How Can The Left & Right Agree On Guns? Don’t Even Try! They Can’t!


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How Can The Left & Right Agree On Guns? Don’t Even Try! They Can’t!

New York – -( It is impossible for the Political and Social Conservative, on the one hand, and the illiberal, Radical New Progressive Leftist on the other hand to come to a mutually acceptable agreement on any public policy issue. Most notably, on civilian possession of firearms. Because, on a very basic, almost subliminal level, the two sides happen to view the human being in a completely different light and to view the relationship of the human being to society and to Government in a completely different light.

No starker evidence is there of this than on the right of the people to keep and bear arms and, in fact, on the very concept of “natural rights.”

The founders accepted, as self-evident truth that the right of the people to keep and bear arms is a fundamental, unalienable, immutable, natural right existent in the individual American, as bestowed on the individual by the Divine Creator. It is not and never has been a mere privilege, and it is not to be seen as a privilege. But that is how the Collectivist sees it: something created by Government and, as such, the ostensible “right” to possess firearms is really nothing more than a privilege. And if Government creates the privilege, Government can bestow the privilege on some, as Government wishes, and can determine how that privilege is exercised. And Government as the creator of the privilege can just as easily rescind the privilege.

Those who hold to the tenets of Collectivism and to the ethical system of Utilitarian Consequentialism view gun ownership and possession only as a privilege, not as right at all, whether fundamental or not. And, in that failure to accept the right embodied in the Second Amendment and the rights embodied in the other Nine Amendments, comprising our Bill of Rights, as things bestowed onto man by the power and authority of Government, must acknowledge that rights, as with any man-made statute, are ephemeral, mutable, subject to modification or abrogation by Government. But, that idea makes a mockery of our Constitution, and, denies, out of hand the sanctity of it and the immutability of the rights and liberties set forth in it, as understood by the founders of our Nation as a free, Constitutional Republic. Thus, the Collectivist denies, out of hand, the very underpinnings of a free Republic and the relationship between the American citizen and the federal Government. There can be no negotiation on this, and there can be no compromise.

Both the modern-day Conservative and the founders of our Free Republic, placed their faith in the human being and were wary of Government. Contrariwise, the Radical Leftist and Progressive place their faith alone in the State qua Government, not the human being. The Radical Leftist and Progressive are wary of individuals when left to their own devices, and trust Government to curb the worst excesses of the individual, oblivious, then, to the fact that Government itself, composed of individuals, is itself subject to the worst excesses, and, with control over the military and of the police and intelligence apparatuses, as well as over the media, presents the worst of dangers. For Government cannot help but become intolerant, autocratic, and, wielding the tremendous power it does if that power itself is not curbed, will invariably exhibit the worst excesses. It will demand uniformity in thought and action among the polity. It will crush the individual into submission to the Will of the State; and in so doing, will erase the very notions of an individual autonomy and individual self-worth and of integrity of Self.

So, it is that the framers of our Constitution limited the powers of Federal Government and took the further step of distributing such limited powers the Government had to three separate but equal Branches of Government as set forth in the first three Articles of the Constitution. And, so it is that we see in the assertions of the Radical Left and in their policy choices, a fervent desire to countermand all that the framers of our Constitution, in their wisdom devised and implemented, as these Radical Leftists desire to place strict and stringent control over each American citizen’s behavior, and, indeed, over the individual’s thought processes as well; duplicitously, telling the public that this is a good thing, that society is better served when, contrary to the concerns of the framers of our Constitution, Government should not be constrained; but should firmly control the conduct and thoughts of all Americans, dictate to each American what constitutes correct and proper thought and conduct. In so doing, the Radical Left believes, society will be better served.

It should come as no surprise to anyone, then, that the Radical New Progressive Leftist would seek to destroy the means by which and through which the individual may emphasize his or her individuality.

The Radical New Progressive Leftist does not accept, indeed, cannot even understand that the American is expected and should be expected to take personal responsibility over his or her life, safety, health, and well-being, and be left alone, in peace. These Left-wing extremists will have none of that.

