Arizona: Reward for Info On Bull Elk Poached Northwest Of Heber

Arizona: Reward for Info On Bull Elk Poached Northwest Of Heber
Arizona: Reward for Info On Bull Elk Poached Northwest Of Heber

PINETOP, Ariz. — -( The Arizona Game and Fish Department is investigating the poaching of a bull elk that was killed in late August north of Heber in Game Management Unit 4B.

The elk was located west of Forest Road 153 near Point and Javelina water catchments. The poacher left the meat to waste.

“Someone may have information about this case,” said Arizona Game and Fish Department Wildlife Manager Ken Clay. “We need assistance from the public to find the individual(s) responsible. This is the action of a criminal — it’s theft of wildlife resources from the people of Arizona.”

At the time the poaching occurred, many hunters were scouting for upcoming hunts and other outdoor recreationists were in the area, meaning they may have seen something or have valuable information about this crime.

Anyone with information about this case can call the AZGFD’s Operation Game Thief hotline at (800) 352-0700 or visit and refer to case #19-003199.

Callers may remain anonymous upon request and may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,500 in this case upon arrest. An additional $2,500 reward is being offered by the Arizona Elk Society and $2,500 by the Arizona Deer Association upon arrest and conviction of the poachers.

Arizona Game and Fish DepartmentArizona Game and Fish Department: Did you know?

The Arizona Game and Fish Department conserves and protects Arizona’s 800+ wildlife species but receives NO Arizona general fund tax dollars. Contribute to our on-the-ground conservation efforts at

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No one despises a poacher more than the legal, ethical hunter.


Poachers decimate not only the species they kill but others up and down the line. I’d like to see far more severe penalties for poachers, like mandatory prison time and mandatory restitution along with a lifetime hunting ban.


If that picture is of the animal poached, it should be posted on all social media. The poacher could never put that rack up for anyone to view anywhere in the U.S. It could not be sold either in this country as it would be easily recognized. If it isn’t the picture of the animal taken, then it will never be found.


How would they know if this is the animal poached if only the carcass was left? Secondly, if the individual lives outside of Arizona they will likely get away with it because state game laws are NOT enforced nationwide; they would have to arrest the individual when he is within the state of Arizona. Third, yes he could put it up and he could sell it, unless he is prosecuted in Arizona for it. The only thing that could be done is for hunting and wildlife organizations, nationwide, to prohibit him from exhibiting it, but that can only be done… Read more »


They take DNA from animals just like they do with humans. They can also go after poachers even if they are out of state, at least they have successfully done so in and from my state.
All they have to do is match DNA from the scull and antlers to know what animal they have the horns from.
It was a few years back that someone poached a famous elk from Yellowstone, I think they got the person who did it.

Wild Bill

@Vern, Don’t “they” have to find the scull and antlers … before “they” can match the skull and antlers?


That’s true, but don’t you think whoever killed that bull, if the one in the picture is it, will be putting it up for sale? and the one who buys it will be putting it up for view. If they don’t know the bull may be illegal I would be thinking it would show up sooner or later.