Smith’s Cabin & Lodge Kitchen Cutlery Set Review


I just used my Smith’s Cabin & Lodge Kitchen Cutlery Set to slice a wet-aged ribeye. The 89″ breaking knife worked great. This is a sweet looking knife set.

IDAHO – -( For the first 100 years of my life, I’ve used some mis-matched, goodwill, hand-me-down steak knives. I don’t know why I never bought a good set of steak knives. I eat a ton of meat each year, so why not have a good set?

Maybe since I didn’t have much as a kid is the reason. When we first got married, my wife would always get on me and say, Tom-you’s not a kid on a paper route budget anymore. You have a real job. Quit scrimping. Ok, maybe I did have issues!?

So maybe not having a good/real set of steak knives was one of the last hold-outs of those old habits. But regardless, I’ve now gone all out on the steak knife/kitchen knife set and got a Smith’s Cabin & Lodge Cutlery Set.

Smith’s Cabin & Lodge Kitchen Cutlery Set #Ad

It is a super nice-looking set that would look great in any kitchen, whether at home, a cabin, or a lodge. The Smith’s Cabin & Lodge Kitchen Cutlery Set has pretty much every imaginable knife you could ever desire for your culinary needs plus a 6-pc. Steak set. In all, it is a 15 pc. set if you count the wood holding block.Buy Now Gun Deals

I originally just wanted a set of decent steak knives for my family and friends to eat with since I’m always grilling/smoking steaks on my Camp Chef pellet grill #Ad. But why not go all out?

The Smith’s Cabin & Lodge Kitchen Cutlery Set comes with the following knives:

  • 1- Chef Knife: 8″
  • 1- Breaking Knife: 8″
  • 1- Chef Knife: 6″
  • 1- Cleaver: 6″
  • 1- Fork: 6″
  • 1- Curved Fillet: 6″
  • 1- Serrated Utility Knife: 5-1/2″
  • 1- Paring Knife: 3.5″
  • 6- Steak Knives
  • 1- Wood Block”
Smith’s Cabin & Lodge Kitchen Cutlery Set Knife Units
Smith’s Cabin & Lodge Kitchen Cutlery Set Knife Units

And all of this for an MSRP of only $229.99 (less $$ online #Ad). I think it is a super nice-looking set with its stag looking handles and hammered steel blades. I can’t wait to unveil them on my little bride and daughter at dinner tonight. They went to work out at the gym this evening, so I think I’m going to surprise them with a ribeye dinner and a real set of steak knives to eat them with.

I used the 8” breaking knife to cut up the ribeye. I buy whole ribs and wet age them in the fridge for 4-8 weeks. I then cut off enough steaks for however many people will be at dinner that night and then cut 5-inch chunks and wrap and freeze them.

When you cut your meat to freeze, don’t slice the ribeye into steaks. They will freezer burn easier than if you freeze them in chunks. For my family, four steaks are the right amount (do what is appropriate for your family size). Then if more are coming over for dinner, I thaw out two packages. Doing it like this, they are already aged and ready to eat. I wrap them in a plastic grocery bag and then in meat cutters paper. This keeps them fine for me.

Smith’s Cabin & Lodge Kitchen Cutlery Set
Smith’s Cabin & Lodge Kitchen Cutlery Set

And as is usual, we will close with the specs:

Smith’s Cabin & Lodge Kitchen Cutlery Set SPECS:

• Custom stage handle design
• Beautiful 400 series hammered stainless steel blades
• Attractive block compliments any Cabin or Lodge kitchen
• Hand washing is required to keep your knives in superior condition
• Number of pieces 15

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