A Gun Owner’s Worst Enemy, You May Know Them Well ~ VIDEO

Opinion by Michael Kreitzer of Budget Guns and Gear Reviews

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Attend The 2nd Amendment Rally: November 2, 2019, on the Capitol Lawn in Washington D.C

USA – -(AmmoLand.com)- Have you heard the cliché about the paranoid not being paranoid when they really are out to get you? For years the anti-rights, anti-freedom crowd have been telling us that we who support the Second Amendment are just a bunch of paranoid gun-nuts because no one’s really coming for our beloved pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

Of course, to believe that the hoplophobes are not coming for our guns, we would have to ignore the decades-long campaign in which they’ve been engaged. If you’re reading this, I’m sure you’ve been paying attention to the myriad of incremental steps that the antis have taken to slowly erode our Constitutionally protected liberties, one “common-sense gun safety measure” at a time.

You’d also have to ignore the current crop of Democratic Presidential candidates and their inflammatory rhetoric regarding the Second Amendment. From Kamala Harris’ threatened executive action, to Beto O’Rourke’s “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15!”, the entire pack has been falling all over themselves to outdo one another in a bid to show that each one is more anti-gun (read: anti-FREEDOM) than the last.

Finally, you’d have to ignore the willing complicity of the “mainstream” legacy media and its apparent eagerness to sensationalize and exploit any atrocities committed with a firearm, even before the blood has dried and the bodies are taken away.

In short, you’d have to be an utter fool to believe that “No one’s coming for your guns.”

But even with all those forces arrayed against the Second Amendment, a gun owner’s worst enemy isn’t the anti-gun politicians and their enthusiastic allies in the media. Our worst enemy isn’t even those well-meaning fools who believe them.

Nope. Our worst enemy comes from within. It’s us, or more specifically, it’s our apparent apathy.

I’ve seen it happen too many times. During the leadup to the Hughes Amendment, even though I was still young, I was paying attention, and I distinctly remember hearing gun owners say, “I don’t own a machinegun, so I don’t care.” As the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban was being debated, it was, “I got my shotgun and huntin’ rifle, I don’t need no AR-15!” More recently, it was “Bump stocks? Never heard of ‘em. Sounds stupid to me.”

Sure, there are a few gun owners who stand up to be counted, who raise their voices to be heard. Most, however, are seemingly content to write a check to the NRA, GOA, SAF, or whatever alphabet-lettered gun-rights group they prefer and say “Well, I did my part. What’s on TV?” Now don’t get me wrong, these groups are IMPORTANT, and they all do good work on gun owners’ behalf.

But it’s not enough. Allowing “someone else” to fight for YOUR rights only isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Since the 2019 Gun Rights Policy Conference, we’ve been handed an opportunity to throw off the stifling pall of apathy that has gripped so many gun owners. While at the GRPC, Rob Pincus was kind enough to come on my podcast and announce the 2nd Amendment Rally being held on November 2nd 2019 in Washington, DC. It’s a true non-partisan grassroots effort to give US a chance to come together and show those who would curtail our freedom that we will NOT stand for it.

Unfortunately, the last week or so has seen the couch commandos emerge in droves on the internet and give voice to every excuse they can think of to dismiss it. “We’ll look bad ‘cause no one will show up” and “There’s not enough time to plan” and “None of the big gun groups are sponsoring it” are being used to justify their apathy. I’m even hearing “I can’t carry in DC, so I won’t go!” Really? I would submit that the fact that you can’t carry in DC is why you SHOULD go! Maybe I’m wrong, though… it IS easier to sit in the basement and shovel in more cheese puffs, right?

We have an opportunity to make history on November 2nd, 2019. Some estimates put the number of U.S. gun owners at over 100 MILLION people. Can you imagine the statement it would make if even 1/10 of a percent of that number got off their duffs and came to DC?

I understand that there ARE legitimate reasons that folks can’t come. Work, finances and family obligations are powerful forces that can hold people in place. But if something is preventing you from attending, you can still help.

Go to www.2ndAmendmentRally.com to register and get more information. Share the rally’s website, www.2ndamendmentrally.com, all over your social media. Create and print a flyer, then ask your local businesses to display it. Talk to folks at your range, scout troop, book club, car wash, or any other place you find people and let them know. If the only thing keeping you from going is time, then funnel a few dollars toward someone who HAS the time to attend but may lack the funds, so that they can represent you.

Whatever you do, though, don’t continue letting our own apathy be our worst enemy. This cause is far too important.

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@ Budget: I’ll be there regardless of what others MIGHT unjustifiably feel. I will be wearing proudly my red Trump 2020 (FU Marxists) hat. See you other brave and courageous souls there on the Capitol grounds. At the rest! You know who you are, we know who you are?! Stop all the little girl quibbling and whining. Quit your bitching and get there too! I’ve seen to many assholes, limp dicks and pussies post on this Msg Board talking shit. Wipe your asses (or mouths). Man up! Woman up! Be there!!! I’m White… I’m Black… I’m Brown… I’m Red… and… Read more »

Deplorable Bill

Apathy? Nobody that I know to possess firearms around here is apathetic. If I could recommend a way to get the word out it would be to run commercials re: the use of firearms in defense. Most of what we see on the news is lies/propaganda and bad guys making the news. I don’t know how much money the N R A or the G O A has but if some salaries were lowered in lieu of prime time commercials maybe it would help some. Every time someone uses a firearm in good ways should be published every where possible.… Read more »


The ERPO “laws” is the way the confiscation of the population occurs. I recently read in Florida this is happening about 5 x a day. If this is true, how can we protect our property, let alone ourselves? How can we, in the middle of the night, when the doors are kicked open, be prepared? I have read a number pf posts suggesting a few ways and they seem good but how do we protect ourselves from being banned when an ERPO is used against us. Not many have the $$ for legal battles.

