Taking Down the Biggest Lies of Gun Control

According to Sen. Feinstein, an AR-15 is a military weapon. No militaries use civilian AR-15s. It is most likely she is getting civilian AR-15s confused with M16s or M4 carbines.
According to Sen. Feinstein, an AR-15 is a military weapon. No militaries use civilian AR-15s. 

United States – -(AmmoLand.com)- One of the biggest frustrations Second Amendment supporters have is seeing how media double standards help spread the lies that are often pushed by anti-Second Amendment extremists. These lies, amplified by the press, have forced us to fight hard against unjust infringements being imposed upon our rights.

Some of these lies are about the ultimate agenda of anti-Second Amendment extremists. They are frustrating to deal with, but they are also easy to handle because knowing the facts can convince the vast majority of our fellow Americans about the fact they are being lied to on that front. Sometimes, anti-Second Amendment extremists give us a ton of help in that regard (thanks, Beto!).

For instance, when anti-Second Amendment extremists claim that “weapons of war” need to be banned, it’s easy to point out some key differences between the AR-15 and the M4 carbine that has seen wide use in the war on terror. For starters, the M4 is a select-fire firearm that gives its operator the choice of semi-automatic fire (in essence, one bullet per pull of the trigger), fully-automatic fire (the gun keeps firing as long as it has ammunition in the magazine), or safe (it doesn’t fire when you pull the trigger – but responsible people know never to trust the safety and to keep the finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire).

As a semi-automatic firearm, the AR-15 only fires once per pull of the trigger when the safety is off. It may look like a M4 carbine (or an M16 rifle), it may have some of the same accessories as a M4 carbine of M16 rifle, it may use the same magazine as a M4 carbine or M16 rifle, but none of those change how it operates. This is something that far too many Americans do not understand, and much of it was deliberate lying, as encouraged by Josh Sugarmann three decades ago.

Now, informed citizens, particularly Second Amendment supporters, should know that firearms like the M4 carbine and M16 rifle have long been under strict regulations under the terms of the 1934 National Firearms Act, not to mention the 1986 Hughes Amendment. But the fact that the AR-15 looks like those rifles makes it easy for someone like Beto O’Rourke to confuse people.

It goes beyond that. One of the famous lines used by anti-Second Amendment extremists has also been, “Nobody is coming for your guns.” Well, we have plenty of proof that there are those who do want to come for guns. Like Beto O’Rourke. Or Dianne Feinstein in 1995. Or Eric Swalwell. Or March for Our Lives. We can prove that is the intention of at least some of those who seek infringements – and they do not even try to deny it now.

Those are the lies that are relatively easy to deal with. The ones that are hardest are the ones that target our character. When we get called child killers, domestic terrorists, among other aspersions as to our character. At the very least, we get accused of complicity.

Proving that those aspersions are lies is extremely hard. But it can be done. With the right approach and being mindful of how we come across, we can prove those aspersions as the lies they are. With the right responses, and with the facts about the failures of gun control, we can make their harsh invective a liability for them, and allow the truth to come out – and the truth will make us free.

Harold Hu, chison

About Harold Hutchison

Writer Harold Hutchison has more than a dozen years of experience covering military affairs, international events, U.S. politics and Second Amendment issues. Harold was consulting senior editor at Soldier of Fortune magazine and is the author of the novel Strike Group Reagan. He has also written for the Daily Caller, National Review, Patriot Post, Strategypage.com, and other national websites.

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Liberals don’t know anything about guns except that they can NOT control a populations that is armed!


Are you serious Harold? Damn son, you get more delusional each story you write. Indoctrination in our schools, media and out the politicians on both sides who hate guns and our Constitution and want it either to be irrelevant and or repealed, either way, they’re way ahead of the game and you want to play tiddlywinks? Funny, I never saw one word in how we need to defend, uphold and protect the 2nd Amendment and Constitution and Why it’s in the best interests of all Americans in this article? Democrats are SHAMING Gun Owners, just like the gun runner and… Read more »


“Point out, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.Period. No compromising on our rights.”
Yet, cowardly Americans kneel and lick the hand of the tyrants every time they obey unconstitutional ‘gun control laws’. NO legislative law may change the Constitution or limit or deny Rights.
Cowardice has its consequences. Talk is cheap.


The only way to counter the false descriptions the gun grabbers use is for each individual to refute the lies at every, and I do mean every, opportunity. When they call an AR an assault weapon, push back. When they claim that ARs are the main instrument of mass shootings, push back. When they claim that banning guns will make the population safer, push back by reminding them that between 1.5 and 2.5 million times a year a crime is prevented or stopped by a good guy with a gun.

Push back. Every time.


You and other writers are preaching to the choir. Readers of Ammoland know this. Its the general population that needs this education. Until gun writers and gun rights organizations start education the general public and controlling the narrative on “black rifles” and all guns in general we will lose the debate.