Thus, they seek to restrain and curb free speech, including the tacit right of freedom of association, codified in the First Amendment. They seek to deny to the individual the unalienable, immutable, natural right to protect him or herself with the best means of doing so, a firearm; more, they seek to deny to the individual the right to protect his or her life and liberty from the tyranny of Government, thus dismissing out-of-hand the idea that Government is best that Governs least; denigrating, obviating the import and purport of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Ever suspicious of the idea upon which our Nation was founded—that the individual must be left alone, they seek to keep tabs on the individual, to surveil the individual, creating dossiers on every American citizen from the moment of birth to the moment of death. This is, all of it, contrary to the dictates of the unreasonable searches and seizures clause of the Fourth Amendment. But, those who hold to the ideas of the illiberal Radical Left and Progressive, care not for the strictures of the Bill of Rights.

One thing is patently clear: The New Progressive Left Collectivists accept as axiomatic the idea that our Bill of Rights, as with every other part of the Constitution, is infinitely malleable, subject to constant modification, refinement, or outright abrogation. It isn’t and believing it to be so, doesn’t make it so. But they don’t care. It doesn’t matter to them. They have, as is unfortunately apparent, convinced a substantial portion of the polity of this Nation, through incessant irrational and illogical and noxious proselytizing and propagandizing, that the polity would indeed be better off if the Second Amendment were stricken from the Bill of Rights. It would still exist of course since the right exists intrinsically in man’s very being, and not in the written text.

But, in the act of striking the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights, or simply by ignoring it, the tyranny of Government would be noticeably at hand. Americans should be well aware of that.

Arbalest Quarrel

About The Arbalest Quarrel:

Arbalest Group created `The Arbalest Quarrel’ website for a special purpose. That purpose is to educate the American public about recent Federal and State firearms control legislation. No other website, to our knowledge, provides as deep an analysis or as thorough an analysis. Arbalest Group offers this information free.

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Deplorable Bill

It is insanity to talk with or reason with someone who’s stated goal is ending your life or the freedom you enjoy in your life. That applies to vile “religions of peace” and their terrorists, socialists, communists, demoncraps etc. Unless this nation returns to it’s founding roots, and soon, there will be another civil war. Should tyranny and immorality and child murder reign it will have to be answered and stopped. Somebody once said “from time to time the tree of liberty will have to be refreshed with the blood of tyrants.” Arm up, carry on.


The left has a goal, and until it is realized they will not stop anything that they believe will get them where they want to go. Making one a king and everyone else his subjects in that goal.


This would have been an absolutely outstanding article EXCEPT, once again, for a lack of proofreading that, in this case, was tragic: “…..There is negotiation on this, and there can be no compromise.” should read “There is NO negotiation on this, and there can be no compromise”. As written I cannot use it, with attribution of course, in replying to Liberal dolts. What is it going to take to get through to the authors, of Ammoland articles, the importance of producing a letter perfect product? Your articles are not simply read here but are used across the internet. Unfortunately this… Read more »


Now the article is useful as the needed edit has been done. Good catch Vanns40


Thanks much and I’ve used it twice on other forums already.


Sure you can use it. I illustrate, thus:

“There is [no] negotiation on this, and there can be no compromise”


We cannot convince the Left of anything as they aren’t capable of using reason and common sense and are locked into their agenda, regardless of facts. It is a waste of time to even try. ANY bill, law or regulation of the 2nd Amendment, or any of the other rights listed in the Bill of Rights is infringement and illegal (unconstitutional). Compromise in any form is failure and a win for the Left.


If you cannot establish common ground that the Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land, then there will never be any meaningful discussion ever.

Capn Dad

The US is just “marking time” until the inevitable. Nothing lasts forever. Everything that has a beginning has an end.


But worthy things usually have a longer shelf life.

‘Jest sayin’…..


While Roger Katz sheds a lot of light onto the mindset of most liberals, he is too kind in his assessment of the “Radical New Progressive Leftist.” The later, like all their acolytes, since the French Revolution, seek nothing less than a despotism of the elite. Poor people, workers, the downtrodden, youth, or any large, disorganized group, are just to be lied to and otherwise used in the Left’s unrelenting quest for power.


