Personal Defense Ammo, Unlike Anything on Market Coming Soon from Pilgrim Ammunition

Coming Soon Pilgrim Ammunition
Coming Soon Pilgrim Ammunition

USA ( – Pilgrim Ammunition, a new disrupter in the ammunition market, announce the launch of premium self-defense ammunition for the fall of 2019. Made in America using the finest components, the initial caliber lineup includes 9mm, 380 Auto, 40 S&W and 45 ACP.

Unlike the current market selection of self-defense ammunition, the Pilgrim line was developed to first and foremost deliver maximum stopping power without over-penetration.

Each caliber delivers significantly more kinetic energy than comparable rounds. Threat elimination occurs due to starburst pattern fragmentation, thus reducing over-penetration with 100 percent energy transfer.

Additionally, the rounds offer unprecedented velocity and drastically reduced felt recoil. Pilgrim Ammunition’s line of premium self-defense rounds are lead-free and California compliant. Their website includes a state-of-the-art shopping cart system for easy and fast purchasing experiences. Information leading up to the launch can be found on the Pilgrim Ammunition Facebook page, on Instagram page and Twitter page.

Pilgrim Ammunition’s product line was developed by a foremost innovator in the field of ballistics and will continue to recalibrate the ammunition industry with products that exceed consumer expectations and deliver outstanding performance.

About Pilgrim Ammunition:Pilgrim Ammunition

Pilgrim Ammunition, a US-based research, and development, manufacturer and marketer of premium ammunition, was founded in 2018 to deliver an uncompromising product to the commercial, law enforcement and military markets.

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It sounds like G2 R.I.P all over again


While I have not seen the product line, nor used it, I must point out that the one numerical guarantee within the article is impossible according to the laws of physics! You cannot get 100% kinetic energy transfer with any firearm, unless you are holding the muzzle of the firearm up against the target literally touching it, and even then energy will still be lost compared to the 100% initialization numbers. Normal shooting distances, energy is going to be lost, and for anyone with even a semblance of working gray matter, that should be a well-known fact. Each different marketed… Read more »

Mmr Bruce

I’m pretty sure the article means that the round transfers100% of the energy from impact into the target i.e. it doesn’t travel through the target, even with it’s purported higher velocity.


Over hyped: More velocity, less recoil, more “kinetic energy,” etc. It’s a miracle bullet, in other words. They even hyped their website: “State of the art shopping cart?” One giant scam is the message I’m getting.


As of today, all you need is either SIG Elite or Winchester Silvertip. All others don’t live up to those for your all-around and all things considered defense ammunition.
I’ll reserve opinion on this new stuff until they release more information. So far, nothing has surpassed SIG Elite or Win. Silver.


Uh, “unprecedented velocity and drastically reduced felt recoil”. Yeah, that would be . . . . . a projectile weighing 25 grains moving at something like 3000 fps. That would get you the “unprecedented velocity and drastically reduced felt recoil” all right. And, since it is Kalifornia Kompliant, it is made of something like copper-colored polymer that explodes into tiny splinters on impact. Yeah, that would give you the “starburst pattern fragmentation, thus reducing over-penetration with 100 percent energy transfer”, too. As in everything coming to a stop in the first 2 inches of gel. . . . . like… Read more »

Xaun Loc

YAWN — another press release copied by a blogger as if it were real news. YAWN — another new Super Ammo that ignores established proved techniques in favor of nonsense that sounds good and makes for pretty charts and cartoon videos. YAWN — yet another press release written by an incompetent ad agency where no one knows anything about the laws of physics and they assume that none of the customers know anything about the laws of physics. If is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve both “increased kinetic energy” and “reduced recoil” with the same ammunition. It was interesting to see meaningless… Read more »


I’ll show you extreme penetration…


She squealed.

Spooky 1

Im happy with a good 12 to 18 inches of penetration and 1.5X expansion. So it’s HST, Gold Dots, Golden Sabers, & Ranger T’s for me.

I will mess around with some of Underwoods & Cor-Bon ammo, and the old 9BPLE but I much rather have the top listing of mine.

Leave the “Voodoo” and “Myths” in the trash.


I’m happy with Hornady Critical Defense. Great expansion every time.

Xaun Loc

One question, Spooky, how in the hell do you get this site to leave paragraphs in your text. Anything I enter keeps getting displayed with the line breaks removed – even though they are there when I type the text in and are still there when I go back to try to edit the text. I’ve tried ordinary returns at the end of a paragraph, and CTRL-Return, double returns, returns with a space on the blank line, and anything else I’ve been able to think of. No matter what I do, this stupid website strips out any formatting I try… Read more »

El Mac

Pure snakeoil.


The “author” of this article, Laura Burgess, is nothing more than a PR firm whose job is present things in the most favorable light possible. In other words, a huckster.


Yeah. No one has ever before thought of using the phrase “Designed for maximum energy transfer without overpenetration”. I’ve never heard that line before… from every single company making premium ammo. 🙂

Dave in Fairfax

The article has a link to their FB page. There is very little web data on them.
They are listed as a Delaware company, but on FB it says, Local Business in Singapore.
They say that their ammo disintegrates internally, resulting in no pass through problems and maximum energy transfer.
They don’t seem to have a timeline for sales. or a webpage other than FB which requires you to Log-in for full info. BAD business plan.

Mmr Bruce

It took me about 20 seconds to find out the company is registered in FL, became incorporated on 17 SEP 2018, has no annual SEC reports filed as of yet, lists the principle address as Longboat Key, FL and has 3 officer titles, all herd by the same guy. 20 second tops. When you rely on FB for information you come up with things like DE and Singapore


“Maximum stopping power without over-penetration”,
“Unprecedented velocity”,
“Unlike anything on the market”
“Each caliber delivers significantly more kinetic energy than comparable rounds”
How about some specs… or haven’t they tested these super rounds yet. Oh… and my BB gun transfers 100% of it’s energy to the target.


My research on the web into Pilgrim Ammunition was interesting. I suggest you do your own.


How about some links. I find nothing more than the useless information in this useless article, in other equally useless web pages. I can only find a vague mention of the company being registered in Delaware.

Saying a new ammo is coming with no details is like saying controlled fusion is coming. Without details….NOBODY CARES!

Mmr Bruce

that’s what you found, registered in DE? You must be using FB or some other completely lame source.
It took me about 20 seconds to find out the company is registered in FL, became incorporated on 17 SEP 2018, has no annual SEC reports filed as of yet, lists the principle address as Longboat Key, FL and has 3 officer titles, all held by the same guy.


When you other people’s work for them they get lazy. If they aren’t that interested let them stay ignorant.


You’re right, we should all replicate the same research, instead of sharing information.


More velocity, more kinetic energy, less recoil?
I’m not sure the physics of that makes sense.


It does because kinetic energy is figured with the velocity squared. Kinetic energy and momentum are two different things.


50% percent of standard bullet weight in conjunction with twice the velocity would produce twice the energy… …but this is definitely nothing new.

Whiteknight13 (whiteasingoodvsevilnotracistyouquacks)

Well dont let “roid” know that he is a marketing shill paid to monitor reactions to their advertising approach. He is obviously tasked with promoting this ammunition, using classic troll methods. Paid blurbs on this site are getting out of hand when poorly tasked people like “roid” only seek to denigrate critics and obfuscate the reality of their product.

You went to all that trouble to put your ignorance on display; amazing.


So you attempt to prove him wrong by doing more of exactly what he describes you doing? That’s quite the switcheroo… 🙂


Are you always this obtuse?


Being obtuse is feigned ignorance. His ignorance is real.


Indeed you are right.
Still sounds like a gimmick.