We are up against communists who are masters at influencing public opinion, who control the news cycle, and who have access to the young minds in Americas public schools


I am glad you recognized these democrats are communists. So many Americans are so unaware whose these enemies really are. In 2016, at the DNC convention, the DNC agreed with the Revolutionary Communist Party that a public burning of the Constitution would not be opposed by the DNC.


Beto: “Because we understand that there’s no reason for a any of us to own a weapon that was designed to kill people on a battlefield.”

I guess he will be busy rounding up M1903 and Model 1861 Springfields.

Will Flatt

…And Brown Bess muskets!!

Wild Bill

@KC, Yes, yes RFOR and the other libtards will be using the power of government, and sending good men and women, to do their gun grabbing bidding. I have said before, primary elections are key. Pick a “not corrupted yet candidate” and back him. Fun is our most powerful weapon. Throw a street party, barbecue, take a kid hunting or shooting. And now I have another hair brained idea. The business card! We all help people every day. Maybe we help push someones car out of the snow, shovel their sidewalk, give them a few bales of hay. When you… Read more »


Trying to negotiate with Anti 2A/Firearms Ownership Proponents is No different than. Trying to negotiate with the terrorists Al Qaeda/Taliban/ISIS. These people are Zealots to a Cause. Nothing you can say will change their minds. Regardless of Law or Reason. Their Cause is Just and Victory by any means is Acceptable. These people want you be complacent at best and eliminated at worst. Attempting to placate these people through reason and/or education is a Fool’s Errand. And Yes I am inferring there is No difference between the aforementioned groups. Up to and Until POTG realize and accept this. The Issue… Read more »

Ansel Hazen

From reading the constitution I get the impression our Founding Fathers wouldn’t be worrying about “the right responses” or “making their harsh invective a liability for them”.



Ever notice? Up front it’s always democrats who wants to take away your rights. But these vipers are patient, clever and they never let details or facts cloud their agendas. Simply put, they know their socialist one party rule cannot exist with opposition and patriots with guns are a major threat to their existence.

Wild Bill

@Mike J, Are you sure that these vipers are patient? I thought that they were just comatose for long periods and that is why they never seem to know what is really going on!


Oh they’re patient alright, if democrats fail to pass something, they never give up trying. In California they place the same ballot measures reworded until they get their way.
We keep losing ground because these communists know how to game the system.
Killing a law bill doesn’t make it go away, it always rises from the ashes in another form.


When Democrats are faced with a choice of what to fear, they invariably choose the tool – the firearm (an inanimate, non-sentient chunk of plastic and metal), instead of the human being (who actually has the intellectual capacity for evil action). That decision, in and of itself, cannot in any way be considered rational. It is, indeed, an outright stupid choice.

Sane people cannot force irrational people to understand or accept rational principles. In other words, “You can’t fix stupid!”

Get Out

Appears whenever Feinstein handles firearms there’s something unsafe about it. Does it look like the safety is in the fire position on the rifle she’s holding to anyone else? Surprised her finger isn’t hanging onto the trigger like her other photos.
BTW it’s obvious she doesn’t know the difference between the standard issue military rifle and a the civilian rifle and neither do the audience she’s addressing.

Wild Bill

@GO, Yes, it does. She also looks like a victim of the opioid epidemic, in that pants suit, made exclusively for her by … “Omar the Tent Maker”.


whenever Feinstein handles firearms there’s something unsafe about it.

the ONE THING portrayed in any image of DieFie portraying his holding or even near any firearm is that SHE is interacting with it. The very thought of that female in physical control of any firearm gives me the screaming fantods. And I REALLY do not like it when I get a bad case of those.


She would would ban red rider bb guns if she could, mr and mrs america hand them all in !!


Harold, if you were NOT so young, you would know it was Josh Sugarman of the Brady Campaign that said “We will call these guns ‘assault weapons’. We will show pictures of fully automatic guns shooting when discussing BANNING these guns. The stupid American people will think these guns are machine guns. We can ban and collect them.” Spoken and aired on TV in 1990. Also in 1990, Dianne Feinstein said “If i had the votes, I would tell Mr. & Mrs. America ‘Turn in your guns, all of them'”. Democrats are communists. They will not allow their slaves to… Read more »


Well, this old boy don’t plan on being no slave. If I’m gonna be a slave to anything it’s the freedom I have and my weapons. These pieces of crap think they’re gonna grab guns, but I don’t think so. They will learn that their desires will not be tolerated by individuals such as myself and millions others like me. I ain’t dancing to their tunes…..ASSES!


I, like many others, do not listen to senile old women. It is 20 years past her retirement BS. This KHalifornia crook is not a true American.


