wink so start selling all your guns to the criminals so they can come back and rob you and your friends….not


Our ubiquitous 2nd Amendment, the MOST regulated by laws, INFRINGED upon, “Right” under our Constitution. Bit by unconstitutional bit we have all but been legislated out of one of our enumerated ‘RIGHTS!’ Even when our vaunted(not) SCOTUS deems to throw a bone to America’s 100 million gun owners by acknowledging that ‘Right’ to “keep and bear ARMS,” they attempt to amend that Amendment by legislating from that bench! They, ignorantly, added a “place,” the “home,” as where Americans had the right to keep a gun! Those Founders continue to prove how more intelligent and intellectual they were than anyone claiming… Read more »


There will come the time when there are so many laws and so many of them unenforceable that they will begin to be ignored – the flag for this is already up where I live the sheriffs got together and announced that they have no intention of enforcing bloomerbergers law – no matter how much money he threw at it nor how much TV time he dumped into it. It passed and joined the ranks of valueless and therefore worthless as it was from the moment it was conceived – a typical democrat feint – obfuscating their desire to control… Read more »


I have a constitutional right (2nd) to bear arms, I also have a constitutional right (5th) to Not tell anyone what arms I may or may not possess. I WILL NOT COMPLY.


Universal background checks are already here for honest people.. if you go through a background check you are already going through ncic and your state version of it… and your firearm is registered against your will… the problem is the United States government is allowing the criminal minority to dictate everything in this country… you can never have Universal background checks as long as there are Sanctuary city laws.. and the government does very little to stop illegal weapons in the cartels and gangs… the only thing government has done is a attack law-abiding people… now the real war is… Read more »

Will Flatt

I believe that when Andy Massimilian uses the term “universal background checks”, he’s really saying that THEY want to BAN PRIVATE SALES. Unless you already live in a state with UBC’s that prohibit private sales and require an FFL for all transfers, you’re SUPPOSED to have the freedom to buy or sell privately whatever you want from whomever yo want as long as everything is above-board and for 99% of us it is. They have to ban private sales if they want to register firearms. A national UBC law would create a defacto national gun registry even though the law… Read more »


Excellent work on your Comment Will Flatt

While UBC’s are not a defacto creation of a registry, as I pointed out several months ago to a certain green dog, UBC’s cannot work unless you create a registry which is why they are designed to fail from the start so they get to that point. Second, There is no such thing as a background Check when stealing a firearm.

It’s hopping stone to stone until they reach their end goal, which is total disarmament of the civilian populace.

Will Flatt

Yes, you’re right, like all their schemes they plan for failure so they can (like California) point to how strict gun control doesn’t work and say, “See, the only way we can stop all these tragedies from happening over and over is to confiscate every last firearm.” And as I’ve pointed out a few times over the last several months, their endgame is the democide of everyone who disagrees with them, and that plan goes back 50 years to meetings between Obozo’s buddy Bill Ayers and some of the other top commies in the country. They’re not satisfied merely to… Read more »


I live in a state where UBC is the letter of the law. Trust me when I say there are MANY “transfers” that are not run through NICS. And I”m not just talking about going to visit a friend and popping off some rounds in the back yard, then swapping guns to try each one the other one’s gun. That’s NOT a “transfer” in reality because the owner remains unchanged, and the guns never leave the sight of their rightul OWNER. No,I’m talking about the situation where John wants to BUY or BARTER with George for George’s nice old shotgun… Read more »


Hello, has anyone here tried to buy a gun at a gun shop? BGC has been around for decades. Btw so has CCL permits and alot of OTHER ways to find out if you own guns! The FACT is, 99% of gun owners ADVERTISE that they own guns!!! Through flags, and T-shirts and license plates and stickers and banners, etc. And what about ALL the thousands of competition shooting events around the Country every week? Has anyone seen drones flying around or ominous looking folks writing down license plate # ( like they did in the old days, with the… Read more »

Will Flatt

The minute you stop distrusting government is the minute when you accept the chains they put on you. Grow a pair!!


based on what you just wrote, the sky IS falling. What part of “shall NOT be infringed” do you fail to comprehend? MANDATING that I and the other party in a gun transfer, even if I just want to fire a few rounds through my buddy’s new gun, both take the gun, hop in the car, go find an FFL who is willing (they are NOT required to) conduct a BackGround Check, PAY THE FEE (if SCOTUS declared a two dollar Poll Tax as a precondition to VOTE, how is the required BGC fee NOT OK?) then drive back home,… Read more »


I understand what you are saying Gene and have been saying that for decades myself. I don’t care who in the Govt knows I have guns because that knowledge has been out there for fifty one years. And, being almost 64, I don’t care. Come get them if you want them that bad.