The majority of democrats with very few exceptions are all in for abolishing the Second Amendment. So it’s not “gun control laws” they want. They want total disarmament of the American people. They want communism. If you don’t believe that and foolishly vote them into power again, they may just get their way. If we spend any amount of time attempting to analyse their motives as to why they want communism, we will have given them more time to accomplish their goals. They want communism here for the same reasons communists have wanted it all over the world. It gives… Read more »


Even Andy Briggs of AZ is talking about meaningful gun control. Are they ever going to learn there is no such thing? Mental illness control will help the situation but won’t stop it. People have been killing other people since biblical times. More gun control is just going to force people to the black market guns or making their own and both are much more dangerous than leaving the honest gun owner alone. Go catch some criminals and put them away so they can’t hurt anyone. We dodged the bullet by not getting Ted Cruz as our president. He is… Read more »

Wild Bill

@Tcat, Perhaps Andy also believes in meaningful hammer control, or meaningful baseball bat control, or meaningful “this is just the right size to fit my hand” rock control.

Wild Bill

@wjd, Top of the charts for personal satisfaction … they say!

Wild Bill

Do not be fooled, Rep. Babbit’s Threat Assessment Prevention and Security (TAPS) bill is another attempt to violate the Constitution. It is designed to charge a person for a crime a the crime. It empowers government to spy and intrude on peoples lives more than they aready do.

Wild Bill

Gentlemen, And now for a “do over”! My apologies it should have been:
Do not be fooled, Rep. Babbit’s Threat Assessment Prevention and Security (TAPS) bill is another attempt to violate the Constitution. It is designed to charge a person for a crime, before there is a crime. It empowers government to spy on and intrude in peoples lives more than they aready do.
Restore the Republic!


I know this may come off as me believing I carry a “Grammar Police” badge, but here goes anyway.

I recognize this author’s style, and the content is unfailingly spot-on.

But please, if you’re reading this, know that you choke your otherwise brilliant writing with an avalanche of superfluous commas that disrupt the flow of reading it.

Ironically, the Second Amendment has but one comma, yet SOMEONE added two that create mischief.

Was that YOU? (Just kidding.)

Anyway, please take this in the congenial intention that it was offered.

Dave in Fairfax

It’s possible that the author uses Oxford commas. They keep things separate that otherwise would have to be considered as linked and inseparable.


There are multiple segments in there that are so. That was my point.



Dude, I was trying to lend a hand as gently as possible, and you know my advice was cogent.

So, why the snark?

Or, was it a robotic, neutral observation?

Geez, I’m SO confused….


Seems to me that with a bunch of Republican politicians pushing Red Flag laws and the TAPS act that they can agree, just not in a way we like.


That’s an excellent point. They assess the public mood, evaluate how they can mist the truth while remaining ‘detached’, and publicly support what the polls indicate.

Which is all BS.

Those who don’t truthfully focus on real due process (i.e. 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th Amendments) are blowing smoke, and frankly don’t GAS about fidelity to the people and the Constitution.

Qui Bono?

Maybe we can’t “agree,” if agreeing means one side accepting the others’ position wholesale; but if we wish to preserve our Republic, we must find some common ground. The pro-gun community must begin by claiming the moral high ground. First: stop labeling ALL who disagree with us as “leftists,”collectivists,” or “Communists”. Sure, many are – but many more are not! Most Non-gun owners are simply ignorant of the facts; we need to educate and recruit them, not alienate them with name-calling. Second: educate, educate, educate – not by “preaching to the choir” on sites like Ammoland, but through measured, well… Read more »


You’re not trading “liberty for security”, EVER, you’re trading for the illusion of security which, as any logical person has seen, since 1934, has been a lie. The facts have been presented ad nauseam. What is lacking are politicians who are not Republicans but Conservatives and who are willing to take the single step necessary to reverse the downward spiral we’ve been on, and that is start repealing all firearms laws.

Wild Bill

@QB, We already have common ground. The Constitution and Bill of Rights applies to us all and all government. Leftists trying to eliminate our civil rights and unchain governments is the problem.
The purpose of Congress is not to agree or even find common ground. The purpose of Congress is to work for the people of the United States, through debate. Sometimes that means refusing to “do something.”
Restore the Republic.

Idaho Bob

Your premise that “people are increasingly frightened by both the routine shootings in cities like Chicago” is faulty at best. Nobody even knows that at the same time there was a shooting in Odessa, Texas that nearly 30 people were wounded and 7 killed in Chicago. Even worse, the main stream media and the lefttards don’t care about Chicago. They consistently ignore the routine violence there because it doesn’t fit their agenda. To make matters more insidious, the Texas shooter was a criminal that ignored the gun laws and I will be willing to bet the farm that all of… Read more »

Wild Bill

@IB, Apparently he has spoken with all the people and knows their thoughts. Most convincing.

