WATTOZZ T61 Fireams Modification System, Turkish Revolution In Firearms Industry

ISTANBUL / TURKEY – -(AmmoLand.com)- Multifunctional WATTOZZ T61 maximizes the muzzle velocity and effective range of standard NATO cartridges and eliminates sound while preventing recoil for any kind of long or short-barreled guns (Rifles/Pistols).

None of the recoil reduction systems available in the world, such as special silencers and suppressors, recoil compensators, muzzle brakes, flash hiders, etc. (despite using bullets under the velocity of sound which is described as subsonic or using bullets with reduced gunpowder ratios) cannot effectively prevent recoil.

WATTOZZ T61 suppresses the sound of the gun. Such existing silencers in the world slowdown the muzzle velocity while the WATTOZZ T61 maximizes. WATTOZZ T61 is more successful than any other gun silencers. (silencing sound at lesser decibel levels than any other gun silencer).


The recoil in the pistols is much more difficult to manage than the recoil in the rifles.

The reason why the recoil rate of the rifle that you manage with your hands and shoulder is less than the pistol depends on the balanced weight of the rifle.

This is why long-barreled guns feel less recoil than a pistol when firing with similar ammunition. A shorter barrel means more recoil, because the explosion that occurs when the projectile exits the barrel is closer to the rest of the gun and therefore to the shooter.

As well as superior success in rifles, WATTOZZ T61 is the only system in the world which eliminates recoil with supersonic cartridges in pistols. At the same time, WATTOZZ T61 increases muzzle velocity and effective range so the pistols will become highly effective rifles.

WATTOZZ T61 system can be applied to any type of long or short-barrelled guns (rifles and pistols) and it is a system suitable almost all types of ammunition.

Some types of rounds compatible with WATTOZZ T61: 22 LR – 6.35 – 7.65 – 9.17 – 9.19 – 5.45 – 5.7 NATO – 5.56 NATO – 7.62 NATO


WATTOZZ T61 Fiream Modification System
WATTOZZ T61 Fiream Modification System


There is no doubt that drones (UAV) will be of great importance in future defense systems. The countries have already begun to build drone armies. Most of them are described as Ghost Drones Herds, and these drones can not be detected on the radars or devices called drone hunters.

Today, works are carried out on the armaments of drones with billion-dollar budgets, but at this point despite the large and heavy shock-absorbing suspension mechanisms established under the Drone to prevent recoil they are no capable of eliminating recoil. Therefore, it makes hitting the target while shooting consecutively impossible.

Another disadvantage of these stabilization mechanisms is that they hold the guns fixed in only one direction; therefore they can only fire in the direction of the drone.

Thanks to WATTOZZ T61 which is the first and unique in the world that can be applied to all kinds of guns; unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) mounted with firearms will not need such mechanisms. WATTOZZ T61 can be used on the smallest of military & law enforcement drones, eliminating the need to install large and heavy shock-absorbing suspension mechanisms under a drone. Thus, Drone guns can be controlled 3-axis and allowing them to fire in the desired direction. Also consecutively fire is only possible with WATTOZZ T61.


With this feature, WATTOZZ T61 can change the balances of military power in the World!


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“There is one born every minute and two to take him.”


Looking at the video, recoil was not “eliminated”, but it was better aligned – the weight of the extra barrel length simply applied normal physics (inertia) to allow the recoil to go in a straighter path relative to the barrel – back into the hand of the shooter. This did not “eliminate” recoil, but it did allow faster re-acquisition of the target as the wobble of the firearm was reduced. The extra length of the barrel likewise accounts for the increased speed of the bullet – the more time the gas is in a compressed state, the more it can… Read more »


Sorry, but I’m not buying the hype. Baffle suppressors don’t affect the accuracy or velocity of a projectile, but the type with endwipes do. But the style with endwipes have went the way of the dodo bird, because the wipes require constant replacement. How could the velocity be reduced by baffles that don’t contact the projectile? Not the gases, because the whole purpose of the suppressor is to slow down the expanding gases, which means they will always be behind the bullet. Wipes do make for quieter mufflers, but they suffer damage and do affect the projectile, since they touch… Read more »