Deplorable Bill

Hitler did the very same thing. He had everyone register their guns “For a kinder, gentler nation”. He then confiscated them. Thus the people had no means of fighting back and no way of preventing some 50 MILLION human deaths as produced from 1935 through the end of WW-2. California has already started confiscation home built weapons that were foolishly registered. There is no reason to believe the federal/state government would not do the same thing. A foot note in history: In 1775, the British colonies had for years complained and petitioned the British government about unfair spying, unfair legal… Read more »


Actually that Nazi gun confiscation argument is incorrect and has been debunked. Weimar Germany pre-Hitler had stricter gun control measures put in place after WW1 that were actually relaxed by Hitler’s incoming government. As Professor Steinweis writes: “The Jews of Germany constituted less than 1 percent of the country’s population. It is preposterous to argue that the possession of firearms would have enabled them to mount resistance against a systematic program of persecution implemented by a modern bureaucracy, enforced by a well-armed police state, and either supported or tolerated by the majority of the German population.” That being said, American… Read more »

Operator Z

Seems to me like the Afghani people have done well with their primitive tech against both the US and Russia. (Different situation I know but it’s a good example of resistance.)

I think saying people would not be able to resist a tyrannical government because they have better weapons or the people are too few is completely false.


That’s just because we haven’t really played “Cowboys and Afghani”, yet.


“Actually,” you got it wrong, too. Immediately after WWI, The Treaty of Versailles did indeed install strict gun-control on Weimar Germany . But over the next two decades, gun control was slowly relaxed – to the point that Hitler had to re-install it (temporarily). After total confiscation of all weapons, Hitler then released weapons back to “trusted” citizens (Nazi Party members, for instance). And the Jewish population (which was closer to 7% of the total) was not considered trustworthy at all, did not receive any weapons, and were thus easily rounded up and eradicated.


Actually the Jewish population was 0.75% of Germany under Hitler.
Try google some time.


Hey retard. Perhaps you never heard the story about a mere 3% of a population in a barely colonized country taking on and defeating the most powerful military in the world.

Get a history book, it happened between 1775 and 1781. Congratulations, your entire comment has just been debunked.


Meant to type 1783.

Will Flatt

UBC’s, like all other current gun control proposals, are the last straw. No more gun control; unless they want a 2nd American Revolution!!

EIther we prepare for WAR or we prepare for slavery and genocide. There is no middle ground.

Will Flatt

Well, there is only one correct interpretation of 2A, and that’s the one the founders expounded upon in the Federalist Papers, among other documents. If people can’t get their history and civics right, it’s their own fault. You’re right about petty tyrants and HOA’s. Lots of that going on. But HOA’s by design appeal to petty tyrants. Our Constitution, on the other hand, was written with the understanding that all mankind are fallen, sinful creatures who must be restrained from doing only evil continually and that governments are inevitably run by fallen corruptible people, and therefore requires restraint above all… Read more »

Will Flatt

My comment wasn’t addressed to Revelator, so I don’t see where your opinion of what you think he condones/doesn’t is relevant. Violence is not ipso facto terrorism; were that true, then the USA is illegitimate and should surrender to Great Britain forthwith. Regardless, I have never seen Revelator express this nonsensical position so I don’t know where you’re getting this from. May I suggest he isn’t who you think he is, and rather than tell me, why don’t you discuss things with him? And if you have an issue with my position on all this, please restate your comments in… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

F E M A camp guillotine?

Will Flatt

Just his awkward way of calling her KILLARY, it seems.


Damn can you show me some of those pictures ? What website can I find them on?

Wild Bill

@WF, Revolutions take organization, secure comms, and logistics. Got those?

Will Flatt

Not all of it, but well on the way. Haven’t met a wealthy benefactor yet to help bankroll effective resistance. But even if I had NONE of this, better to fight and die on one’s feet than to LIVE ON YOUR KNEES AS A SLAVE.


Can you supply a quote?


I can’t stop laughing