Cheeterz Goes Green with Gen.2 Ammo Podz ~ VIDEO

Des Arc, ARKANSAS –  -( Cheeterz Firearm Accessories, the company that revolutionized the way we load our magazines, now makes it easier to help the environment with the launch of the Cheeterz Gen 2 Ammo Podz.

Often going green means sacrificing function or paying more. No more! Now made from re-purposed material, such as old ammo trays and/or used ammo podz, Cheeterz continues to make loading faster and easier than traditional methods, while minimizing the impact on the environment. Cheeterz Gen 2 Ammo Podz provides all the same great benefits, but with 100% recycled material.

“Going Green is never easy, too often green products do not perform well, or cost more. With Cheeterz Gen 2 Ammo Podz, customers will find the functionality they know and love with their current Ammo Podz, but they can feel good knowing they helped minimize what goes into our landfills, and it doesn’t cost them anymore” Richard Wessler, co-founder

About Cheeterz

Cheeterz makes loading faster and easier than traditional methods by pre-loading ammunition into a disposable ammo podz. Traditional loading requires each cartridge be pushed into the magazine individually, by hand. Significant pressure is required to depress the internal spring, and the more you load, the harder it gets. Committed enthusiasts know all too well that repeated reloading is tiresome, slow and hard on your fingers.

That’s all changed now. Simply remove the ammo podz from the box and load your magazine. No assembly or additional steps are required. Once completed, simply drop into the recycle bin and start loading your next magazine.

The ergonomic design integrates many of the loading steps into one natural motion, not only reducing loading time, but also the difficulties associated with magazine loading. Cheeterz are compatible with almost any brand and type magazine.

Cheeterz Gen.2 Ammo Podz
Cheeterz Gen.2 Ammo Podz

Cheeterz Features

  • Green – made from 100% recycled material. Also 100% recyclable.
  • Ergonomic – easy to use, all steps integrated into one natural motion to reduce fatigue.
  • Pre-loaded – ready to use right out of the box.
  • Disposable – single use for maximum convenience.
  • Fast – reduces loading time by more than 50% vs. manual loading.
  • Flexible – universal use, works with any magazine.
  • Top Quality – factory new, brass case.
  • Made in U.S.A.

A box of three Ammo Podz, containing a total of 45 rounds (3 x 15) starts at $14.99 and can be ordered at

Cheeterz Firearm Accessories

About Cheeterz Firearm Accessories (CFA)

Cheeterz Firearm Accessories designs, manufactures and distributes an entirely new concept of ammunition called “Ammo Podz”. We have bundled factory new, American-made ammunition into a patented, pre-loaded and disposable delivery system. Designed by engineer and inventor Richard Roe, Cheeterz Firearm Accessories aims to make shooting easier and more accessible by eliminating the pain and difficulty associated with traditional loading. It is easy to use, regardless of experience level, and designed to fit all magazine brands and types.

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It isn’t a re-usable stripper clip.
I’ve used these Ammo Podz and they are much better than loading by hand. I’ll never go back to the old way. And they are reasonably priced. Might not be everybody’s cup of tea, though.


Neat product. Happy to see some changes going on in the gun world


Sort of a re-usable “stripper clip” for pistol-style magazines. They can keep their dubious quality ammo, but I could use a bunch of these to store my extra ammo in. They need to be cheap to purchase though. I’d be loading $40 pistol mags with these, in the same way that I load .223REM ammo into my PMAGs. I could see a market for these at say, $1 or $2 apiece. I could use about 100 of them as “stripper clips” to maybe hold a couple thousand rounds of backup pistol ammo. It would be a lot faster than loading… Read more »


Really? That is just a dumb idea. Have to give to AmmoLand, you guys are not afraid to throw dumb brands to the wolves. I think I can hear you’alls laughing.