One thing that should be done is a march on Washington and I mean a crowd as large as they used to be in the 60’s GOA or another 2A supporter or even better supporters need to set a date and get it through the millions of firearms owners that this needs to be done. Everyone get their a$$es to this gathering and fight for what’s left of our rights. A couple hundred, thousand, whatever will not do anything. We need one of the largest number of supporters Ever to gather or it’s a waste of time. Every firearm owner… Read more »


Recent comedy statement heard ’round the world, I think from Senator Schumer (a.k.a. Scrumer), who, in response to the O’Rourke “hell yes” statement said: “Democrats were not interested in ‘confiscating’ any firearms from law abiding citizens,” or sum such nonsense! He who stated, after the infamous Feinstein “Assault Rifle Ban” in the ’90s, “It’s the camel’s nose under the tent!” As far as wanting to “confiscate,” sample this: Queen of the ‘gun grabbers’ Feinstein said on CBS-TV’s 60 Minutes, February 5, 1995, “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban,… Read more »


Like most people who identify with the Democratic Party, no sense of truth or reality. They simply pander to an audience eager to believe anything they are feed.

Will Flatt

Harold, you forget that aside from the media working in cooperation with the anti-rights zealots, there is also Big Tech, and Corporate America as a whole working with the enemies of liberty to drown out anyone who questions or disputes the official propaganda!! You’re not just preaching to the choir here, but you’re not offering substantive solutions to breaking through the propaganda monopoly!!

We have to take our case DIRECTLY TO THE PEOPLE, at least those who are undecided. THEN we have to INVITE THEM TO COME SHOOTING WITH US, so they can see as we do!!

Wild Bill

@wjd, I am pretty sure that they are too busy collecting ill gotten gains from “lobbyists” to know what a Mini-14 is!


We gun owners have been using the mini 14 to show that wood stock guns are the same mechanically long enough that most gun bills also include them now.


Just what does she think a militia is?, A British Officer was quoted: Those squirrel hunters are not very sporting, they hide behind trees and shoot as us.


It may better serve the Country when we exposes the conflicts (corruption) interest on this anti constitution senator. Many political leaders have many and very troublesome connections to China! China is said to begin the Calex movement. Nancy Pelosi 3rd rankings member of our government has the same issues. Both of these anti constitution senators hide behind there husbands business dealings with China. Let’s not forget Harry Read and his family law firm dealings with China and the Stand off with BLM against the cattle ranchers. There many connections to criminal activities with China. You want to talk Red Flag… Read more »


Useful facts and simply written so that those who know nothing about guns, gun laws, or the attempts to confiscate weapons on the part of the left can read and become informed, if they so choose. Thanks for the effort. We need pro-gun articles written at all levels.


Your Sugarman link of three decades ago, however, is not really in the past, as you suggest. You speak of “informed citizens.” Other than many gun owners, the public is not informed; it is misinformed, and by the same liars that run the fake news media. While the public is gradually coming to understand that the news media is a propaganda wing of the left, that doesn’t mean they know the truth – it only means that they are cautious about the lies. That’s not the same thing. The pre-Heller, pre-AWB text at that link could be recited chapter and… Read more »


This attack against our 2nd Amendment is part of the “New World Order” agenda! The entire planet under one worldwide global government (socialist slavery)! Some of you know what that is, and some of you don’t! I learned about it @ 5 years ago, when a friend made me sit down and watch a video called “THRIVE” (go to http://www.thrivemovement.com click on the box near the top of the page that says “Watch Thrive” and watch the 2 hour video) The website is presented by Foster Gamble & wife {of the Proctor & Gamble Gamble’s}! They are risking their lives… Read more »


For about 150 years, the American People have allowed the city, state & federal governments to take away our Rights, Liberty and Freedom (Yes, Liberty & Freedom are two different things). Just because the SCOTUS claims a law is ‘constitutional’ does not make it so. Ask yourself why your children are NOT taught the Constitution in schools. Then, ask yourself why YOU are not teaching them the Constitution and reading the Federalist Papers to them? When Americans refuse to stand up for their Rights, when Americans believe governments are their masters, you will, eventually, get a communist America. I remember… Read more »


Great question. The Mini 14 has ALL the firepower utility, etc, of the AR types… but LOOKS like a sandard garden variety rifle of the sort that have been around for a hundred years. NO ONE is any more petrified of the Mini 14 than they are of, say, a 1903 Sprignfield with a MOnte Carlo stock fitted. Of course, if I had to choose between the 1903 Springfield and the Mini 14 and an AR, it would be hands down no contest.. it would be the antiquated slow fire Fudd Gun, the sporterised 1903 Springfield. WHY? Accurate and still… Read more »


Is it just me, but WHY do we keep having to see, much less listen to, these rotting in place, permanently tenured, leeching off of the taxpaying public, maggots in government? Where is the “We The Serfs'” demand for TERM LIMITS???


As with this O’Rourcrazy, Queen of the ‘gun grabbers’ Feinstein said on CBS-TV’s 60 Minutes, February 5, 1995, “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them . . . Mr. and Mrs. America, turn ’em all in, I would have done it.” What that should also tell EVERYONE is that letting these whacks control ANY branch of government is naïveté compounded with senility!


Nah, just too senile old and forgot where the trigger is!


they want all magazine rifles first, and then all semi auto rifles and hand guns, before the push for total disarmament !