Qui Bono?

Bob, you can’t blame all urban ills on a culture created by “commies” – that is just willful ignorance. Gang culture, drug abuse, racism, and poverty all predate Karl Marx and his misguided manifesto. Please reread my post – we agree that it is the “culture” that we should be talking about, not gun control!


But you cannot deny that the leftists who have long seized control of major urban areas have enabled it, rather than attenuated it.


Describing anti-2nd Amendment advocates as Leftists, Radicals, unpatriotic, anti-Constitutionalists, etc is NOT “name-calling.” It is dead-on accurate. Get back to the real world. Leftists will not allow “compromise” of any kind… that is flatly impossible. Period. End of discussion. The responsibility to prevent this country’s second civil war is theirs! Not ours.

Qui Bono?

No, it is not accurate, it is hyperbolic. It is the same as calling all supporters of the 2nd Amendment “gun nuts.”


When the entire field of Democrat presidential candidates are all in on confiscating firearms, it should be clear to you that there is no parity.

It IS accurate.


That may well be – for the present. “Never” is a long time. I submit that the intrinsic propensity of communists to persist without remission is sufficient cause for alarm.


Oh, yes, it damnably-well IS accurate. Listen to any/every Democrat politician presidential candidate, and they provide absolute proof that they are ALL in 100% accord. The real world doesn’t get any LESS “hyperbolic” than that.


@Qui Bono? While I understand the sentiment you are trying to bring here, I will say one thing. You apparently have no idea what American traits are. So to help you, I’m about to provide several quotes for you that demonstrate such traits. “Common ground” must never be equated with ceding any of our liberty. ““If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly… Read more »

Qui Bono?

I don’t want to cede ANY liberties – that’s the point! Angry, vitriolic rhetoric and name-calling will not win any converts or support from non-gun owners. Anti-gunners want to paint us as dangerous psychopaths, so we must not play into their hands.


@Qui Bono? Yes, that is what the left does, and wants to do. However, we must not at the same time start changing our language or give them any indication we are willing to give anything up. No compromise, zero. That is what I was referring to, and when it comes to American traits, It is American to overcome fear, it is American to be ready to die on your feet before surrendering your freedom. The whole beta male “Oh my gosh, like I’m so scared.. Somebody needs to do something!” is as far away from being American as it… Read more »

John Dunlap

I understand your sentiment, but I fear it is misplaced. I have on many occasions tried to educate the fence sitters of which you speak; I’ve succeeded with boring regularity, only to be saddened and amazed at the speed with which they are bludgeoned back to spouting the leftist mantra (usually by their children or spouses). There’s a reason these people are so malleable. It has to do with a lack of personal convictions and courage. I think we’ve done all the educating we’re going to. What’s left of the middle ground is as fluid as water. The polarization is… Read more »

Qui Bono?

I understand your cynicism, but that is a trap! How, exactly, do you plan to “defeat” them? Civil War, as some have suggested here? Do you really think that the only solution is to slaughter those who are ignorant, lack courage or conviction, along with those who have true a real hatred of American values? If so, then you are just providing fodder for the Antifas’ and the gun (people) controllers’ propaganda and proving their point. Relentless, serious, sincere education (and reeducation) is the ONLY real solution.


@Qui Bono? Perhaps before you wrote your response, you should have taken some time to ask some of us who have talked about what would happen in a civil war what our stance on it is. We have a few different groups of people which you are apparently unfamiliar with, or you might not have Questioned John the way you did by making a generalized assumption. Of the groups there are those on the left like Antifa which want a war, they want violence and chaos to aid them to their ends, and even if it is not present they… Read more »


@Wild Bill

My guess is that his heart may be in the right place, but he is not fully educated, and he doesn’t understand the ramifications of what he is saying.

He would be better served asking questions right now instead of trying to provide commentary, but hey He’ll have to take responsibility for his own words.


Butbutbut…. they ARE.


You are correct when you say that, “ALL who disagree with us are “leftists, collectivists, or “Communists”. The people who are not that are considered by those who are that as “useful idiots.” There is no getting around who the enemy is. It is primarily those who refuse to recognize God and his purpose for them. The rest flows from that.