Deplorable Bill

There is a group of home invaders in Phoenix who have police uniforms, badges and weapons. All of these things can be found and purchased through catalogues and the net. The question becomes who is breaking down my door @ 5AM? A tree is known by it’s fruit and mankind is known by their words and deeds etc. Assuming you have not violated the constitution, when someone breaks down your door the only thing to believe is they are the bad guys and they are not there to collect for the red cross. If someone acts like a terrorist/home invader/murderer… Read more »



Short form of your comment. “Homo homini lupus”, or man is a wolf to man. The history of human nature is well documented, and to ignore it is to invite personal destruction out of folly.

Good work on your comment, and Ditto.


I agree 100% with your thoughts on the importance of this cause. I can’t agree that our community isn’t afflicted with apathy. As I said, if even 1/10th of one percent of gun owners showed up at this rally it would send a powerful message to those who would strip us of our rights and freedoms. However, I suspect that 100,000 people won’t come to DC, but assume that they do- we GET our 1/10th of a percent of gun owners. Let’s concede that 99% of those who stay home have a legitimate reason… That still leaves 900,000 (the other… Read more »


POTUS appoints SCOTUS, TRUMP 2020.


That popping noise we heard during the Trump rally last night was THEIR collective heads exploding over at NBC, CNN, MSNBC.


Deplorable Bill wrote a very factual post and he absolutely is right . The left for years has been incrementally taking our 2A rights. Beto O’Rourke stated what the Left / Progressive / Democrat-Socialists goal really is. They have had help all along with the anti gun groups who push a lot of this. Sadly the anti gun groups aren’t investigated for this, aiding in eradicating the Second Amendment from the Bill of Rights. Back in the 1990’s when U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein said on national TV If had the 51 votes Mr. & Mrs. .America turn them in .… Read more »


A gun owners worst enemies are butters and Fudds. These treasonous scumbags are the ones working to erode our rights from the inside.


“it’s our apparent apathy.”????
Where does this idea that we gun owners are apathetic come from? Is it perhaps because we aren’t allowed on the major media, so the antis have a giant megaphone that just drowns our furious screaming out? I’ll leave that up to the reader… but I already have my answer.


Did you read the rest? I pretty much laid it out for you.


I’ve met several. When commenting on Robby orourk’s recent statement to a coworker – his response was “I’m not getting excited, good thing I’ve only got a shotgun”. Don’t think he realizes that current attack is on anything slightly nonstandard, so his shockwave would be in second round of restrictions. Another who fails to understand that “evil semiautos” includes his pistol. Yet another who refuses to believe that their 2LR pistol is at risk of being banned. None of these three support gun control, but neither are they actively opposing it. Author is correct – we need to broaden active… Read more »


The wording or definition of “semi-auto” in Feinstein’s last assault weapons ban could have and eventually would have banned any double barrel shotgun with a single trigger, because you did not work a bolt, operate a lever, etc. So the high end shotgun shooters a misinformed if they think that their shotguns ae safe.


Plus 1


Add Harold Hutchinson to that list…


Probably make a donation later.


I get the feeling after reading this article that the author is trying to shame people into going to this rally. I don’t, particularly, care for this approach or the insinuations it applies. I agree it would be important to attend to show support but there are elements that prevent people from doing just anything they would like to do. Afterall, most of us are the working part of this society with responsibilities and not the anti gunners that sit around and create trouble for others. Besides, there is the aspect of health that prevent some people from doing what… Read more »


I can see how you might think that, but it isn’t what I was going for. My intent is more of a “Hey! Wake up!” sort of thing… and an expression of frustration with those who are trying to belittle and tear down the efforts of those who are actually doing something. As I said, I understand that there are folks who legitimately CAN’T attend. I get that, believe me! But if you can’t go, you can still contribute to the cause, and at least don’t dump on the efforts of those who invested their own time and money to… Read more »


Budget Due to my health concerns it is impossible for me to be there. Hell, it has been several years since I have even been able to go on vacation. You seem to think medical bills come after donating to a rally, get a grip. I’ll keep your company in mind the next time I have a need for what you sell.


Nothing could be further from the truth- financial obligations like medical bills are DEFINITELY a legitimate reason not to go. So are health concerns, family obligations, work obligations, etcetera. I really can’t think of anyone who would truly disagree with that. But even those who CAN’T go can do SOMETHING to help the cause. Share it on your social media. Talk about it with people you meet in the flesh. Ask your local gun shop to support the rally. EVERYONE can do SOMETHING that doesn’t cost them a dime. But, as I’ve said repeatedly, what people shouldn’t do is find… Read more »


The federal government attacked a church in Waco. The federal government shot & burned alive American men, women, children and infants. The American people sat quietly as it happened. THAT is cowardice & inaction from the American People. You don’t like it because you know you would never stand and fight for your Rights? I love how the cowards have a million excuses to do nothing, even though they have a Constitutional Right & Duty to act….”I have a job”, “I have a home”, Good thing the Founding Fathers were not encumbered with such things. “Don’t throw us all into… Read more »


TT It must be awful to be you. You hate yourself and everyone you come in contact with. You probably have to post here because no one will talk to you in person. Tell us what your accomplishments are rather than just bash everyone else.


Will You may be right or he just hates everything and everyone.


Tetejaun has been at this for months. Unfortunately, the agitators who want to rile up a mob to commit violence they are too cowardly to do by themselves are a historical occurrence. People like tetejaun will always show up during times of tension and attempt to use others for their own purposes.

All we can do is recognize them for what they are and do our best to educate others, then let them make their own decision. At the very least at least someone warned them before hand.